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Dr. Heather Denniston DC talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Why go from private practice to full time blogging, how to monetize the blog, her 3 day reset and change cave programs, influencers in her life, how to make a long distance relationship blossom and staffing tips. Dr Heather Denniston of WellFitandFed.

What is the reason for someone to go from clinical practice to blogging and coaching. She has two main products: 3 day Reset, Change Cave and Well Fit and Fed Blog.

When deciding to do blogging full time, what steps were involved in learning how to do it effectively? How do you find inspiration and topics? Eventually Dr. Denniston decided to monetize the blog, how did she do it? What was he best way to Find Her Voice?

WellFitandFed ’s pulse is on nutrition, fitness and wellness but in a consistent model with chiropractic so patients could have resources on important health topics to constantly reference back to.
With so many options to monetize a blog via sponsors, guest posts etc, why did she decide to create her own programs? *Dr. Heather is not “all about money,” I just asked her practical questions about how to make a living not in brick and mortar clinic.

3 Day Reset: We can’t all stick to a regimented diet for 30 days. Can you just be strict with your food plan for 3 days a week though? What if you only did 3 days per month… now what if you could do 3 days per week? That’s 40% of your month eating clean and getting benefits. Find it online.

Change Cave: a 12 module (sleep, meditation, perfect plate, understanding epigenetics etc)massive accountability group with other like- minded individuals who need guidance and others support to get the results in health they crave. Listen to find out how you can implement her program into your clinic. When we have something we want and fail at it, it’s probably because we lacked Resources, Accountability or Community. How do we remedy that?

Optimal sleep- listen to learn the how, why and length that gives you the best metabolic healing.

Biggest hormone issue in men right now (especially over 40)is Testosterone: how do those symptoms manifest?

I’ll be on her Facebook™ show Junk You Should Know in March … always Friday at Noon PST

First 5 Consulting: she coaches chiropractors who are out of school for the first 5 years only. Don’t be so “done with learning” when finished school that you forego a coach to help you learn business skills. Should you only hire one staff until you see more than 100 visits a week or is that outdated advice? When should you hire someone to replace the things that anyone can do and you focus on things only you can do?

Marketing tips for private practice as well as the online side hustle world. New twists on classic ideas.

When it comes to online sales your distribution channels are dynamite to your success.

Xcel for dummies airtable.com

Chiro: Pat Gentempo, James Chestnut (Certified Chiropractic Wellness Program)

Biz: Todd Herman 90 Day Year

Brene Brown Braving the Wilderness

Chris Anderson Ted Talks The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking

Membership Guys for membership websites

Trello App is an organizational tool for a team. It’s like a big white board.

Wellfitandfed.com Junk You Should Know Show PST Noon on Facebook

Any issue with doing a little work while on vacation so you can take more trips. What has long distance relationships taught that we can implement in our own relationships?

Why does she schedule her day out in 30 minute blocks the night before and what about ranking?

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/64 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the interview transcription.

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Justin Trosclair 0:03
Episode 64

finding your blog voice. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Foursquare and

today we’re Dr. Heather Denison’s perspective.

2017 podcast Awards Nominated host Dr. Justin Foursquare, as he gets a rare to see him look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals, and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Before we jump into the interview today, in case you don’t listen to the end of the episodes, here’s a quick summary. If you go to a doctor’s perspective, net slash resources, they’re all the affiliate things don’t work with. If any of this sounds interesting, definitely go check them out and buy it through the link set for set. They have these crazy still mace workout equipment and also the power bands something that I really enjoy using before primal health and nutrition. They’ve got grass fed beef collagen protein and you can use the code primal doc to save an extra 10% off if you’re into paleo and keto. You may recognize that this is a product that a lot of people recommend as well as mentor box so that you can get book interviews and you know released some books and the end of February I finally got everything set up in Click Funnels. If you’re interested in Click Funnels, Russell Brunson and his two different books definitely click on over through the through our link, and it’s appreciative. Speaking of which the needle is acupuncture book is available on the website needless acupuncture.net, slash protocol, you can download for different chapters, insomnia, anxiety, low back pain, or headaches, and it’s going to give you pictures and points and everything that you need to get started. And when you go through the funnel, of course, to get that there is if you’re not gonna use needles, you’re gonna have to use something. So there’s a little sales pitch in there that you can, what you’ll need anyway. So check that out east meets west, let me tell you, alright, so today’s show, we have a female doctor who went from private practice, the full time blogging with her site will fit and fed. We’ll talk about why she did that. How did she monetize it, and I already tell you, and she’s got several different programs that we’re going to talk about the hopefully will interest you because if for nothing else, it’s good information. And you might find something of interest that you can implement into your own clinic will also discuss how she makes a long distance relationship blossom with her husband, staff tips. And because she’s got a three day reset, a new program coming out change cave, in her first five consulting, you’re going to get a lot of late little nuggets a little bit here a little bit there. Like always trying to say listen to what they say in figure out a way to if it works for blogging work, and I do on my own personal blog. If she’s made products, maybe I can do you know, I mean? Lastly, I’m excited to announce to the world me and my wife are now pregnant for our little Asian Cajun so we couldn’t be more excited, obviously letting you guys know, it’s been four months. So we are past the nozzle in the morning six, whoo, end of August should be a dad and just kind of you know, it is first time parents all the things that’s going on in your mind. So I’m sure I’ll talk about it here and there in the next few months. But just want to let y’all know the good news. Okay, let’s go back to the show. a doctor’s perspective. NET slash 64. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China and Seattle. Want to welcome to the show. This doctor has several programs, an amazing blog called well fit and fed change cave three day reset and a few other little secrets we’ll talk about later in the show. She is a great, this is actually our second time chatting first time recording.

So welcome to the show.

Unknown 3:44
Oh, thank you so much, Justin, it’s great to be here. I’m super appreciative. And I know I’m going to enjoy our time together today as much as I did last time. Absolutely. Well, look, let’s get

Justin Trosclair 3:53
I got I like to ask always How did somebody would come into the profession, but you’ve been doing this thing for a while your career, you’re turned into blogger and coach. So maybe just a little bit of why chiropractic. But then how did you become? You know, why did you transition out of action?

Unknown 4:10
Like many chiropractors, I was led to chiropractic through a personal injury issue, I blew up both my knees and my sister drug me to a chiropractor named Dr. Right, which was awesome. And I had one adjustment, I knew that’s what I wanted to do. So I just readjusted all my schooling because I was on my way to be a marine biologist of all things. And yeah, and and off, I went to Palmer West in California. And the rest of that is history. I mean, I ended up in brick and mortar practice for 20 years and loved every second of it. And I was very, very blessed to hand the practice over to two wonderful sisters from Wisconsin who are running it beautifully. And to answer your question about the the life transition. A couple years before I sold the practice, I just started getting lead to do a lot more writing and a lot more casting the net of education around wellness, fitness and nutrition, casting that net a little wider. And that meant moving into the online space. And eventually, my husband and I, in our life design plan, realized we were going to be heading into a season of a lot more personal travel. And he travels professionally. So it just made sense for me to start to pursue these other dreams because they were flexible and adaptable to the lifestyle we were going to be generating for ourselves.

Justin Trosclair 5:33
Well, when you start to go this path, was it difficult of trying to just start writing and it’s okay, now how do I monetize this so that I can still make a living? Yeah,

Unknown 5:42
I mean, I, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing Justin, actually be honest with you, I thought I would write a blog post and hit publish, and everybody would read it, and it would get pushed out all and be famous. Yeah, that’s not actually how the online space works. And, and it’s funny, because two months after I sold my practice, I went to a blogging conference in Utah, and Salt Lake City. And I was blown away, I had no idea how much I didn’t know, I was terrified by the end of it. Because there is so much that goes to it. And so the whole monetization piece, that’s a whole other, you know, animal and and that takes it’s a whole other education. And so I would say in the last two years, I’ve gotten an MBA, I’ve gotten a coding degree, I’ve taken you know, all sorts of things just to try to make that work for the welfare instead model,

Justin Trosclair 6:39
we you know, and I read an article, you know, trying to prep for the interview, and, you know, what exactly is she into, and one of them was, this is an article about like five or six or seven or something different fitness apps. And that’s really cool that I don’t have to go and figure it out myself cuz I was using one there was like a Tabata seven minute style thing and attract myself for like my brain. And you were using different ones to run up a mountain, or something. It was, it was really cool to like, you can see your personality in it. And it was Oh, thank you advice that you could actually use.

Unknown 7:14
Found a sweet spot. I love writing, it took me a long time to find my voice, I was not a very good writer when I first started. And I’ve still got a long way to go. But I enjoy it immensely. And to create content, my whole goal because as a chiropractor, I wanted to be able to send my patients to resources that were readable, but packed full of practical information on fitness, nutrition wellness, that was consistent with the chiropractic model. And so that was a whole background around welfare and fed was I want to produce content that I wanted in practice. And so the idea of you know, you’re the one you’re referring to is the five fitness apps kind of you can’t live without. And so that’s stuff that people is in are interested right now. And so that was a big piece of it is is not writing what I wanted, but getting the pulse of what people were looking and we’re interested in and wanting to learn about and tailoring my content toward that.

Justin Trosclair 8:07
Have you found a way to joint venture or have people guess, I mean, for you to be like a guest blog on somebody else’s blog? Have you figured out how to do that? Or is that some of this? Yeah, you

Unknown 8:17
know, it’s, it’s interesting, there’s a lot of different avenues you can take to monetize. And some of them will feel like a fit, and some of them won’t. And so I did a couple of guest blogs, and it just didn’t feel right to me. So I didn’t continue that. And another way that like bloggers actually monetize is they get sponsorships, they get connected to companies that they like, and they like to talk about, they promote. I tried a little that with a couple different I just didn’t, it didn’t, it wasn’t a fit for me. And so what eventually I landed on was I realized I have ideas and programs inside of me and I needed to take the time and space to create those and make that an online product for my own business. And so that’s that’s the monetizing Avenue I’ve gone is more of the creating a product and promoting that instead of looking for kind of other avenues of monetization outside my own company.

Justin Trosclair 9:15
Well, I want to ask about, you got this thing called three day reset, and I know you’re in pre launch stage or something called chain cave. So give us a little background, what’s three day reset, what can we expect from something

Unknown 9:28
that says three day reset was designed, I come from a terribly obsessive overeating background, I have an addiction to food, it took me a long time to work through that. And through that, of course, I tried everything I was grossly overweight at at one point in my life. And And so through personal struggle, Justin, I really wanted to learn how to feed myself and nourish myself effectively. And practically. And so not everyone can do a 30 day this or a 21 day that so this was great, the three day reset, which is you can do it once a month, you can do it four times a month, whatever you want. But it’s three days, a very structured, intentional eating, all laid out food, grocery list recipes and plan very, very consistent every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And that way, if somebody does it every week, just those Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 40% of their month is eating completely clean, completely organic, completely perfectly. And that is so much easier to maintain than trying to jump on a bandwagon of trying to do six weeks straight a very restrictive type of program. And so that’s how the three day reset was born. Because you can do it just once a month as a cleansing kind of reset to get you back on track. Or you can do more of a I call it a martial art practice of learning how to eat correctly because as soon as you start doing that every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, the things that the instructions in the book, it starts to spill over to the rest of your week, and helps you make better choices the rest of your week. But it’s been a really successful program. I’ve really enjoyed teaching people how to use it. And you can just get the book on Amazon and it is self explanatory. It is a tiny little book, it does not take long and it’s very approachable.

Justin Trosclair 11:15
Well, I’ve been listening to a lot of intermittent fasting and you know those types of people? And should you go down with all that, and oh my goodness, the science that’s out there on the 16 nine our diet and even if you just did like 24 hour fast for way. Or you know, it completely destroys like these bad habits. Yeah, it’s really rejuvenating. There’s all these, you know, pick a buzzword that you would want Yeah, food and health, and it does it for you. And I’m guessing I don’t know exactly, Evan Yeah, program or book or anything. But it just just to say that even one day a week changing things like that, for sure. And,

Unknown 11:50
and that’s what we try to teach people is through the book, it helps make the concept of nourishing your body well, and eating well. It makes it doable and approachable and not scary and not expensive. And it doesn’t take hours and hours and hours. And the book teaches you how to meal prep on a Sunday and 60 to 90 minutes, it teaches you how to have food ready to go in the fridge that’s really great for your body. And it just teaches consistent habits so that that’s where the book came from. But I think you know, you asked about the change cave. And that’s that’s my baby. Right now. It’s launching March 15. And the whole concept behind it, Justin was that people are having a hard time making consistent wellness change in their life, they want to lose weight, they want to start working out they want to get well and yet they start and it it doesn’t follow through. And so the change cave is a community of people like minded who are ready to make true long term transformation in their life. There’s a Facebook group that’s highly interactive and supportive. And then there’s a 12 module program in the form of a membership that covers all the different aspects of wellness, and how to implement and then a big piece of the program, Graham is treating our wellness, more like we treat other things in our life, and actually creating a plan to accomplish it across the finish line. And through a structured objective setting, breaking it down to goals into projects into action steps, with clear deadlines and all of that. And then we all hold each other together on our individual objectives. The change cave is going to be great because it provides all a diverse amount of education and wellness. But yet the structure and the encouragement and accountability to actually get people to their finish line, who was gonna be huge. Yeah, I’m excited. And you know, honestly, it as a chiropractor, I really wanted to teach this stuff in practice, but we don’t have time and we don’t get reimbursed for it. So if I, as a chiropractor had a program, I could refer my patients to oh my gosh, edit, it’s only $23 a month, that would be a no brainer. And so that’s a big area I’m trying to work with is helping chiropractors, bring their patients up alongside all the wellness strategies they know and use and practice themselves, but don’t have time to teach them like I will teach those for you. And then you get better results and better credibility in your practice as a result of your patients being more holistically. Well.

Justin Trosclair 14:13
See, that makes sense to me. Because $23 I didn’t even know the price on that that’s really not bad at all. 23. And as a coach, we could do this one on one, but I’m going to charge it, you’re not gonna be happy with that price. But at 23 it’s like, yeah, I’m a more of a moderator we got a whole community. Yeah, you can ring again and throw some advice out there. And it kind of helps themselves. And that’s what people want. They want to community. That’s when there’s so many Facebook groups out there to begin with.

Unknown 14:38
That’s right. And and the learning is self paced. And there’s modules on sleep and on meditation and on the perfect plate and on understanding your epigenetics. And you know, there’s so many pockets of wellness that people don’t learn that may in fact help them get to that goal that they’d haven’t been able to reach before. So it’s key

Justin Trosclair 14:59
audience already to pick her brain and get as much juicy, free nuggets for her as we can. Oh, that’s a yes. Okay, let’s do this.

Yeah. Well,

what type of struggles? And you kind of mentioned this? So if we’ve already answered it, that’s fine. What did like the top two or three struggles that people are having, that you coach that you counsel on a regular basis? Like what are you finding? What’s your what’s your niche these days?

Unknown 15:24
Yeah, I. So I have, I think you’re asking about the health aspect. I have a chiropractic coaching boutique program that I also do. So we can talk about practice issues, too. But from a health perspective, it’s exactly why the change cave was developed. It’s because people have great ambition. And they want to change they really do. They either don’t have the resources, the accountability, or the community to make that change a reality. And so that that’s what’s the frustration and it you know, word here, weight loss, sleep hygiene, I want to work out and get fit, I want to you know what, whatever that pain point is for that person, they legitimately and sincerely want to make change. They either just don’t understand how to do it, or they don’t have the team in place, or they don’t have the structure of how to set the goals and break them down into chewable bite size pieces that can be achievable.

Justin Trosclair 16:23
What do you find it for sleep, you know, they say, seven or eight hours, but there’s a lot of people that you’ll want to sleep on for, or they’re just so busy, that they only themselves sleep four or five hours? What kind of Yeah, detrimental effects are we have in our body? And what when we can fix that?

Unknown 16:38
Yeah, I love that. Because sleep is a little private passion of mine, I come from a family of horrible sleepers. And we all just kind of over dinner swap sleep techniques, because you know, we all go through different phases where we’re trying something different. And it’s so it’s a passion of mine. But I do think I think what you’re alluding to is is correct. And that is those that are saying, I can easily do four hours a night and I’m fine. You might feel fine now but metabolically adrenal cortisol, all of that will catch up to you if you’re not getting restorative sleep every night. And and so I I do not believe someone can survive optimally long term on on that reduced amount of sleep. So yeah, I think it’s key. You know, one of the studies that came out said women, average, eight to nine is appropriate men is seven to eight. And so that’s what I usually recommend. And a big piece is when you go to sleep. So

Unknown 17:35
if you get seven to eight hours, and it’s from 12, to seven verses seven to eight hours, and it’s from 10, to six, that 10pm to 12. To one right in there is key metabolic time. And if you push yourself too late, you miss some of that opportunity. So it’s not just any seven hours, it’s it’s kind of that key 10 to 610 30 to 630. You know, however that works into your schedule, but that’s the most ideal.

Justin Trosclair 18:02
You know, I was listening to something other day, you work too hard, you stress out too much, and you don’t sleep enough. testosterone is just going to drop

Unknown 18:09
Oh, for sure. And that is one of the biggest problems with men today is low testosterone issues. And it manifests in so many different ways. Energy, irritability, sleep problems, all sorts of things, cut weight gain, you know, there’s all sorts of problems with that. So yeah, that seems to be sort of the issue of the day is hormonal balance. And men, not just women.

Justin Trosclair 18:33
Yeah, mine was mine was low. I didn’t Yeah, a couple years ago, like what are you talking about? Yeah, like, yeah, it’s like, I’m not taking the drug for that and why they’re like, No, no, there’s things you can do about it.

Yeah, yeah.

Unknown 18:47
And it seems like at what, as I’ve gone through practice, it seems like now most men over 40, that’s a pretty, there’s a pretty good chance that they may register low at some point. So

Justin Trosclair 18:59
the map, not sure. Yet, not that you’re over 40. Justin, I was just saying, and not that she’s overweight anymore, either. Like she’s like, you’ll never get that she was at some point in life.

Unknown 19:11
Yes, definitely. Man.

Justin Trosclair 19:13
You know, in Chinese medicine stuff, even my wife talks about this. It’s just like, ingrained in their head, like, you know, we should eat low, lower carbs. They’re like, you should go to sleep between that timeframe you said, because they’re like, yeah, this organ, this organ in this Oregon detoxifies. And if you don’t do it, then blah, blah, blah.

Unknown 19:30

Unknown 19:32
Yeah, I bet there’s a lot of Chinese medicine that is just super consistent with that and has even much more deeper meaning than we ascribe to it. So I always love reading about that, too. That’s great that you have that right in your backyard, all that information. It’s wonderful, you know,

Justin Trosclair 19:47
and I was writing a book, and I was trying to dissect a lot of that stuff with the five elements. And I was making it hard. And I was like, wow, there’s so much. There’s so much

Unknown 19:56
to learn. You just your book launches here pretty quick, doesn’t it?

Justin Trosclair 20:00
Yeah, it should be sometime in February, unlike the right day, just going to show up later.


What’s the title of it again, that’s gonna be needle list acupuncture, self treatment guide for 40 common condition.

Unknown 20:11
That’s awesome. Well, I’m having you on my show the junk you should know show on Facebook, I think you’re coming on right after it releases. So I’m super excited to have you come on and talk about that

Justin Trosclair 20:20
usual zone be is a Facebook Live Fridays,

Unknown 20:23
at noon, PST, noon PST. And yeah, we I actually just got off that I did posture today. And that was fun. And then the last two weeks, I’ve had somebody I’ve been interviewing, so it’s a fun show. I like it. But I’m looking forward to having you join me. And it sounds like your book is going to be really, really great.

Justin Trosclair 20:40
Appreciate that. Speaking of nothing we’re talking about but kind of you threw in there, you do a little one on one chiropractic coaching thing

Unknown 20:49
I do. I love keeping my hands in the industry. And I have a small home practice that I still see patients. And then I also have what I call a boutique coaching situation called first five consulting and I only coach chiropractors in their first or fifth year practice. I love that group of people I love when they’re just getting out of school, and they’re excited, and they’re wondering what to do. And so that is my sweet spot. And I really enjoy working with the young doctors coming out just getting ready to launch.

Justin Trosclair 21:19
So what’s it really like that? What’s a

little bit three? And one question, but I think you can handle Yeah. Okay, one, what is the one thing or two thing that they can do to hit the ground running? What’s a way that they can get out of their own mindset way? Typically, it’s like financial issues and things like that. And then instead of maybe marketing tip, but we’re going to actually more marketing tips about that later. So maybe throw in a staffing when she July? Or maybe, maybe give us a little wisdom on that, since that’s the really hard time in practice.

Unknown 21:52
Yeah, it is.

Unknown 21:54
Okay, so your first question, you know, how did they get out of the the the way of their own mind. That is, that’s a very tough one. And what what, of course, because we, we all have to continually do that. But I think one of the things that happens that I run into with my clients is there, like, I just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on school, and I’ve been sitting in a desk for, you know, for years, the last thing I’m going to continue to do is continue to get educated or coached or anything. And if I can say anything that is coach, Coach, coach, get coached, find a mentor or a coach that you completely aligned with, that can keep you consistent in your continued learning personally and professionally. And don’t ever let that go always have somebody and I made that mistake early in practice, just I was tired of, you know, reading stuff. And you know, and I just let go of it all, and I saw the many, many, many mistakes I did not need to make as a result of not having a great mentor a great coach in my life. So that’s that’s one and there’s so many good ones out there right now. So you you will find somebody who aligns with your personality and style. And that’s very key. And then I forget all the other questions.

Justin Trosclair 23:08

Maybe like a, when should you hire staff is

Oh, yeah, I got my staff.

Unknown 23:15
That is so subjective. But what I will say is that, I’ve always heard the round number of anybody should be able to practice up to 100 a week with one staff, and or 100 a week, and then hire your first staff. Sorry. And I’m thinking, well, it completely depends on how you practice. And so for myself, I in the in the end it very integrated practice, and I had my staff doing a huge portion of patient support, patient, check in, check out exams, exercise, you know, all sorts of stuff. So it really depends on how you practice. But I think the key is, hire out what anyone can do. So you can do what only you can do. And so if you are finding yourself in the weeds, and you are spending time on on things that are not value added to your practice, it is better to suck it up and hire somebody who can do those things. So you can vision, the practice, you can set the direction, you can do the networking, you can do the things that need to be done to bring it to build the business to the degree that you dream of. And it is just a stop gap if you don’t hire quickly enough. So I think I think that’s really important. And just making sure you have clear, clear concepts of what you want this person to do so that you get the most bang for your buck. I don’t know how you

Justin Trosclair 24:34
would see 100 people a week? and answer the even answer the phones correctly.

Unknown 24:39
I know. I know. I heard some guys say that from the platform. I’m like, Oh, hell, no. Am I going to do 100 a week without a staff member?

Justin Trosclair 24:50
and answer the phone and do answers. That’s crazy.

Unknown 24:53
I know. I know. I mean, 2040 6080.

Unknown 24:56
So if you think about it, I mean, if you’re a five day week, it’s only 20 a day. And if you’re a high volume practice, I get it. I mean, that gives you quite a few hours to do other things. But could you be spending your time better if someone was managing some of those things that really your way overqualified to be doing. So that’s my opinion, and you’re making

Justin Trosclair 25:15
enough money to hire even a part like even if it’s part time, like, if you’re seeing 100 people you should be financially not said, but keep paying all your bills.

Unknown 25:25
Well, and the other thing I also recommend my docs are doing now is considering virtual assisting two is you know, blog posts, writing social, social strategy. There’s also you know, all sorts of personal life management stuff that vas can be doing. And I think that lifts await significantly off a doctor if some of those things can just be taken from them. And and so that’s such a great option. Now that wasn’t available when I started practice. Agreed,

Justin Trosclair 25:51
yeah, we talked about misconceptions of was a tough one, because you have a lot of options. So I’ll let you kind of pick which way you will go with this. But Michigan sessions about your profession about being an online entrepreneur, coaching clients trying to set up programs that people would actually want to pay for in us and actually benefit from of course, what was something where maybe what are some of the misconceptions if somebody like myself was like, I want to do what you’re doing and like have a

Unknown 26:18
online Empire? Okay, I get what, where the question is going? Well, the misconception is that it’s easier than brick and mortar practice. It’s absolutely not. I mean, it’s everybody’s working hard. We’re all working hard in the online space and in the brick and mortar practice. And I think I thought I knew way more than I did about online space. And there was just, in fact, I was just talking to a new blogger today. And I was like, Oh, I know, I know, there’s so much to learn. And especially if you’re considering developing a product, the whole a whole, you know, behind the curtain work that it takes to launch a successful product, most people really don’t know. And so the greatest thing that you can do is immediately start to get people who are experts. So I have a tech expert, I have a blogging expert, I have a VA who’s an expert in landing pages, I have an expert in Excel spreadsheets, you know, these are things that I don’t do well. And so once I found all those people, I was like, Okay, now I can do what I do. I love the creation, I love the development, the entrepreneurial piece of it. And and that’s what I would say is that, you know that you need to find a team that will help support you. And you also need to know it’s not an easier route to go it’s just a different route to

Justin Trosclair 27:34
go. How we found like vas and XL pros is a fiber or upward the or were you know,

Unknown 27:41
I have, I found my tech guy on up work. And he’s amazing. But I would say it’s mostly networking. So networking within my industry. So within the health and fitness online industry, I have found everybody else. And it’s and that’s and that’s the big thing with online is, it’s very easy to get behind your computer and not stay connected. And so I work very, very hard to stay connected and attend live events and stay involved so that I can continue to make connections that will further help support my business and I can help support their business.

Justin Trosclair 28:19
Think that’s what makes this this interview with you is a little more difficult because they every question I’m like, all right, what angle do we want to talk about? Because

Unknown 28:27
we can go both ways.

Justin Trosclair 28:29
You know, this podcast we want. We want practical information. We got people that side house, so we got people that maybe you’re thinking about it, or just brick and mortar, and they’re like, I don’t care about all that online business I’ll talk about helped me out in practice, but

marketing. I love it sounds like you don’t have a problem with it. But I think it’s fun. But when you’re marketing, a brick and mortar practice, what’s one or two tricks? And then for like this private change cave is coming up? Yeah, what kind of things can you do to really market your sofa in getting bang for your buck?

Unknown 29:02
That’s great. Okay, so for brick and mortar health care practices, I always coach first on the lowest cost highest return options. And so there are several very simple techniques that you can do to promote your practice. And it all stems around relationship. Building relationships with potential referral sources is the number one way, in my opinion to build your practice. So connecting with peer, either health professionals, doctors, whatever kind of think of who your patient base is, and find out who else is seeing that patient base, and go and connect with them. And so that’s a big one, and then also nurturing internally, the potential referrals you have in each and every patient that walks through the door. I think we forget very, very quickly that those patients all have friends and family. And if you don’t ask specific physically, they think you’re full, they think you’re already too busy. They think already too many patients are coming through the door. And if you don’t say Mrs. Jones, you know, I love working with you. And I would love to work with people like you, if you have any friends or family who are looking for a chiropractor, please refer them in here, I would love to take care of them. It’s as simple as that done regularly can make a huge difference. And so that that’s my that’s my marketing tip for brick and mortar. Do you have to give TVs away? No,

Justin Trosclair 30:27
I don’t think so. Okay.

They don’t know what I’m talking about. It’s called referral, like a referral program, you

refer somebody

you get a ticket, if they actually show up. It’s five tickets.

Unknown 30:37
You know what, Justin, whatever you find what you feel is sincere and authentic in your heart as far as a delivery mechanism for promoting your practice. And I always say it’s not sales, it’s education, you are just teaching people how to understand, you know what they need, and then they make the decision, as soon as I made that shift to that from sales to I going to educate you. And then you can make your own personal decision about your body and how you want it worked on or treated. That made a big difference. And so you know, if someone loves the idea of doing some big promotion in their office, and it’s fun, and it gets all the patients riled up, that’s I mean, that’s great. It include increases energy, and people get excited, I don’t think you have to do that. So if it doesn’t fit for you, then you don’t need to do that. But as far as the online space goes, each product I’ve launched and of course, every product launch, or will say this, I know you talked to Ed Osborne not that long ago, and he’s one of the Masters in the industry. Right, they’ll say, you know, every time I do a new launch, I have learned so much more and it’s more successful. And so I think really honing your strategy about how you are going to disseminate through your distribution channels. Who is it who is going to come alongside you and partner with this project. So like earlier today, we talked about the change cave, connecting with other chiropractors, those are going to be my distribution channels, those people are going to help me move this product into the industry so that I can share this great information that I have with lots and lots of people. And so in the online space, I think you absolutely have to be very structured. And you have to have many different distribution channels from your own personal email list, do social distribution, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, you know, whichever channel that you feel most connected to, and then not forgetting that it is still about relationships, even though it’s online. And so creating those, those joint ventures with with people who you connect with deeply who support you and your product.

Justin Trosclair 32:43
That’s a tough one. It’s Yes, you know, I didn’t realize the power and I still know the power of Excel. I don’t know how to write all these formulas inside there is pretty powerful. But just have a checklist. What did you do, documenting? And that’s a nugget if anybody’s listening and they’re like, doing Yeah, medical doctor referral, like trying to get a medical doctors or anything. If you don’t track this stuff on Excel. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Unknown 33:06
What’s working? what’s not working? Absolutely. Can I send that you go? Yeah, I’m going to give you a little tip. Justin. I literally was just out with it for a glass of wine with a fellow blogger who runs an online program. She’s remote her brain goes a million miles a minute. Her website is called uncork your dork. It’s a hilarious, she’s wonderful. But she turned me on to air table. Have you heard of it, then? It’s it’s Excel for Dummies. And I’m a dummy at Excel. And it’s called air table calm? I have not looked at it. But should we spent 15 minutes looking at it on our computer. And it literally has a whole bunch of templates and spreadsheets that Don’t they look pretty, they don’t look like spreadsheets. And you can start plugging stuff in. So just like you’re saying, you take a list of every doctor that you’ve contacted, when you contacted them when your next contact is going to be what what was the cost? And then, like you say you have documentation of kind of what your outreach has been and what’s been effective and what hasn’t. So I think that’s a really good idea. I’m excited. Yeah, I know. I’m so excited to look at it because because I met with this launch, it’s going to be very important that I keep really consistent stats on what’s working what’s not and and I think this will really help me, me and my little spreadsheet gal. Oh yeah.

Justin Trosclair 34:20
We were taught when you obviously had mentors and coaches. So audience if you’re ready to start writing some some people’s names down, you can learn behind the scenes here behind the curtain, I’m sorry, hashtag behind the curtain, guys remember, who have been your influential guides for your philosophy for your marketing or for your copywriting.

Unknown 34:40
Okay, so as a young chiropractor, patch in tempo was huge for me I loved he was one of the well in, in my experience, he was one of the first chiropractors that got up on stage and started talking about the business of a chiropractic business instead of just how to build your patient or how to get patients. He talked about the real, you know, it’s a business and to look at it as a business. And I loved that. And then James chestnut has been a huge inspiration for me. He is a chiropractor who runs the certified chiropractic wellness practitioner program. That’s the one that I have the CCW p behind my name. That’s because I went through the whole program. And it’s an excellent program. Wonderful for chiropractors who want to expand kind of into a more broad scope, including exercise, nutrition, stress management, and a bunch of other things that can really complement what you’re already doing in your office. So I absolutely loved him. From a business perspective. I’m enrolled right now in the Todd Herman 90 day year, and it has absolutely been a game changer. It’s it, I could say it’s the best program I’ve ever done in my life. And that’s how I appreciate it. Yeah, he

Unknown 35:57
this guy has got it figured out. I call myself a right now because I’m, it’s kind of like, I’m a groupie, and.

Unknown 36:04
And it’s a really good program. And so if any, it’s all about entrepreneurial ship and business strategy, but his biggest thing is getting on the field of play, and not just reading about it or thinking about it. But here are the strategies. And now let’s get on the field of play and practice. And how can you tell he comes from a sports psychology background. But he’s, he’s really, really great. And then as far as writing content, I would just say there’s a bunch of pure bloggers that have inspired me their little further along the path. And I’ve really been influenced by what they put out there and the consistency of their brand and the quality of their articles. And that’s always something I wanted was I wanted evergreen content, which means it never expires. And so I can keep re posting it and reposting it, and people still get value. And and you know everything from article length to kind of how it looks when it’s posted. Those are all things I’ve learned from other bloggers, I think,

Justin Trosclair 36:59

It’s such a,

like, I use WordPress, and for the first almost year, everything worked out well. And then I don’t know what happened. And that find out the answer. I actually can’t just use you know, you use WordPress ideal. So you know, you just did the visual part, you can just type in there and hit enter bold and heading to Well, when I do that, if I don’t go back into the back end, like Yeah, but codes if I don’t put like the I don’t know what they’re called. But the P and the page breaks and all this just becomes one big paragraph. So if I don’t go in and do a little tweaking, it doesn’t come out pretty. So I don’t know, I don’t know what I did. I don’t know what I’m talking about this right now. But

Unknown 37:39
just and let’s stay on the call a little after and we’ll work out your WordPress issues. It’s so frustrating.

Justin Trosclair 37:45
It’s a no matter what you do, there’s always there’s always something that’s going to be a hurdle.

Unknown 37:51
Oh, so true. It’s funny, I was just listening to so one of my class from the 90 day year today, and it was talking about, you know, with the with the online space, there’s always always going to be technical problems almost every day, you just have to count on it and expect that. And they’re going to take twice as long and oh, yeah, I mean that. That’s the online space is wonderful until your website crashes. And so,

Justin Trosclair 38:15
you know, look, he’s made a comment, it’s quite easy to create a program, it’s hard to actually push submit so that people can judge you and yeah, with their mind with their dollars and everything else. Like that’s a whole nother piece that we don’t think of Yeah,

Unknown 38:31
yeah, it’s very true. I have a quote up on my board behind me here that says,

Unknown 38:37
says, I’m going to try to do it from memory. The more you believe in what you do, the less what everybody else thinks of it matters. And so with online programming, I try to get to the point where I am so clear and so strongly convicted about whatever it is I’m putting out there, that what others think of it matters less. However, it is a business. And so if we don’t market it, well, then it becomes a hobby and not a business. Right.

Justin Trosclair 39:08
So have you had any product launches that just failed? And then how we overcome that?

Unknown 39:12
Yeah, sure. I would say, when I released my book, the three day reset, I did not know what the heck I was doing. And I did not do it well. And then subsequently, I did an online program for that book. And I also didn’t launch it in any way that I should have, it did fine. But it could have been a lot better knowing what I know now. And so I think the experience hopefully will lend well when we released the change cave on the 14th 15th

Unknown 39:39
and you know it like we said you’re gonna learn every time and boy it’s it’s a process

Justin Trosclair 39:45
what can we do potentially the spot a fly by night company, there’s so many people that are selling, eat this get this program, maybe they have a personal trainers background, maybe they don’t, but how do you tell somebody worth their weight,

Unknown 40:00
you know, at that’s such a huge and I remember in practice, i i i remember patients coming in, I mean, I’m doing this and you know, and I got this online and then and and i agree with you there is just so much out there. And unfortunately, there’s a lot of people out there teaching who don’t have the credentials to be teaching what they’re teaching. So I think first you look at credentials and experience. And so for example, some of my favorite health and wellness bloggers out there is Josh Axe, who’s a chiropractor, Dr. Hyman, who’s a medical doctor Mykola, who’s in medical doctor, you know, these are these are great resources. And so often I’ll just direct my my patients towards really highly credentialed folks who have the background to be writing what they’re writing. And as far as programs go, it’s it is tough, because it doesn’t take much. I mean, it doesn’t take much to become a personal trainer. And so if you’re selling some kind of fitness program, but I think, you know, if program is seasoned, and it’s been proven over time, then I think, you know, there’s, there’s a great opportunity to use it. But I also think if you are a lay person and you don’t know, then you should make sure that you qualify the program with your chiropractor, your natural path and just have them take a look at it and see if they think it’s right for you as well. You know, seek out an expert who can maybe guide you on that.

Justin Trosclair 41:23
Yeah, did you meet you need to come out epi genomes and different things? And yeah, we’re not all going to be into that. Well, most of your doctors are going to be able to tell you is this work? Does this not work? Yeah. But if it’s an outfit called a fad type of thing. I know. It might know, they might know more than the doctor. Because if you don’t learn,

Unknown 41:42
Oh, for sure, yes, that’s really true. So like, let’s say somebody wants to do this, a keto program, right? Well, not every doctor is going to know everything there is to know about keto. But what are you gonna have to do? Think you have to do a lot of your own research. And just make the best judgment you can and and it is it’s a difficult thing, because there is so much out there right now.

Justin Trosclair 42:07
So real quick, you mentioned getting on like different podcasts and different things. You know, Jim Chester, yeah, yeah. If you haven’t written know the name. Oh, is he a good one to reach out to reach out to him? Because he’s having like a four month women’s spotlight? I didn’t. I did it for him. But he’s doing for women spotlight. And I just remember you guys in all the time, but he was probably just have you on?

Unknown 42:32
Okay, well, that’s awesome. I’m going to write down his name. That’s great. I love just chatting with people. So podcasts are super fun, because I don’t have to dress up and

Unknown 42:41
and we can have a nice chat and laugh. And people can take what they like from it. Hopefully, they found a couple little pearls of wisdom and, and take it and go. Oh, because we are

Justin Trosclair 42:51
about to jump into a fun part of the interview, which is the personal side.

Unknown 42:57
Oh, you know, I like that side. This is good stuff.

Justin Trosclair 42:59
So you had a brick and mortar, your husband’s traveling like a like a madman for work? Yes. How are you all able to take vacation? And is there a way to take more

Unknown 43:11
Oh, uh, I don’t think any of my family or friends would say that my husband and I need to take more vacation because we are very strategic and how much we take. But what I will say is both of us being in the nature of our businesses, understand that vacation isn’t completely unplugging by any means it’s going to a really beautiful place and enjoying it, but also working a little bit while you’re there. And we’re both completely fine with that. And I think it’s a little bit of a new normal for everybody. And if it allows us to go more often, and we have to put in a couple hours work in the morning, I’m all for it. So that’s that’s one of the ways we do it. So for folks who have a hard time, you know, if you have a brick and mortar, it’s obviously more difficult. But I have a colleague in Toronto, she’s a chiropractor, and she she insists she takes six to eight weeks off every year. And it’s mindset, really it’s you say, Oh, I can’t take four? Well, why can’t you take more than four weeks? You know, it’s, it’s really up to you to decide how much you want to take. And so, back to your question. We take a lot of vacation. We love it. But we do both tend to do a little bit of work during our vacations. And it’s it’s great. And so it works well, for us. He’s gone. I think what you were alluding to my husband travels about 75 80%

Unknown 44:29
of the time. And so then we try to find lots of opportunities to get away together or just have special weekends or special weeks away together that we can reconnect.

Justin Trosclair 44:40
Yeah, I wouldn’t say because if you go on all the time, how are you able to keep the love alive and feel connected when you have those type of different schedules,

Unknown 44:49
I look at it as good fortune now had the good fortune of being introduced long distance when we met. And we actually dated long distance for four years, which ensured that we figure it out really great communication skills, because we couldn’t hug it out. We had to we had to talk it out, we had to get on the phone, we had to use our words. And and so we are very, very skilled and disciplined about making sure we connect two or three times a day, every single day, in some way, shape form or another. And that really, it works well for us. And we are both very, very independent people. We have very, very full lives independently. And we support and respect that about each other. And so I think that works well. And then the minute we’re together, it’s it’s wonderful because we have tons to talk about. And we’re very connected. And so it works for us. It’s not a recipe for everyone. Not everyone would want it that way. But it does work really well for us.

Justin Trosclair 45:45
Just so y’all know, I’m gonna pick on her for a second. This was before video.

So they had

to probably take a picture and mail it in the mail, instead of actually picture while connected to the landline with the long cord. Yeah, baby.

Unknown 46:00
Oh, yeah. No, I’m not kidding. In fact, email had just started. And so I had to go to the library to get onto a big computer to dial up and start let you know the black and green, the green letters in the black screen. We had to type and then do all sorts of like coding to get it to send and and then it would take forever. Oh, yeah.

Justin Trosclair 46:21
For AOL Instant Messenger to like, add,

Unknown 46:24
just yeah. And it just AOL had just started. And so it’s just hilarious. And we literally did send each other a photograph to introduce ourselves to each other because we hadn’t actually met we were introduced blindly. And oh, yeah, it was it was like, um, what do you call that arranged marriage a little bit because somebody introduced us and we really hadn’t met until about four months into the relationship. So as awesome is quite funny. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 46:52
Talk about hobbies, kids. Sports. What else do you do to try to clear your mind have fun and have a full life? Yeah,

Unknown 47:01
yeah. And full life is an life full of adventure is huge for me. And so we we definitely design that into our life on a regular basis. So we love to ski and hike and I do a lot of inline skating as well. And I do I love weight training. So I do a lot of that as well. Fitness for me really clears my brain and it I have a tip contend toward a little anxiety. And so when I if I exercise regularly, it’s super great. I call it my anti anxiety meds because it’s it just clears my head. So I love that we chose not to have children. So we are very involved with our nieces and nephews and our extended family. And we get a lot of love and time with them and and really enjoy that part of our life as well. You said indoor

Justin Trosclair 47:50
inline skating, you go to the skating rink there like

as I live, you would fall in bust your face, right? It’s bad sidewalks

Unknown 47:58
I used to roller skate is kid in fact, there was a period of time I didn’t actually have shoes. I only had roller skates

Justin Trosclair 48:03

Unknown 48:04
and i roller skated everywhere I’d walk up and down stairs on roller skates. I loved it. And then I gave it up for a while. And then in chiropractic school, I dated a hockey player. And he got me on inline skates, and I fell in love. So I’ve done it for you know, 2530 years. And then I finally was like, you know, I want a little competition. And so I looked up and found that there are inline skating marathons all across the country. And yeah, and so I’m like, dude, I’m going to do one of these. And so I went to Duluth, Minnesota for my first 26 mile inline skating marathon. And I never looked back, I just I love the sport so much. And it’s a great way to get out and get some speed. And just, it’s so much fun. Is it and you’re

Justin Trosclair 48:50
doing a real marathon? I mean, it’s still 26 miles, my gosh, yes.

Unknown 48:53
Oh, yeah. It’s not it’s not whether you finish or not. Unlike a marathon. It’s what your time is. So it’s all about time. Yeah, I pretty much I mean, it, you have to train a little bit, there’s no doubt, but it would be difficult not to finish it. It’s, it’s it’s not that hard, but to try to get a good time. I mean, some of these guys are doing it and doing 26 miles, you know, they’re, they’re getting up to 3335, 37

Unknown 49:16
miles an hour. I mean, they’re going these guys are fast. So that’s, that’s not me. I’m back in the recreational group.

Justin Trosclair 49:23
Because, you know, I used to, I used to do like, like ramps and things like that I was never good. But inline skating was kind of in my blood, I can never escape backwards. So whatever that means, oh,

Unknown 49:34
well, and I can’t either in if I see a hill, I get terrified. So it’s funny. I went to, I went to

Unknown 49:41
wine country in California, they had a an a, an event there that I trained for. And I literally drove the course the night before. And I said, I’m not going to do it. The way too many downhills is most things break me out. And I just see my face scraping along the pavement at you know, 50 miles an hour. No, thank you, you. So I just opted out. And but I’ve done a lot of other ones that are comfortably flat, and they make me very happy.

Justin Trosclair 50:08
Wow. I just learned something new today. I know.

It doesn’t matter what you’re into. There’s a group with it.

Unknown 50:17
Yeah, I mean, is the Duluth one has 4000 skaters like it’s it’s not nothing.

Justin Trosclair 50:23
Yeah. That’s a lot. That’s more than my school.

Unknown 50:29
Oh, gosh,

Justin Trosclair 50:30
I’m pretty sure you have one of these morning lunch or dinner routine that grounds you for the rest of the day. Yeah,


Unknown 50:37
sure. I have a lot of those. But I the one that I think is it is most grounding for me is that at the end of the day, when I’m winding down from work, I physically take pen to paper and I write out every half hour. And I look at my day and I structured exactly how I want to envision it going. And I literally put on every half hour what project I want to work on. And I do what I call block and tackle. So I’ll take an hour, 90 minutes and specifically only put one objective in there. And then once I’m in of course your day is going to unfold in different ways and things go wrong, but the fact that I can sleep on what my intentions are for the next day makes the next day much more successful. So I read that that’s one of my things that I coach people on all the time is getting very intentional the night before about your following day.

Justin Trosclair 51:31
I’m feeling extra chatty today, apparently, excellent. You know, I you know, doing the blog, two books, China, you know, do different things with like the marketing and sending out emails and trying to get like sponsors and doing all these different things. There’s a lot, you know, that may not sound like a lot for some people. But when you have internet that’s kind of slow, sometimes, simple project takes longer than you want. But you can I could spend all day on the podcast, you know, I don’t record the week of like, can have six waiting to be released. So I could spend three or four days in a row all stop non stop podcasting, but that’s not gonna be good. It’s nice to get your stuff done. So I’ve learned about what you’re talking about is 60 minutes to 90 minutes or whatever you feel like you need to do on the topic, no matter what you stopping point you quit in the move on to the next thing and you move on to the next thing, and that we every day you’ve reached a goal or closer to go. Otherwise, you may never get to the book, right. And because book writing is complicated and forever, and but podcasting is easy, I just have to listen and edit and you have to accomplish something, but you didn’t finish your bigger goal. And that is,

Unknown 52:33
you know, within that hour, let’s say you’re working on a podcast, but then a text come in. So you check your text and then text reminds you want to look at something on Facebook. So you check something on Facebook, and there’s cool article on there. So yeah, and every time you context shift uses glucose in your brain if fatigues your brain more quickly, it takes two minutes to get your brain back to where you wanted it to be. So limiting context shifting makes you so much more productive. So in that 60 to 99 minutes, literally nothing else happens other than what your objective is, your phone is off, you don’t check email, you don’t you know, you set separate times of the day to do that, then you can actually create much more momentum in your business life.

Justin Trosclair 53:13
And what you said whether you do it to do list or a night before and you do everything broke Now, now, you know, like these are the things that need to be accomplished. And ranking those things. You know, there’s a lot of little things. Yes,

Unknown 53:22
the ranking is key to it’s like, what if I could only do one of these things? What is the one thing? And I absolutely,

Justin Trosclair 53:31
here’s one more nugget, Justin’s learned, if you know say after lunch, you get tired. Maybe that’s when you do the simple things instead of doing those in the first part of the day like that way you don’t feel like you are wasting your day or whatever. Using your time more wisely know when your ups and downs in life.

Unknown 53:49
Yeah, I think so too. And tackling some of those bigger projects in the morning when you’re fresher is is good to even though it takes me I take I’m not a morning person. So it takes me a little while to wake up. If I’m even with that if I do this the heart of projects, I actually get them done faster and more effectively than if I try to tackle them at three or four in the afternoon.

Justin Trosclair 54:06
Yes, amazing why it took an hour when it could have took 20 minutes the day before. Like what

Unknown 54:11
you and i, you and i talked before about the whole concept of time expansion, how if you allow 20 minutes or you allow an hour, that’s how long it’s going to take, right? So you you expand to the time that you’ve allotted yourself. So what I recommend to people is allow yourself less time than you actually think it’s going to take, you can always take more, but see if you could time yourself, see if you can get it done. Challenge yourself. And it is trucking. Often how productive you can be if you have if you’re on a time clock,

Justin Trosclair 54:37
well, I’m reading this books, blogs, favorite phone apps, what you got for us,


Unknown 54:43
so braving the wilderness by burn a brown is a great book, there’s a part in there on braving it’s an acronym that stands for boundaries and reliability and accountability and a bunch of other words, and it is a phenomenal read, everybody should read that it was great. And then there’s a book that I’m finishing right now on TED Talks. And I think you and I have alluded to this one before, too, it’s white with red writing, I can’t remember who the author is. But if you are presenting it all. And if you own a practice, and you’re presenting every day to a patient, an audience of one, we all need to be working on our presentation skills. And this is a great sort of, you know, chapter by chapter hack by hack of how to present well, and I really liked that book a lot examples of book.

Justin Trosclair 55:29
What’s up with examples? Like, go watch this TED talk? You’re talking about what I just described? Yeah.

Unknown 55:35
And that’s what’s great is because again, TED talks are short and sweet. And if he can give you an example, that doesn’t take long to just Oh, yeah, okay, now I get what how that person is doing that. It’s that’s been super, super effective. So I love those two books right now is what I’m what I was most recent in my mind. As far as blogs, I’m, I am constantly reading fitness and health blog. So those are the ones that I really enjoy a lot. But if anybody out there is thinking of doing any kind of membership program online, the membership guys is an unbelievable resource. So that’s I’m on that blog all the time right now. And so that’s a great one. And

Unknown 56:14
you know, from it from a nutrition and fitness standpoint, I really like against all grain is a great blog and civilized caveman is a great blog. So those are some good ones. And then as far as apps go, I you mentioned My Fitness Pal, that is just everybody should use that. It’s so good. And I teach clients every day most people don’t realize you can put your food in. But then there’s also backdoor way is to look at what are your proteins, fats and carbohydrate percentages? What are your nutrients, how many sugar grams you’re getting every day, there is a wealth of data that if you just explore the app a little bit, it’s super fantastic. And it integrates with so many other wearables and different things that you can use to to supersize the app. So I love that one. And then what other app do I use a lot? Well, I like strawberry to is another great one for getting you excited about working out and, you know, catering to the little competitor inside of you. So

Justin Trosclair 57:11
those are good ones. Very good.

Unknown 57:13
Yeah, well, I’m sorry, can I get one more, more for the business person at Trello, tr, e LL. O is a is an app, or it’s also online. And it is a phenomenal organizational tool. If you have a team of people and you’re all working on a project, this Trello it’s like a big whiteboard with post, it’s all over it. And you can move them around and you can add and take away and you can see who’s working on what and it is a phenomenal organizational tool for you and your staff to use on special projects or theme days or anything. So tr e Ll O.

Justin Trosclair 57:46
Does that integrate with like Google Docs and all that?

Unknown 57:49
Uh, you know what, I think I just read that it does. It has a lot of integrations, actually. So check that out. I I can’t say yes or no on that. Okay,

Justin Trosclair 57:58
but how can people get in touch with you?

Unknown 58:00
Thank you. How can people get in touch me? Well, I’m always at well fit and fed.com there’s an email there. And then my Facebook page is super super active. That’s well fit and fed.com or welfare slash will fit and fed on Facebook. And then the junk you should know show is Fridays at noon PST, and I’m always available right before and after that show. If you want to comment in the section there and ask any questions. I’m super available there. And and then my website has if anybody’s interested in coaching or anything like that it has my website has that all on there. So thank you so much, Justin. Absolutely. What a great time you really brought it if you guys didn’t get least 15 nuggets out of this episode. I don’t I don’t know what you’re doing. Well, thank you so much. And Justin, you’re doing a phenomenal job. Thank you for having me. I’m honored to be here. And I look forward to hearing more and more of your podcast keep going if they’re just great.

Justin Trosclair 58:56
Hope you enjoyed this week’s episode. want to make you aware of a couple of things a doctor’s perspective. net, we got a few things to talk about. We’ve got some free handouts for nerve pain, numbness and the arms and legs and also a 12 exercises. If you experienced back pain and want your core stronger experience and neck and shoulder tightness and pain, these are free to download. Okay, it’s under Resources. Also under the Resources tab is my new book, Neil is acupuncture self treatment God for 40 common conditions stop the hurting with no needles or meds, your roadmap to self treat your condition painlessly. We’re talking things like anxiety, insomnia, neck pain, back pain, possibly some knee issues, stomach issues, tired arm and leg pain, even a little bit of sciences to take all those types of things. This book really is for those they’re busy, they don’t have time to draw it to an office, spend an hour and go back to work. Alright, so allow this book allows you to do it from the from your house sauce for the person that maybe doesn’t have an acupuncturist within like a 90 minute drive just to go see one. So that’s pretty inconvenient. Also for the person who is afraid of needles, so there’s alternatives to that method that we show you in the book. And lastly, for the person who’s like, I really can’t afford as much care as I need. So this is the way invest in a book. And now you’re able to do it at your house with pictures with words and even videos, things that I’ve learned from working in China,

Western references, Eastern references and practical experience.

So check it out. I think you’re gonna like it. The first book today’s choices tomorrow’s health, again, is version 2.0. We got everything from what is chiropractic, what is pain, some exercises and stretches lots of lessons learned from my time in China like portion control, is it okay to feel hunger secret recipe Peck and I love talking about it. I haven’t got a whole section on finances like budgeting creating a budget how to scale back if you overspend, which is a huge problem for most people. So I’ll cover that it’s got some really good reviews. So hopefully you will take a look at that you can get it as a PDF for free Are you can pay for it in different areas. Last, of course, we’ve got some chiropractic tongue in cheek t shirts about being a mixer, you do rehab, you do adjustments you think adjustments, really a powerful thing. But you also believe that you need to do muscle work and those types of things. We it’s pretty cool shirts, mixers, and under the Resources tab as well. Well, as always, wherever you listen to the show, if you rank it five stars, that would be awesome. And of course on the top right of the website, there’s all the social media icons, pick your flavor, follow me interact, and I interact back You got any suggestions? Email me Have a good week.

We just went

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