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EXCEL asking great questions and follow ups to find out your customers What, Why and more. By asking a clarifying question, I can help guide you to your goals.

What questions

It sounds like…

Repeating last 3 words to show understanding and empathy or even to get them to expand on their answer.

If – Then Statements

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I should take off and on and you listen to the show for a while, you know, I’m kind of into sales and marketing and all this and not necessarily like sells for Thursday, you know, your doctor services but like books or designing webpages coaching things like that.

So Once it’s videos recently and one of them was talking about, you know, the used sales as like an acronym and you know, that’s was serving just make sure you talking to people and hear their to sounds like a fiduciary, you know where you’re doing. What’s in the best interest of the client and the way you find that out is by asking questions.

What being the good question what this what that how sometimes you jump too quick to that one because I was trying to get exclusion without finding out, you know, what’s going on, you know the why perhaps and then the the wise sometimes can be I guess misconstrued.

So the panel where the client is in there with confidence what they’re doing, you know, just it can come accusational to just gotta be a little careful with that one.

Which reminds me if you haven’t checked out the episode on finding your why with Gary Sanchez encourage you to listen to that one is also on his show which is kind of fun a little oil change, but I took his questionnaire and I’ll give you the cheat sheet for me. Mine was clarified, which is only about six percent of the population of the nine types that they created and off-premise as a lot of questions. That’s you know, that’s something that did ever since man since even elementary junior high. I’ll ask the questions that other people would ask or silly just got the answer especially even in the carpet of school et cetera just took us questions. And if I do understand that I’ll try to find out so that’s something I’ve always done got better at it, you know aka the regular episodes for a doctor’s perspective podcast, but my wise to clarify what is kind of the the right way and then how is that contribute? So it’d be like by asking the right clarifying questions.

I can help guide you to a clear path to reach your goals. So what I’m explaining to somebody how to do something. I want them to feel like yeah to get it. They understand what I want what’s expected not micromanage, but they understand like the process and then I asking those questions are getting those questions. They are delivering the information. The goal is to find the right way to do the job. You know, what is your goal? Let’s find the right way to get the go. Let’s not reinvent the wheel right? And then that’s my way of contributing to the process or the in-game that this client wants is by clarifying their thought pattern or their goal and and asking the questions. I mean, they may not have even thought of so that they can you know, get out of their own way sometimes.

All right. So back to the you know, the sales when we’re listening, you know, of course not insane. Yes just helps people know but it’s cheating and some that for a long time is always like make good eye contact, you know with the patience for least make good eye contact and let me know you care and I think there’s a time when you have to do that the very beginning find out what’s wrong with them.

Then you should take notes. It actually shows that oh you care. You thought what I just said was important. They might elaborate more on that and later on you come back you find out if you ever been to a restaurant and they don’t even take your order on pay-per-view Mei sure. They didn’t mess up. That was 10 people, right? Oh, then you mess up, you know, well not surprised. They don’t always do it, but you know what? I mean? So even that it just shows that oh the actually care what’s going on or made a substitute. I don’t want french fries cool.

I will under then I can forget that and the last piece if you’re worried about building that Rapport if you’re trying to just show that you you listened you empathize with what was going on. You understand their concern or if you just need to check if I’m more about what they said you could mirror which is just repeating. The last few words of clients said, so I think I might web page is running too slow. Okay, so review back so you think your web pages running so slow. Yeah, it’s running so slow. And so I think I need to revamp it or change platforms and then you can see whether deeper struggle that they’re having is hopefully that makes sense dead.

So repeat the last three words the other one is using the phrase like it sounds like it sounds like your last web page was running too slow and your web person never optimize your wages. Okay, it sounds like you’ve been to other doctors and they just say it’s in your head, but you really do feel pain another thing at the end could say so if I understand you correctly, here’s gathered point A to point B Point C, and then you’re able to clarify what you what you think they said versus what they said and if there’s any conflict then they can clarify certain area is having problems with you know, if you’re coaching a client.

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They think they have lack of new patient problem and you know through your questions, you’re like, oh really? You don’t have a lack of new patients. You have a lack of retention wage like they disappear into visits. All right. So how do you bridge so with the coaching client you’re talking to them and you’re they’re concerned about like new patients are not coming that they don’t have enough new patients and that they are wage. They are leaving after like two visits. They’re not better. They’re obviously not going to refer and you’re not sure what’s going on.

Okay, so then you just need a you know, repeat that back. I understand that. These are your concerns off and then you know trying to discover. What do they think the issue is and then of course there, you know asking your advice to how to plug the leaks and then for again not this is probably not the part for you know closing cold closing patience to stick with some lawn treatment plant that I disagree with but if you’re doing a marketing deal or selling some products not okay this last piece you’ve trying to make the the clothes off trying to land the client the the coaching deal you’re trying to maybe get people signed up for some kind of weight loss challenge.

That’s whatever couple hundred bucks or something like that and you know, you get a success rate with people in the past, but there is a little bit of a hurdle cuz it’s it’s more than just the you know, it’s a it’s outside of your normal office hours and it’s like a whole another program, you know, with like personal coaching for patients or something like that just an idea off. You know, you could be you can use if-then statements if we have a way that you can drop ten pounds and ten weeks while not starving you and not killing you with exercise.

Then you consider that a good thing. They should say. Yeah, if we got you the workbook video access and everything before the weekend then could you start next week off? So there we go, you know for like a dentist some of the stuff might make sense because if somebody needs an expensive crown or a bridge or an implant, there’s different options available and they can set that up like off if you pick this option. This is what’s going to end up happening in the long term. And then when you’re talking to the client and you’re patient, you’re just like okay, you don’t want those in results those negative in results in ten years. Then this would be the option.

Okay, we agreed that you think this is the best option. Okay, and not you know, of course in dishes. It’s pretty expensive something with 10,000 for a implant if you need to whatever let’s just say it’s a $10,000 bill, you know, a lot of people are like, whoa. Am I supposed to pay for that so long if we can Finance this for you if we can do you know this this this, you know, they might on your guy’s a creative then we can get this started. Yeah. Okay.

All right. So I think the audience you understand what I’m trying to say It’s always important to be ethical you really be passionate about what you’re doing whether we’re selling marketing plans or upgraded websites books wage loss programs.

There’s ways to do it to where you can overcome objections using IF then using that I hear you correctly taking notes and asking lots of questions to wage. To the root cause of what they have, but they probably don’t even know if this was a educational for you or just a nice reminder by all means send out a message on my social media justintrosclairMCC , you know as hire me if you would like I am accepting new clients for a variety of services most of the stuff that I’ve been referring to today. That’s all things that I can do and help you with something.

So just reach out leave a comment leave a review if you found this information helpful tell a friend obviously most of the service that talked about today. I do website design marketing getting Town closer to your why plugging the leaks and your clinic all of those things I help people with so if that’s something that you might be considering you can reach out just in trosclair MCC is on Facebook email. Justin @ a doctor’s perspective. Net is the email. Look forward to hearing from you and helping you in this coronavirus environment so that you can excel And succeed on the way up to have a good week.

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