M 49 Consulting as a Side Hustle

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Minisode 49 Consulting as a Side Hustle

How to ask questions from potential clients to get to their deeper why? Why now work with me, what’s the pain point they need solution for and then deliver a solution so your consulting is value driven and not time based. Person sells themselves on you.

Episode 49 Welcome back. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Trosclair. You’re on the Minisode series. Today’s show is side hustle Episode 344 it’s all about consulting.

What are you good at? Do you know MailChimp or Infusionsoft well, but we’re talking to doctors, maybe you got an EHR electronic health records that you’re good at? You could technically make videos and walkthrough and put them on YouTube. People will see them, you know, tag them correctly. Put a good headline. There’s Justin he knows what he’s doing. This is what I need for my PT or chiropractic workflow. This is great. And then you can sell it to warm.

A lot of companies have an aftermarket for templates because they know that you use this every day you customize it, it works well. Especially when you’re looking at Medicare auto accidents, there are certain things that you’re not doing those every day, you might not know to record certain things. But you know, if it’s there, you’ll do it, at least on paper, so it can be something to look into. Maybe that’s the way you can do it.

There’s also potentially some you know, affiliate commissions too if you really like a product, you put a link to buy you make low cash with that, because again, this is a side hustle thing, how to make it extra money on the side, Jonathan stopped, because we’ll have that why conversation, especially when you’re doing a consulting, you’re on the phone with somebody figuring out, you know, can you help them and all that you want to find out?

Of course, how you found me, and you want to say, Hey, what’s the issue with you? and get to the why is this a problem for them? Then he’s a solution. Now, you know, why are you going to work with me now versus a month ago?

What’s the priority change that you have? And when you can find that out? What’s the priority? What’s the problem that they need a solution for?

Then you can start switching it up from time fees to value fees. And eventually, when you get good at asking those kinds of questions, it’s like the person sells themselves on you versus you trying to sell them on yourself. Because they’re saying, Hey, I saw you do this. It seemed like you could be the answer that I need to get me to that next level and whatever that could be losing weight, going to the gym, getting rid of their migraines, etc.

Now You’re doing a business where you have like a proposal, and you’ve had a good conversation with them on the phone or Skype initial meeting, and then that I guess me a proposal, do not email them a $5,000 proposal, you got to set up that second meeting before you get off the first meeting, to go over the proposal. Because if you just send 5000 they got so many questions as you need to be able to answer right. Also, if you have extra programs as standalone products that you would sell for $400 or a thousand dollars, etc, like how to make a podcast.

 Then if they do sign up for like a $5,000 Consulting program, just saying that number, you could give some of these standalone products for free, or offer like a 25% discount. Also these other programs you have, you can think about that you can see how to make landing pages, how to do giveaway PDFs, you know, you could have like a program on how to make that that might only cost like $47 and if he’s come on as a consulting client for marketing, I’ll show you how to do those things for free. I’ll give you those programs for free. As a bonus for signing up. That’s something that I could do.

 Probably for y’all. You can use easy digital downloads. That’s a great product while people love it. And that’s it. That’s a quick version of that episode if you like it, go check it out for more details. We just went #behindthecurtain.

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