E 141 Dental Membership and Cialdini Certified Christopher Phelps DMD

Dental membership practice details to implement, top 3 Cialdini influencer methods detailed (like me, consistency, commitment), coaching and marketing secrets by Dr. Christopher Phelps DMD. Influence is important and requires a team approach. Dr. Chris is the only dentist with the Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) distinction. What’s great about this method is that he…

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Episode 21: Why be an Author, Facebook Ads, Publicity Billy Sticker of ChiroCandy

Billy Sticker of the super successful chiropractic marketing podcasts ChiroCandy joins us today.  We Start with his background as a rare coin seller, a mystery job you have to listen to find out, and his youth ministry passion.  Then we transition to how he developed a calling for chiropractic and why he has devoted this…

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