M 58 Why Take a Nap

a doctors perspective minisode 58 justin trosclair why take a nap

Taking a nap is advantageous for many reasons. I discuss a few of these. If you wondered if kids and adults should nap for better cognitive function, you would be correct.

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Minisodes Series Number 58 today is GonNa be Kinda quick, but of course we’ve got a sponsor today.

Now Were talking about sleep deprivation from Ariana Huffington, it’s an article that I read. So it was talking about how we’re in a culture where it’s go go go also grind tenax baby. To what end?

That was different podcast you to the west end part, but this one is do we need only sleep for hours nine should we sleep six wind as a matter and what their knows who like students? They stay up late sometimes are they just really their clocks? Their internal clocks is too early to wake up.

And so there was a sal schools who were wake up at seven, thirty, eight, thirty or school started I should say at seven thirty versus eight thirty and it was massive difference like when they put him back to sleep. And measured how fast go into deep sleep it was super-quick. which is so that means they just were not even in a environment that it would want to learn in that could process all the information as fast says, if they would start at one hour later.

Corporate offices are commonly seen nap rooms and there’s a wait list, and of course, it’s like part of San. Francisco Tech startups that are doing it the most but the notices hey, people get tired.

They take fifteen minutes they’re rejuvenated good to go.

As definitely my thing, you can also take vacation that are and are they do so that it improves performance and acupuncture as well as the lavender smell can help with the circadian rhythm.

So I’m not suggesting you light a candle while you sleep.

But if you do have trouble sleeping, you know they turn off your phone about two hours are at least an hour before you go to bed that blue light at least program your phone to turn off the blue light as much that timeframe you don’t Wanna go to bed and I guess you could burn smell avengers smell or lavender oil on your arm or something like that to become more calm and tranquil before you sleep.

And what’s the best leap for you tried out six seven eight hours and to me it’s it’s there’s no wrong answer. But if you find yourself gregory tired and not focusing very well like you have to have coffee and I just avoid the headache but the just stay alert and all that or earn energy drink the apprentice enough sleep.

I love my naps ten or fifteen minutes. I’m good to go arrest of the day. Don’t always get them but a definitely feel the difference I do energy.

So that’s the episode for today all the shots and the transcript had doctor perspective dot net slash fifty eight there have a great week. Joy The song by Dr arton.

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