M 66 Questions for Each Decade of Life

Minisode 66 Questions for Each Decade of Life

Introspective questions we ask ourselves during each decade of life. Evaluate yourself now so you don’t have regrets in the future.

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In a village to off shots tape a mini sold sixty six. I think you’re going to enjoy this one. That’s going to be a little more introspective based on your decade of life but really it should hit home for the twenty twenty one. We’ve had kobe for a year.

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Today is gordon macdonald. I guess he was a pastor for a long time and he’s famous for riding questions we ask at each decade and

so let’s just jump in teenagers. Most of us have kids what they’re asking. Who am i. And who am i becoming

when you’re in your twenties. What am i going to do with my life and with whom so. This is a school or not with my career going to be. Should i get married. The person who wants to the rest of my life with the thirties now that i have all these responsibilities and obligations. How do i manage all these priorities. Right probably got kids a mortgage. Maybe bought a new car and boat. Maybe not financially responsible. Maybe you are but what do you do with all these. How do you manage that. Still be like i have time for me. I still think that. I wanna do oregon shape. I want to do this. I want to do that all that together.

Not once you hit your forties. You’ve been doing things for a while. You got fifteen to twenty years experience in your career. You’re asking yourself. Am i a success or a failure. Now that’s an interesting because you can get your personal life or your business life. One of our past guests. He had a forty million dollar business but he is looking back like main. My marriage was almost on the rocks. I didn’t treat my kids like i needed to all of that. Money and twenty wasn’t instances. You was successful. But another instance. He was failing. So which priorities.

And they’re you know case when you’re in your fifties you’re moving the second half of life. Who is his younger generation. That wants me out of the way. And how do i cope with the disappointments in my life. Who as interesting. Yeah when you’re mid fifties some people look at you. The dog stuck in their ways doesn’t want to learn new things. But what are the young people bring to the table. Was this instagram and tiktok. What is all that. We don’t need that in my practice. I don’t know maybe you maybe you do. And then of course disappointed live.

Maybe you maybe have a divorce. Maybe you did a couple of bad investments and comparing yourself to your buddies and your man. Golly i really made some bad decisions. I’m not financially where anita. I’m gonna have to work longer than i expected. Maybe you never take those trips that you wanted to and now your health is getting bad. Maybe you should’ve went to the gym. The last twenty years instead of just watching. Tv and sports all the time. Some tough questions.

They’re now if you’re in your sixties you start asking how much can do what defines me or do i change right you about sixty two. You like what you’re doing but at the same time you wanna retire financially. Can you do it. But more importantly. If i’m not a dentist from not an optometrist anymore. Doing that every day. What am i am a golfer. M a world traveller and my grandpa a great grandma. What are you can you handle. Not working. they need to go down to twice a week just to kind of still have something to do and some of the no. You’re good at from for all these years. Tough questions there. Do you wanna retire.

When you’re in your seventies the question is how do. I live with loss while. I’m in my late thirties already. Finding people dying of cancer or their mom and dad are starting to die and some point in the seventies. It’s gonna stop being your parents. Of course there will be long gone. It’s your buddies guys you with a high school with your kid. Your best friends. They’re all going to start dying and unit start becoming more and more alone or having to find new people of loss. You might not be the greatest of health and so you know man. My years are numbered and you started having those reflections. So that’s that’s a. Can we think about that now. So that when we get that are seventy seventies.

We know are what he’s we have a plan on how to deal with these things eighties. Does anyone remember who i once was. Can anyone remember. Yeah i thought of that before. I see old people and you know they’re walking slow and they’re not all kinds of like they used to be and i’m like they all had a story. They were all young ones right there. In their twenties they were partying having fun trying to have a career and everything or the a great physicists. Did they invent the surgery. That is the gold standard now. Who remembers that. All their peers may have been passed away by now. The young people take it for granted. It’s always been there and it’s like no other created it so they remember.

Does anyone remember looking funeral stuff here and then the final question and this can happen at any point. Maybe some that we consider. Nobody likes to think about it. But it’s a good way to reevaluate your priorities in life sometimes in michi- on the right track with what happens when i die hard. We actually touching those next to us and some people say that your funeral attendance shows you the type of life that you lead. I don’t agree with that completely. But i would say what are the stories that they’re telling where you just this great guy.

Great girl who People just cherish and are really gonna miss that some of that had a rocky pass and so now where are we with that But that’s a nice thing is if you’re in this episode you can go with this guy of course learn more about all those questions in way more detail than i just gave but we can always adjust what we’re doing and who were approaching. Who were mentoring.

Our treating our family and friends now so that we don’t have those regrets in the past so things the pond for twenty twenty one show notes transcript can be found at a doctor’s perspective dot net slash m six six.

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