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Dr. Sylvia Perry PharmD talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Ramifications of huge business and pharmaceutical mergers, pharmacist independent consulting, interdisciplinary cooperation, community involvement opportunities to grow your practice, and mentoring: all topics covered by Dr. Sylvia Perry PharmD.

Dr Sylvia Perry is a Pharmacist trained at Xavier University in New Orleans since 2005. What made her change her mind from wanting to pursue pediatric dentistry to pharmacy.

She has over 10 years experience in the Corporate Retail “big box” pharmacy arena with her focus being on giving the patient the attention they need and deserve. Dr. Perry has also created her own pharmacy consulting firm called, PharmD Consultants of Texas. PharmD Consulting travels to surgery centers and doctors’ offices who offer in-house pharmacy needs and makes sure everything is in compliance with state and pharmacy laws as well as properly train the staff around pharmaceuticals.

Dr. Perry has a humorous story as to how she began the consulting aspect of her career. How does she handle all the hours in the car driving around to the different locations?

Lick, Stick and Pouring, what does that mean?

What are the risks of filling scripts at multiple businesses and what are ways to mediate that risk even if you continue to do it?

When the pharmacist doesn’t like the drug that the medical doctor has prescribed; can they call and get it changed, is there a professional courtesy or do they have a fight and are disrespected?

Is a pharmacist responsible for educating the doctors or more a patient educational role?

Learn how you could help the community and potentially make money by offering classes on certain diseases.

Why should you shadow the profession you are thinking of becoming?

What’s Dr. Perry’s top 3 attributes she looks for in a pharmacy tech hire?

With Amazon® purchasing a Pill Pack® company, the Aetna® merger and CVS® doing delivery, how does Personalized Care effect a pharmacist?

Improving access for patients to doctors is plus side to these mergers, but what are the potential drawbacks.

She is active in her church especially as a mentor to girls and is involved with her sorority Zeta Phi Beta inc.. Listen to how much they do with a sorority to help the younger generation.

Learn a lesson of contentment from Dr Perry. Also: prayer, devotion, a little CNN and maybe a little gospel or trap music.

Book: The Alchemist

Podcast: The ViewPoint Bakari Sellers

She likes zoom, canva and enlight.

Drsylviaperry on social media

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/86 here you can also find links to things mentioned and a complete transcript.

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Justin Trosclair 0:03
Episode 86 from six consulting firm and mergers and host, Dr. Justin trust crack. And today we’re Dr. Sylvia Perry’s perspective.

Join 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host, Dr. Justin

cosplay, as he

gets a rare to see look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. Whoo. This week is a special week. Not only was it my birthday, but at the time of this recording I should be including waiting for my wife go into labor for sweet little new baby girl. I record these a little bit early. So next week, I may have to do a quick change and say that we had a baby. But we’ll see how that plays out. So excited. Well, I’m also excited because this week is Dr. Sylvia Perry, we’re going to talk about big business mergers like from Amazon, and CVS. And then you know, they’ve already got like some nurse practitioners and things and some of the offices and now they’re looking at, you know, delivery services and all kinds of those types of things. So we want to talk about that, especially as a pharmacist. She does work at corporate retail, but she also has a independent consulting firm. And so we go into what that means. How does that what does that look like for pharmacists, interdisciplinary cooperation, especially with like medical doctors, also some great ways, some inventive ways to reach out to the community that maybe you haven’t thought of. And if you’re qualified to do it, I think it could be a good thing. definitely get your name out there. Plus, she has a passion for mentoring. And we’ll hear more about that especially with her work in her sorority Miss she was a part of instill this for that matter. So it’s gonna be a good episode. a doctor’s perspective, net slash eight, six. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China, and Dallas, Texas. Today’s guest hails from the School of exist, you’re out of New Orleans. And she has been doing this since 2005. She’s a pharmacy. Her name is Dr. Sylvia Perry. Welcome to the show.

Unknown 2:10
Hello, thanks for having me.

Unknown 2:13
Oh, hell x you know, x you that’s the name huh?

Unknown 2:17
Yes, my beloved Xavier

Justin Trosclair 2:18
you know, always loved the x names because there was never any like this. So few and then Xavier’s right there. I just love it. It’s pretty cool. Do have a feud with Grambling and all that in that area.

Unknown 2:30
dealer. So

Unknown 2:33
across town, and we both just have the basketball team. So that’s, that’s our big feud, if you want to call it bad, I mean,

Unknown 2:43
I love But yeah, yeah. Dylan games with a big games. Everybody went to

Justin Trosclair 2:50
Okay, dealer, and I forgot about that place. Only here. You know, obviously, I hear who I see on my Facebook feed from people. Well, yeah, a lot of things you could have done in life. There’s a lot of doctors skills you could have picked up, you chose pharmacy how that happened.

Unknown 3:06
I had my dad to thank for that. Honestly, when I finished high school, I was preparing for college, I was going to be a children’s Dennis, you know, on my scholarship applications, I put I was going to provide great dental care without the scare. But once I realized that, maybe that was a little corny, but also I really didn’t want to be in people’s mouth all the time. So I started to look around, I knew I wanted to be a medical professional. But

Unknown 3:36
I was rethinking dentistry. And I spoke with my dad, he had a good friend that was a pharmacist. And he encouraged me to pursue that as an option. And Xavier had a college of pharmacy. So I always thought pharmacy wasn’t health profession, I thought it was like an apprenticeship like dry cleaning or something like that. I just never saw the

Unknown 3:57
right professional.

Unknown 3:59
That really wasn’t on my radar. So once it was I looked into it, and I applied and I got in and what did they say the rest is history, I consider the best decision I made up into this point. So

Justin Trosclair 4:12
I agree I thought the industry to has like that. Just Yeah, I’m not sure about that. Not so sure. Plus the surgeries. I’ve seen those surgeries now and I’m like, Whoa, you gotta do that every day. That is intense.

Unknown 4:26
A lot of respect for dentists. I admire what they do. But yeah, they’re definitely more capable people that I would have been if I was a dentist.

Justin Trosclair 4:36
No. Okay, so pharmacy, there’s different avenues you can go. And I learned this back as a chiropractor, because I was kind of ignorant as well. And it’s like, so you just push pills in the little bottle all day and make sure nobody’s gonna have a double interaction. And she’s like, Are you serious? I was like, Well, it wasn’t that rude. But it was just like, No, actually, I’m changing jobs to like, interventional radiology type of drugs is like, oh, OK. And then there’s like research base. And there’s, there’s all this type of stuff that you can do. Is that all like postdoc type of training? Or is it just the path that you just want to have to go on?

Unknown 5:14
Yeah, there are lots of options and pharmacy. That’s what I love about the profession. There’s nuclear pharmacy, hospital.

Unknown 5:23
Research, there’s so many things you can do. And in the 90s, they started offering the doctor doctorate program. So all pharmacies now have a Doctor of Pharmacy. Yeah, all those opportunities are available to you can do residency and fellowship. And you’ll see a lot of students coming out now complete those additional additional training. But you two years of undergrad work is required. Most students Today’s the inner in pharmacy school will have a four year bachelor’s degree. And then it’s four years of pharmacy school. And then from there, you’ll have the doctorate and you can do residence, the fellowship, fear, right.

Justin Trosclair 6:02
Wow. And that’s an intense workload. Like when we started drugs, it was it was a joke. Our class was not that great. And I was already like, Oh, my gosh, I can’t, I can barely pronounce these words, much less know it to the level that y’all do. So it’s, it’s not? It’s not easy. That’s for sure. So what did you choose? Have you gone? big box store, hospital style, private practice? What are you doing these days, that’s

Unknown 6:26
a little of the big box store. I started with target pharmacy fresh out of school, they’re no longer around, we’ve been purchased by another

Unknown 6:36
of the three letter brands is what everybody calls them. And from there, we were able to really use the technology that they had in place to augment and better our practice. But what everybody loved about target pharmacy was the relationship, that the like, I have the best of both worlds with technology. And then also the relationships I’ve built since I started back in 2005. And then in my current location, I’ve been there since Oh, wait. So 10 years, I’ve seen some of these patients and their families grow. I really treasure that. And then also I do consultant pharmacies that my own company, Barbie consultants of Texas, and we go around to different health centers and surgery centers and work with them and make sure they’re compliant and falling on the laws and do training and things of that nature for Health Center staff. So I really enjoyed that as well.

Justin Trosclair 7:27
Let’s talk about that for a second. What these a surgical centers have like their own pharmacy inside or like, just maybe like, I have no contacts or whatever, hydrocodone or something or something like that. And there’s like rules to follow, like, I’m so confused now.

Unknown 7:41
Yeah, we’re not just, we’re not just having the good stuff. So I don’t want you to send anybody our way, Justin. But

Unknown 7:50
we have all kinds of things to help take care of our patients. That way, it’s all their access is a huge thing for our patients. So we’re able to provide those right there in that setting. And that way, the patient has a therapy, they’re leaving with the therapy they need to whatever their issue is, so that can be resolved. So again, like the staff doesn’t have all the training and stuff. So I’m there to help train them and let them know what’s required by law, and also side effects, different things of that nature, but we’re compliant are able to continue to provide those medications for our patients.

Justin Trosclair 8:27
That’s true, okay. So even if you’re just writing a script for a bunch of antibiotics all day, because you’re going to have surgery know, in a couple days or a week or two, that all has government rules and regulations. And it’s uncommon for most places to just have a mini pharmacy in their own building,

Unknown 8:43
right? It’s not as common and most people go to a retail setting.

Unknown 8:50
But I’m

Justin Trosclair 8:51
curious on this part is just the business part of me is it because you can make more money if you prescribe the prescriptions in house versus Senate to a store down the street or is just for convenience.

Unknown 9:03
Um, it’s not really about the money, it’s for convenience, and then ensuring that the patient is going to take the medication, if they have that one list barrier, they had to get into drug therapy that says more about most of most of the center’s that I deal with, they have a large population. So this is just one less barrier for them to get their medications.

Justin Trosclair 9:25
Okay, that makes a lot of sense. Okay. How did you get involved with that people were calling you like, Hey, this is a need, and you found it are like you design it like this is what I want to do when he story.

Unknown 9:36
So I lived in some condoms, and we had to send out notices whenever we had like an event or a pool party. So I sent out a notice, like, Hey, I’m having an event on this day, etc, etc. So they send it out on my behalf. And then one of the residents of the condo that hey, I see that you are farm D or pharmacist. I’m ahead Hi, I’m looking for a pharmacist or consulting. And I ignored it for a couple of months, I think I went to Europe and did a few other things.

Unknown 10:11
I responded, I said, Hey, just fill an opportunity that’s available. It was unique. It didn’t sound like something I’ve done before. And she said yeah, I’m not. I don’t have this account anymore. But I’m personal friends with HR person. So I’ll send you her info. And I reached out and went through the interview and got the job. And again, it’s just one of those decisions that kind of helped me find something that I really love, and it fell into my lap. So I’ve continued work

Justin Trosclair 10:42
is that something that can be turned into like a full time job and like nationwide or throughout Texas or anything?

Unknown 10:48
There’s definitely a need for a consultant pharmacist throughout the country. And then especially Texas. So the way the laws are written requires a consultant pharmacist for certain type of health centers and surgery center. So yeah, there’s definitely a need there. And I do know pharmacies that are doing it. I mean, full time. So I’m kind of deciding which way I want to go in that regard. But yeah, I love it. And I’m able to work with a few other pharmacist. And from there, we have the capacity to grow and see what the future holds. But right now, I’m happy to be doing both. I think

Justin Trosclair 11:25
I like traveling, but I don’t know if I would like traveling six hours a day or four hours a day to all the different places in town. But it could just be me. I don’t know if that’s part of the that would be part of the job, I would guess.

Unknown 11:39
Yeah, it is part of it. I love it. I love being on the road and they’ll be home at night. And I also love it I love traveling far. But I do like the traveling part of it. That’s one of the things that I enjoy

Justin Trosclair 11:53
going on as random rabbit hole with you. I think it’s called check out places like when I’m in the city. And and you get bored with the same stuff. It takes meeting new people sometimes to go to an area that you’ve never been in, like you find this little niche area in the town you like oh my gosh, this has been here the whole time. Like Yes, it’s a hidden hidden gem and town or something that’s like all Yes. On the inside track. Now.

When we talk about pharmacy, I can already alluded to, you know, the one of the misperceptions about the profession is you just kind of standing around and you’re not doing much, but you actually have a very important role. If you can decipher probably the doctors handwriting very well.

Unknown 12:40
Oh, thank goodness.

Justin Trosclair 12:42
No excuses now, right?

What are some of the misconceptions that you can have to deal with on a regular basis?

Unknown 12:51
Well, that’s one thing that we’re just like sticking and pouring.

Justin Trosclair 12:56
Oh, that’s that’s

Unknown 12:57
I haven’t heard in a long time to survive. But yeah, let’s take him for like we’re processing hamburgers back there that everything can come out quickly and smoothly. But there’s a lot that goes into filling a prescription. The misconception is that a really big and important be that we are not looking at other variables to make sure that this is the best therapy that really try to educate our patients, hey, even if you’re getting a prescription somewhere else, we’d love for you to get them all filled here, but let us know what you’re on. So we can take your entire profile, and make sure that there’s no interaction or cause for alarm or just keep us updated. If this medication may do have some type of interaction or rash or anything, let us know. So we can update your file and make sure that we don’t cause you any harm, because that’s our biggest charges to not cause any harm.

Justin Trosclair 13:54
And then what most people think like, it doesn’t matter, like they don’t realize is if you had a procedure from some other doctor that you’ve had this one pharmacy for 10 years, you start getting prescribe something new Thank you could literally have death consequences or paralysis consequences or whatever, shut your liver down, because you didn’t know that they were even on this and then

Unknown 14:15
right and then also explain, you know, everything that is a drug are going to have effects on the body may not be packaged, like a drug. So even so purple ease, you know, the world community is becoming so small, so there’s a lot more access to things that we didn’t have access to in the past. So even, you know, oh, my friend went to China, and he brought me back This tea is supposed to have a fight diabetes, etc, etc. Or what’s in that, you know, it could be great. But it also may cause an interaction or that could be a factor to consider. So just making sure, well rounded and knowing, hey, let us know everything that’s going on and your doctor as well. So we can all be informed and provide the best.

Justin Trosclair 15:01
Because what is it aspirin? You’re not supposed to give kids?

Unknown 15:04
Right, right? And then it’s called aspirin. So although trying to get away from calling it that people come in looking for baby aspirin, and I say, Well, are you looking for the low dose at one milligram? They say yes, it is it for you? And they say yeah, or sometimes I get that relocation Oh, no, it’s for my baby. Because they have a fever. And so yeah, we are literally on the front lines to help kind of educate and this way bad decisions and things that could cause harm. That’s

Justin Trosclair 15:33
just the one of those random examples I can think of. It’s like, Hey, you probably don’t want to be doing that.

All right. So how do you guys handle and ladies, obviously, the doctors prescribing something, he just looked at this he like, why are you doing this? This is the worst drug of the possibilities that you’re using? Can you call the doctor and be like, Hey, we need to have a conversation. Do they treat you with respect? Or they just like, Hey, I’m the doctor. You You’re not the doctor dead? is allowed to describe her medications. You just make sure there’s not an interaction and but his or how does that interaction work?

Unknown 16:08
Yeah, so something alarms us we do reach out to the doctor phone and we try to talk them Dr. directly. That always is it happened and maybe a nurse or somebody but we tried it, we let them know our concern. And then from there, we try to get an understanding. If we still don’t agree or understand we will document the prescription. And then we have a course mommy responsibility. So if we can let the patient know, hey, I did reach out to your doctor, but I’m still not able to fill this prescription because of X y&z region. And if they’re valid, I mean, hopefully the patient understands where you’re coming from. And sometimes they’ll say, Oh, yeah, I’m glad you didn’t feel it, or Oh, I’ll follow back up with my doctor. But usually, the doctor and the pharmacist, we can change their fees to something more suitable that we both agree on, or whatever. Recently, I had a case where the patient had stopped the medication because she was having, she said, liver problems. But when I taught daughter, she said it was kidney problems. And Zach doctor, and she said, Well, the patient didn’t mention either one to me. So that’s why I prescribe, etc. So only get her X amount of days worth and have or follow up with her primary care doctor, but don’t think the patient had a primary care doctor. But as playing well, hey, this medicine is processed through the kidney. Usually it’s not prescribed for someone with kidney issues. But you mentioned liver, but there was some confusion, there was a language barrier. So from there, we kind of able to sit down and everybody had the correct information. And she decided to hold off of a medication. Wow.

Justin Trosclair 17:45
Yeah, you gotta get your blood panel there, then I guess to see what the enzyme today,

Unknown 17:50
right. Yeah, but I mean, the daughter may need to take a more active role. But yeah.

Justin Trosclair 17:57
Wow, do you find there’s a lot of education that you have to do for the doctors are for the patients so that they are taking it correctly or prescribing correctly? Or does that fall into somebody else’s lap?

Unknown 18:08
for the patients especially Yes, when I was in school, and newly diagnosed diabetic it was OK, their newly diagnosed, we’re going to give them a blood pressure monitor. I mean, I’m sorry, who commoner test strips Lance’s and they’re going to take them to their class and learn how to use everything. Well, I’ve seen so many patients in recent years or bad class part isn’t happening. So essentially, we become the class, if I can show them everything on that Tuesday evening. Great. But if I can, I’ll say, you know, come back to me Saturday morning, and we can go over this. I’ll set this all up. And you can answer any questions you have in between that time, read up on everything, you know, try to use it right now. I can’t go over it. But I really want you to use this correctly. So you can get proper readings, and they come back and really, really appreciate it spending time with them and showing them how to use their device and go from there. And I say, you know, usually people don’t have classes. So do follow up with your doctor and see if there are any classes available. And I do know some pharmacies that are stepping in and holding those types of classes and doctors are collaborating with patients that extra personalized attention, so they know how to take care of their

Justin Trosclair 19:26
disease and manage it well. Well, I seems like a very, you know, we’re always looking at Okay, what kind of workshop can we do? get new patients or educate the ones you have? So they stay loyal to you and everything? What a great idea. If someone’s out there listening is like, what can I do to better my practice or add more value is like, boom, there’s one right there, if it falls within your scope of practice to be, you know, doing those types of things. Heck, you could probably even hold a workshop, even if you’re a chiropractor, or physical therapist, or something like we don’t really deal with that stuff. But you could collaborate with a PCP or something that’s be, that’s a great idea.

Unknown 20:02
To me,

Justin Trosclair 20:03
good call, good us doing exactly what we say, implementing critically thinking, when we’re talking about students who are in college, or maybe it’s time for a second career choice, any words of advice that you could give to steer them towards the medical profession and to pharmacy in particular?

Unknown 20:25
Well, I always say, just like both of us, we started out when we didn’t spend some time with a pharmacist and pharmacy, you know, some of the laws are restricted, but we can’t necessarily allow you behind the counter. But even from in front of a kind of, you could see a lot of what’s going on and what we do, and then, you know, interview a pharmacist to see because I love our profession. But we do work long hours we do Stan unless you do go into hospital or other non traditional route. So some people that’s not the life right now. But I love the flex ability at professional allows, get access gain access to a pharmacy or a pharmacist is what I would recommend to begin. And then math and science, those are the most important things. pharmacy school is so much more competitive than it was when I went to school on time ago. Like I said, most people will have a four year undergraduate degree before they enter pharmacy school. So make sure that they have good math and science and grades and that they’re a well rounded individual. I think this is important because a lot of our job is educating and communicating with people. So we need to be able to do that in a way that the patient understands and also elevate to a doctor or a nurse level as well. So we’re able to get the best outcomes in either setting are or situation. So never stop learning on Conan on those soft skills in math and science and gain access to the pharmacist, flash pharmacy.

Justin Trosclair 22:04
Yeah, what would make someone want to go to research are Is there a lot more training that you would have to have like if tomorrow you said, You know what, I want to take a career change? And do research in pharmacy? Like do you would you have to go back to school and learn a whole new field? to specialize in that? Or how does it work?

Unknown 22:22
I don’t have any close colleagues that are doing research. However, I think the closer you are from finishing pharmacy school, the easier would be to launch a career in research because you say files, bathroom things of that nature. of further out, I do think you probably need some specialized training or, you know, some type of

Justin Trosclair 22:44
would you have a PhD,

Unknown 22:46
I’m not necessarily PhD, but just or maybe a master’s in public health or BIOS badge or something of that nature, something in that for us. Or you’re lucky enough, you may get to a place where they take you with just the farm D but I think that would be an easier thing to do closer to be fresh out of school. Me 13 plus years, it would be a little more difficult.

Unknown 23:16
But not impossible with the farm D lab allows you a lot of flexibility.

Justin Trosclair 23:22
That’s very cool. Who are you in charge of hiring staff training staff and letting people go or does or what

Unknown 23:30
I have been in the past, and my partner at my retail setting we work together to hire and train. But that’s her primary responsibility at this point. But in the past, so the pharmacy manager Yes, that was my responsibility.

Justin Trosclair 23:44
What are you looking for what makes makes for a good employee in your opinion,

Unknown 23:48
I need them to be smart, and also have initiative because a lot of time we might be glued to a phone. And there are things happening that needs to send you to more than one thing. And so initiatives that kind of dress, things going while I’m trying to work something out with a patient or a doctor, but for the most important thing is to have a heart to help compassion. And helping people solve problems is the most essential thing. Or anyone working in a pharmacy or for pharmacist or pharmacy technician.

Justin Trosclair 24:23
Very interesting. Yeah, that’s true, because you’re probably on the phone a lot, verifying and on hold this one what I’ve gathered from some other interviews that that’s the biggest frustration is just always on the phone trying to verify stuff. True.

Unknown 24:36
Yes. Ha, ha.

Justin Trosclair 24:39
That’s horrible. Horrible. tell you. Okay, what is getting you excited? What is where do you see the profession going? Where do you see yourself going? Maybe in the next five years?

Unknown 24:49
Well, I’m excited about personal lives here. I don’t know if you saw the Amazon got hacked. That’s probably did. So that’s been a, we don’t know how exactly, it’s going to manifest. But that is kind of a game changer. And then like we’re seeing same day delivery offered by CDs. And so personalized care, patients are able to gain access. And that’s the biggest thing to their medications, transportation, maybe in there, things like that. So we’re seeing things to help with that. And so I think it would allow pharmacists to practice more at the top of their license, if I’m not worried about getting you the actual medicine, which is the most important thing, I can spend more time on explaining the medicine to HR home, you know, you’re if you have a medicine in your hand at your home, you can be putting it in your Hill dispenser, while we’re talking about it. And understanding when you should take it before breakfast or after breakfast with this medicine or without this medicine, things like that. So hopefully counseling and education that can take on our greater role for the pharmacist, and then also immunizations, that’s a huge service that we provide. And we’re able, hopefully to do more of it as we transition. And patients are able to get their medicines delivered to them. So we all have them in the store waiting on us, get it out to them to their home, explain what to do. And then say, hey, we’ll check back with you at such and such time. And then, hey, maybe you can come in this week to get such and such vaccine to avoid you get pneumonia again. Or once you get over this, you know, maybe a shingles vaccine is what you need or Oh, there’s a new baby coming in the family. Well, the stress or tea or coffee, you know, so I think I’m excited about practicing at the top of our license.

Justin Trosclair 26:46
So okay, I didn’t know Amazon, Amazon, but CVS, they bought

Whole Foods. Now they got a pharmacy. So they’re going to have to like what rework the laws and a lot of states to be able to meld roads and all that or we’ll go back

Unknown 27:01
with a company that was already delivering. Okay, visualize. This is across the country. So now they’re part of the Amazon family.

Justin Trosclair 27:12
Okay, that’s gonna be Wow, so so you’re not opposed to this, some people are freaking out because there’s a to mergers we’re going to happen was it CVS was gonna buy a

Unknown 27:27
merger that was being worked out.

Justin Trosclair 27:30
I thought somebody was trying to buy like Edna or something. You know, one of those insurance company was trying to get bought out by something and people are like, Oh, are you kidding me?

Unknown 27:38
Yeah, we CPS did yeah. So I’m excited to see how that manifests as well. You know, will it be like a mall where you can come in and see your doctor, see the eye doctor, pick up everything at your pharmacy, everything. So I’m kind of excited to see how that collaboration works as well. And that’s going to be a game changer, as well. But it’s still in the beginning. So we haven’t started to see how that’s going to manifest yet. So that yes, that did happen.

Justin Trosclair 28:07
So I guess Okay, so I’m gonna go down this a little bit, I can see some people being excited, these new stores get popped up, they removed the the 15 shelves of soda in the back of the store, make a little doctor’s office or two. And now all of a sudden, you can go to a big store, you can get some some tampons, you can get a box of Skittles, and you go visit your doctor and get a blood pressure cuff, some gauze, any prescription filled all in the same building, some people gonna really like that, because now I don’t have to wait at a doctor’s office for three hours. And all this kind of drama. I can just pop in, I had a sore throat and get the basic stuff that you were probably need anyway. I mean, do you see that the see that happening, or maybe even more comprehensive roles,

Unknown 28:53
we already kind of see that model happening for acute illnesses and things there is either a nurse practitioner or physicians assistance in some pharmacies currently. So we’ve already seen that be successful. So I think with the Aetna merger, you know, it will be on a larger scale. And then we the patient with Aetna, it’s clear, okay, if you go here, I know it’ll be covered. Because a lot of virgin situations, you just go to the closest place and you may or may not be covered in a place that’s covered. So I think that takes the guesswork out of it and maybe provide better access to care.

Justin Trosclair 29:33
Do you think that they might limit the amount of doctors that will take at that point where Bob down the street is seen his business getting squeezed by these big companies, but then at the same time, they start saying, you know it, we actually don’t need you guys anymore, we’re going to just go ahead and remove 50% of the providers for editing, and now you have to go to these stores.

Unknown 29:56

Justin Trosclair 29:58
I’m doom and gloom,

Unknown 30:00
I’ve been

Unknown 30:00
Robin, I hope that’s not the case, I think adding these two forces together, hopefully, it’ll be a synergistic relationship. And it will improve access, limiting the amount of providers may not help improve access. So I, it’s my hope that essentially, there will be more know how on the front end of a situation or sickness or an emergency, because we have these two entities together versus kind of gifting and figuring it out later.

Justin Trosclair 30:30
You know, we I think we’re blinded when we see like, we don’t, you know, have access, I can go to any doctor you want, literally in any profession you want. There’s no excuse. But if you’re especially like in a low income, or maybe the middle of the city, you know, like downtown urban area where they’re like, well, there’s actually not a lot of doctors, there’s one clinic for six blocks of people, that’s not good access. So that could be an area that is better, better serve perhaps,

Unknown 30:59
yeah, or, you know, you don’t get to call and verify benefits on the weekends and a lot of cases, but that maybe this time, you have to go see a doctor and it’s becoming a situation where you can’t wait till Monday. So you may go so that after dentistry, hoping they’re in your network, and they may see you, but you find out on the back end or not. And then you have this huge bill. And it would discourage you from and then next time as situation occurs, to go get the help you need. So hopefully, you know, combining and then painting access the internet, it would avoid those kind of situations. And then if it’s all in one place, there’s kind of a less excuse to

Justin Trosclair 31:43
that just made me think it also could help stop people going to the ER when they should not be going to the ER backward, backward. Okay. All right, we’re seeing the rainbows here.

Yeah, that’s right. There’s a silver lining going on. I was I used to say a great line. And before I realized that was butchering that phrase there like a great lining in the cloud is like, Yeah, it’s great. Like, no, not very happy boy.

Let’s switch gears. I want to make sure we keep your time and a good skill. All right, you already said you went to Europe? How lucky not just lucky and just messing with you. But vacations important you work in a situation where hopefully you can you get to create your own time off? Do you have like set vacation per contracts? Or what can you do to make vacations a bigger part of your lifestyle?

Unknown 32:40
Yeah, it takes a little planning and creativity. Because you know, I’m doing two different roles. But I definitely make time for vacation. And I gotta have a travel group that I always go. So we always their doctors as well. So I always try to coordinate our time. So you can go and have a great experience. Just get recharged.

Justin Trosclair 33:03
Have you ever done a tour, like a plan tours that was kind of going someplace and doing it on your own but African safari where you kind of obviously you’re not going to go down there by yourself, but it’s gonna be a big tour group? Have you ever done anything like that?

Unknown 33:19
Do I want to do and great? Or China? So those are the two plan tours that I wanted to?

Justin Trosclair 33:27
Okay, all right, China’s just kind of, you know, not really,

they would beat you in the mouth.

Probably without, like, you got a plan to come to China, you can’t just roll up in China and in like, try to get things done, you got to find a tour guy that can speak there’s plenty of people to speak English, but to do it on your own. We

Unknown 33:48
Yeah, it would be tough for

Justin Trosclair 33:51
anyone to really see is actually in the cities here for some reason, like, you go to this place called she and you’ve heard of the terracotta soldiers, I don’t know if you’ve heard of that before, for that’s like, an hour drive outside of the city. So if you think you know, fly in there and go check it out. No, it’s this whole thing to get there. And get back and and, and all that. So it’s But anyway, besides pharmacy and working, got any hobbies and the volunteers and the organizations that you like to be a part of.

Unknown 34:21
Yeah, so we do a lot of work with my church. And that keeps me busy. They’re part of a mentor and group for high school girls and my little bit TVs graduating high school this year, and hit it off to college next year. So we’ve been together since she was in eighth grade. So as you’ve gotten older, it’s been very important for me to spend a lot of time with her. And then just when I’m not working off of the larger group of girls, and then I’m a sorority girl, remember the Zeta Phi Beta to worry Incorporated. So we also have a high school mentoring group. And we do like etiquette training all kinds of things and present them in a debutante ball. So I will work with that group as well. So that’s always fun and near and dear to my heart, because I wouldn’t do the program when I was in high school. So I always loved those type of things. The main main community things that I like to do, church and so already

Justin Trosclair 35:23
see, I would think those are kind of opposite ends of the spectrum there.

Maybe they mature, do when you get older, there’s less partying and drinking is that what goes on?

This is a mentor group, guys, we just having a party in college because they’re young.

Unknown 35:43

Justin Trosclair 35:51
So is your so I’m just curious now. This the the sorority that you’re a part of, there’s different kinds of fraternities and sororities with their mission statements. So as you is more about like giving back and actually beyond just college being like that mentor to help other people,

Unknown 36:06
right. So most of the black sororities and fraternities, they the membership goes beyond college, and you become graduate members, or alumni members, and a lot of the work. Most people say the work begins after you graduate. So yeah, we’re all I can’t just be for mine. But we’re all doing this type of work to better our communities, US voting, rights, advocacy, things of that nature, helping kids transition into college exposure to different professions are all out there doing that work. And there’s a very robust and active network of Greek letter organizations, sororities and fraternities in Dallas doing that work.

Justin Trosclair 36:50
Wow. So it’s kind of cool. So you when you’re 40 years old, or whatever they could be. You could have a big conference, and still meet up a bunch of people and socialize and actually have connections throughout the whole world potentially, just based on being

Unknown 37:08
Yeah, there’s

Unknown 37:10
generally the big conferences or every two years, and most of these organizations have turned 100 years old, or turning 100 years ago, my organization will turn 119 20.

Unknown 37:22
So we’re gearing up for that. But yeah, we get together actually, next month, or this month, I’m sorry, we’re in July, our conference will be in New Orleans, and have good friends that are in Houston right now for their conference.

Justin Trosclair 37:34
That’s really cool. I like that. I don’t think I’ve never been a part of one of those type of things. But when you look at it the way y’all are doing it, that sounds like it’d be very rewarding, long term, because I think giving back is a huge piece mentor in the youth. And not just, you know, doctors that come out of school, but people that are in that life changing position where we could go down this path, or we can take the pet traffic path less traveled. That’s pretty awesome. Are you able to have a work life balance? Everyone needs that term, apparently, I may need to change it.

Unknown 38:04
You know, that is something that I have not mastered, I will be honest. Some days, I’m doing great at my work life balance. And then suddenly, it’s like, Is there such thing as balance. So I’m figuring all that out week by week, day by day, month by month, but I know what is essential, is scheduling some time for r&r, just with your spouse, not booking yourself to do anything. And trying to stick back to that time as much as possible. It’s a lot different now. I feel like we’re available seven days a week, you know, in today’s world, but making sure that we prioritize time for our r&r is essential. And if I have to reschedule it, I do reschedule it so

Justin Trosclair 38:48
something you enjoy what you do. So there’s a little bit less it almost feels like one of those terms people in like cubicles in corporate world left to deal with like, they just hate their job. If you don’t hate your job be like, Well, the only issue is that you know, your significant other our kids are neglected because you just love working that much. We like oh yeah, forgot. I’m just like, take a break in spend more time with my family because I could work all day. And I love it. And it’s not an issue to get off at five o’clock.

Unknown 39:15
Yeah, we want to Kota has his passion about your work, you lose time doing it. So that’s definitely it’s something happens to me.

Justin Trosclair 39:25
Now, you mentioned before the before we hit record that you are still a single lady.

Unknown 39:30
Well, I mentioned.

Justin Trosclair 39:33
Oh, my gosh, you did you did? I don’t we’re not dealing one on one. But I’ve had some people make some comments before that, like Justin, you know, anybody. I was like, well, you’re about to go worldwide. I mean, you might get some information.

Unknown 39:46
Yeah, I’m having fun right now. And figuring it out. But yeah, I am not married woman at this point

Justin Trosclair 39:52
in life. What is the tricks? I mean, you’ve been out since Oh, five, we can do the math. We know what’s going on? And what’s going on? is this? Is it hard out there successful black woman in the dating scene? Is that is that causing some some problems? Or is it just the way it is these days?

Unknown 40:10
I mean, you could say that I feel like that’s the kind of the easy answer. I just think that the right person hasn’t come along. And I spent time in a long term relationship that didn’t work out. So there’s that story as well. But I’m really helpful. I’m going to open space. So I’m looking forward to the next year and a half. So to see what what happened, because I do want to family and I want to pursue that as well. You know, I was about to say,

Justin Trosclair 40:38
I’m assuming that was a bad assumption right there. So we were like, why would you assume that I need or want such a thing?

Let me throw that out there do something like I’m single. And that’s on purpose, actually. Thank you.

Unknown 40:55
But I know, I’m very faithful. I know that wouldn’t give me the desire to be married and have a family and that that’s kind of where I am with it.

Justin Trosclair 41:05
Okay. One more question on this, because you’re so content with it. And there’s a lot of people out there, they’re definitely not. Is there something that you had to go through to be like, this? Isn’t that desire? It’s not happening? And I’m okay with that. So I’m just going to embrace where I am. Was that a journey that you had to process through our

Unknown 41:24
Yes, definitely a journey and I being a relationship that didn’t pan out or weren’t the best for me. And I almost feel thankful. I’m like, okay, God, thank you that this didn’t turn into a marriage, or something like that. So I’m not always content. But at this moment, I am a lot of doors are opening. And a lot of things are happening at this point in my life, that I know, that’ll be one of them as well. So I don’t know when it will be. But yeah, it was a journey to get here. But, you know, you see a lot of heartache and things of that nature, and you want a person to go

Unknown 42:04
out with the right person can make it better.

Justin Trosclair 42:08
That’s exactly right. I’ve seen so many people get married, because they’re like 26, or 25. And they’re like, I’m old, I need to get in six years later. You like they’re miserable. Do you like wow, like, you didn’t have to pick that person? Like we all saw it?

Unknown 42:21
Yeah, that’s Yeah, I’m at that age where I’m seeing but others coming out. So,

Unknown 42:26
you know, that’s a journey in itself and beautiful children and things that come out of those situations and, and growth. But, you know, there’s always also something to be said for

Justin Trosclair 42:41
different paths. All right, we’re switching little less a little less than 10.

Unknown 42:46
Stay ready

Unknown 42:47
on this podcast.

Justin Trosclair 42:49
That’s right. Hey, guys, we give the questions ahead of time they know what’s coming.

Unknown 42:55
Different order is a different.

Justin Trosclair 43:01
It’s popular these days, a morning routine, sometimes it’s a lunch routine. Some people really need that so that they stay focused throughout the day. Are you one of those people? And what is it?

Unknown 43:11
You know, when I saw that question, I had to really think about it. I don’t I mean, my routine is prayer, devotion and a little scene in. And if I don’t have those three things, I feel like maybe I don’t know what’s going on in the world. Or if I’m, I feel a little off centered. So I guess that would be my morning routine. Even if it’s two minutes till I have to leave. If I turn on CNN and here one story, I’m good to go, you know, just to feel like, okay, I remember when 911 happened, you know, and I turned on the TV that day. And I all I saw was these two buildings on every channel, every show, it’s like what’s going on in the world. So I don’t know if it’s born out of that. But I just feel like I have to plug in the world and some way before I leave, and then just centering myself with prayer, and devotion and a little either gospel music or a little

Unknown 44:10
chat music one or the other. Depends on the day.

Justin Trosclair 44:18
You know, I didn’t realize they had this until I was in college. But if you’re say into like, really heavy metal music, there’s actually like Christian bands, and you can find some that are quite good. Have they gone trap? trap Jesus music. Yeah.

Unknown 44:31
I mean, there was a song A few years back. That was like, I don’t count.

Justin Trosclair 44:37

Unknown 44:38
That’s what I know about. I don’t I don’t follow it too closely. I’m sure there. I have to search for a Pandora station for track. But I think there is a lane for that. But that’s funny. I was in New Orleans once. It was after essence, fest and we spent the night with the friend just happened to happen that way. So we don’t have any overnight clothes or anything like that. So we call the cab is Uber. And he took us from like the lakefront back to our hotel on now. And he changed the station and all of us that and it was from rap music. And we were like oh, okay, all right. You switched it up for us. He’s like, yeah,

Unknown 45:18
it was Christian Rap.

Unknown 45:19
And so then we started hearing about that. I was like, Oh, it’s Christian Rap and started sharing the story with them. And I mean, we had going out clothes on, but I’m like,

Unknown 45:32
where we are

Justin Trosclair 45:35
back home for you.

Unknown 45:38
I’ll leave it there. But

Unknown 45:41
only in New Orleans situation. I’m like, wow, we have in love with us. And we talked about that. And he knew our souls were saved and we’re happy he shared that with it. I think He even gave us the CD so

Justin Trosclair 45:54
my goodness. Yeah. He’s texting mission.

Unknown 45:59
I don’t know that up, but

Justin Trosclair 46:02
we need some Jesus Drake, man. If we could, if we could get an artist like that. It’d be on

Unknown 46:07
a Jesus Drake. Oh, yeah.

Justin Trosclair 46:09

Yeah. Yeah, he’s

Unknown 46:12
he’s pretty good. He’s from. He’s from this area in Texas. Oh, yeah.

Justin Trosclair 46:18
That’s cool. In the way that was

Unknown 46:22
bad on that one.

Unknown 46:25
He anywhere. Hey,

Justin Trosclair 46:26
being that you said seen in in the morning? What are they cover in the morning? Is it all Trump all time? I mean, I guess my news feed people just super into it. But they report other stuff, right?

Unknown 46:36
Yeah, they look for other stuff. And the Trump stuff can kind of take over. So I do have to switch it up sometimes. Because I don’t want to hear that all the time. But yeah, you know, right now, it’s the soccer team that stuck in the cave.

Justin Trosclair 46:52
Oh, yeah, that’s, yeah, that’s Yeah.

Unknown 46:54
So that’s kind of the thing that I’ve been seeing every morning. And this one days, I’m like, wow, they are live. Okay. And then hopefully, they’ll be out soon. And

Unknown 47:07
they found him like, two days ago or something, but they

Unknown 47:09
have to teach them how to swim and get scuba gear and stuff. So that’s the latest thing that I heard.

Justin Trosclair 47:16
Oh, my gosh.

I don’t want to swim a life skill, you should just have I think

Unknown 47:26
it is a life skill in there.

Unknown 47:30
And then

Unknown 47:33
forget it. So

Justin Trosclair 47:35
that’s true. I say that my wife’s not the best swimmer. She was, we went diving and I was like, wait, you don’t really know how to swim. She’s like, not really kind of a thing. Like you’re in the water with like,

Unknown 47:47
tank and everything.

Justin Trosclair 47:50
blown me away, like a friend just did it too. And she doesn’t know how to swim at all. That’s not the greatest idea. I’m thinking. Right? You should be able to float before you think.

Unknown 48:04

Justin Trosclair 48:06
All right, favorite books, the favorite book blog podcast that you see here. And one that you feel like, oh, everybody should definitely check out.

Unknown 48:14
I think the alchemists is a book that everybody should read.

Unknown 48:18
I like that book a lot into really short read and just hopeful, and I think you can glean so much from it.

Unknown 48:26
I just got into podcast like I mentioned, before we started recording, only one that I listened to religiously his viewpoint with bakari sellers. I’m kind of a little bit of a political junkie. So I like to hear all this stuff he’s talking about that try to list which way does he lean is democratic.

Unknown 48:46
Senator Congressman, I forget, but

Justin Trosclair 48:50
he’s got a name that I should have no,

Unknown 48:51
he’s from. He’s from South Carolina only came to know um, after that tragedy where the church, young man went into the church. Yeah. So that’s how I came to know him. But just to see kind of behind the scenes and not an election year. So just a lot of interesting points of view from both sides of the aisle. And then

Unknown 49:13
I really enjoyed your talk with my good friend, Dr. Kelly. So I look forward to listening to more of a doctor’s perspective and the great work you’re doing.

Justin Trosclair 49:22
Appreciate that. She’s not even paying.

Unknown 49:27
And when I heard you’re like, wait, wait, that sounds like a no person and then something you said like be I knew it. I knew it. So

Justin Trosclair 49:39
as well. We were having a call it fake hotpot the other day, and I got really nostalgic while we’re eating are waiting for the food. And it’s been now shrimp po boys and venues and jambalaya because they have kind of similar stuff. But it’s, you know, obviously different. And they’re like, Oh, that looks really good. And what is it? And I was like, Oh, we might have to have a party?

Unknown 49:58
Yes. Yes, sir. You should?

Justin Trosclair 50:00
Nothing like, can you make a room?

Unknown 50:04
I leave it to the Texas girl. So I stay in my lane. So I call on my Louisiana friends. And I let them do their thing. But if I had to make a rule, I couldn’t make her.

Justin Trosclair 50:19
I learned how to make a rule in a microwave.

Unknown 50:21
I don’t know if I was

Justin Trosclair 50:23
a bit that’s not really a rule. That’s like that’s like, that’s the guy who’s like, I really need this. But I can’t have all the oil anymore in my diet because I’m so you know, not healthy anymore. So I learned how to do that. I’m not that guy. I can eat the oil. But it was interesting that you can still get the brown.

Unknown 50:39

Justin Trosclair 50:45
I’ll just see her face. She’s not impressive.

Cool, man. Last fun question. We have an addiction to our phones. Most of us any apps that you are like, on all the time, besides social media,

Unknown 51:07
I’ve been using a lot of zoom lately.

Unknown 51:10
Working community related stuff. I think it’s great for a video meeting. And then Canada, we’re doing graphics and things like that. And in like, for kind of photo editing. So that’s the kind of the things that I’ve been into lately.

Justin Trosclair 51:30
Now, what does this photo editing for stellar Instagram account?

Unknown 51:35
A little, a little, a little other things to you know, I had we were at. So 20 years out of high school, we had our class reunion last month. And so one of my best friends took a picture and she really liked it. But it had her name badge on it. And she’s like, Oh, I like it with his name badge missing at the file. And so I said, I can take that off for you. And so she said to me, I took it out.

Unknown 52:01
I just gave it. So,

Unknown 52:04
you know, it comes in handy. I keep my best friend points when I do things like that. So

Justin Trosclair 52:11
when you don’t know how to do something that easy, it is impressive.

I say easy. Sometimes it’s not easy, though. Yeah.

Unknown 52:19
And I think that’s the beauty of it. Like I’m totally not it’s not super tech savvy. So for me to be able to pull something off or mobile temple or things like that. Pretty impressive for myself.

Justin Trosclair 52:32
Me photos, is it Yeah, Photoshop is incredible. I got pictures done. All of a sudden, my shirt didn’t have wrinkles. I look bigger, stronger, low, more v that’s like, Whoa, I’ll keep it

Unknown 52:47

Unknown 52:48
Eventually, I want to get to that level. I have a dear friend that’s a photographer, and he knows how to do all that stuff. But yeah, I’m far from there. And that would be a passion project one day when I do get some time.

Justin Trosclair 53:01
Have you heard of you to me calm?

Unknown 53:03
No, what’s that?

Justin Trosclair 53:05
You to me is a place where you can learn tons of different things for maybe like 10 bucks to 20 bucks a course. So if you want to learn how to do Google AdWords Photoshop, who knows whatever else you wanna learn c++ for some reason, Ruby on Rails, they have courses that they’ll just take you through how to beginners you know and this is all video is usually and things like that and it’s pretty cool.

Unknown 53:27
Awesome. Thanks for

Justin Trosclair 53:29
absolutely well how can people get in touch with Dr. Sylvia Perry?

Unknown 53:32
Yeah, well that’s my name on all social media Dr. Sylvia period will be as well. You can find me on all social media at that handle. And just shoot me a message they Hello. I’m always around and I love to talk about pharmacy and and things that I do. Any questions you have on here form. Perfect.

Justin Trosclair 53:51
Thank you so much for your time this this morning. It’s been fantastic for me and I’m pretty sure these listeners are going to really enjoy it as well.

Unknown 54:00
Well, I had a pleasure and thanks for reaching out to me and I can’t wait to hear it.

Justin Trosclair 54:07
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