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Dr. Shawn Andrews DC talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Why pick the regional hub even if it’s a small town, Facebook Messenger Ads how and why, Why retarget your patient base and do it legally, Priority and Intention to learn new tech, and why teach you how to do FB ads vs Dr Shawn Andrews doing it for you.

Dr. Shawn Andrews met his wife at Northwestern States Chiropractic College in Minnesota who is also a chiropractor but at the moment is raising 6 children.

Dr. Andrews has a training course on how You Can Do Facebook Ads versus he doing them for you. His blog and soon to be released podcast is The Inspired Chiropractor. www.theinspiredchiropracor.com

We discuss why he moved 20 minutes down the road to the area regional hub vs continuing to struggle in his bed and breakfast “bedroom” community (1700 people).

Small town doesn’t have to mean small practice but listen to his Caveats of what type of small town to start in if you like that lifestyle and some rules to make it successful.

Why do you have to be coachable and how did it transform his clinic?

Let’s jump into the Facebook Ads part of the interview

Why has he stopped doing the $29 exam?

He is using Messenger more and more as well as Long Form Posts… how is that working for him? What are some of the rules to FB Messenger and questions and interactions you should be asking the potential clients so they are warmed up and ready to pay.

Any reason to retarget your current patient base?

New ways to get reviews on Facebook and Google from your patient base… its ninja sneaky.

Top 2 tactics to get Leads for Chiropractic patients on FB. Dinner with the Doc, Workshops, Webinar, 3 Video Series, Ebooks or just plain good articles so they come to your site and then retarget them with ads?

Is learning the new Technology yourself as hard as it sounds? AND do you have the Time to learn it?

Priority and Intention – you can learn whatever you want if you have those two traits.

What to look out for when cold approached by these “marketing people who will do it FREE for one month”, what questions to ask?

Should you ever pay $1000 per month for someone to do ads for you… just there basic fee not even including your ad spend?

As a solo doc, should you hire a fill-in doc or just bite the bullet.

Why did Dr Andrews the Inspired Chiropractor decide to quit running ads for other doctors and focus on a teaching program so they can do it themselves?

Since he has 5 kids and two jobs and a wonderful wife… how in the world does he have time for all that?

You pursue what you don’t have, how does that apply to marriage?


Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People

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Justin’s Picks: Freedom Fast Lane, Cash Based Practice, Russell Brunson, Science of Social Media (Buffer)

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/70 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the interview transcription.

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Justin Trosclair 0:02
Episode 70 solid Facebook ads guidance inspired chiropractor I’m your host Dr. Justin Foursquare and today we’re Dr. Sean Andrews perspective

joined 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host Dr. Justin trust, as he gets a rare to see look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Or you ready for a triple threat of video marketing tips tricks, Facebook marketing messenger. We’re bringing it this week. We’re bringing it for an entire month actually. Yeah, Chris Burghfield, we got Chad Woolner and we got Shawn Andrews to are chiropractors ones loves chiropractic. But they are they have their own thing going. One really specializes in video one specializes with Click Funnels. And one, it will teach you how to do your own ads. So you have to pay somebody, especially with all these shady characters out there, which will definitely talk about throughout the series. We got family men too. So the the second half of the interview is quite good on each person’s show. So get your ink pens out, you’re gonna want to take some notes, put that camera on selfie mode, fix your hair, get a cool background, let’s go hashtag behind the curtain with our social media video series.

Hey, it’s another week, it’s another episode. And unfortunately, the last person was not able to schedule in time, so we’ll have to schedule him for a different day. That’s too bad because I was looking forward to a physical therapist perspective on all this Facebook ads and videos and all that kind of stuff. But hey, that’s how it goes sometimes. Well, back to the show. Continuing the series today is Dr. Sean Andrews, the inspired chiropractor. We’re going to take a little different approach today. At one point he was doing ads for people. And now he’s going to teach you how to do ads. And why does he do that? We’re going to go through some of the nitty gritty about retargeting your patient base how to do that legally, he practiced in the small town, and that didn’t quite work so well. So he moved to the regional hub. And that is still can be small can be big, it just depends on your city. So we’ll kind of go through, you know, should I go in a big city, small city, medium sized city and Facebook Messenger ads. Now with the recent if you didn’t know, they kind of shut down messenger bots recently, you know, using the bots so we didn’t really talk too much about but just a little bit about automation. So this interview will still be valid. And you have to just do it a different way like the way we talked about. But they said you can still use the bots if you already signed up but there’s really no new openings. But of course Facebook Messenger and bots are not the same thing. You can do Facebook Messenger without those. So hopefully that wasn’t too confusing. Just know this episode is good. Facebook Messenger is still legit. It’s still a way to do it and he will show you how he uses it to get new patients. So a doctor’s perspective dot net slash seven zero for the show notes is go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China. We have a great guest all the way from southern Minnesota. He is a father of six. He is a strong, godly man a family man. But not only that, he is a chiropractor with a successful business now and now Facebook ads company in a soon to be released podcast. Welcome to the guests the inspired chiropractor Sean Andrews.

Unknown 3:35
Thank you for having me. Sure. It’s great to be here.

Justin Trosclair 3:37
Absolutely. Well, we always want to know how you became a chiropractor and and to be truth be told I heard you on another podcast one time. And the quick version that I had heard was you had a clinic that was up and down struggling for a few years ended up having to like move to a whole nother city which I definitely want to hear about that. And then it finally started slowly building and it’s actually now you have a practice that is constant. It’s steady. Your wife’s also a chiropractor. Although I don’t know she works with six kids. And

Unknown 4:12
but she works but not not in the office. Okay.

Justin Trosclair 4:15
Yeah, definitely is working harder than you are probably.

Unknown 4:19
Yes, exactly.

Justin Trosclair 4:22
All right. So enough of Justin telling the world who you are and what you’re about. Take it away, give us the song version.

Unknown 4:30
Yeah, so that’s Thanks for having me. So I grew up in North Central Iowa. And I always wanted to be in the healthcare field, and kind of bounced around between majors was Brad and eventually found chiropractic. I never had a real big miracle story like my wife did, or a lot of other people have. Mine was just sort of an interest in the idea of chiropractic. The fact that you can heal the body naturally and do it with your hands and, and have good rapport. I mean, everything I read in the first part of my research into chiropractic said, you know, he has such great relationships with your patients and it’s not in an hour to and it’s just a cool thing. And, and I so I decided to go to America before it actually ever been the one What does i think is somewhat unique that isn’t, so I found so I said in the next a little stiff. I bet we’ll see what this is all about on the receiving end before I become one so I only got adjusted and loves even more and the rest is history and met my wife at the college. We went to Northwestern up in Bloomington, up in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. So we met there, she’s a year and half older than me. So she graduated first and ended up getting her externship or to an externship in a little town in southern Minnesota little town of about 1700 people which was actually a big town compared to what I grew up in but still a small town and and then the doctor said you want to buy this clinic and we ended up buying the clinic and

Unknown 6:01
you know maybe not the best business I think we paid a little bit too much for but you know that’s water under the bridge that’s 14 years ago and yeah, it was a struggle for a long time and we struggled she bought the clinic in 2004 and then I think we move up 20 miles up the road with the main regional center so where I live there’s man Kato all your little other things around that you know it’s a great regional hub is how it works and then the Twin Cities is an hour hour and a half up the road from there so instead of practicing in small bedroom town we thought well we can’t get anybody for me to to come this way this doesn’t work that way it’s a lot it’s really really hard uphill battle to do let’s just move the practice up and a lot of people were able to followed us and then we had a much bigger you know area to draw from in man Kato so

Unknown 6:56
once but even that was a bit of a struggle for a couple years and the big thing was because cuz we weren’t very coachable. You know, I practice management gets a bad rap sometimes they do have their limitations. But when practice really started to take over Justin was when we realized we didn’t know it all and that we needed help. And then we actually listened to our coach at the time and then things took off. Right and that’s that’s when we started see success and and then obviously after that I started learning marketing on my own and some things outside of what that group taught. And things really even got better a lot better after that because I didn’t have to kill myself at screenings where the weekend so yeah, that’s kind of the the the somewhat Readers Digest version of my practice life. And like you said, my wife and I, we’ve been married 14 years now. And we have iPads. Number six is almost the same. claim number six up there do number six is due April 20. So anytime now from where this is being recorded. Yeah, you know, life is good. I always tell people, the people in the theaters but there’s a reason I’m saying up top and beard you get a little grades because I have six kids, but I think the thing about it awesome. That is not a problem at all.

Justin Trosclair 8:15
Okay, so let’s take a step back. I have all the small town was like 6000 and that’s hard enough to try to get a practice going but and I do have a friend I think he’s in a town anywhere between two and six is like the overhead so low, it’s profitable, but it’s always been kind of steady and it’s never really grows. He’s like if that was my only clinic, man it’d be it’d be tough eaten, you know? So yes. right but so what are some of the struggles that you’re going to find if someone else is looking at should I start a clinic in such a small town? Like I know there’s some companies a small town does it mean small practice

Unknown 8:49
right? Yeah, that’s true. I think that it depends on the small town a little bit too. You know it 1700 is pretty small and 1700 bitcoins so big regional hub makes it tougher but you know in a zoo or a bedroom it’s a bedroom talent no doubt about it means she has a few businesses on it most people that live here working man Kato so I think it depends on the small town if you’re in like a small town of 3000 in that is its own regional hub of sorts. I think that’s easier because you Okay, yeah, right because then people will come to you and in the small town of 6000 it’s a lot easier to become that local authority and to be known. McCarroll I’m pretty well known still feels like a small town 55,000 is still not you know kind of put it is a lot tougher to lot tougher to we like the pillar of the community and the town the size of man Kato so there’s ups and downs but I think it all depends on the can just literally population size you got to look at some of the demographics and then also very relative to other big towns small towns,

Justin Trosclair 10:00
when like you said the big key there was is 6000 the hub or is it 50,000 is the hub did you have to have strange hours to accommodate the bedroom community like work until eight o’clock at night but not starting until like three in the afternoon or anything

Unknown 10:15
we actually when we were small town we worked from 732 five on some days I think a lot and so 9905 members a little rough and we’re open till 630 nowadays so yeah we had really early hours and really late hours to try to catch people and they were either before they went to work in man Kato or when they came back from work and man Kato so yeah, it’s a little easier to have moderate hours now than it was before.

Justin Trosclair 10:41
Did you find that people actually showed up in the morning? Yeah, definitely.

Unknown 10:45
Okay. And sometimes to the client. Now, my eight hours usually jam full and so eight o’clock in the four to five or the four to six is when we’re the business.

Justin Trosclair 10:57
Okay, so that’s good to know. I tried my hand it at that before, and I was so it’s kind of like, what’s the best hours? And you know, you just can’t work nine to five, like at some places, because he’s like, yeah, and everybody’s already had work in there already.

Unknown 11:11
So Exactly. Yep. And then the one thing I always say is I, we open. We’re open on Saturdays for a little while. But we quickly realized that when we don’t have any family time when we do that, yeah, to most people can get under in the week. And if they can’t then go somewhere else where they want to be on Saturdays. And then on those people didn’t even show up. And then I’m irritated and ticked off. And I’m here on Saturday, and they’re not there. So we haven’t we haven’t been open on Saturdays for like, two years and haven’t really ever looked back. So

Justin Trosclair 11:42
yeah, I mean, there’s so many chiropractors, then I haven’t opened on Fridays. So

Unknown 11:46
yep. But we called it one on Friday. So we only really worked a half day. So you know, I’m all for that. And indeed,

Justin Trosclair 11:53
it makes a difference when you have like a three day weekend or whatever. Two and a half. It still feels like three. You always come back feeling recharge, recharge, rest and just ready to hit the ground running again.

Unknown 12:02
Nope. I guess I think people will come to you when you’re open. And what people need really need a need a one that’s open till seven Niger open on the weekends. They can go somewhere else for a doc doesn’t mind doing that. But for most people, especially if you have a family and a wife do the work for you. The people that are you will come to you then.

Justin Trosclair 12:22
Yeah. Okay, I’m excited. I’m ready. You are third installment of Facebook ads, videos of funnels. And I think everybody I’ve had so far we all use Click Funnels, let’s let’s just be honest, they works well, or individuals were into Facebook, marketing and Instagram. And we’re trying to just do the best we can. So all right. Are you a 1995? Everything in the kitchen sink in the first day? Are you trying to build one of these now, you’re still going to pay 79 bucks or $99 for the initial exam, and you’re going to be chasing me? I’m not chasing you. Right?

Unknown 12:59
So I usually to be when I first started doing Facebook ads, because it worked relatively well. I used to do the $25 the $20 million exam and X ray do I never included the adjustment in that I think that if you’re there’s a time and a place for good discount, but never ever include the adjustment. You’re just really it’s giving away too much. So that’s you know, people are including like three or four adjustments with that $21. And it’s just, it’s man that’s in my mind. That’s

Justin Trosclair 13:25
like no confidence. Yeah,

Unknown 13:26
exactly. Right. And people long time ago, when we used to do more discounts. We had a team that worked for us. And she said before she started working for us, her friend said, Well, do you really want to go work for them, they seem like they’re struggling all the time, because they’re always running the special. Oh, I think in the public’s mind, it makes you think seem desperate or something like that. But that being said, though to I still have great patients that have come in for years that come in from a 29 or Facebook exams for people. So I think there’s a time and a place for it. And not everybody that comes in fact is going to abuse it. But I’ve just gotten away from that entirely. My strategy on Facebook now is more circled around messenger. I’ve done a lot of messenger ads here recently. And as far as just putting out great content in the form of videos. I’ve been doing more long form, blog type Facebook posts, and then pushing that to my target audience. And then about it’s about retargeting people with Facebook. And then the other big thing for Facebook with me that people don’t talk about enough is is retargeting your current patient base with Facebook ads, so you stay top of mind so that they give you referrals. It’s just a really great way to build that raving fan into your, your, your community into your patient base. By sending those retargeting Facebook ads to your people that have already been been a part of your office.

Justin Trosclair 14:55
When you’re doing those. I was like when you’re doing retargeting to patients you already have, you’re obviously going to have to have a different message. Do you have to tailor it a little bit because of like HIPAA? I mean, you can you just write put it out there you been a patient come on back.

Unknown 15:10
Exactly, because of HIPAA. And then also, because these books on guidelines, they don’t want the person to be like, you know, you can’t, I had an experience with Frank Kern one time where I went to his web page. And then the next hour is an ad popped up and said, Hey, I saw that you’re on the web page now. Sign up and blah, blah, why didn’t you do this, and I thought, that’s really creepy. And that’s what Facebook does not want you to do. So you have to be like, you can’t really say I have you on a list that you’re my patient. But you can still say things like, we’re doing a, you know, a review blast. If you you know, if you if you leave a review on Google will give you 10 entries into an iPad and me trying or having to the end of the quarter leading have a way of iPad Mini every quarter. And people get interest in that drive by checking in on Facebook while they’re at our office. And then they get you know, there’s other ones and leaving a review is one of those ways. So yeah, you have to be careful how you do it. You know, you don’t want to really say Hey, you got a patient come on in, we know you’re a patient. And that doesn’t work. You got to be kind of cool about it in in Word it just right. And

Justin Trosclair 16:14
could you do a dinner with the doctor patients you’ve already had that hopefully get them to bring their own family or like referral thing?

Unknown 16:22
Yeah, play I’ve never used for that. But no, you could definitely do it. Like, you know, it’s, like I said, it

Justin Trosclair 16:28
is not only for cold leads when you do like dinner with the docs, right?

Unknown 16:31
Yeah, I think that’s the best way to do it. I haven’t ever done a dinner with a doc myself. But I used to run ads for doctors that did it. And my my goal. And what he did was he got them people that have never been to the office. Because the problem with the data in the doc sometimes is that you’ll have, you know, 10 current patients and half of those will bring guests. So you’re buying dinner for 10 people that are already or patients love you, and maybe four or five people. But without we did it for the other docs, we will, you know, 10 1520

Unknown 17:02
people and I’ve never been there us to their dinner. So you can use Facebook ad. That’s one of the best things for lead generation, in my opinion, without resorting to that $21 a good deal. bs is trying to get people to an event, whether it be a dinner with the doc or a workshop or whatnot. That’s really one of the best use for for the best tactics to get leads. For a chiropractor on Facebook, in my opinion, these days, you made a comment about pretty long blog posts, I’ve read some of your blog post, they’re actually

Justin Trosclair 17:31
quite good, especially if someone hasn’t been a part of a management company before they definitely gonna have their eyes open to like, wow, you could do? I don’t know You could Wow. So it’s good information that you’re putting out there? Is that is there, you’re given a free seminar coming into your website? Is there any other types of trip wires that you’re actually trying to get them to? Here’s my email for that blog posts, or here’s an email for something completely different. I mean, what kind of little secrets do you have for getting emails, I guess home

Unknown 18:00
it is harder for a chiropractic office, in my opinion to get emails from further off the chiropractic clinic.

Unknown 18:10
Because what we people typically don’t want to read a report on headaches were five

Unknown 18:16
it’s really, really tough thing, get people really the blog post for my own clinic. The big thing is that you is to get your pixel installed your pixel. So that way you can really target them and follow them around into webs and and then follow up with them that way. That’s the that’s the big thing for me. I mean, there’s people that do but out ebooks and get you know leads from that. But it’s got to be highly specialized people I know are having good success with that are like Steve to list does neurodevelopmental disorders, and he has a great and bird specials out there. Exactly. Those people are highly specialized, it’s highly niche down and they’re highly motivated to to give you their email address for whatever great information you give them. Because they’re desperate, they want their kids to be better. So if you can tap into that in another way for a lead magnet for a Catholic website, that’s great. It’s just harder to do unless you get hyper specialized, niche niche down like that. For one thing, the big thing that I think that works well, you know, the other businesses, video trainings is another one that works really well. I put it together and ebook for why chiropractors should be on Facebook and how to utilize it. So ebooks, or good video trainings work. Sometimes it’s like a value add for the blog post. So I’ll type up a blog post and the one where I did was I explained how what custom audiences were for Facebook and how it can help your ad showing more efficiently and more cost efficiently. Because Facebook actually will charge you less if you’re marketing to a warm audience. That’s the beauty of customizers and the and I said well I typed all this out for you if you want to see a video how works out put your email in here and then you’ll get a video of how to actually do it so there’s a bunch of different ways you can have a trip wires and things set up to to get your I just haven’t done that as much with my own clinic I focus more on the pixel and retargeting but it can definitely be

Justin Trosclair 20:16
no I like that. I mean because you know infographics are nice but again like you said Well, maybe a headache infographic when I made that gets you to sign up for three easy stretches to combat your own headaches are to combat your own psychotic or something like that and people like videos that’s what they keep telling us

Unknown 20:34
and everything don’t don’t don’t get that a workshop and a dinner for doc is a trip wire right it’s just not passive on your part you’re just you have to be there and put it on I’m going to experiment with doing like a webinar workshop for my local like here coming up I’ll let you know how that goes. But don’t forget those are those are portal of entry things people people want to try you a little bit first and they may have different ways they try to be consuming their content on your on your Facebook page they try you via your blog post on your website and they all try you by plane and listening to your work for your dinner talk so don’t overlook those live events as being a form of the trip wires well when you’re talking messenger or we talked many chat is that like the popular one that people are using is it like bought stuff answering basic questions setting up I’ve heard the idea is to engage them in a conversation and that will allow you to actually communicate with them but they’ve had to have communicated with you somehow in the past to be able to message messenger advertise to them in my accurate at some of this you can actually you know have a subscriber base that you can come to an extent use like an email list but you have to be more careful with it well how I set up messenger ads is I’ve been this year with pretty good success when I did where I talked about family plan that launched through something called Tyrell help us a little more Will you on post about why we were doing it more the Warriors benefits of the foreign key are in our office things like that. And then I said you can’t do this anymore I said comment family below and you can confirmation about it can’t do that anymore. This is before Facebook algorithm changes and they call that comment or something like that you have to load or strategic about his power so over the last time I last one I haven’t had this ad currently running as I did a post or a Facebook post about toward a call a little bit about what it was. And I said to learn more about this and Karen our office, click the link below and so just a benefit system message so then people said I love this because instead of having somebody come in with a $21 exam a kitchen and everything else they’re kind of a cold lead by the time we go through the interaction via messenger they’ve already asked about Karen or office I’ve had a good answer pre qualify them this you know see if we take their insurance are they going to be a one and done person are they willing deployed in time and effort to actually get a corrected it you can do your whole customize sales process via the messenger thing, just wonderful. because number one, that’s what Facebook wants you to do. Now they want you to build communities and have meaningful interactions. But from a sales and marketing thing. It’s just great because I have this person that’s in a platform that is responsive and they they they love to interact on any way now I’m part of that ecosystem with them it’s just a wonderful wonderful thing to build a community but also help with your marketing process before they even walk in the door.

Justin Trosclair 23:34
Now as most of this automated Do you have a staff member answering the particular questions that after maybe a message or two that is automated like how how far along the FDA third step in where you’d have to have a human being

Unknown 23:46
so I should have it more automated I should have a staff member doing it but for right now I do it

Unknown 23:52
this is I enjoy it and it’s fun I don’t have a very automated more than one or two messages in just I like that personal touch on that haven’t taken the time to learn the all the ins and outs of sending up a really sophisticated by so yeah be Yeah, it seems like this this last one new patient I got it was a mom whose son had toward a call this she had tried care and try here working chiropractic offices. So then I could tell her about our prices and I could tell her about her prices with the Cairo health USA and and I had all this good great conversation with her before she even call to set up the appointment. So magazines I like I’m for automation, I’m a for delegation. But if you do too much of that, in my opinion, you’re kind of missing the of having the messenger bot will get that little touch to get that some of that sales stuff

Justin Trosclair 24:43
way. And the personally there you could definitely tell when they’re like hey, them, I’m trying to have a serious conversation and you got some rinky dink. Here’s my phone number call Sally, you know, I thought this was the whole point to have a conversation and you’re actually executing that really well. So that’s pretty cool. And you actually doing it right like using the Cairo health so that you can have discount plans and all that kind of stuff when he was still been in network. So congratulations on

the legal sense to

Unknown 25:12
everybody does that but you know, I just like it for people like her have tried care or ba. And you know, they serve their country so I can offer them a 30% discount the album album for Richie,

Justin Trosclair 25:25
you know, I was talking though, I wasn’t talking to somebody, I have a guy that helps me with promoting my book and doing it all. So you’re not just paying 1995 for a book, you know, you’re paying good money for it. And and then noticing on some of his Facebook posts and things, he’ll send me a message that has a DA, and it won’t be a chat bot responding. So he’s really sorry, non chatbots right now, because I guess it’s getting out of control with all this animation. Automation. So he’s just, you know, trying to say, hey, look, you’re actually going to talk to me, not just the robot, you don’t get personal care, just like you will in my office. Yeah, yeah, I might

Unknown 26:00
have to use that. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 26:02
yeah, that’s right. It was right in there. That was the funniest part is like not a boat. So anyway, I want to say thank you so much for your time. So far. I know it’s a Saturday morning, one of the things I like to ask is you got clients, because you have an agency, you run ads for other people as well, not just for yourself. And hopefully this this point, a lot of people are seeing themselves, he’s kind of just flippantly talking about a lot of different things as if we all know what he is talking about. But you and I, we listened to probably other podcasts who that’s all they do is talk about this stuff was the latest this week. So we kind of have an idea what’s going on. But the point is, Dr. Sean is knows what he’s doing. And so we’re having this conversation. So hopefully you can say, oh, man, my mind is blown. I’m not going to learn all this stuff. But this guy already does. So what are like maybe two things that you find that your clients, if you could just change their mind in a heartbeat, about misconceptions, unrealistic expectations, I think we got the biggest

Unknown 26:56
thing is, and I’m transitioning more to a pastor of clientele, not really doing ads for them, just because it takes a little bit too much time. And I don’t do my own marketing. If I have ads, I’m doing pretend doctors soul. But even for my students, the biggest thing is two things is it’s not as far as it sounds, you can get over the technology, you can give you more learn the lingo. It’s easy, if you can run a flip phone, if you are a smartphone, you can do Facebook, you can do this, it’s not that hard, especially with some good guidance. And there’s lots of good programs out there, including my own teach you how to do it. So you can do it as hard as it looks. And then number two, is you have time, I hear that all the time where people say I don’t have the time and it drives me nuts, you have the freaking time, we all have the same 168 hours in a week. What you really mean is you don’t have the priority or the intention to do it. Because if you want to do it, if you want to grow your practice with this, I get passionate about this, I know you can tell is you got to schedule it in a good way. If me the guy and to businesses and five kids and a wife and friends and church that I’m active in can learn this and make this and ask you this. So can you so those are the two big things. It’s not as hard as you think it is. You have the time you’ve got to make the time schedule the time in your schedule. Do you mean I have to

Justin Trosclair 28:17
cut my naps only 30 minutes instead of an hour? killing me.

Unknown 28:22
Yeah, it’s just about intentionality. That’s it. And that transcends the all parts of social media but anything you want to do in life, you can make the time to do it.

Justin Trosclair 28:32
So I’ve been doing it you know, as for a while, and the first few times you do it, it takes forever. And depending on how fast your Facebook loads, it’s kind of annoying.

Talking about Stop being so dynamic.

But now, I’m running a video ad to a couple of different audiences, and then a different video for different thing. And then I create a new audience that was pretty I was pretty excited about and jazzed up. And it’s like, Okay, I got that one going. But I want to create one that’s called kind of similar to that but but more scaled down and be more of a more generic. So maybe 30 minutes, I created a replicated almost the same audience in the same different cities. But like like said, scaled it down, put that put a split test of both of those videos with the winning copy, and just set it up to where instead of like, traffic, our maximum reach like You know what, I just want video views. The reason is, I got all these videos playing this week. And next week or the week after be retargeting.

There’s a strategy. I mean, I don’t mean to take over the interview. But I think oh, yeah, pretty accurate. Right?

Unknown 29:36
Like you did you learn all that on your own? Right? I mean, he took some courses. Yeah. 30 minutes. Not that hard. No. You know, like I said, once you get into it, if you spend on social media and content marketing, if you spend two hours a week on it, and you can delegate A lot of it, thank you good to go. That’s probably all before I ever spend on in this blog, the week my own clinic and not the under

Justin Trosclair 29:59
right, not to undercut you with what you’re promoting for yourself, obviously. But when you to me, I found some classes, I needed to learn something and I needed to learn like a broad. So it took a couple of classes, I just got a LinkedIn. I was like, You know what? LinkedIn might be this big thing that’s coming up. And I tried it one time, I went through my money so quick, like, Whoa, what just happened? I was like Justin, Justin, a quick $12 course, and get the basics a little bit more. That way, you’re not so green, and go on speaking of its end, St. Patty’s Day, Green Day, Green Day green books

Unknown 30:40
out. And that’s just like, Well, I didn’t learn from anything within the profession, either. Because if it existed, I didn’t know about it. So yeah, I just found whatever podcaster I bought a few courses and just the trial and error on my own soul. And the good thing is, is that you don’t have to do that anymore. Now, there’s lots of things but the profession, you guys, you.

Justin Trosclair 30:59
And that’s the part that I kind of want to tell people, if you’re a physical therapist, listen to this, a psychologist who’s looking to grow, there’s a chiropractor, especially if your PT DC, you could get a course like yours and learn how to do it tailored to the medical profession versus the way I had to do it. And what I’m actually doing, like one day, when I go have my own clinic, I might have to contact somebody and paint him somebody like, all right, I need to transition into actually trying to get patients, you know, didn’t have to learn that helped me out. So that’s the difference between like trying to promote a podcast and some books, because that’s like a huge audience versus, like geo targeting a 10 mile radius of where your clinic is, there’s different tactics, because it’s probably gonna cost you more, and you have this little bit

Unknown 31:41
more and that’s just it. It’s, you know, doctors, you know, healthcare practitioners, I know chiropractors. So in some ways, it’s easier for me to market the chiropractors and his patients, because we have this whole lot of what they call it, the curse of genius or something like that. We forget how much more we know about the body and erratic than the average person that it makes it hard to communicate. And that’s what I found sometimes when I first started marketing, chiropractic, her Facebook to chiropractors is I forgot how little chiropractors know about marketing in general, let alone Facebook and social media marketing. So yeah, it’s you know why I said that where I was going with that, but yes, it’s, it’s there to the brambles for sure.

Justin Trosclair 32:24
That transitions, I think, okay, into this next one, we all see, well, I say we all when you start playing around in the market, and you see these experts out there charging $3,000 a month or $1,000 a month to do this for you. Then behind the scenes, they’re asking their buddies, Hey, man, I got a new now what do I do? So what are some things we can look out for? And what are some of your pet peeves that you’re seeing? Because between you and me, we both don’t want that for our profession. We don’t want to see people getting hoodwinked. So

Unknown 32:55
I wrote a good blog post about this, which gives you some questions to ask the person that you’re interviewing to see if they know about these things. You only know the art, but if you can always tell that deer in the headlights is, um, you know, the one they don’t know what the heck you’re talking about. So I can send you that link. And you put that in the show notes if you want to. But the other thing is just

Unknown 33:20
the and

Unknown 33:23
I haven’t updated that blog in a long time. Unfortunately, I’ll be honest halos off. But there’s still some good content on there for sure. It’s good green. And there’s one about choosing your social media marketing experts. The big thing is is that I always look at their health and look at their their own social media profile. Right? They do they have like 59 Meister, like 20,000 likes on there. You have at least a few hundred likes on your Facebook profile. If your Facebook marketer did they reach out to you cold call you via messenger or two get you through a Facebook and adults, right because if their Facebook ads, they should be able to get to you and get you as a client via Facebook ads. But a lot of these people, they’ve turned 30 chiropractors, they can see on Facebook, and then they cold, cold call cold call you they messaged you out of the blue saying, Hey, I can help you with your Facebook ads. To me, that’s a red flag. So if they have not have very many followers on their own social media, business profile, that’s a red flag. If they cold call you via messenger, that’s a red flag. And if Can I always ask what’s the What do they use? What’s the offer? What’s their strategy? If their strategy? Is this the $21 exam and everything else? my firstborn child for $21? That’s not

Unknown 34:43
I don’t have any strategy beyond that, then that’s another big red flag. So those are for good things to look at. When you’re evaluating people. What do you think about? I’m sometimes the person who’s like, Look, you’re new, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t good. And sometimes I kind of try to help people out who new because like one time I was new, and somebody helped me out. So should we should we really stick to people that have been doing it for a while and charged more versus the person who’s like, Look, I’ll waive my feet and experiment with you. I mean, so we just avoid those types of people. here’s the here’s the problem with that is that they’re experimenting, they’re still experimenting with your money for ad spend more than likely, right, they’re not going to charge it for their time, but they’re still going to use your money for the ad spend. And that’s still your good name going out there and your community. So if you don’t mind your name being attached to this crazy good deal vs. Before it. Or if you don’t mind your good name being attached to somebody that really probably has no idea about the chiropractic profession or the psychology fashion or anything else go for it. But I’m a bit of a heart when it comes to that idea. I I proved it with my own. And you know, at least with you your your chiropractor. So you know about Chiropractic and the ends and outs and the legalities and the stuff you can you cannot do so I just have a really tough time saying Yeah, go for it if they’re gonna wave their feet, because it’s still your money is still your reputation.

Justin Trosclair 36:07
I like that answer. Doc, are you ready? switching to the little more personal side of the interview, I was a personal side.

Unknown 36:13
Oh, no, he isn’t. Go ahead. Yeah, no, I’m fine. Good.

Justin Trosclair 36:16
Okay, good. I’m going to pull the veil back even further. Now. We’re gonna go behind the curtain. Hashtag. All right. So your solo Doc, your wife’s also doctor, but she’s at home, raising two children, educating them doing everything that she has to do you do what you need to do? Are you able to take vacation? And if not,

Unknown 36:34
how can you know, I don’t take as many as I should. So essentially a solo practitioner, my wife’s not really available to come in practice for me, um, but I try to get away for at least a full week, every year. And then I also try to take smaller mini break. So you know, today, we can support a weekends here and there. But if you’re going to do that, you have to plan ahead, either have to get a coverage biker for him, or you start saving money. Because there will be if you’re solo Doc, you’re not there, you’re not making money, you’re going to have to have that saved up. Exactly. So when you are not marketing in place, you’ll you’ll you’ll be fine when you get back, but you gotta have a plan in place to make up that revenue or save up that revenue.

Justin Trosclair 37:18
Have you ever hired a filling doc? What was your experience?

Unknown 37:22
I have not. So I don’t really have any experience with that.

Justin Trosclair 37:25
I can’t hardly find anybody. It’s one of my very first interviews was guy named Nathan and Dr. Nathan and he had like a locum practice and stuff like that. And I think that’s a really great idea. First thing that myself I can’t remind mutton remember if I ever actually wanted to, because there’s there’s two sides, somebody says it’s great because you don’t lose all your money, somebody will say is not so great, because then you patients are like, Hey, man, can you see you and I got this random dude, or girl. And so then you’re like, the only upset patients when you come back? So I guess it just depends on how busy you are. You’re seeing three 400 a week, you might be worth just,

Unknown 37:58
yep, I think if you do do it yet, patients knows saying I’m going to be on this week, here’s this long sale had been explained the situation and then give them the chance to either see you see that locum that week or wait a week to see them? But because there will be those people that are hurting and they just want to keep on with care? least in my opinion, I don’t have a good answer, because I’ve been there before. But it’s a great point to me that you got to be fair with people.

Justin Trosclair 38:21
Yeah, agreed. I like that. That’s a good point. So much, you probably have this a home and work life balance. How do you how do you get that? Oh,

Unknown 38:29
let’s see. Because I didn’t have that a lot last year, especially when I had more than agency model. Whereas the ads for this year, what really got me to where I had have work life balance is the same note of things. You know, saying no, to even good things is the key. So for me that was the big thing is, is my spiritual life. Is my family life where I wanted to be an answer was no. So I just simply had to say no to doing ads for chiropractors, because it took a too much time and energy. So if you want balance, you guys say no to certain things. And then thank you. The other thing is that I lost my train of thought, say no to things. And then that’s the biggest thing, I guess. since I can remember the second thing I was gonna say, I was only have five kids

Justin Trosclair 39:19
have that many kids. So how do you this is just all kind of more off topic. But how do you deal with that? Like, how do you have time you come home, maybe have three hours? If they’re a little bit older, maybe have four hours there been times later? Do you have like 20 minutes with this one in 20 minutes with that one, or it’s all out wrestling for the next 30 minutes. So everybody has enough time with daddy? Like how did you

Unknown 39:41
find it? I have two or three kids on my laptop, Jimmy Olsen It’s kind of crazy, all the other thing I was gonna say was, for me, the big thing is that I have a 25 minute drive to and from work. So that’s my time to have a little time to myself to listen to some worship music or just have to silence and pray or you know, let’s do a podcast. But that’s my little time to kind of decompress between seen, you know, 4050 people in a day or more, and then coming over to my kids. But so what we do is we try to take least 2030 minutes a week, if not longer. Ideally, it’s like a date thing. So I tried day, my wife and I try to date my kids, you know, at least once once in a while. Or we just go on the towel and we go to the pet store and look at all the animals so but at home just putting this thing on silent the phone on silent and just being present the big thing so and they all feel loved they all time and attention so it’s just a matter of being intentional about it to

Justin Trosclair 40:48
a the intentional part actually is well the psychologist we’ve had on there. That was one of the big things they said I just been intentional with your wife been intentional with your kids now and like I said turn off your phone smart besides date night? Is there anything that you can do to keep the love alive? I heard it

Unknown 41:04
really put well one time where they said that we pursue what we don’t have someone we’re dating that person, we kind of have them but we don’t. And so when you get married, you have them there. You feel like you’re locked in there, they’re yours for life. So it’s easy to let that that idea of pursuit fall away that idea of having such interest in the fall away so the date nights the big one but it’s always fun to be interested in what’s going on in her life. You know what is going on with the kid was what are her dreams and what her aspirations

Unknown 41:40
is the big thing is just not passively having this marriage covenant but we’re actively and keep going back to it Fonterra typical but being intentional with my pursue my wife and just always you know I make and then we just had a good sermon series about this I make got my, my relationship with my God, my number one right behind that my relationship with my wife. So it’s just you got to have those priorities in place and, and don’t lose that suit because we’re all great in the dating phase. And then we get good at Happy married. You can ask yourself do that.

Unknown 42:15
What I mean I can cut this part out to but with the nomination, are you I’m worst enemies of God or church, but you wouldn’t know about coming into more of a non denominational feel. So

Justin Trosclair 42:24
now a part of some churches were like, Hey, this is Baptist.

I would have never guessed that was like you don’t even have it on the door. And he was like, well, we’re still part of the convention. You like, Oh, alright, then whatever.

Unknown 42:37
He’ll fight assembly, hillside church. So you know, that’s the trend right? Get Reynolds denominational things. That’s cool. Hey, do you have like the big the big light shows and all this now? You might want to cut the Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 42:49
me too. I like it. I was just curious. I was trying to feel the love it. I love it. I mean, I think it’s fun. And people. You know, you got to meet people where they are like, a piano in the front point.

Unknown 42:58
No, it’s I think he go over the top a little bit. But yeah, it’s Yeah, yeah, it’s just the presentation, right? Lean In our denomination came in to their something big the at our church, he said, he brought out little cans of wd 40. And he said, You know, there’s this can and this is what it looked like. And now I get a little spray bottle and a little pen and you said all the packaging is saved the same. But what’s inside? Or is it all the packages changed, but what’s inside the stayed the same? So the message of the gospel doesn’t change, but how you package it and deliver it is what changes. So I thought that really good way to put it.

Justin Trosclair 43:34
Yeah, they will one time it was indeed a peanut butter and jelly series. And it was talking about like the wife and the husband and that relationship that they have and all that kind of stuff. And that was a cute, it worked. And they always have a series at least once or twice a year about marriages. And they always come up with new ways to do it. So it just keeps it enjoyable and kind of edgy. So people yeah,

Unknown 43:54
we have this a little bit of a tangent and like I said, you can always cut out at our church. We have a children’s pastor who is actually the president of the world clown Association. So he Okay, he does like he does he has like tricks and magic and all this other stuff. And it’s just to keep the people’s attention the kids attention the kids love going to church because Randy makes it so fun and stuff, but it’s, it’s I’ve been to his church, his kid services, it’s it’s, it’s an outage, you learned stuff. I learned stuff. So just to kind of further say what you said it’s, it’s about just meeting people where they’re at. So, you know, we have

Unknown 44:33

Justin Trosclair 44:35
no clown, like, thank you. So my wife is exactly my wife is a relatively new Christian. We’re having a baby in August. I will.

Yeah, they sir. It’s a it’s four months. So we’re excited. But um, she’s English as a second language. So when she’s trying to like read the Bible Bible, it’s like whoa, so I gotta like this little like a kids bye bye that you read like a two year old cloud through it got the basics. It was like and then my mom gave her like a teenager Bible. And she’s almost finished the whole thing and really proud of and so thick book. But she’s like, I get it. This is the first time like everything is just sort of flowed and it’s not like hodgepodge all over the place. So anyway, so she’s she’s excited about it. I guess just saying she’s not a kid but she you know, English is your second language is gonna be little bit harder to grasp. It looks like you’re using some Rosetta Stone speakers. headphones. Is that true? Yeah, that’s what they want from me out. Yeah, me too. So I don’t know what language you’re learning. But is this little

Unknown 45:37
boy Yeah, definitely. And that’s usually bring it back to what we talked about earlier is you got to do that for your patients. Right? You got to dominate way the heck down because they’ll tell you to either prostrate thinking I’ll say their shoulder hurts and point right here to there CT junction. So I think those are useful things, remember our practices to with it? We got to meet people where they’re at.

Justin Trosclair 45:56
Okay. Okay, last question. We all tend to have our favorite read books, blogs, podcasts, his phone apps. If you forget any of those, I’ll remind you, but do you have any favorite ones that you’re like you secretly love and some that you’re like, everyone just needs to start

Unknown 46:10
looking at this. So phone apps. One of the big one I would really really love is actually audible. I love audiobooks. That’s usually what’s playing when I’m on my car, right between to and from work. And really any if I’m doing dishes, I have an audiobook plane usually a lot of the time. So audible is one of my favorite favorite app is you can someone passively consume the information. I think it was a book you really want to learn from, it’s helpful to have a hard copy as well, because I think you you retain it a lot better. That’s one of the big ones is audible and looking through my phone to be honest. That’s the big one, I would say is audible. Don’t overlook on the books. And then what were the other thing, the blog,

Justin Trosclair 46:53
any podcast, you’d like to listen to any books that you would recommend on all of them?

Unknown 46:57
I love I love it, oldie but it’s a good and I put off reading it for a long, long time. I thought it was such a brain sounding book and it’s old. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie is amazing. And you feel read that or listen to that you realize how much of the self help and personal development stuff that you here today, even how many years later is really rooted in what he taught for the first time in that book. So I absolutely love How to Win Friends and Influence People. I’m a big fan of perpetual traffic podcast. I love that podcast. I love Dave Ramsey’s entre leadership podcast. And I absolutely love

Unknown 47:44
Rick mall and his podcast. He has one called I can look for it but written already. He has another social media marketing podcast, so yep, those are all good podcast. But how about yourself? What? Maybe you want to cut this part out for?

Justin Trosclair 48:01
No, this is great. You know what no one ever asked Jessica what he likes. Okay, so I’ve got let’s see. Freedom Fast Lane. It’s kind of Amazon sales and some real estate stuff. Ryan something Moran? He’s cool. I like perpetual traffic, social media marketing. Oh, Michael cylinder.

Unknown 48:20

Justin Trosclair 48:20
Yeah, that’s the name. I actually like this one called the cash based practice, Jared Carter. He’s a physical therapist. And it’s just a different viewpoint of how they have a cash practice in something like PT where you wouldn’t expect right in my opinion more because they’re so insurance based.

Russell Brunson. He seems like he always gets a new podcast every couple years. I don’t know what’s going on with that but and then the one I do like is from buffer the science of social media that only like 15 minutes so it’s kind of like almost like a research review. What we did a split test of $100,000 and these are what we found out as far as videos and links and so those are some of the basic ones that I tend to go back to and

it’s fun so yeah, everybody you just got a mountain of podcast that you can download in spend hours, but 1.7 speed it doesn’t take an hour. I did this start listening to audiobooks on 1.25 I think it is. So I know if I bring up I’ll come on you do better than that.

Unknown 49:24
I don’t know if I keep hoping.

Unknown 49:27
I’ll tell you

Justin Trosclair 49:30
when you get a good point, you’re like having a reverse it three times like I just did just slow it down. You’re being a lot way so now so well. How can people find out more about you what you’re doing in reach out the inspired chiropractor, calm is my website, that’s probably the best place to reach me at.

Unknown 49:46
And I can always message me on Facebook, that’s probably the next best way to do it. Just look up Sean Andrews, I’m the ball guy with the beard in the classes. And it’s pretty easy to be paying out just send me a message and and we’ll connect go from there.

Justin Trosclair 50:03
People ask a good bit. How do you monetize a podcast? Well, if you have a big enough audience, you can just get advertisers and they just pay you a fee. Other times you get a little creative, like with affiliates. So you recommend a product and you get commissioned, but hopefully you actually enjoy the product that you’re recommending. And in this case I do so a doctor’s perspective net slash resources. You have all this stuff like blueberry for the hosting. That’s why I use set for set they’ve got these wild steel mesas while I don’t use that they do have these power bands and they’re great for stretching and mobilizing joints that definitely locked up mentor box, get a book, listen to it by the author summarizing the book but also things that they learned since they wrote it as well as a workbook to help you out. We got primal doc as a coupon code for primal health, bone broth, it’s paleo auto immune diet based you got no sugar, no soy, no, no allergies, no gluten, no dairy, and you can save 10% off with the promo code. You got Russell Brunson and Click Funnels if you ever want.com secrets are experts secrets, if you click that link and get the book at a good price as well as helped me out and the only that Amazon anything that the guests recommend, if you see a hot link, a blue link in the show notes you click those and via one of the books are under the products, I’ll give a piece of that and I appreciate it. We’ve got new t shirts, we got to Louisiana theme, it’s my home state some kind of fond of it. We gotta make lemonade eliminates t shirt and of course some chiropractic shirts that are tongue in cheek but hopefully you guys like them and gals. Also, if you’re into lessons learned in China, my first book exercises stretches help with numbness, budgeting, all that type of thing you can try four chapters free a doctor’s perspective, net slash chapters, also acupuncture if you like no needle acupuncture if you like that idea if you always wanted to try it but you don’t have one nearby or you just don’t have two hours a day to go you know to me Dean and getting the treatment everything doesn’t mean you do at your house 30 minutes for a little over a week and you’ll see results now a doctor’s perspective net slash in a political as in needless acupuncture. So in a protocol, you get four chapters for free these complete with the words and the pictures and how to do it how when you should do it, all those types of questions, anxiety, insomnia, back pain, headaches, so check that out, you’ll be forwarded to a page will a video and are going to do is put your email in. And if you don’t like the upsell, after that, just scroll to the bottom click know and then you’ll get the next page where you can actually download them. Also, if you looked at doing an acupuncture pin, it’s kind of like a 10s unit you will use for your muscles. But it’s been modified for stimulating acupuncture points off of a nine volt battery in go to a doctor’s perspective. NET slash Ethan you can buy that on the website as well. Thank you all so much for checking out all these resources. And if you have any questions, please let me know. Rank us five stars leave a review greatly appreciated. As always, if you have any special guests that you would love to hear or a series that you would like reach out on the top right of the website, have all the social media icons, just click the one that your favorite and connect.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain and this episode has come to an end. I hope you got the right dose for your optimal life. Please spread the word about this podcast by telling to friends, share it on social media and visit the show notes on a doctor’s perspective. net to see all the references from today’s guest. A sincere thank you in advance. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin trust Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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