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Justin Trosclair, DC interviews other doctors about success, trials, marketing and home life balance.

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Latest Episodes

E 185 Healthcare Spending Waste Explained Ripped OFF Gilbert Simon MD

If you are frustrated with the soaring prices of healthcare and feel confused or powerless to make changes that benefit the average person, then listen to Dr. Gilbert Simon...

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E 184 Cytopathologist and FNA Specialist Celina Nadelman MD

Time to learn about fine needle aspiration and cytopathology with Dr Celina Nadelman. She has a private practice and that is a rate situation. Get inspired and enjoy her...

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E 183 Medical VA Staff by Dr Steven Kupferman

What led an DMD/MD to create a virtual assistant company hiring medically trained Filipinos? Steven Kupherman, DMD, MD, FACS (UCLA Med School, Harvard for Dental Medicine) tells his story...

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M 74 Linkedin Personal Video Messaging

A unique way to build meaningful connections and future collaborations on Linkedin involving video messages. 📍 Minisode 74 LinkedIn personal video messages. Welcome back to a doctor's perspective podcast....

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M 73 One Long Form Post a Week Strategy   

Learn a strategy that only requires 1 post a week but supplies content for a whole year using snippets that are only the top producing for social media likes...

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E 182 Doctors Out of Debt Caroline Clerisme DDS

Make a budget and execute a plan to pay back all your doctor student loans in a short amount of time. Dr. Caroline Clerisme did just that and we...

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Books Authored By Dr. Justin

Health Reboot 4 Ways​

Learn the blueprints I used to lose weight, control my food portions, exercise, tricks to help and balance the biggest stress in life, finances. Plus a section on chiropractic.

Master Chinese Dinners

After 5 years in China, learn how their unique dinner culture takes place. The Do's and Do Not's so you and your host can gain face. Bonus: tea ceremony details.

One Sheet & CV Design for Docs

Many doctors are looking for referral relationships and speaking gigs but can't even get them to call back. With a well designed and written one sheet (by Dr. Justin)  you can get those meetings booked.

TriLingual Kids Coloring Books

Have your kids color over 200 animals while also learning the names in English, Spanish and Chinese. Coloring and Flashcard type learning at the same time.

No Needle Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be confusing, scary and not available for a lot of people, that's why I created a do it yourself, at home,  no needle acupuncture book to guide you through 40 common conditions.

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Many doctors are looking for referral relationships and speaking gigs
but can't even get them to call back.
With a well designed and written One Sheet & CV,
you can get those meetings booked.

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