Episode 21: Why be an Author, Facebook Ads, Publicity Billy Sticker of ChiroCandy

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Billy Sticker of Chirocandy talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Billy Sticker of the super successful chiropractic marketing podcasts ChiroCandy joins us today.  We Start with his background as a rare coin seller, a mystery job you have to listen to find out, and his youth ministry passion.  Then we transition to how he developed a calling for chiropractic and why he has devoted this stage of his life to the profession.

Billy answers the question: how do you bridge being Christian and being profitable? IS money the root of all evil, is greed, is ripping people off, and can you make a buck off of Jesus?

We explore the how and why to author a book as a doctor (Instant Influencer program) as well as his Big Why he helps you do it as a ghost writer.  You have to listen to the explanation of his first book the ABC’s of a Leader. And he takes us through all 7 Principles; A-G.    There are a handful of key principles that successful people do and he was able to find these principles in scripture.

Now he and his wife are doing Facebook ads with click funnels.  Results may vary but we are both huge Russel Brunson fans and with his tutelage.  Billy is knocking it out the park for chiros and at a price point that can’t be beat.  Also he goes through the Red Flags to get you Blocked on Facebook Advertising. Plus what’s a good benchmark on cost per lead. Breakthrough treatments for headache, can’t do before and after pics, can’t do results nor on landing page.

He warns of these vultures preying on chiropractors inexperience and charging …well listen to find out how to spot these jokers.

Lastly, he goes over the ultra creative and super affordable marketing classes he will be teaching on a Carnival Cruise, bring the family. January 18, 2018  $297 for the seminar.

As special you heard it here first, he is beginning to offer a few spots to his 3 in 1 Sticker Total Domination.  I made that name up but it means he helps guide you with writing a book, Facebook advertising for your clinic and then follows up the newly published book By You with actionable ways to create Publicity in your area for being an author.  What’s the point of writing a book and not trying to get maximum exposure.  Billy will show you how.

Shield of Strength Dog Tags and now Weight Plates. Scripture on Jewelry . It’s a good story.

Be thankful and have goals together creates a great relationship with your spouse.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/21 here you can also find links to things mentioned, the Travel Tip and the interview transcription.

Nothing wrong with an even exchange, just don’t be greedy and that can honor God

Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People

Russell Brunson’s software ClickFunnels and his books are a must read if you need to market online for patients or online sales. Expert Secrets, DotCom Secrets and 108 Proven Website Split Tests

Harvey B. Mackay Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive

Cruisecritic.com The Ultimate Cruise Guide


Travel Tip
Watch out for over friendly people wanting to eat and drink with you or Practice English
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Justin Trosclair 0:04
Episode 21 Why be an author Facebook ads and publicity. I’m your host Dr. Justin trust there and today we’re Billy stickers perspective

for doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant homeless, listen as your host, Dr. Justin show square goes behind the curtain and interviews doctors and guess about real world triumph

Unknown 0:24
struggles, practical tips, and entertainment. On this episode of a doctor’s perspective.

Justin Trosclair 0:30
I’ve got something special for everybody. Well, the first on the episode 25 Episode 25 will be a solo episode, my first one kind of talking about why I’m in the chiropractic China answering questions that other people have had. So if you still have any questions, just let me know. Just another doctor’s perspective. net is the email. We’re also going to have new artwork starting Episode 25. But what’s exciting is from Episode 22, through 26, it’s a month worth of spotlight on women, we’re gonna have to psychologist PhD, we have a Doctor of Chiropractic working one of the most expensive cities in the world, the most expensive actually, and also a wonderful multiple multi author and social media expert coach from Australia. So stay tuned. Episode 22 through 26 gonna be fun woman’s month, let’s go. Today on the show we have Billy sticker of Cairo candy. I was on his podcast episode 106, although while back and I got him on mine, and we go into his deep story of like back in his ministry days to his Facebook ads to this new Carnival Cruise that he wants to do. And his wonderful new three one sticker total domination package. I made that name up. But take a listen. You’re going to get especially as a chiropractor, he’s a he’s a huge he’s not even a chiropractor himself. But he’s a huge supporter of it. When you see someone give to a profession that they’re not even technically a part of. It’s nice to know what’s the background? Why are they so into it? Is it just to make money or do they have like a real reason and he has a real reason. So definitely stay tuned for that he offers a lot of that you two are perfect fashion and a definitely think you’re going to get something out of this that you can implement. You know, next week, all the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash to one. So without further ado, let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

podcast land Welcome to the show. Billy sticker of Cairo candy. How are you doing? Sir? I’m doing fantastic. I’m going to just go ahead and give everybody your background and then you just correct me if I’m wrong. Okay, I’m a listener. Billy was in the rare coin business for many a year, then he’s got tired of it decided, you know what, I’m going to do chiropractic marketing for this big clinic. He was doing amazing at it. He got involved with like, do some of the exams and things like that. But to be honest, the income was it wasn’t quite the same. So he went back and then eventually He’s like, man, I got I gotta do my own thing. This chiropractic is my passion. Marketing is my passion. And then he started doing everything that we’re going to talk about today how to do

Unknown 2:53
that’s actually better than I normally sum it up. But yeah, that’s, that’s pretty good.

Justin Trosclair 2:58
Alright, so now we’re going to just just been, sir.

Unknown 3:02
Yeah, I was. So let me go ahead. Yeah, go for it. Oh, yeah, I was just going to, you know, expand on a couple of things there. Please add a background in ministry, my wife and I got married. Next month will be our 21st anniversary date in high school. She’s a year older than me, she went off to Bible school. So my senior year she moved off to go to Bible school. And when I graduated, I moved off and work from industry out of Tulsa for a while then I was a youth pastor in Kansas City. And then we both move back to our hometown about the same time never thought we’d get back together. Next thing you know, ran into her at the mall. We started talking in now we have three kids ones in college and you know, good Very, was 21 years. But I’ll pretty much went straight to work. She was in school whenever we get married. And she actually has her nursing degree. And we will involved in church will involved in ministry in one of the guys went to church with owned a rare Coin Company. And I thought like we Penny stuff like that. I didn’t know exactly what you know, I mean, who can you make a living selling weed pennies? You know? It’s like, No, I just knew he had a really nice truck and a Rolex, you know, so this guy’s doing well, whatever you’re doing. And actually, I don’t even think I’ve ever shared this story. At the time, I was selling mobile home, we got married, one of the guys went to church with, with someone mobile homes in our area. And he’s like, Dude, it’s like, really, really good income. He was making six figures a year selling mobile homes. And so and I wasn’t making near that. So I end up going to work someone mobile homes and did that for a couple years. And I actually did okay, I wouldn’t do it as well as him. But for a young married guy, you know, we had our youngest on the way at the time. I think, you know, I was making about 40 or 50 a year, you know, and I was 20. I guess 21? I think I just turned 21. Yes, when you get married? Yeah, when he was born? Yes, we’re on 21 that I went to work for a different dealership, in when you’re selling mobile homes. Least down here. 20 years ago, if you sold a single wide, you made about $1,000 a day double wide was roughly 2000. And I had normally averaged about for, you know, four to five a month, every once while you have a month where you did two, and then next month, you may do six, you know, so it just it just depends. And then went to work for this other dealership. And then the banking. You know, when it comes to financing mobile homes really tightened up? Well, people don’t buy mobile homes because they want to they buy mobile homes because they have to

Justin Trosclair 5:23
move into a house. They’re good. They’re building

Unknown 5:26
a house or something Six years later or something. Yeah, well, what happened is all these mobile homes started repo. And then the banks, you know, you had to have really good credit to buy, I mean, quote, unquote, trailer well, so it just really tightened up. And I remember one month our dealership sold one house, and we were selling 20 pounds a month on average. And I was the one that sold that house. Well, you can’t you can’t survive on $1,000 a month. So I actually went to work that was right. Whenever Brady was born in I went to work waiting tables in a local restaurant. So I would sit on mobile homes during the day and go in wait tables at night because we need to cash and he was actually own nutrition in bad issue. back then. I didn’t know anything about chiropractic, but he was always spitting up all his food and stuff. So like this, this formula was like $20 it can seem to last like two days. So anyway, um, you know, busting my butt, you know, working two jobs and you know, waiting tables one night and not in my section. But another section is this guy that we went to church with that did really well that it asked me seven or eight months ago, maybe a year before the end about coming to work for him. Right. And I was like, I’m not gonna sell we pennies, you know, in here I am. It was kind of embarrassing, you know, waiting tables. And he’s such a great guy he actually owns I don’t know if you’ve heard of them is called shield a strength. I want to have him on the show on my show Cairo candy. It’s kind of chasing a rabbit here. But he developed these dog tags that had scriptures on Okay, and I’m sure I don’t know if he was first one ever do it. But he kind of did it for himself. And then people like chaplains in the military found out about it, and then started ordering them and putting them in deployment packs. And then it went on from there to this whole fitness thing. And so they do these weight plates and stuff. It’s kind of like jewelry that you can do that scripture on them. Well, okay, okay. All these athletes have them. Were watching a show on CBS other night, some kind of drama. And this girl that was in the in the jury on the show was wearing one, you know, it’s like, oh, man, so but all that started here in Vermont, and this is the guy that started all great interview. Anyway, he sees me and, and you know, he ways and you know, and I’ve kind of worked my tail but way back, or when I get home the next day, there’s a message on our Angel. Remember this?

Unknown 7:42
And he’s like, Billy, look, come talk to me. It’s good pay great benefits, insurance. Just come Come on teaching. Yeah, so I went, excuse me, my allergies are kind of kicking my butt. Yeah, so I go and meet with him. And it just learned about the business, you know, learn about the industry. And that’s what got me into, you know, doing the coins. And we’re also you know, in youth ministry at the time, volunteer, well, we got a small little side, but on the side from our church, but so you know, that that was it. And I really enjoyed that industry never really wanted to do it forever. But it’s like these golden handcuffs, you know, you start making good money, it’s hard to just walk away. Work for one company for seven or eight years left went to work for another company, it was making more money, but it was a worse, it was a really bad environment. And that’s whenever I saw that a local guy, you know, local doctor had a couple of different offices and when somebody to come take over the the marketing, well, I don’t have a degree, but I knew I knew sales and marketing, I knew I can help grow his practice. So yeah, put together this marketing plan and turn that in with my resume. In that got, you know, that got me the job in that’s whenever I really was introduced to what chiropractic was the stories that we saw the miracles, I mean, it was just like, get it love it in like you know, mentioned briefly earlier I started doing he taught me how to do the exams. So I’d start doing the exams, we use the the CLA insights of like stations nation, he would do the X rays, but I would do the reports I would do the financials. And I loved it. I mean, I just love the quote unquote, sales aspect of that. But I knew that the services he was offering, we’re going to change these people’s lives around. And so it was it was just a no brainer. But for me, it wasn’t the same money. So after a couple of years of doing it, in some friends of mine, who we actually worked together at the first company going company, they had started their own company, and we got together and they brought me on and then I’ll sales manager there for a long time and really enjoyed it. But once again, you know, just wanted to do my own thing. So started Cairo candy, right at two years ago.

Justin Trosclair 9:51

Unknown 9:52
yeah, didn’t end well. It was me. We started recording at the end of March and April, I started recording some interviews to have some I’m going to shoot. It launched the first Tuesday in May of 2015. And he has

Justin Trosclair 10:03
a lot of the sales process that he’s done and a lot of marketing tips in a lot of like solo episodes throughout the Cairo candy playlist. So if you want more of that kind of stuff, he definitely goes deeper than that. So it’s really good listening.

Unknown 10:17
Thank you. Yeah, so that was that in. I had back in Oh, seven or eight whenever I was, you know, working for production parents, you know, two offices down here. That’s whenever I actually wrote an article was published in Cairo economics. And I started a podcast back to the first podcast for chiropractors, and I only did five or six episodes, and I can still kick myself in the butt for not sticking with it. It was called chiropractic marketing University. And I did a couple of interviews. Most of them were solo shows just talking about what we were doing it because we doubled both his practices, you know, in with the weekly volume, we were singing it, but I just, you know, kind of left that and started focusing once I got in, you know, back into the coin business. I put most of that on the back burner. And then one day, it’s like, what am I doing? And so now I’m back.

Unknown 11:10
I’m back. I got a question.

Justin Trosclair 11:12
Some people say Christian business owners are pushovers and they just want to give away their service or they get filtered into like, what would Jesus do? he’d given away and then there’s some that are like, the way they do businesses is very shrewd, but then there’s show up on church on Sundays. And there’s really like, kind of like a disconnect. How do you how do you bridge those two together? So that you, you know, you honor your faith? But then you’re also I know, this is business, I gotta make a profit as well.

Unknown 11:34
That’s a great question. And one of the things I learned from Kenny which is the guy who owned he owned his name’s keyboard, he owns shields a strength. Ian, he was one of the main owners of the first point company. Shields of strength. Shields of strength. Okay, Texas accent?

Unknown 11:50
Yeah, seal takes strength in he does what? You’re good. You got a Louisiana accent.

Justin Trosclair 11:56
So that’s not even close.

Unknown 12:01
But we talked about that a lot in you know, how sometimes and you know, you look well, years back, you will look in the Yellow Pages. Sometimes you would see the, you know, the fish symbol. Yeah. Somebody said, saying that there were Christian. In his point, he says, I don’t like that. He said, You know, if that gets found with it, that’s fine. I want to honor God and all that I do. But it’s business in I don’t want to try to close somebody because I’m a Christian business. And you know, one of the episodes I did on sale, we talked about how, you know, it’s the scripture says that it’s the love of money is the root of all evil, not money that God created. Everything is a sowing and reaping, you know, an exchange of value, we need oxygen, the plants give off oxygen, and then in return, they need carbon dioxide. And that’s what we give off. You know, I’m saying so there’s this exchange, and there’s nothing wrong with an even exchange, where the problem comes in is greed. Whenever you’re taking advantage of people, then you show up to church on suddenly, like, it’s not a big deal. That’s I think, to me, that’s where the issue comes in. But if you have a service that you’re providing, that is valuable to the community, you deserve to be paid for it. Yeah, they should be paid. One of my clients, you know, here locally, recently started coming to our church, and he was going to another church, and there’s a lot of people in our church that go and see him. And he said, for a while, he was nervous about trying our church, because so many of the congregation where his patient, what, a couple of reasons. He doesn’t want to be taken advantage of. And he never said that. But if if I were him, I would kind of feel that way. You know, come on, Doc, we got our church together, you can give me a discount, you know, never mentioned that in so that’s not his words. That’s just kind of my thought. I would think that, but he he said, you know, what, if I start going to the church, and it’s just really not for me, we don’t like it. And then I you know, and then people are going to quit coming to me because I don’t go to church there anymore. Whatever

Justin Trosclair 13:57
thought aside there What happened?

Unknown 13:58
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, you know,

Justin Trosclair 14:00
so I went to church.

Unknown 14:02
Right? I did, like the color of the carpet, you know, just get past it.

Justin Trosclair 14:07
Yeah, it’s hard. But it’s awkward conversation, though. I mean, I’ve had in myself,

Unknown 14:11
yeah. But he, for him that he and his family, they love our church, and they’re plugged in and super involved now. But I think it it really comes back to greet you know, it’s the people who if you’re taking advantage of somebody then showing up to church, and that’s where I guess it was Zig Zig, or that said, uh, you know, the people say that I’m going to church because it’s full of hypocrites. And he always says, we got room for one more. Come on, come on. I mean, all of us are hypocrites. To some degree, we don’t all have to do the same things we say we believe but I don’t know if that answered your question, or

Justin Trosclair 14:43
I think so. I’ve always kind of was curious. And you don’t hear about a lot of people talking about their faith very often. But you haven’t sounds like that’s probably a good question to ask somebody who’s sure you’re not hiding it. I’d like to transition. So so people know what’s going to happen. We’re going to chat about Facebook, we’re talking about Click Funnels, we’re going to talk about his marketing of Facebook, and he doesn’t book services. So we’re going to worry about the bridge into that real quick. He also has a fancy cruise that he’s put together. So we got these are the topics that we’re going to have in the next, you know, 30 minutes to an hour or whatever, just so people know, but you wrote a book. And it was he said, it’s kind of like, I guess for like your legacy for your children, your children’s children, the A through Z. I think it really ties in right now because you’re about your faith. And now what I think that was the catalyst for, for this book. So give us a give us a little bit about that.

Unknown 15:31
Whenever I first got into sales, this youth pastor friend of mine, he’s actually pastors and church in St. Louis now, he said, hey, you’ve got to read this book. And it has two books you have to read. And it was more from a ministry standpoints. And you need to read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, and then how to swim with the sharks without being eaten alive. Harvey Mackay. And so I go and get those books in, I just got into sales. But I’m reading these books, kind of from a ministry standpoint, because I really looked up to this guy. And they were we’re just good books, you know, self help type books. And you know, then in the books, they recommended another book, and then another book and another book. And then I got into some sales, training stuff. And in and that’s when I realized anything you want to learn somebody’s written about, because for a long time, I feel bad because I didn’t go to college. And I did great in school, graduated with honors, had a super had lost a super high GPA had a high GPA. But just the way it worked out, went into ministry got married, I was working, so she could go to school, I just never did. But I studied my can off to learn everything I needed to do to be able to succeed. And whenever I was doing well, so we start having kids. And I realized that there’s only a handful of key principles that successful people do. And because what I was doing is I was reading all these different sales, motivational self help type books, it I knew that there were scripture that backed it up. So I would do you know, I would take notes that I would go back and find scriptures that back this stuff up. And that’s what we would teach to the teenagers on Wednesday night. That was my, my youth sermons were all this stuff from self help type thing, you know, this is what you need to do to really go out because especially at that age, they need direction, in a lot of it’s the same things their parents are teaching them, but they’re not listening to their parents, ya know. So anyway, I was doing all this. And I thought, you know what, I need a way to package these for my kids. And at the time, we just had Brady. And so I wrote down and actually it first came up with six principles. And my wife’s like, you can’t have six, there’s got to be at least there’s going to be seven, you know, you can’t just the six and who does six principles. So we did seven. And we set them through it’s not A through Z, it’s A through G energy. And I’ve had people say you should go your way through Z. But that kind of defeats the purpose because it’s not all these things you have to do is just these key fundamental and we came up with these seven principles we call them and it was the ABC of a leader in a was always honor God no matter what you do, does this bring honor to God? Now I’m going to preface all this by saying I don’t always live up to that I don’t think any of us do but that should be our goal you know is what we’re doing bringing honor to God and then be was be a friend Brady at the time was or you know, four years old, he was going to a pre k there was a Christian pre K and he had was getting ready to start kindergarten and one day he said Dad, I’m so excited to go to kindergarten you know why I said was that he said because I want to learn about God. Well, he was going to a public he was going to be going to a public school but he’s going from this Christian you know, pre K and so I was like, I had to tell him so well buddy my shoulders now Yeah, so well, buddy look, you know, they’re not gonna you know, the schools aren’t good talk a whole lot about God and this, that and the other. But it was neat. I remember him coming home one day, and he said, Hey, I got to pray for Zach today. In still he’s in kindergarten. And I said you did? He goes yeah, he fell off the monkey bars or something. He got hurt really bad. And I went over there he was nobody else knew I was pretty and but I was praying and boring. Which is just super cool. Because now he’s actually in Bible college. And he’s pursuing a career in full time ministry. I say full time ministry. He also started a marketing company and he works with me too. So going to be doing a bit of both but it

Justin Trosclair 19:15
kind of has to do with a preacher salary.

Unknown 19:18
Yeah. So

Unknown 19:20
tell that story in because be was be a friend, you know this. So we had a is always under God be as be a friend. And I told Brady, whenever he started schools, like, Look, kids are mean kids are going to pick on each other. But that is not who you are. You’re the one that stands up for that person. When you see somebody down, you’re the one that goes up, put your arms, put your arm around them, and let them know it’s going to be okay. You know, that’s who God’s called you to be. You’re supposed to be a friend. And we have scriptures to back all these up. And I’m not going to get into all that. But see was commit to hard work is still you know, going off a Brady story here. He was four hours before we started kindergarten in he covered this thing, the sheet we printed from disney.com. And it had it was this castle and had a mountain in the back. Well, he covers this thing. Perfect. I mean, he even had the mountains just right where it kind of you know, broke through different parts, you know, behind the castle, and it was just great. Well, then he starts bringing this these papers home from kindergarten is chicken scratch. I was like, Whoa, what’s what’s up with this? And he’s like, Oh, we’ve got to reset. So I was trying to hurry. I was like, No, no, if you’re going to do it, right, MIT too hard work. That’s what see is, and then D is do what’s right, we’re always faced with with decision and we do have free will we really get to do what we wanted. And so ask yourself out of my Ops, what’s the right thing to do and do what’s right, you know, just do what’s right. So that was the thing. And then he is expect good things. If you expect a meeting or a report to go bad, or a phone call to go bad, it typically goes bad. But when you expect good things, when you go in with a good attitude, a lot of times things are just a workout better. And it’s just our attitude. And you know not to get to whoo, whoo, some of that stuff. But just your mindset on how you approach life. You know, nobody likes to be around somebody that’s negative all the time. So you should be one of those guys that you’re just a positive guy you expect good thing you expect good things to happen, or bad things going to happen? Absolutely. But you don’t expect them to happen. You expect good things that an F was further yourself daily, every day, get better at something, whether it’s in your diet, exercise, reading, spiritually, do something today, that’s going to make you bigger, and I was bringing Brady to school one day, and I was listening to a john Maxwell CD and he said something along those same lines, you know, whatever you do today, you do it better than you did yesterday, and Bradys like dad, that’s f that’s further yourself daily. Absolutely, that’s good. And then Gee, this is the one that my wife said, You can’t just have six, you’ve got to have seven in Jesus, guard your thoughts and in life, you know, our mind is the struggle of our life, you know, out of the abundance of the heart The man thinks in, you know, however you you think is how you act in from a Christian point of view, the only way we’re ever tempted is by our thoughts. It’s not like the enemy comes and make sure do anything, he puts thoughts in your mind. And whenever we have these negative thoughts and these bad thoughts, and you start to meditate on them, and you keep those in there and you start you know, working on them, whether that’s that’s what you start doing, it leads you down that road. And so if you learn to guard your thoughts, and you know flippin spore eight says whatever things are good, pure, noble, praiseworthy think on these things, you know, we should be putting a good stuffing in in, you know, trying to keep as much of the bad stuff out as we can. So that was it. And we just wrote those down. And you know, Brady started learning them really quick. And I thought, you know what, we should turn this into a book and, and so I just started writing and started writing it started writing it in literally, I would have worked on it for a couple of months. And then I’d put it on the shelf for a few months. And I get it back out and work on it. It took me seven years to finish that book. But when I was was doing stuff with working in the chiropractic offices, I took that original 11 pages marketing plan, it ended up turning that into a book in three weeks. And I was like, Oh my goodness, I finally kind of crack the code on what it took to write a book. And as soon as that one was done, I went back and finished ABC so a leader in since then I’ve written two other ones. And my fifth book, I’ve been saying it for a long time, now that it really is about 95% done, I need a little bit of editing on it. And then I need to design the book cover pretty much already have the title, I’m not in a huge hurry to finish it only because I’m gonna, from a marketing standpoint, I want to have some type of backend in place, you know, because we’re gonna actually going to take the book, give it away for free and then there’s going to be up sales on different membership courses and other programs and products that I have to offer. It’s kind of the idea behind you know how we’re going to get that with but that book is all about and just growing your practice increasing your impact, and you’re

Justin Trosclair 23:49
not gonna it’s gonna be a I guess a two for one question here you have you offer a service and I want you to kind of talk about that the you kind of ghost write a book, you’ve got these lots of chapters, I guess already kind of put together. The doctor can come in and kind of say, Okay, this is the kind of book that I’m looking for. But then tie that into you actually turn me on to Russell Brunson with Click Funnels and all that. God has books. I mean, I’m creating my own little sales pitch like you’re talking about a sales video. Because he did. Tony Robbins has like, some was like Okay, let me go online and see what you know, the professional will do for Tony Robbins like the man no most Can you could put his name on any book and sell a million copies probably. As I slowly then I was like, wow, this is really good. Like for himself was always about going in the back end and eventually buying the $20,000 coaching call, you know, coaching session for the year or whatever, but kind of tie those together, I guess what you offer and then how tie into like your Facebook stuff, your your marketing with the doctors that you do for that? Does that make sense?

Unknown 24:46
Well, I think so. Okay, I’m sorry. No, no, no, I think I understand what you’re getting at. When I started Carol candy, I had no idea how I was going to monetize other than create an audience give a lot of value. You know, ideally, already had a list of around 1000 chiropractors back then just from back in Oh, seven and eight whenever I was doing a lot of stuff in the in the market. And there’s a lot of great programs out there that you know, in the chiropractic profession that do affiliate type stuff. So I knew if it was something that I believed in, you know, Matt loops program, Taber Smith has a couple of really good programs, Dr. Zeno’s dinner talk stuff like this. If my audience if I refer them, you know, Hey, guys, you really need to check out Dr. Zeno’s dinner talks in and they purchase from a link, I think most docs probably understand that’s how it works, I actually get a commission on it. So ideally, that’s kind of what I was thinking this, how this is going to monetize, you know, I’ll just do that build my list. And then you know, that’s how it’s going to be. And I was doing Facebook marketing, for me promoting Cairo candy, other stuff, I actually had had this program called Instant influencer, that I used to do and it was, basically she walked a doctor through the process of having an idea in your head for a book, everything you needed to do to have your book printed in your hand. Yeah, that you can start using for publicity and stuff in your market. Well, I was doing some Facebook marketing to promote that stuff like that. Well, I went back and realized that a lot of these docs, that I mean, I I sold hundreds of these courses on you know how to write a book, and I went back in a lot of doctors had written books in some, you know, a lot of them didn’t, I’d say the majority of them didn’t. Well, I wanted to find out, is there anything in the program those missing? So I started calling and reaching out to these doctors, you know, Hey, did you ever get a book done? How’s that kind of thing? It’s a great program, I just don’t have the time. We’re busy. We’re doing this, you know, our numbers are growing, I just don’t have the time to sit down and do it, even though you show us how to do it in three weeks. I were just busy. So I saw an opportunity as well, what if you know, at first, I was just throwing this out there. It’s like, well, what if we did it for you? What would that look like? So you know what, let me put some thoughts together. And I’ll get back with you came up with, I kind of came up with a plan? Well, let me tell you, any of the big authors date, you know, like Tom, Tony Robbins did not sit down and write his book, he just doesn’t, you know, Donald Trump didn’t write his book, it’s all his content, he’ll go and he’ll sit down with a writer, this is what I want in the book. And he’ll go through and he’ll talk it out. And he’ll, you know, they’ll come up with a really tight outline with the content wants to be you know, George W. Bush, Obama, at least they don’t write their own book. So

Justin Trosclair 27:20
how are you being a president and writing books, that’s what I was kind of curious about, like how that happened.

Unknown 27:26
Somebody does all the heavy lifting for them. So that’s kind of what we did. And there’s, there’s a few other companies in the chiropractic profession that offer book services, you know, one of them, they have about 30 chapters, and you pick out you know, I think it’s, you know, eight chapters are, so that kind of resonates with your office, and then you write a chapter about yourself, they put a cover on it, and then you have to buy your books through them and stuff. And they’ve been around a while. And they, they do really well, they’re very, very expensive, about twice what typically charge and then with my co service, instead of doing it like that, we do have some chapters that a lot of the docs, like you know, it just really makes sense stuff. Just talking about kind of what’s going on in the healthcare industry today in America.

Justin Trosclair 28:11
It’s an evergreen material.

Unknown 28:13
So yeah, and we can still go through and we’ll edit that for this specific doctor and stuff. But really, we sit down with a doc and we come up with a really tight out. And then once we have that outline, and you know, all the different chapter ideas, and then at each chapter, what are some of the key points we won’t covered? It’s really the doctors material. We go to work. We do all the writing, you know, I’m remember we just finished a book for one of the docs in Chicago, and he’s reading it he goes, Billy, this sounds exactly like I wrote it. It’s like perfect, because it is it’s it was all his content. You know, it doesn’t have to be just about health care. This is dr. john in Chicago, he had a chapter on faith, a chapter on family. And he had a chapter on chiropractic, you know, all kinds of other stuff also, so it can really, really cool. Yeah, about whatever. But one of my clients, we did a book on neuropathy for and so we do this book on neuropathy. And then he, he’s using it gets on TV in the Dallas market. And he’s he calls me He’s like, dude, I was just on TV. we’re promoting the book, promote a talk I have coming up, we had 60 people come on 60 people in, you know, for his neuropathy stuff, I think, you know, the average case fee was around 2500 to $3,000, I think was like $3,000 and 20 $500 profit or something. He’s like, this is just crazy. But the book is what was able to help get him on on TV? Well, then he wants he reaches out to me says, look, will you help me market my protocols to other doctors. So we start doing some Facebook marketing to reach out to other docs. And as I’m going through all this, you know, I said, Well, what are you doing to get patients in our office? And he said, Well, we do TV, radio, and newspaper. Okay, well, why aren’t you doing Facebook? I mean, that’s really expensive marketing. Yeah, you know, an average, you know, case fee on, you know, his patients is really hot. He goes, I tried Facebook, I never could get ads approved. And then they actually shut down my ads account, I can’t even run a business, which is pretty common. If you don’t know what you’re doing. And you keep trying to submit ads and you’re not meeting Facebook’s guidelines. If they they think you’re trying to work the system, they actually will just shut down her account. And I’ve had several doctors, you know, over the past year and a half come to me in that’s the situation they were Yeah, it’s it’s pretty common.

Justin Trosclair 30:32
Let’s stop there for like, I’m curious, because you know, I am advertising some stuff. I haven’t had any issues yet. So what’s something that can blacklist you like that? I’m just trying to like, is it crazy marketing, like will cure cancer with chiropractic or something?

Unknown 30:44
Are you suffering from low back? Boom, they are not going to approve it? Really? Yeah, are you having headaches, they’re not going to approve it, here’s their Facebook’s general guidelines is you cannot address the user is they have any kind of problem at all. That’s one of the reasons weight loss is so difficult to do on Facebook. Now we have some weight loss campaigns that we do in are actually pretty successful with on Facebook, but Facebook, they don’t they don’t like their main things. They don’t like weight loss, and they don’t like business opportunities. You know, if you were, you know, selling some kind of MLM or network marketing thing, they don’t like any kind of advertising for that they’re trying to protect the user experience. Well, traditional marketing is, you know, people don’t buy drill, because they want to drill, they buy drill because they want to hold. So you need to sell the results they’re going to get with your product. That’s what you need to market the results yet

Justin Trosclair 31:35
to really think about, like what’s the positive spin on the headaches? How do you turn it into a

Unknown 31:39
positive, what happens is Facebook, they do can’t You can’t advertise results, you can advertise results either. Yeah, advertised results know. So it’s in that’s the thing, it’s some of these things that you would typically be able to do in the newspaper, on the radio, on TV, in magazines, all the stuff that you would normally do. Facebook doesn’t allow. So it’s their thing is talking about your friends. And so we’ll do something like with headaches will do something in a breakthrough treatment for headaches, click here to find out more information. But here’s another thing, even if you send them to a landing page, that landing page has to meet your their terms of service also. So like let’s say it’s a weight loss thing, because it’s just a good example, they won’t let you do before and after pictures, you know, or somebody with a pair, you know, genes that are four sizes too big holding them out?

Justin Trosclair 32:23
They don’t allow that because it can be fake?

Unknown 32:25
Well, yeah, they just think it’s it’s results, you’re showing results. So whenever they go to the landing page, if you have that on the landing page, they’re not going to prove it either. So it’s knowing all the stuff like that. But a lot of times doctors don’t go back to figure out what is their terms of service? What are the guidelines? So back to do what I was saying with with this doctor, you know, I said, Look, let’s do this. Let me try it from let’s just see what kind of results we get for you. And he had 50 leads the very first month and vice pres interrupt the protocol was like, Dude, this is incredible, I want you to start working with some docs. And so he’s started referring to a bunch of people. And that’s like, all of a sudden, where I thought, you know, I was going to be making an income from you know, affiliate commission from stuff and they may be some, you know, Ghost writing stuff it turned out to be I can also do make money from handling doctors Facebook account. And so it started growing and growing. I mean, I was making, you know, a six figure income and the coin business. So to walk away from that. I didn’t know what it was, you know how that was going to look what that was going to look like. But

Justin Trosclair 33:26
a lot of affiliate clicks that’s

Unknown 33:27
a lot of affiliate commission. Yeah. Well, I’m just a very blessed I love what I do in we’re in a position now I’m making more money than I ever have. My wife stays home with me were able to travel and you know, we were in which not that this is very fancy, but we were we went to the woodlands area, you know, for the past three or four days, just getting away for a few days for spring break. We’re going back this weekend for my daughter’s volleyball tournament, but I can work from there. You know, I can just unbelievably blessed you know, I love what I do. So yeah, anyway, that that kinda that’s the long story of how I went from the book writing how that led to Facebook marketing kind of where all that ties it right.

Justin Trosclair 34:06
As far as the book writing in the Facebook marketing. Do you do any other professions? Are you strictly for chiropractic right now?

Unknown 34:11
I don’t have anything against other professions. But it’s pretty much mostly chiropractic. I have a couple of medical doctors that I do their Facebook stuff for. And I have been approached to you know, possibly do some books for some other niches. And I don’t have an issue with that.

Justin Trosclair 34:27
The guy doctors are some,

Unknown 34:28
right, yeah, it was a matter of fact, my doctor, he’s talking to me, he might be he’s kind of an associate for clinic down here. But he’s looking to open up something in Houston in and I’ll be doing some marketing and stuff for him. So my brothers in the real estate profession. So you know, I have some real estate campaigns that I do for him. But for the most part, I just I love the chiropractic profession. I really do and I want to be true to that there is there’s a guy by the name of Dan Henry in he’s he has a program now and this is nothing I’m not at all kind of bash. Dan Henry brilliant guy got, you know, some great stuff he teaches but he teaches people how to start a Facebook ads agency and in his training videos, he’s like chiropractors, you need to go after chiropractors, it, here’s what you do. And this is the pitch actually talked about this on a couple episodes ago, on one of my one of the Cairo candy shows, you go in and you offer to do Facebook marketing forum for free for a week, a week to two weeks, you show that you can get them leads, and then charge them 1500 dollars a month. It’s just like that. And I was like, I mean, I’m in the business. I’m in the work with chiropractors all the time. And I’m like, that’s pretty steep. Most dogs unless they’re already seeing, you know, three to 500 a week, they’re just not going to fork out 1500 dollars a month, you know,

Justin Trosclair 35:42
you still got to pay for the ads.

Unknown 35:44
Yeah, it’s like that’s just that’s a big nut carry, you know, for you know, for most doctors. Yeah. And well, this guy, Dan Henry, I mean, the last quarter of last year, he made over a million dollars selling it his courses like 997. Also, now there’s all these people out there, approaching chiropractors, you know, hey, let me do your stuff for free for a week or so. And I actually got a new client last, I guess there’s two weeks ago, he calls me because this is what happened. Somebody approached him and set stuff up for a week had several leads coming in, and it said, Hey, you know, it’s 1500 dollars a month. And in this guy’s he said, You know what, let me think about it. And then he calls me, he said, Look, I know you do Facebook marketing, you’re in the profession, you’ve been given to the profession for a couple of years. Now, I would much rather work with somebody who is committed to this profession than somebody who’s just trying to make $1. And I appreciate that. I really do. There’s another guy who he’s actually he’s on my list. He’s done some of my training and stuff. But he went through this other guys program also. And he messaged me a few times, you know, hey, how can you know can you help me? How can I get some of these chiropractors to close more happen? I you know, they’re having an issue converting and stuff like that. It’s Austin, Emily, a couple of shows and stuff that I had. And I ran into him at, at the Click Funnels event, the funnel hacking in Dallas a couple of weeks ago, and he actually came up to me, it’s like Billy sticker Cairo candy. Say, Hey, man, he goes, let me ask you something. Do you like working with chiropractors as a dude, I love it. He goes, there are a bunch of a whole That’s what he said. Well, because you know, he’s trying to charge them 1500 dollars a month quality leads they were getting weren’t very good. And yeah, so right. He just nobody was staying with him very long. And so now this guy, all he he got away from chiropractic. He’s just focusing on what so I guess to answer your question. So do I do other niches, or other professions? I don’t have an issue with it necessarily. But right now we’re focused on we really are focused on the chiropractor. I feel like I have a lot to offer. And I want to see more people experience chiropractic, you know, this isn’t about me making money. This is what that’s part of it. We let’s face it. I mean, that’s part of it, you know, gotta feel Yeah, yeah. But really awesome. I believe everybody should be seeing a chiropractor. I really do. And so if I can help a local doc get his message out to make a bigger impact in his area. That’s really what what I want to focus on.

Justin Trosclair 38:12
Yeah, and the reason why I asked was when I was in clinic in Denver, you know, they all these print ads, and they’re like, what do you want to have on there would have been one that I was like, I want you to cut Canvas, the last two years in other regions that you guys have, and whatever worked for the eye doctor, for the chiropractor, for the dentist, whatever work just photocopy it, throw my logo on there, and my phone number and address, I just wanted to work, like you have a system and it works. That’s what I need, right? I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. And it was so hard to find someone who like knew what they were doing and could do that. So that’s why I was I was kind of curious, you know, if I’m an eye doctor, and you’ve got this, click here, and I Click Funnels account on the other side of it, and it works, you can just tweak a few things, you know, or have or teach them you know, they can pay you to learn how to do it and then they just tweak it on their own with their own pictures. And I don’t know glaucoma or something.

Unknown 39:01
Right? Well, in really well you’re right. There’s a lot of stuff for you know, one of the campaign’s I do for contractors. Now, I watched some of Dan Henry’s training, just his free training. And he showed one of the campaign’s I did for dentist, and when I’m watching, and I’m thinking this is perfect for chiropractor, it’s one of the campaign, you know that we use them, and we’ve tweaked it a lot. But you know, if it works great. One of the things I like about working with chiropractors in and I’ve changed this, you know, over the past several months, we have certain campaigns that we know work. And so really, we want to stick with that. Sometimes I’ll have dogs that are like, you know what, let’s not do it like that. I want to do it like this, got a guy in California, and he was doing a is an older dog, and he was doing these seminars in his office, but he wanted people to pay online $47 to hold their spot. When they got to the seminar, they get their money back. So look, I totally understand if this was a newspaper or radio, it may work better. I know that’s not going to get a good response on Facebook, though. That’s what I want to do. And they didn’t I mean, I think well, he ended up getting one guy who ended up getting an unconverted You know, my 2800 on it, but I told him was like, Look, if we can do it like this, you’re going to get a bigger result, you know, in Okay, so what let’s say, you know, one of my clients here today, they were going back over some numbers, they said, Well, we had 60 leads 19 of them actually showed up for appointment Kate. So a third, right? It’s pretty good. It’s not bad when you consider it you know, in the lead is somebody who put in their name, email and phone number said, Hey, contact me, I want to come in for an appointment, night. 19 showed up 13 converted to care. And so many docs are like, Yeah, but 40 Docs or 40. Those, you know, people never even came in, it’s part of it, you know, you’re never going to get a new patient that’s as good as a referral, that’s always going to be your ideal new patient. Now, there are some things that we can do on Facebook to help build your branding and your personality and build the whole know like and trust with factor. That’s one of the things that we teach dogs how to do and what to do, and we do those things for them. But whenever we’re doing a lead generation campaign, it’s is it’s a lot like you going out and doing a screen, you’re going out and doing a health talk. You got it’s a numbers game, you just got to work the numbers. And you have to know that going in, in Okay, let’s say on average, I know we didn’t I started playing into this. But

Justin Trosclair 41:23
I’m actually curious, though, because if you don’t know, you know, I’ve looked at stuff and try to figure out well, what is a good, you know, like, when you do a webinar, like oh, you know, maybe 20% will show up of that 20% you might close 15% and have that 15%, maybe 2% you can upsell on a higher package. I don’t know, I’m just throwing that out there. I think I heard something similar to that. But if you don’t know what this benchmarks are, you don’t even know if you’re doing Why not?

Unknown 41:45
Right. And so that’s one of the things I liked about having the same type campaign setup. At one it’s very easy for us to duplicate and we can get people stuff going and we know what works. And we are always I’m always doing different courses and investing in things to learn what’s going on. What can we do different? What can we tweak? What can we change? How can we get better results for Nia neuropathy, for example, for the longest time, like we got those 50 leads in for that one doctor for neuropathy, we averaged $40 per lead in our granted, it was probably close to the same numbers, not all 50 came in. But a good you know, percentage of them did several of them close and it was still extremely, extremely profitable for them when now we figured out a way to get the same quality a lead for about $15 Elite instead of 40. But it’s because we’re always trying to see what can we do to improve what we do to make it better. And I’ve got some docs that are getting leads new patient leads, whether it’s me or even straight chiropractic. This is almost unheard of one of my dogs in he’s actually in Corpus Christi started the campaign last week for him. And over the weekend they had I forget the exact numbers. There’s like 14 people came in or a new lead signed up but he was at but of these 14 people. I think you go back to look in these leads are coming in it less than $3 a lead, which I’ve never seen straight chiropractic leads come in at that level moans like this is fantastic. Was it because of

Justin Trosclair 43:11
the keywords that you use? Or like you just were able to narrow it? I have,

Unknown 43:16
I have no idea. It just sometimes different markets are different. And he sent me an email actually posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago. He’s like, dude, we’re a bit overwhelmed here. Because it first he calls He’s like, Hey, I’m not getting any phone calls. I was like, Look, they’re not all going to call but they all gave you their information, follow up with them. And that’s when he sends me an email. He’s like, dude, we’re a little bit overwhelmed. We started calling all these people back in, we’re like new patients like crazy. He goes, I just let you know, I went in and I turned off the ad, we have to get caught up. Thank you. So he said, Thank you so much. This is working better than I ever thought it would. Which is it’s, that’s I love that.

Justin Trosclair 43:55
But yeah, is there now is that true? You pay kind of based on what you you, you know, when you narrowing people down the parent, how do you narrow it down? You’re gonna have to pay more to get targeting to those types of people? Well,

Unknown 44:06
it’s Facebook does allow you to do all kinds of targeting for the most part for most doctors, and I have clients in Australia, Canada, here in the US, I think really, those are my only two foreign countries right now. Talk somebody from Ireland a couple of days ago, and he’s on the fence. I’m hoping he’s going to go ahead and sign up. I think we’re going to a book for him. And I’m trying to get him to do some Facebook stuff also. But like Canada, it’s working great. Australia is working great. And Australia is funny, they got some weird rules, you cannot have reviews and Australia you knew that you what you can’t have any pages you can have Google reviews, if you have Reviews on Google, you’re supposed to call Google and have them removed. What? It’s crazy anyway. But so we have campaigns that are really tend to work and a lot of different places. But the numbers are going to be a little bit different. You know, on average, a new patient lead, it seems to be 15 to $20, about average, sometimes it’s crazy low, like with this one Doc, they were you know, $2 a lead that’s nuts. But I’m actually going to be doing a video here pretty soon. I picked Tim class the other day and just looked at their numbers. And it was I have it written down here. It was 600. Here it is 651 leads in total spent that and these were for 10 offices, 600 651,

Unknown 45:24
the total spit it adds was 4489. So $4,049 divided by 651. So that’s an average lead cost of $6 and 90 cents. So that’s pretty good. So even if only you know, a third of them were coming in still great. You know, like that clinic that said, Hey, we had 60 leads 19 showed up 13 converted to care, you do the math on that. And if they average $15 a lead every new patient was still like they paid is like $55 per patient. Hello, right? Yeah, that’s still fantastic. Because

Justin Trosclair 45:55
that’s 13 patients on top of whatever else you were getting everywhere results

Unknown 45:59
Exactly. From the marketing they were you know, and then you never know in sometimes like I had a guy the other day. He’s like, dude, the last four, nothing, nothing happened. You know what, that’s part of it. Because one of my docs in New Jersey, he’s like, dude, whatever you’re doing right now he goes my last group of leads. He said that a four of them are the last for everyone accepted care, three of them prepaid. But it’s not like that. I mean, you may call the first seven and they don’t even show Wow. Oh, yes.

Justin Trosclair 46:24
And like you said, you can target know, if you if you’re a cross fitter, you could probably target CrossFit people. If you’re a hiker and love marathons, you could technically if you wanted to tackle those type of people and really just narrow it down. So you’re not market into the entire, you know, city.

Unknown 46:39
Right? Well, and we did find that works better in a larger city. Great. Let’s say that you’re in San Diego or Los things, believe it or not, some of those bigger cities, it’s more difficult to do Facebook, I think there’s a couple reasons. One, I think Facebook doesn’t have as much inventory there simply meaning there’s a lot of other businesses doing Facebook. So not only it’s not that you’re competing with chiropractors, you’re competing with landscape services with dentist with everybody else trying to get in that new

Justin Trosclair 47:08
profession that has a back pain as a client or all after those same back pain patients

Unknown 47:13
are not even that it just everybody’s after people on Facebook. So if you’re going after women 35 to 55 which tends to be kind of the sweet spot for most chiropractors is you know, right 70% of their patient base is that demographic well they’re also being targeted by area gyms and all this other stuff and they’re only going to show so many ads in a news feed. So you know, it’s not just you know, not just because you’re a contractor it’s just the inventory Facebook has so that is part of it. But for the most part what we found that works the best is simply picking it an area radius of your office you know depending on where you’re at doing a five to 10 mile radius your office in setting you know 35 and older you know, some docs just women someone who both we still It tends that 60% of the leads that can be in tend to be women Yeah, so those end up being cheaper leads you know, you may pay $7 a lead for a woman and then you’re paying $18 a lead for a man so because of that some boxing that’s fine let’s keep it like that. Still good with those numbers somewhere like if I can get to women for every one man. Let’s just spend all the money just focused on just educate the wife and get the man and later. Exactly, yeah, yeah. So so that’s you know, kind of have that I want

Unknown 48:31
to respect your

Justin Trosclair 48:32
time but I am really curious I don’t want to be like a whole plug ability sticker the whole the whole show, but I met you got a cruise and I’m just curious how how did you think of that? And I don’t want a lot a lot of the details behind the scene but what how much work that it get to set that up to where you even could have a room for a couple of days or a couple of hours on a cruise ship? I never would have thought of that. I guess I mean to me,

Unknown 48:58
we do a lot of cruises. My wife and I we’ve done we’ve been on eight our kids had been on six seven with a smiley several things we love about cruises one You do not have to have a passport that kids can come it’s all inclusive all your food we don’t I don’t want to say we don’t drink it all. We may have one or two alcoholic beverages on the whole cruise. You know, we just because you

Justin Trosclair 49:19
save yourself a lot of money on a cruise if you don’t drink.

Unknown 49:22
Yeah, exactly. But it’s just everything’s included. In the first time we took the kids on a cruise long story. I’ll make it short. We had already spent 1200 bucks we were going to go on one with three other couples, some friends of ours. And then some stuff happened Carnival kind of rearrange the cruise and I was going to take a week off work instead of just a few days. I said you know what know just keep our money and then we’ll reschedule something. And one of the ladies from Carnival that we deal with we deal with her for years now. said if you can find something the kids can go on, let us know she calls me back and long story short for $145 more all three kids got to go on a cruise with us. So for like 1300 hundred 50 bucks, we did a family vacation of five, if you want to close them out. It’s like are you kidding me? You know and then you get to pay it out. A lot of times they’ll do 100 bucks per person or $50 per person deposit you just you know make payments and pay it out whenever you go. Right so it’s just it’s a great a great program. But we’re also pretty fortunate we’re an hour and a half from Galveston and four and a half hours from New Orleans closer we can sell out of either one of those we even considered selling on a Mobile Alabama before because sometimes they’ll do some offers there that are pretty inexpensive. Yeah, you don’t have to have passports, the kids they have great programs on the ships for the kids. Now you do spend money when you get off the boat, whatever report you’re going to but we just

Justin Trosclair 50:42
did the kids have to do a lot of those excursions or do you just sort of make let him play on the beach or something?

Unknown 50:47
Whatever you want to do you can actually depending on their age you can even leave them on the boat why you go do an excursion whenever your report

Justin Trosclair 50:54
so those discussions that up

Unknown 50:56
Yeah, and we never booked the carnival excursions we always booked in gonna you know cruise critic curry the different websites and when you put it on port you’re going to you know, Cosmo for example. That’s where our crews are going to be going. The Cairo candy cruise. Yeah, use look, see what you want to do. And when you get to port, you know, you just take a taxi over there and pay a lot less than what you do you know, booking it through Carnival, but I’ve known for the longest I wanted to do a Cairo candy cruise because you’re see days in what this was going to do is it’s going to sell out of Galveston on G i think it’s January the 18th. Give or take next year next year. Yeah, which is 2018. Okay, it’s on a Thursday, it’s going to sell out Thursday, Friday will be a CD will just be going across the golf all day on that Friday. And we will have seminar that day from probably going to be 10 to three or tend to for some around through there. We’ll break for lunch and you know, are your lunch, all that stuff’s included

Justin Trosclair 51:50
on this market? And it’s not like continuing it?

Unknown 51:52
Yeah, no see stuff, it’s all going to be marketing. I’ve already got a lot of great speakers lined up it then on Saturday, it’s going to be whatever you want to, you know, we’ll announce where we’re going to go as far as what excursion we’re going to do if people want to come with us great if you bring your family which Hey, bring your kids, we’re taking our kids out of school for a couple of days to go. So you know, hey, you know, bring your kids but you can do whatever you want to do that Saturday and cozy mill and then Sunday will be another see day, we’ll do an optional devotion type thing that morning. And then we’ll have pretty much the same schedule, attend to three will do more training and stuff. And then Monday morning, we get back to Galveston and will head out, you know, normally the ship’s back at Port, you know, at five, I mean, not five, eight in the morning. So, you know, it’s it’s another travel day for you. So for a lot of docs, you’re just missing a couple of days in office. It’s not like you have to miss a week or anything. So it’s going to be a great time. The days on the water. Good morning. I mean, I try.

Justin Trosclair 52:47
I’ve been on a couple cruises and I’m like, Okay, I’m gonna learn how to make the animals with the towels. Right? What else? Yeah, I have to go dance the that whatever, because there’s just nothing else to do. And I can only eat so many.

Unknown 53:02
Right? Yeah, well, we just really, we really enjoy it. And you know, I hope it works out. Well, I’m expecting good things from it. And then from there, we’ll see about doing one possibly in we’ll see how it goes. But right now actually, for another few weeks. You can the way it works. Right now we’re doing a ticket to 97. For you. That’s that includes your, your cruise, that’s just to be a part of our group for the training through carnival. They have rooms on the boat that sleep up to five, you know, spend that much time i know i priced it out for a family of four the other day, you can do that for like 1100 bucks paid out. So I mean, that’s a great vacation. It’s very few places you can get me you’re going to spend 1100 bucks going out of town, you know, for the wiki somewhere? Yeah, yes. But yeah, if I gotta fly

Justin Trosclair 53:45
to a seminars, $300 per ticket, a hotel,

Unknown 53:49
or even just taking your kids you know, out of town for the weekend, you know, you spend two or 309 for the hotel, then you got you know, at least 30 to $50 every time you sit down to eat with them, you know, all that stuff adds up. So on a cruise, it’s it’s pretty much all, you know, all covered, except whatever you do whenever you get to port. So absolutely.

Justin Trosclair 54:08
Hey, I got it. I have to ask this. Because if I don’t I don’t ask this. I’ll be ashamed of my own template that I have. What do you do as far as for your personal life real quick, that sets you up for the rest of the day, whether it’s a morning routine, or a lunch routine? What do you do that gets you get you focused? That’s a great question. Everybody talks about how you have to wake up early, you know, you got to get up early, get into this. You know what I don’t,

Unknown 54:31
I don’t, thank you. I don’t know I stay up late. I wake up, I don’t schedule my day. As far as work stuff. I don’t start my calls until 10 o’clock central time in the morning, I wake up when I wake up when I’m through sleeping. And I like up an alarm goes off a wake up when I’m sleeping. Now there are a couple of days a week where I’ll get up and get the kids to school and stuff. But when I’m done sleeping, I get up, I’ll go to the gym, which is typically around 830 or so. Sometimes I might be a little bit later, but normally I’m up around. So times 630 just depends. I go to the gym, get my workout in, come back, I’ll have a shake, take a shower. And then by 10 o’clock, I’m ready to you know to work, you know, and also I have my day plan down or what cause I have coming up what campaign you know, look projects I need to you know, need the most attention. Why don’t you be working on for the big list writer?

Unknown 55:19

Unknown 55:20
I think so. It I love having my call schedule. I don’t mind talking to clients, they can text me whatever they want. If we need to hop on a call, I use your go to karaoke indeed. com forward slash schedule, and I use that thing. Most of my clients know if we do need to hop on a call. That’s the best way to do it. So I can just go throughout my day in my photo, Simeon, Lauren, Hey, you got a call with Justin coming up in 30 minutes. Okay, perfect. And it’s great because it sends them a text message, the way the service is set up, you know, you’ll get a text message. Hey, you got a call with Billy coming up in 30 minutes or whatever. So,

Justin Trosclair 55:54
hope that answers your question. Absolutely. You have time for one more? Yeah, go ahead. All right. You’ve been married for 21 years, you’re Christian, which is I think that’s a bonus. How do you keep the love alive and stay connected with her being thankful?

Unknown 56:06
two main things, one, being thankful. Just you have to appreciate just have to appreciate it now. And also having goals together. You know, I heard somebody say it was Dennis rainy. So I said one time that on your anniversary every year, one of the things you should talk about is your upcoming goals and plans. You know, because without a vision people perish in whenever you have a vision for your family, a vision for your you know, as a couple of vision for your business together. It it keeps you in mind, it keeps you on the same page. And it keeps you fighting together. You know, whenever you start having your own dreams and goals and plans and she starts having her own dreams and goals and plans. I think that’s where you know division starts to happen. And you know, you kind of lose your way. But if you can be thankful know, show her how appreciative you are ever. And then dream together. It’s it

Justin Trosclair 56:57
very good. Any books that you just have to tell people that they need to read? I think books or apps or anything like that.

Unknown 57:02
I think Russell Brunson his book.com secrets. I think that’s just one of the best books on marketing. The free plus shipping that I’ve ever read. Absolutely. It he has another one coming out called experts secrets will be coming out in April, I would manage asked for that one. So am I and he talked a lot about it it funnel hacking a couple weeks ago, but it’s going to be more instead of just the marketing side of things, it’s going to be more the positioning side of thing, you know, how do you position yourself in your market as an expert, you know, do more branding and that kind of thing. So I think together those books are going to really help change a lot of people’s lives and a lot of businesses. You know, I think it’s gonna be great. I’m excited about those

Justin Trosclair 57:45
very good. Anything else you want to talk about? Definitely, how can people contact you? The best

Unknown 57:49
way is you can go to Cairo, Kini, go to the Contact Us, you can hit me up on Facebook and just underbelly sticker, you should be able to find me there. If you do want to schedule a call and talk about face split marketing or book writing services, you can go to Cairo candy.com forward slash schedule. And we can talk about that, I’m actually starting a brand new program where it’s just kind of a total domination program where we’re going to we do both, we actually covered the done for you Facebook marketing, we do a book for you, we customize your book, we write your book, it’s not somebody else’s book, it’s your book. And then we also have some publicity coaching that goes with that. So as soon as the books done to show you how to, you know, get on the news in your area, get on TV, get on the radio. So between everything you’re doing on Facebook branding, lead generation with your book, I mean, to really, really penetrate and really dominate your market. So I’m very, very excited about that. But that’s a lot of work on our end. So those spaces are going to be a little harder to come by. But if anybody’s interested launch date for that, we’re actually probably going to start you know, started here pretty soon I’m not doing this a we have big lots for it, we just have a couple of class we’re going to try with first. But because of that, because of the work that we put into it just I can’t have 10 dogs at one time going, you know, so we can get into bad data. If anybody’s interested in that they can do the same thing, Carole king.com schedule and we can schedule a call to see if it’s a fit

Justin Trosclair 59:16
doctors. I hope you guys got a lot of good information today would really stick around the washer did. I really appreciate his time. And many, many blessings for 2017.

Unknown 59:26
Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you’re doing. Thanks for having me on today.

Justin Trosclair 59:31
Billy, thank you so much for coming on the show great information, I could definitely see how doing a marketing during the open ocean during the cruise would be a fantastic way to spend your time. I hope more people will take you up on that offer, as well as your three in one total domination package, even though that’s not what it’s called. That is just an amazing opportunity. And I hope people will take advantage of that as well. Cairo candy was one of the reasons why I started podcasting. A lot of great information, you could definitely whatever your profession is, I think you can learn how to like I said critically think and implement into your own life definitely learned a lot from his because it’s just just about marketing. Thank you for your insights on Facebook ads, and pretty sure he’ll be offering more training on that as well. Stay tuned for the travel tip.

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travel tip for the week. Now this might sound obvious, but don’t let strangers take you out to dinner and buy you drinks and buy your food. It could be a scam, especially if you’re like just you and your wife or just yourself and you’re walking around someplace that you’re unaware of. And someone’s like, Hey, you were to call in you kind of hit it off maybe they’re more local than you are to someone like cold practice English. So you’re running around your you get dinner and all of a sudden they leave and then you’re stuck with the bill or you don’t know what they’re ordering. And it’s you know, triple the price that you normally would pay or you don’t have enough money to cover it. Their scams like that. So yeah, be careful. Be aware of it. Generally, you know if I’m going somewhere as I’m saying I stay in a hostel you meet like minded people you go out you probably not gonna have the same type of issues always trust your gut, you know, would you take somebody out that you don’t know that you just randomly met probably not but if you will hear everybody’s in the hospital in that environment, then maybe you know is probably be fine. We just got back from Beijing, we had a big tour and one of the one of our tour comrades, we never met them before they just paid to be in the group and that mean real cool guy and enjoy this company had a great time. And he’s there by himself and he’s hanging out with people afterwards that are like like minded individuals. And so they went out they had a good time. And but you know, Western culture, we say we’ll just go Dutch. So anyway, that’s my two cents for today. Love to hear more. If you have any tips that you like, please email us Justin at a doctor’s perspective. NET will love to get some fresh ideas from the audience and share those with everyone else.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media, and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guests. A sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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