brene brown

E 126 Add A Gym to Your Clinic Josh Satterlee DC

Make a clinic gym hybrid your next profitable expansion. Dr. Josh Satterlee goes through the why, how much square feet, fees, equipment, hiring, special certifications, class sizes and much more. You got them pain free, let’s keep them with exercise. He has a sad yet interesting story on how he went from engineering and biomechanics…

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E 64 Finding Your Blog Voice Dr Heather Denniston DC WellFitandFed

Why go from private practice to full time blogging, how to monetize the blog, her 3 day reset and change cave programs, influencers in her life, how to make a long distance relationship blossom and staffing tips. Dr Heather Denniston of WellFitandFed. What is the reason for someone to go from clinical practice to blogging…

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