Top 10 Episodes of 2020

2020 was a wild year for us all. Podcasts were one of the medias that saw an increase in downloads and traffic.

This year I combined the top 6 most downloaded interview episodes, the top 3 minisodes and rounded out the list with the fastest growing episode ever.

Enjoy the best of the best for 2020’s A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

  1. E 158 Content Marketing CheatSheet with Kevin Christie Modern Chiropractic Marketing
  2. E 149 Psychology Cop Doc and True Crime Podcaster Dr Shiloh Catanese round 2
  3. E 155 Mobile Mom Chiropractic Dr Bethany Buryta
  4. E 150 Elective Surgeries in 2020 and Telehealth with Michael Verdon DO
  5. E 152 Paycheck Protection Program and other CARES Loans Amanda Kendall
  6. E 159 Chiropractic Radiologist DACBR Cliff Tao Should You Do It
  7. M 52 Why Keep A Small Office Footprint
  8. M 51 Examine Why You Buy
  9. M 56 Creating Intrinsic Happiness
  10. FASTEST LEAP – E 139 Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet Deep Dive with James Kelley MD

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