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Dr Marketing Tips Podcast Ep 228

Ep 228 How to Build and Sell Your Medical Practice

Just like buying a boat, the two best days of building a business are the day you start it and the day you sell it. Every business owner, physicians included, dream of the day when all your hard work finally pays off in a successful exit.  

In this week’s episode of the DrMarketingTips Podcast, Jennifer sits down with Dr. Justin Trosclair to discuss how he bought, built, and sold his medical practice – and how you can, too.   

Dr. Sheryl's Podcouch

expat cultural observational health trends from china

Episode 018 – Cultural Observational Health Trends from China with Expat Dr. Justin Trosclair

 Start your Wednesday morning with this week's episode of  DrSherylsPodCouch featuring Dr. Justin Trosclair! He has been creating a difference in people’s lives since 2007. He was in private practice for 7 years in Denver, CO.
After he sold Performance Chiropractic, he spent 5 years in Yunnan Province China working as a foreign expert chiropractor in a hospital setting. That experience gave him the opportunity to learn how to integrate his specialty with the other departments of the hospital, all while communicating to patients and staff alike with the help of a translator.
Currently (2020) he is in Cologne, Germany at the Intellispine am Neumarkt clinic. Dr. Justin is working alongside Heilpraktiker who deliver the manual therapy and acupuncture.

It's No Secret with Dr Tyson Franklin Podiatrist

dr justin trosclair on its no secret with dr tyson franklin question based

Dr. Justin Trosclair DC gets interviewed by Dr. Tyson Franklin Podiatrist on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast

154 – Working In A Foreign Country.  Have you ever considered working in a foreign country? And when I say foreign, I mean a country that does not speak English and must have an interpreter to communicate. You should not try and change everyone to your way of thinking, stead; you need to embrace the culture.

I was asked questions that haven't been answered on other shows including Monday Morning Tips, and How to decide when to extend a work contract.

Podcast Insider with Todd Cochran

We discuss the move to China. What made him want to start podcasting and continue doing it for 3 years?
What kind of stats does he track? Similarities between the host and himself.
I was honored to be on a legend like Todd's podcast.

Get Published by Paul Brodie

Paul asks about 5 questions and the interview is less than 20 minutes. Dr. Justin discussed being an author and how he made a number 1 best seller on Amazon in 7 categories.

Owning Your Health with Dr. Lisa PT

Episode 52 of Owning Her Health you will come away learning about writing an Amazon Best Seller, marketing brand in creative ways through email and book positioning. Yup, a true renaissance man that ended up following a need for some change, finding a wife and now having a baby and that is why Dr. Justin and I get along so well.   It is a long episode full of so much wisdom for personal, professional shine and so many little behind the scenes strategy that when I played it back and tried to edit some out I could not decide which will go and which to stay so I kept 99% of it!

ChiroCandy with Billy Stickeras seen on chirocandy

Billy Sticker of ChiroCandy e106 Practicing Abroad Part 2 – interview w/ Dr. Justin Trosclair

– More details of life in Denver prior to China. Stories about hospital life, cooperation with other doctors, and my books.

ChiroSushi with Tristan Schuab

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Tristan Schaub of ChiroSushi interviewed Dr Justin Trosclair host of A Doctor's Perspective.

-Why podcast, Why China, How's working in a hospital, No English-How's life communicating through a translator only?

In Your Pants with Susie Gronski

Dr. Justin shares his cultural experiences with sexual health in China and the difference between the American way of life, how tampons are shocking, and how you can still have sex even when your back hurts.
You wouldn’t believe this, but babies in China wear crotch less diapers! Find out what pooping is like in China using a squatter and why this is better for your bowel health. And…you won’t want to miss how I made Dr. Justin blush when I asked about what’s going on in his pants ha-ha!

Tips For Health Leaders by Health Leaders by Dr Lisa PT Episode 4

You don't usually see Chiropractors and Physical Therapists hanging out and talking shop but then again, Justin and I are two integrative unicorns in how we approach Living, Learning and Leading in healthcare. How did Dr. Justin get from being in Chiropractic school and mending a broken heart to then be THE lead chiropractor, with an international podcast and an author in a small town in China?

We have a power chat on how we, in normally rival professions, actually have the same industry frustrations, entrepreneur challenges and visionary dreams as health leaders.

Junk You Should Know Show by Dr Heather Denniston for Needleless Acupuncture Book

March 2018 Dr Justin Trosclair was invited to the facebook live show The Junk You Should Know Show hosted by Dr Heather Denniston to discuss his latest book Needleless Acupuncture. A no needle alternative to treat 40 common conditions. He is offering 4 step by step DIY protocols as free downloads: anxiety, headaches, back pain and insomnia. visit

Jim Chester of Chiro Hustle Podcast

Jim Chester of ChiroHustle talks chiropractic in China with Dr Justin Trosclair DC. We hear Justin's pick for top influencers, having a new baby, rehab and chiropractic, plus a deep dive into A Doctor's Perspective Podcast, and his two books Today's Choices Tomorrow's Heath and Needleless Acupuncture.