M 09 Video Lengths for Facebook and Reach

a doctors perspective minisode 09 justin trosclair
Video Lengths for Facebook and Reach

Facebook loves videos. Let’s go over why that is, video length, direct uploads, captions and more.

Welcome back to a doctor’s perspective. Today we’re going to review social media marketing is Facebook organic marketing day and I think was Episode 347.

 Well, you didn’t know your Facebook reach for your page, even worse business page is only one to 6% of the people that follow you. So that’s crazy low. Of course, they want you to make money when we’re evaluating what the post especially if you talking about business stuff, and I’m guilty that link posts are the worst.

So pretty much what I’ve been posting forever a summary of the podcast, a link to it with a picture, kind of one of the worst reaches that you’re going to get. videos, of course, are the best. And while I do personally have a third of my shows, I got like a one-minute teaser video. It’s got different videos within a video and it’s got like a different piece, pretty much the same stuff that would write it’s in a video format.

So like while not Facebook loves it. But then there’s a caveat I’ll tell you about in a second. Sometimes just and then the said the second best is a question so just text asking an engaging question because if you don’t get at least five words on an on the comment, it doesn’t count just saying Yep, number five, love it. None of that counts, it needs to be at least five words, which means we were engaging in your posts. So keep that in mind.

Videos get 73% more reach than just the photo. By the way, if you’re doing YouTube videos, pretty much this is a direct competitor, Facebook, they just gonna shut it down, you’re not gonna get any reach practically. So you got a video that you did yourself uploaded directly to Facebook, I know you got to upload the YouTube directly, you got to upload the Facebook correctly, it’s a pain to our stuff that sites it where you can do it for you. So I don’t know what to tell you on that one. I’m in the same boat. As you guys. I’m like,

Okay, what they said is a really good way to post videos, especially if you can put some money to it, just put a little bit of money, even a little bit of money, a 15-second square video, so I gotta double check my phone square video. I don’t do square pictures all day long. But square videos and other story guessing you could probably run it through a simple program these days on your phone or something, and they can make it straightforward for you.

Okay, but 15 seconds square video that keeps you under the limit so that you can advertise a lot more places like Instagram and all these other places, you might just have the title of like, say your podcast and then one or two points. And on those posts, I would still put a link in the body some doozies you put in the comments.

But this lady who’s an expert said to put it in just put in the body and put a little bit of budget to it. And that way even if the ad expires that link still counts, bus or 70%. Don’t listen to the sound.

So make sure these videos either sound off begin with all those captions if there are words, a long-form video, you know, we used to do a lot longer videos now.

Three to five minutes is perfect. And even a Facebook Live the optimum time is only three or four minutes. The only reason you’d want to do a 20 to a 30-minute episode is if you do it like every week, same day, same time, kind of like a TV show, because then you know we’re used to spending 20 to 30 minutes to watch a sitcom.

So pretty much a quick add 15 seconds.  Do you wanna get a little bit longer a minute, but in reality, most of your videos need to stay between those three and four minutes. Okay, that’s what we got for you today. Dr. Justin Trosclair represents show on social media. Let’s have a conversation. We just went #behindthecurtain

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