Top 10 Episodes of 2019 and Top 10 Minisodes

This year we have a nice mix of top episodes and it seems the series’ that were created fed off each other. (Financial, Dentist, Marketing, Podiatry, Cash Practice)
Since we had a tie I figured let’s have a 3 way Runner Up list. Why? Because all 3 are closely related to the Rehab-Clinic type practice.
The list is in ascending order and an even mix of winners throughout the year.

The following are a quick breakdown of the episodes: Dentists 3, Rehab 3, Networking Groups, Financial Health 2, Cash Practice, Diet and Mental Health.

Minisodes started in 2019. The downloads of these less than 10 minute podcast summaries (that I listen to) on marketing, entrepreneurship, positive messages, branding, workshops and more, rivaled the hour long episodes. Therefore, a Top 10 Minisode List is half way down the page.

Lastly, 2019 marks the end of “Live in China.” I’ve ended my employment in Yunnan China and will now be saying “Live in Germany” during the intro’s. If you repost or share this link, you can see a picture of the main attraction of the city, Cologne.

  1. E 109 Sarah Hornsby Myofunctional Therapy and Ill Effects of Mouth Breathing and Sleep Apnea
  2. E 132 Cash Based Physical Therapy Jarod Carter DPT
  3. E 104 BNI Networking Groups Success Tactics with Hazel Walker
  4. E 139 Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet Deep Dive with James Kelley MD
  5. E 140 Improving Patient Experience Dr Sonny Spera DDS
  6. E 106 Cash Practice PT, Modern Manual Therapy, G Suite EMR, EDGE Rehab EQ Dr. Erson Religioso III DPT
  7. E 110 Vestibular Research and Dizziness Rehab PhD cand Dr. Carlo Rinaudo, DC
    E 101 Eight Self Destructive Processes with Dr. Diane Harner PhD and Emotional Intelligence
  8. E 105 Tongue Tie Surgery, Mercury Free, No Root Canals Dr. Allen Sprinkle, DDS
  9. E 128 Student Loan Repayment Options Travis Hornsby CFA
  10. E 129 Retirement and Investments 101 Jason Rainier CFP

    Runner Ups
    E 103 Post Knee Surgery Rehab, Range of Motion and Strength –X10 Therapy Machine with PJ Ewing
    E 126 Add A Gym to Your Clinic Josh Satterlee DC
    E 133 Mobility or Stability Issue Daniel Bockmann DC

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Minisode Top 10 list

  1. M 50 Spend on What You Love, Save on All Else
  2. M 11 Vertical Videos Win
  3. M 24 Proper Breathing
  4. M 28 At Home Doctor Visit Model
  5. M 27 Gen Z Stats
  6. M 18 Three LinkedIn Feed Commenting Etiquette
  7. M 32 Running Fundamentals
  8. M 01 Pricing Structures and Rates
  9. M 13 Client Acquisition Cost in the Gym Model
  10. M 29 Headache Recognition

Download the Minisodes Quick Reference PDF

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