Why Listen?

  • Ready to be motivated to tackle the day by the time you arrive on time to work
  • Relearn office procedures so you can stop losing patients faster than you can recruit them
  • Revisit past mistakes and learn something to better yourself today because of them

We all have heard, “We are the product of the 5 people we spend the most time with.” You also know that the smartest most innovative people devour books so they can gain that edge by learning from others. We all know we should read more but many of us can’t find the time between work, signing charts, playing with the kids, and quality time with our spouse to fit it in.

Please, read on because I’ve got great news for you. A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast is that bridge you may not have even realized existed or that you needed.

Dr. Justin will interview top doctors in their fields about marketing success, positive abundancy mindset, home life balance and much more. Maybe you are a chiropractor, but the optometrist has some amazing referral ideas that are creating a waiting list to even see her. You can then modify strategies for your own specialty.

Are you curious about the latest products that are effective for better patient outcomes as well as increase your profit margin? Then take a listen because Dr. Justin interviews them as well.

  • Restructure your marketing so it’s more efficient and productive
  • Realize that your town is no different than anyone else’s
  • Reorganize your work schedule so you can finally take the vacations you deserve

Whether it is our colleagues, paid coaches or management companies, we know consistent fine-tuned office procedures and marketing are 2 keys to success. What’s the point of spending more on marketing if your office procedures are sloppy and they leave out the back door as soon as they enter?

Dr. Justin’s Podcast will give you the secrets and actionable steps to implement the very next day. You invest the money in school to become a doctor and have a clinic, but now it’s time to invest time in real world education. Money will come and go but is replenished every week. Your time, however, is only spent once. Spend it on yourself!

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Stop spinning your wheels like a little hamster and having little gains on your efforts. Supercharge your most valuable asset, TIME, and get the biggest surplus you have ever witnessed with patient retention, marketing ventures and the love and respect form you spouse and children. When guests share valuable information and you implement it, then every ounce of time and energy is spent wisely and frees you up to do more of what you love.

Money is not bad or good, but more an exchange of services. Provide your patients with the best care on earth, and financial blessings will happen. I’m not saying money will make you happy but money does allow you to be proactive with an abundance view versus a scarcity mindset (which repeals patients from accepting you recommendations). Once you have a steady flow of profit, practice becomes way less stressful and I know you experienced that before. As an added bonus, financial security will allow you to shut the doors and finally take a family dream vacation.

  • Reestablish your value of money and start saving for retirement
  • Replenish your financial life and pay off debt
  • Restore the relationship with your spouse so it soars to levels back when you first got together
  • Rekindle the closeness you once had with your children

Look I’m not perfect and I struggle just like you. In fact I made this podcast for that reason.

One, I love talking to people and learning as much as I can from them because it is the fastest way to shift the learning curve and avoid costly mistakes.

Two, I can benefit just as much from guests as you will. We all know our area of strength and weaknesses and I want the fullest life that I can. Too many of us are questioning why we are doctors and I’ve heard to many devastating divorce stories. I don’t want that, do you?

  • Remember why you choose to be the Doctor you are and not another specialty
  • Renewed energy about the future of your clinic
  • Resemble those morals you hold onto and discover ways to volunteer as a Doctor
  • Reach out to product companies to find out what is new and best for patient outcomes

Some listeners are already prosperous and want to maximum their efforts to gleam the cream off the top from the successful guests. Other listeners are in a rut, in a Burnout state and know something has to change, and fast. Fear of success and fear of change are real and serious hindrances for so many.

Right now the stress of making payroll might be on the top of your mind. Right now you could be highly successful in business but are on the brink of divorce.

Right now you can’t connect with you children. Right now spending another Saturday at the local event hustling to recruit a new patient is weighing you down. Your old habits are holding you back. If what you are doing is so perfect, then why the struggles and why are patients NOT referring?  

By far the easiest way to form new habits, have abundance thinking, overcome fear and doubts and get your life back is to learn from others and take extraordinary action to get extraordinary results. Your future starts now, in the present, Today.

Your future can be as astonishing as you want. Remarkable relationships are just a few actions away. Unbelievable, rejuvenating vacations are just a few screen clicks away once you take action to secure your future. What does your future look like? Seriously take a second and think about that. Now, here is what you need to do.

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Dr. Justin Trosclair, D.C., Podcast Host, Author
Dr. Justin Trosclair, D.C., Podcast Host, Author

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Whichever option you choose (most convenient is on your phone) you are now making a solid effort to change, grow and prosper.  You can do it, and Dr. Justin can help.  Listen to every episode, play them on repeat, and most important, Share it with 2 of your friends.   Once you like the show go on and give it 5 stars and a nice review on iTunes.  Start listening now and your future can grow exponentially in all areas of your life.  Join Dr. Justin Trosclair as he interviews guests about growth, clinic processes, marketing, relationships and more as we see things from A Doctor’s Perspective.

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