E 64 Finding Your Blog Voice Dr Heather Denniston DC WellFitandFed

Why go from private practice to full time blogging, how to monetize the blog, her 3 day reset and change cave programs, influencers in her life, how to make a long distance relationship blossom and staffing tips. Dr Heather Denniston of WellFitandFed. What is the reason for someone to go from clinical practice to blogging…

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Episode 36: One on Ones plus Instagram for wellness professionals Kristina Centnere

   Kristina Centnere dives into Instagram, social media, business education and one on ones for wellness professionals. Two books, video tutorials, how she works anywhere, tips to hire and all this on an online platform called Total Wellness Connect.   Founder of  Total Wellness and The Health Connections Podcast.  Total Wellness Connect is a…

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Episode 31: Concussion Specialist and Franchise Chiropractor Dr Rich Baez Atlas Upper Cervical Specific

Dr. Rich Baez DC adjusts c1 (Atlas) and c2 (Axis) only in a franchise chiropractic company called The Specific.  One of the reasons he decided to focus on just the upper cervical is because of his own post-concussion syndrome symptoms being resolved. Can CSF in your brain stagnant and cause symptoms?  What does Dr Baez…

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