M 62 Must Ask Consulting Questions to Get Clients

EXCEL asking great questions and follow ups to find out your customers What, Why and more. By asking a clarifying question, I can help guide you to your goals. What questions It sounds like… Repeating last 3 words to show understanding and empathy or even to get them to expand on their answer. If –…

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M 44 Answer Briefly

Just answer the question. Sometimes if you get long winded, it makes you look incompetent, hiding, dishonest and not close the deal. Be present with the person you are talking to. You’re tuned into the right podcast, Episode 44, minisode version of a doctor’s perspective. It’s good to have you back. Hey, I’m going to…

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E 73 Bad Business Practices? Do It Better with Dentist Dr Paul Goodman DMD

Learn 4 tips on buying and selling a dental clinic, how to sell the value of higher end products like dental implants (Dr Paul Goodman DMD also lectures on how to perform them), developing your own massive Facebook Group (Dental Nachos) and solid advice if you plan on having kids. Facebook Group – Dental Nachos….

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