African American Doctor Holiday Series 2017

black doctor holiday series 2017 on a doctor's perspective podcast
Holiday season of 2017 #adoctorsperspective did an African American Doctor Series. We had PhD’s, EDD’s, MD’s, DPT’s and a Tech Innovator. episodes 44 -51

After months of listening to podcast of all varieties, I noticed that African American guests seem to be lacking. Whether I was listening to healthcare topics or business topics it just bothered me that an entire population of successful people are for some reason not represented.

You’re not alone. Throughout the course of our careers, we face a lot of different challenges. Sometimes it can be hard to find support from others who know what you’re going through and understand how difficult your day-to-day life might be.

African American doctors are underrepresented in the medical field, and this podcast is here to change that. We’ll talk about self care, psychology around food, self esteem and empowerment, perseverance, collaboration and more. We want you to be empowered with knowledge so you can take control of your life!
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