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4 Protocols of Needleless Acupuncture Free 4 Protocols of Needleless Acupuncture Free If you happen to experience: Anxiety, Headaches, Insomnia, or Low Back Pain… then my Needleless Acupuncture Self Treatment Guide to 40 Common Conditions might be of interest to you. Download one of the four preview Protocols at no cost.

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Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Health</span></p>
Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s Health

I wrote a 220+ page book that you can get as a FREE PDF (or buy it on Amazon). Better health, food choices, exercise, budgeting and life our accomplished with Small Steps. Learn the secrets I’ve discovered from over 10 years in practice, 4 years working in a hospital in CHINA and my own 25 pound weight loss journey.

Chiro & Podcast Gear Chiro & Podcast Gear Not only can you find Official Podcast Gear but also Chiroprac-TIC and Chiro-Mix-Tor Themed T-Shirts. Pick one up today for the chiropractor in your life.

Top 10 of 2017 Top 10 of 2017 Where to start with so many episodes to choose from? Try ALL of the Top 10 on this List.

A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast: dr to dr interviews</p>
A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast: dr to dr interviews

You could just click anywhere on the top of the page (or this button) and be Whisked away to the main page to discover Dr. Justin’s interview prowse in asking guests about success, overcoming trials, staff, marketing, books, routines and home- life balance (plus keeping the love alive).

 4 Chapters of My First Book Free</p>
4 Chapters of My First Book Free

9 Essential Stretches to Reduce Tingling and Numbness “Nerve Pain”, Calorie Consumption Calculator Chapter, 12 Exercises for Core Strength “Stop the Recurring Back Pain”, or Help Me Make A Budget Chapter… Get any of them FREE here, now.

About the Author
Dr. Justin Trosclair, D.C., an expert in Chiropractic Care, has been focusing on back and neck pain relief for over 12 years and has delivered treatment to more than 6000 patients. With advanced training in treating disc derangement conditions, you can count on him to keep up to date with the latest research in physical medicine for spinal pain. He has 5 years of hospital experience in China, is currently working in Germany, and had a private practice in Colorado for 6 years. Dr. Trosclair hosts a doctor to doctor interview podcast called ‘A Doctor’s Perspective‘ with over 220 episodes. During his free time he wrote 3 books. Today’s Choices Tomorrow’s Health (rebooting health in 4 categories), a Do-It- Yourself acupressure book for 40 common conditions called Needle-less Acupuncture, and a step by step guide to look like a local for Chinese dinner culture called Chinese Business Dinner Culture. If you have kids, you may be interested in his 6 series tri-lingual animal coloring book series (english, spanish and chinese).