Needleless Acupuncture Chapters

no needle acupuncture book 40 blueprints with acupuncture points and self treatment and epen

all the acupuncture point locations described (including pictures and treatment schedule) needed to find relief

It's time for a solution.

no needle acupuncture blueprints for knee pain self treatment

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Knee Pain Relief Blueprints

Go walk, run, climb stairs again in no time.
Beat the knee pain with no needle acupuncture.
All you need is in this download. (except the e-pen)

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Insomnia Relief Blueprints

Get your beauty rest and stop being aggitated, foggy brained, and restore your well-being.

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Headache Relief Blueprints

You don't have to suffer needlessly with headaches and take a bunch of pills. Don't Hestitate, See if these no needle acupuncture blueprints are Right for you.

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Anxiety Relief Blueprint

Tightness in the chest, hearts racing, breathing is difficult… not another anxiety attack. It's frustrating, it's scary and managing it is becoming a chore. Now you need to try a new approach. No needle acupuncture for the relief and management of your anxiety.


Low Back Pain Relief Blueprint

Not another day of dredding getting out of bed. Not another apology to the family for missing important events. Not another doctor's visit and excuse for missing work. Try the blueprints and experience the secret method to stop back pain in its tracks.

If You Experience The Following, Then Download These Chapters!

  • Back Pain Interferes With My Personal and Work Life
  • I Have A Quick Temper With My Family
  • Painful Headaches Are Robbing Me Of My Life
  • I Just Want To Sleep Through The Night
-Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC
“Not only am I Doctor of Chiropractic for over 11 years but I've spent 4 years working in the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department in a Hospital in China. Take Advantage of Lessons Learned During My Time In China and Get These Solutions NOW!”
Click Here to Download the Accompanying APP on Android
Click Here to Download the Accompanying APP on Android

Relief! I can lunge again.

I’ve had terrible pain in my right knee for years now. It would ache from going up too many stairs, I would have to go up one at a time. I tried Needless Acupuncture. It was so fantastic!!! The results were amazing! I can lunge again when I exercise, and I can go upstairs without taking them one at time. My knee is not stiff and it doesn’t ache. One of the advantages to the needleless acupuncture was that I could do it myself. I could work on my knee anywhere. The illustrations made all the difference. I can find the pressure points I need to use, and I noticed the difference in just a few days. I will definitely continue to keep up the procedures and intend to explore more ways to help the rest of me! And P.S. I'm afraid of needles.
-Krista F. Lafayette, LA.

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