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Chinese Dinner Culture

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 Mistakes to Avoid and Critical Must Do's to Gain Face, Impress Decision Makers and Close More Deals

"16 Ways to Hold Chopsticks Guide"
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How to Toast

  • How to Flatter Correctly
  • Gaining Face Rules
  • Ganbei? Do I Really Drink The Whole Cup

Proper Chopstick Use

  • How to Hold Chopsticks
  • Proper Use So You Don't Embarrass Yourself
  • Don't Ask For A Fork

Sitting Arrangment

  • Your Rank Dictates Your Seat and Toasting Order
  • Does Everyone Double Dip
  • These Dishes Scare Me, Help

I was so impressed by how well Dr. Trosclair covered all aspects of Chinese business dinners which may make or break a business deal.

Maybe it's because I'm half Japanese, and had certain cultural rules taught to me from a very young age, or maybe it's because of the business dealings I have as a physician and business owner, but being aware of customs and cultures, especially in East Asia, particularly Japan and China, but this book definitely resonated with me.

And though I knew about chopsticks rules, such as not using them to pierce food or point at something with them, I never knew about how the Chinese have toasts with alcohol.

If you deal in business with anyone in China, this book is a must read!

"I was fortunate enough to come across Justin's advice halfway into my consulting month in Shanghai. I learned a few things by watching others at dinner. but it was the smaller details that I learned from him that made all the difference. Now I understood why people sat where they did, what order to toast, and how dinners could impact how seriously they took my proposals. PS: I got an amazing reference letter at the end."

 Niclas B. - Financial Project Manager, Germany

 "I was fortunate enough to be sent an e-book. This book will definitely step your game up with business negotiations with Chinese people. Having lived in China, he gives you all the beneficial pointers of the do's and don't's concerning their dinner culture. As an added bonus he has even written a guide on using chop sticks to eat. Learning these important (and impressive) etiquette skills will help you with sealing most deals in China. I've gained insight as where and how to sit at dinner business dealings, and when to drink. I recommend this book because learning these small tips show your business and potential business partners wholesome respect. He has authored other books, which I also recommend. His writing style is straight to the point and easily understood."


"This book has some great tips on how to make sure you know how to act around Chinese especially during dinner meetings. This book will help you to ensure you know how to act and what to do."

 Renee Franklin

"One of the things that stood out for me was the toasts (and sometimes shots). Tapping the table instead of raising your glass was surprising. I'm glad I found that out before attending the dinners. I felt like a local and less like a newbie."


Hope C. - Corrections Officer, USA

"My experience in China was the most life-changing adventure. Spending time with local people and learning all of their customs was fun with the guidance of Justin Trosclair. He helped me prepare for my trip, but seeing it in real life still shocked me a little. Some of those things were eating etiquettes: If you don't like a piece of meat, you just spit it on the ground. They eat the WHOLE animal (nothing is boneless in China), and you rarely turn down an alcoholic drink offer. Besides that, they are pretty much like any typical family. They always want to feed you, make sure you have everything you need, and a smile goes a long way. Make sure you bring your tissue paper because there isn’t usually any in the bathrooms. Yes, sometimes a toilet is indeed a squatty potty."

 Ali D.B. - Manager Of Naturopathic Office and Wedding Guest, USA

"I heed his motto, "Observe what they are doing and mimic." Patiently waiting for where to sit and for the good dishes to come my way is just one way this book helped me and a few colleagues to feel more comfortable with an unfamiliar culture. The few Chinese words I learned made them smile, clap and toast more at dinner. I was happy to not offend anyone and no one lost face. They had nothing but nice things to say about us, at least that's what the translator told us."


Vaughn T. - Petroleum and Gas Industry, USA

"Great read, just finished ✅ If you’ve ever wondered about the Chinese Dinner on a Business End, then this book is it! Interesting traditions and the meaning behind the business etiquette! Worth a read if you travel often or do international business!"


 "I have tried my hardest to eat with chopsticks for the longest. Many people have showed me how to do so, but I just couldn't figure it out. This book right here, Chinese Business Dinner Culture, has changed my life forever.

I now know how to eat perfectly with chopsticks. As much sushi as I can eat I better know how to eat it properly. When I go to China, I'll look and feel like a local during super important Chinese Dinners.


The last thing I want to do is disrespect anybody's culture, and with this book, I have mastered many skills and many ways to hold chopsticks. I just got another pair of them over the weekend, and they will not go to waste.

Next, I want to learn how to sing in Chinese"

 Kiya Amajioyith

 "Did you know there are more than a dozen ways to hold chopsticks? I enjoy eating Chinese food (or what we call Chinese food here in the US ) but I love learning about new cultures more than just than memorizing the number to my local takeout restaurant. Justin’s book is fascinating and will teach you about mistakes to avoid and critical must do’s to impress people around you."

 Tatjana Bluchel

*Some reviews were given free copies but gave honest opinions.

Follow This Guide to Master Chinese Dinner Etiquette

All your questions answered.

  • Where to Sit
  • Gaining Face
  • Toasting and Drinking
  • How to Use Chopsticks
  • Mistakes to Avoid
  • Do I have to Smoke
  • Eating Etiquette
  • BONUS: Tea Ceremony Overview

Before Getting to China, Read This All Inclusive Crash Course on Dinner Etiquette

Short enough to read on the plane but jammed pack with all you need to look like a local and impress your Chinese host

Navigating Chinese businesspeople and how they differ from Western-based societies would take reading multiple books or an entire university degree. That realm of business is not my specialty, but what I do know about is the business dinners and lunches that follow meetings. I’ve been the only foreigner in a city for five years.

As the chiropractor in the best hospital in town, I (Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC) would get invited to many dinners with important people in the city as well as special guests flown in from around China. My unspoken role was to make my boss, the city and I look good at these dinners, which is why I kept getting invited.

China business meals can seem foreign and rightfully so because it's a completely different culture and no one would blame you for being confused. I guarantee that after reading this book, you are going to be well advanced in your business dinner etiquette for Chinese culture. You will be able to impress them and look amazing compared to their past dealings with foreigners.

You will be able to avoid the common mistakes that many people make that could undermine your credibility in their eyes. Chinese people talk about gaining and losing face and after finishing this short book, you can rest assured that gaining face is what you and your soon to be colleagues will experience. So trust the words that are written here based on my many experiences.

"16 Ways to Hold Chopsticks"

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