Top 10 most Downloaded Episodes of 2017

Wait no more… in descending order from 10th best to the 1st here are
2017’s Top TEN.

top 10 downloads of 2017 faces A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

Number 10 is a TIE:

Episode 08 The Key is Moving Well the PhytChick Dr Erin Conroy DPT


Episode 24 Jenny Li DC Creating a Niche in the Most Expensive City in the World

Number 9

Episode 12 The Why of Goals Matter from Shredz to SoulAbility Dr Michael DiMarco

Number 8

Episode 03 What the Foot Do You Know Dr Dennis Timko DPM Podiatrist

Number 7

Episode 38 Resilience Interoception Neuroplastic Yoga Awareness Kristine Kaoverii Weber CIAYT

Number 6

Episode 14 Flipping the Mattress on the Sleep Industry Bruce Brown cofounder Element Mattress

top 10 most listened to of 2017 shownote A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

Number 5

Episode 11 Continue the Journey Dr Paula Johns Optometrist

Number 4  is a TIE

Episode 01 Dr Johnathon Ledet Dermatologist Anticipating Your Patient Questions


Episode 05 Consistency in your Marketing Presence Jim Chester

Number 3

Episode 06 From Chiropractor to Nurse Find Your Passion with Martin Beyer DC BSN

Number 2

Episode 32 Does DC Income Need to be Tied to Patient Volume Dr Josh Wagner

Number 1

Episode 22 Advocate VS Rehabilitation What’s the Line with Counseling Sex Offenders Forensic Psychologist Dr Shiloh Catanese

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top 10 downloaded episodes of 2017 labcoat A Doctor's Perspective Podcast