Sept 2023 RELEASED

Finding Home

A bi-racial girls journey to self-acceptance

cover of finding hope book

Join Willow Chén Lù as see explores Chinese and American holidays with her friends

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In the heartwarming tale of “Finding Home”, journey alongside Willow (Chén Lù), a young girl who bridges the gap between two vibrant cultures – Chinese and American.

Willow Chén Lù, a remarkable biracial girl, feels like she straddles two worlds, sometimes an outsider in both. With her almond-shaped eyes, wavy dark hair, and pale skin, she stands out, yet her heart is a tapestry woven with the threads of both Chinese and American heritage.

Facing taunts and challenges, Willow embarks on a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery. She learns that embracing her dual identity isn’t a struggle to choose sides, but a celebration of what makes her beautifully unique.

Guided by her parents’ wisdom, Willow explores the richness of traditions – from the enchanting glow of red lanterns during the Chinese New Year to the awe-inspiring dragon boat races of the Dragon Boat Festival. Through these festivals and rituals, she finds a bridge to connect her friends to her heritage, weaving bonds that transcend borders.

As seasons change, so does Willow’s understanding of herself. The captivating aromas of Thanksgiving and the explosive joy of the Fourth of July become symbols of belonging. Willow learns that sharing her story is not just a gift to her friends, but a bridge to build understanding and unity.

“Finding Home” is a tale of love, courage, and the power of diversity. It’s a journey that highlights the magic that happens when we celebrate our roots while reaching out to embrace the new. Join Willow Chén Lù as she discovers that being different is a superpower, and that our true strength lies in accepting and sharing the beauty of who we are.

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