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e 155 a doctors perspective mobile chiro bethany buryta DC NY
Dr. Bethany Buryta, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

Mobile – drive to your house- chiropractic can be a profitable practice style and allows for flexibility for parents. We also discuss software, social media influencer ideas, cash practice tips.

With over 10 years experience, 3 state licenses (currently Rochester, NY), and a desire to stay active in her kids lives (part time stay at home mom – part time chiropractor), Dr. Bethany Buryta dives into how she landed on mobile chiropractic in New York.

Tips for New Grads looking for an Associate Doctor Position

Mobile Chiropractic, don’t forget to log your miles to and from each house.

A perk of visiting their house is that you can see exactly their desk ergonomics setup, offer tailored pillow advice and other nuances we can only guess at while in office.

As a women, how does she stay safe going into ‘strangers’ homes. (3 options)

Not everyone has a clean house, how do you handle those situations?

Influencer Opportunities and Amazon

Instagram is a source for her new patients, as well as getting DM’s for influencer opportunities. Discover a few tips to help your local reach and authority.

Dr. Buryta was always told she takes too much time with each patients: now that’s actually a selling point for mobile at home services. She has more time to explain and show exercises, a thorough exam, nutrition advice, ergonomics, ADL’s and more.

When a common treatment plan for the first two weeks is 3 visits to the office, how can most mobile chiropractic practices only recommend once or twice per week?

Software for Payment and Records

Why does she use ChiroHealth for her discount rates even though she is not in-network with insurances?

She still accepts EHR forms of payment and JaneApp makes it easy to give patients a ‘superbill’ as well as tons of online forms, scheduling and makes telehealth a breeze.

Reasons you should consider having an amazon associate/affiliate store to have patients buy direct through your links.

Also, an online supplement distribution website has been really helpful for her to recommend to patients without having to carry products.

Jen Faber’s episode, Aaron LeBauer and Jarod Carter’s episodes on cash practice – mobile services could be an excellent follow up to this interview.

Books: Profit First, Good to Great, 12 Week Year

@Drbethanyburytadc www.rochousecallchiro.com

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/155 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

e 155 a doctors perspective mobile chiropractor bethany buryta
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off shots tape absorb one hundred fifty five mobile. Mom chiropractic. Dr Justin chose Claire Today. Reductive Bethany burqas prospective join two thousand seventeen and eighteen podcast awards nominated host and bestselling author on Amazon. As we get behind the curtain. Look at all types of doctor and guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. Thank you so much for listening to the show today. We talked to Doctor Bethany. Who is a mobile chiropractor? After being an associate three different states you will find tips for new grads why she uses Cairo health and Jane APP. How did you live Amazon commissions to make a little extra cash the power of Instagram? And more things you probably would like to know about a mother of two who is forced to home school while also doing mobile chiropractic so this falls right in line with some of the other mobile health that we’ve done in cash practices because she has cash practice. If you check the show notes page. You’ll find books that she likes as well as some of the episodes that you might be interested in as follow up so just check the show notes. At a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one five self plugged two of them. Sixteen different ways. You Ho- chopsticks if you’re ever interested in like oh. I’m not good at holding them. What do I do go doctor? Spectrum dot net slash Chopsticks and get the PDF. It is a companion to the China Culture Book and the Coloring Book that is trilingual and and animals. That are not as common in kids. Coloring books is on. Its Way it’s not quite done but it’s so much closer than it was in the past. It’s definitely check Amazon with my name and you may be confined it. So lastly review five stars. If you can are on top of the web pages all the social media links you can handle find one me. Let me know which thoughts are. And that way. It can improve the show for you the listeners. Let’s go hashtag behind. The curtain live from Germany and Rochester. New York on the show. We’ve got a great guest. She’s been out nearly a decade. She is in New York which during covert nineteen is really. It seems like as being shut down and she was a mobile chiropractor so did she actually get shut down and she’s conditioned into some telehealth business so that’s pretty cool some Amazon and she’s going to have some good information about e HR and some other programs that she’s found vital to her clinic. So please welcome Dr Bethany Baretta. Thank you so much for having me. Dive you BETCHA. Well the biggest thing you can say is no need to be nervous. It’s our first podcast. You’re so we’re excited to take it easy right the jump in your first full year almost of mobile so you were doing associates hips and things like that before so instead of doing the Hawaii Chiropractic. What happened during the associates? Probably taken insurance doing that whole thing and then now saying that. Let’s go cash and let’s go mobile. Yeah it was about eight years in practice. Several associate ships In three states so I started out practicing in downtown Chicago In wicker Park in Illinois I was there a couple years credentialed with insurance and all that fun stuff My husband’s job relocated us to Michigan. So we were in Metro Detroit for another couple of years where I also practiced as an associate and then we recently almost half almost two years. Now that we’ve been in upstate western New York Where I grew up closer to where I grew up. I’m not from Rochester from South of here in the singer lakes but We moved out here to be closer to family in and I decided when when we were in Michigan that I was ready. I didn’t WanNa work for anyone else anymore than I was ready to take on my own. Practice wound private practice. I’m currently within. The first year is started. I saw my first patient in June. Twenty nineteen in my mobile practice. So I on site care to my patients It’s unique unique service to offer in my area. We’ve got NYC chiropractic college about an hour east of here and so it’s very saturated and saturated with a lot of good chiropractors. So you know I had written my business plan out To almost two years ago you know the big Multidisciplinary Dream Clinic that I’ve always wanted and I was like I can’t just move here and you know set up an effect not knowing anyone to violette you know.
05:07 – 10:05
Make it work. I just got creative. It was an idea I’d heard online. My mother-in-law had mentioned why don’t you go off for you know one of when I moved to New York and I initially got licensed. I had a friend issues having stripped pain and I said well I’ll just bring my table income over and that was kind of how this idea. was birthed. You know it gives me the flexibility to create my own schedule I had stayed at home for about a year and a half when we decided to move to New York. Doing all this back end. Webinars business work Business Development but I was a stay at home mom and so I’ve really enjoyed having that lifestyle of being there for my kids and you know going and volunteering in their classrooms. And I wanted to be able to maintain that while also being a chiropractor and serving patients and you know living my dream and Longoria themselves also so okay was there. Anything about an associate’s ship will just kind of go here? And then we’ll we’ll we’ll transition other things red flags that other new look out for whether it’s a bonus structures or work hours off for I I am very. I’m like a perfectionist. So I’m always you know. I’m looking at every angle and I want to know all the information before I make a decision and I I would say the biggest thing with me. Every time I went into an interview or I met someone or it was networking just to be authentic. Like be yourself. Try to fit this mold. Like they want someone that they’re that’s their seven days a week going out on marketing events. They want this and that like if that’s not you and that’s not a goal that or something that’s a stepping stone to get you to your ultimate goals like. Don’t don’t pretend don’t play. Just just be yourself. You know you’ll find that match. There are so many chiropractors in there so many different styles and techniques and philosophies that you gotta you know if you’re going to do an associate ship you really have to make sure it aligns with your values and what you’re trying to accomplish in life so that would be my piece of advice though. Joined THE STREETCAR proctor. When you really WanNa do Rehab just like your skills? Are that bad coming out of school. Anita right yeah don’t feel desperate because I mean we went through a lot to get this degree in all. Its and then you gotta get certified take four sets a boards depending on what state you’re practicing and then he got a license. I just don’t play around. Just be yourself and be be who you are in. That’s how you’re going to serve your patients best. That’s how you’re GONNA make your loss money. You know it’s mobile things. You’re going to people’s houses. Are you working out of a van or do you go into their house options there? I know I’ve seen like I used to have this dream of having like my short bus that I would drive around and you don’t get like other stack to be an her short bus and put a table in there therapies. Whatever but no right now I have. I have a couple of bags. I have some equipment. I do some therapies on patients. Pregnant patients I mean. I’ve got all these pillows and supports. But yeah just a you know. I’m able to log my miles. I’ve got an APP. I’ll happened my car. Log the miles. Get to the patient’s house and then it’s go time you know you sat up. Usually in a living room. Offend a bathroom an interesting. It’s been fun but it’s interesting because I love to travel and I love to see new places being mobile not just from a perspective of. I’m not like tied down to anything. But you know I’m able to see patients homes in their economic stations where they sitting with their computer doing work on. What is their sleeping posture? Like this mattress. You Know Supportive Enough. People ask all the time about pillows and you know in the state what. Let me see your pillow. You can’t do that in an office setting so it makes it really accessible to patients. And it’s Real. So is it weird. Is it ever especially as a female? Let’s just be honest. There’s some weirdoes out there. But if you’re dealing with a lot of pregnant ladies probably not GonNa have as much of an issue there. But how do you protect yourself? And is it just awkward going into people’s homes if it’s like pack rats? How does that play? Oh my gosh. Yeah also. So when I’m gonNA designed this practice like from the jump. I knew that safety was an important thing for me. I have my husband. We use Google maps. It’s super easy so I just share my location with him all the time and he can track me where I’m at you’ll see me and you know if got our little safe. Where and all that trouble. I definitely plan on taking some self defense forces to in the future. I mean that was like on board. That was my goal for the spring. But obviously that’s not going to happen and then the teaser is so the way another way.
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I designed the only guy. She US electrical stem tool for you know but I also designed the practice so the biggest thing is that it’s it’s mostly by referral. Only so it’s people that I know and trust or that. I have someone that I know. Who has vouched for another person? I have had Some of my best patients come from INSTAGRAM’s they’re they’re strangers but you know they’re on social media so you can stock them and you can make sure it’s not going to be a situation that you’re like like her when you see it. She doesn’t have a ton of post and you can see why because everything is super planned out probably took. I don’t know how long it took to build all of that so it’s definitely not something like mine where. Oh let’s throw picture this. Let’s throw picture that like it’s super guided informational. It’s got a good layout John Thank you. I’m glad you like it. I try really hard to put a lot of time in attention into it like I said because I got some of my best patients and referrals from instagram. And it’s what’s an artistic outlet for me too. I love. I love taking photos. I’ve used instagram since twenty. Thirteen two thousand twelve or something so I enjoy it. It’s fun for me. You know. It’s open so many doors to because I mean local networking collaborations. I’ve got now like I get like five emails. Dm’s Day that people are like we want you to represent our wellness brand. It’s cool you know because then you can share that Info and patients. Can you know? I don’t have to even touch her ever like ceased on one but can help them with Diet and exercise and at home recommendations when we’re doing instagram for local. Are there any tips so that we can appear more to our local crowd like union certain Hashtags or? Do you have any kind of strategy? This question I do I’m young living independent distributor to we were on a call just the other night and someone asked me this and in. Hash tags are huge for me. I I had one post that six thousand of the views out of the seven thousand interactions engagements at had. It was the from the hashed incredible and I had no idea even in stories. I posted Hashtag. Newt was pregnant or baby or something in that it just went. Not so you know. And it’s just all I’m just trial and error seeing what works. We’ve got some groups that I work with like of that does some Cutler Cairo cod that. We support each other. We like each other’s stuff in common and that’s been really awesome for growth and you know and then we chat about you know how today on the the group chat was at. House everyone handling covert. What are you doing to keep yourself in a positive So finding those run says finder tried like find your online tribe too. ’cause that’s really important at least for my business and growing it and putting the info out there wonderful when we’re talking the mobile chiropractic you’re in their house to a treatment. How long is this taking? Because sometimes I’ll think about him like I really WanNa do this and I’m like well you’re pretty limited so either. The price is high or maybe I don’t spend as much time as I think you do. In U cluster. Your area at a time like how does that play out? Great questions so this is one of the things that I enjoy most about being my own boss. Now when I was an associate I remember. I was in a room and One of the first patients of the day I was booked out like forty people that day. So when you fall behind you get you know. It’s just it’s for everyone. Yes I had someone knocking on the door. You know one of the as and they were like Ben in their seven minutes. You gotta get out onto the next one. I just everyone my whole career has always told me. I’m too slow and I take too long with patients and and I’m like well F- that now I have my own boss and I spend my visits. My first visit is sixty to ninety minutes. And I go home and I do the no Niger. Follow up and Nutritional recommendations and at home exercise I mean it takes me even more time to put together my report of findings so I spend a lot of time with patients. I know for a fact. My postpartum pregnancy Visit is the longest. And that’s like ninety minutes. I’ve timed it from the time I get to the patient store till the time I leave their doors. So that’s not even including the commute which Rochester anywhere you can get in fifteen twenty minutes. So that’s not a big of a deal but I feel like I had the time now to help at like actually help patients and see them as little as possible. Because that’s the goal right like you don’t want to be someone who’s like three times a week for the rest of your life. You want to have the tools to enable yourself to to be healthy at home so I mean. I do a ton of stuff on the CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT.
15:01 – 20:01
I mean if it was someone I knew. Well it takes me five minutes now. I know I know you’re fine but I’m able now to do. I mean we do. Health and wellness goal setting pain management and distractions eighty els Activity modifications do nutritional consultation. We talk about supplementation ‘s recommendations. We talk about sleep worker economics. Do Posture Picture. It’s digital so when you’re doing this is it a flat rate per like thirty minutes or an hour. Is that how you bill instead of? Per Service. Eso I just like I’m cash and private pay only so. Don’t accept insurance. I don’t credential with them I have in. I didn’t Michigan and Illinois. Not On. That was an easy decision. Not to credential here take payment at the time of service and it’s my new patient fee and then my established patient fee And I just kind of whether it’s thirty minutes or an hour going to be the same fee is it depends on what needs to be done. Yeah and sometimes it’s like four like a follow up can be anywhere from forty to sixteen minutes depending on you know fed. We’ve been under care for three months and this was just a maintenance visit and we’re just getting you on to the next. You know season of life with mobile. Do you do once a week or is it twice a week Max how that plays treatment plans are tricky? Because if I am providing an hour worth of care you don’t need three visits a week. Where if you were in a traditional chiropractic setting it’d be like five minutes three times a week to get fifteen minutes of care versus my hours of care in the backup right That being said I mean just a a couple of months ago before all this. I had hot low back patient. I saw her every day and then every other day until she could stand up straight again. You know. So it’s it’s case by case have some infants that With developmental issues. That maybe take a little more time and attention. It just depends. Nobody does that in mobile. It seems to be once a week. Maybe twice a week because your book out to. It’s not that easy to get back to that person’s house because you’re going to so many hours some people in our saw. I think it was Jin Faber. One of episodes. She ended up realizing pretty quickly. The minimum. I’m working more hours are than necessary. And then she was like I gotTa pull it back. I’m not working this time of the day or that time of the day. And that’s just how it is like. My schedule is now my own because otherwise people will come after work like the point was to come during work. Obviously if you’re not working but to make it more accessible you you don’t WanNa work till eight o’clock tonight overnight either well and that’s you know and that’s why my schedule it’s by appointment only and I base my schedule off my husband’s because we when I did the associate ship that was always the problem. Was that it was that you know. Unlike the last month there to pick up my kids from from daycare at like Oh i WanNa drop them off the last one there and it got really hard for us to manage as a family so now. I just designed like my husband’s in the emergency department. Sometimes he’s like nights evenings but I just open it up when he’s home we don’t have to figure out who’s going to raise our kids because it’s just us and It gives me the flexibility. Like you know. It’s a Sunday evening here at four o’clock in Rochester and I could open up my schedule and go see someone because he’s home with the kids you know so. I’m available seven days a week but you know with within my my Hours and schedule and Annette has really worked for our family. Always have this time on Tuesday. You like actually no we do it. Is You know but as much as I can accommodate you know. I try to be flexible in air for people and now use something called Cairo health now when I was in practice in Colorado bally’s back then it was something set up to where if you had cash patients but you were in network with insurance you’re not supposed to have different fees but we all like to usually reduce fees for cash patients so there was a program there to be able to offer a legitimate discount. I don’t know what freeze they use. Legally they have some phrase like not a cash rate or a membership land with the crap. They WANNA call themselves so that they don’t get sued by the insurance companies so whatever that is disclaimer. How are they now in? Why would you use it as a cash practice since you don’t have to deal with the insurance is coming back saying we want money right? I struggled for probably. I still struggle with my fee schedule. Sometimes you know we all know what we feel like. We’re our value in what we’re worth and what we should charge and what our time is worth and and all that and I just this is a concierge. Type service at not have should be expensive.
20:02 – 25:04
We should not be charging forty dollars which is less than what a carburetor would probably throw it in office and you’re visiting and doing commuting and missing work and all that right right so you know I I struggled because I am a mom. I know that healthcare is expensive and I wanted to be affordable for my patient so I struggled with you know who do I discount. How do I discount? How much is that ethical am? I GonNa like violate some sort of you know laws because the scheduling with when you’re credentialed with insurance it makes it very difficult to to get paid and get paid a fair rate so when I originally I think I found Cairo health through their webinars. They put on really good webinars at some point. I just need to call them up. Three for Chiropractors to us but what? I found through all my research and through talking with Heather. My Rep there. They gave me the ability to offer. Discount membership plan for families that covers legal dependence. It allows me to give those family discounts. But I’m still able to maintain compliance At a lower cost and then for people who have non covered services. So it’s like a costco membership you pay for. The patient pays forty nine dollars a month that covers all of their dependence. And then I’m able to to offer for the year yet and I’m able to offer that discount and extend that so because that was one thing at the time when I started I was. I was charging two hundred dollars for my new patient visit in you know I had. I think it was like a family of six. It was like a very large family. A mom or inquire about you know getting cheer robbery. I CANNOT EAST ZAM is worth it but good grief twelve hundred bucks in day. Yeah you know when I just and I was like there’s gotta be a better way but I am not a numbers person. I don’t like very grateful when I connected with Cairo House. Usa because know just a couple of calls on the phone a couple emails and we got a fee schedule. That I’m comfortable with. I feel like I’m GonNa get reimbursed what I deserve. I feel like it’s fair for patients to pay this amount and it’s helpful to discount the way that I do. Are they allowed or do you provide some kind of bill? They can re submit to their insurance. How playout yes so being cash. I mean you think that it’s just it’s just going to pay with money but I am able to accept. Hsa IN FFA for payments I-. Yup I just code. I used the CPT in icy ten codes that I would normally on and then Jane App. My EA charges me the ability to provide a super bill to patients So that I would collect payment at the time of service and then provide them with a super bowl and then they can go to their insurance company in if they have benefits. They’ll get re about reimbursed directly. I never asked that question with any other. People never really thought about it so all all the patients at UC could hey. Can I get an itemized bill so I can see reimbursed? Are you allowed? Do you know if you can say no. It’s not allowed because I’m not spending an official eight minutes doing mile fashion been six and now it’s getting tricky are maybe. I spent thirty five but the only going to charge you for one. You know what I mean because we can take a while but there’s all those time. Coz right what the answer is. And that’s that’s exactly why I don’t credential with insurance. I mean in Michigan you could do. I love doing therapeutic Rehab In exercises and Kenichiro taping all the things that that take time and nobody not the insurance. WanNa pay for it and it’s helpful to patients it you know. I don’t what I would do. I would just charge for what I charge and encourage the patient like you may have benefits. Who may not? You may have chiropractic adjustment. Only in they make only. I don’t know New York state laws but sometimes you know you’d only get reimbursed for pain code or whatever it is. I don’t I don’t have to question that I’ll get paid. Then if they if they have coverage if that you know start using stem or grasping or other techniques in my practice in their insurance covers it I’ll quote it and I can supply that to them but I you know after that I just I hate the fact that insurance can dictate what they think. The patient needs what they’re going to help pay for because patients are paying the premiums like they’re the ones that are paying into this insurance so you know. And they’re more likely if they get a super bill and they want coverage and they call up. The insurance company’s GonNa want to give their consumer. You know their money back. They’re not gonNA give the Chiropractor ’cause we definitely started one hundred and fifty for an hour or an appointment and that might take between thirty minutes to an hour.
25:04 – 30:10
Some kind of range. Because I was talking to one Guy Jared Carter. I think it was him are. Maybe it was bar but they were talking about. They used to do an hour but then sometimes they’re like yeah. I’m Kinda done with you. It’s twenty seven minutes into your our. You paid for an hour either. I have to say hey cool. It’s only half the rate and then I’m lost thirty minutes to the next patient or you have to figure something out so that they get their our either way you kind of feel icky on the inside so they discovered I guess they changed it to like. It’s just this is the rate and my point is if you just say. Hey it’s one fifty boom. You still need to document everything you’ve done that visit. But that’s different than it down per code so that they can try and get reimbursed. But that’s why we’re not lawyers so consult your your lawyers concert your your carpet board and maybe find some help with some of these very strong particulars that we don’t get in trouble. ’cause I’m guessing if you call Blue Cross and said Hey I wanNA be a provider. You could probably find someone that can answer some of these questions. Oh Yeah it’s it’s so convoluted I can’t keep up with the insurance companies like. I’m just so happy that I haven’t every now. And then just twenty. The early part of twenty twenty alone turned away five patients that you like do. I know you don’t take insurance on like sorry. It’s just I’m not. I can’t well we’re GONNA ask about Gina. Gene wants to sponsor the program. Let me know but for now. They’re not what is it about them that you like? Because I know there’s lots of different programs. I interviewed the one that I liked the most. What what do you think? Seal the deal for a new doctors. That are coming out. Yes so one thing with the mobile practice is that I knew I wanted to be virtual online like able to move anywhere and Jane App has given me the ability to do that I am able to offer scheduling Payments Online Patients can do their intake forms from their smartphone or tablet computer in bad on the toilet. I don’t care like you know they. It’s so convenient It’s safe secure hip compliant and with everything going on recently. You know they’ve off. I’ve had the ability to I had telehealth capabilities when all this hit I mean they hit the ground running and they had so much support to can use use them directly into the skype or DOXA. Yeah I just had someone earlier this week and they scheduled on my platform like you would irregular in page in personal appointment and then about an hour before the call you have the ability to to turn it on and sank in contest all this stuff and then we hopped on the call. And it’s like I said secure hip compliant and no additional cost to me as Jane user. I mean. They had tons of webinars allied sessions on these educational sessions. Going on right now. That are awesome. That are just. You know informative for Whether you’re Jane user or not I think it’s free for Jane Users. I gotTA email I. I missed a couple of them on but then I get an email later. That says you know. Here’s the replay. It’s it’s been a great resource. It just made it really easy to like pivot during this time because I don’t you know I don’t know I go crazy if I was just on the phone call. Do they. Process through pay pal or stripe? Or how do they actually setup payments I believe that strike. My patients go on. I require that a credit card on file to book an appointment with me you can also set up so that they You can charge like fifty dollars just to reserve a spot on. I don’t do that. I just have a credit card on file can be Credit Card or your HSA FFA and that’s it so easy makes it really simple. Yeah Lemme ask you about this Amazon. We’ve talked pre talk about yeah different avenues to make money. That’s why we have this random list of questions that we have compared to say the normal flow of the interview. But I think we’ve hit all the points when you if you stuck around this long so I had a store once upon a time with Amazon and all the books that podcast guests would recommend. Am I own stuff that I recommend Yada Yada? They click a link and then if they buy you know you get a commission but then there are. Hey the stores are done and now you just put links in all that. So how are you working that to get affiliates? How’s that look? Yeah yes so. Originally when I learned about it was the Amazon influence sir. And that is when you have a social media account that you have X. amount of followers and and then you can create your own store and have the swipe up and all that and so that would was when I originally learned about it and then as I was digging deeper into research this was I mean over a year ago. This has been like a dream of mine to put foot this store together and I found I can’t remember if it’s Amazon associate or Amazon affiliate and I applied.
30:10 – 35:16
I think I got denied because I didn’t have an awful something followers or whatever I don’t know but Finally I got accepted. And then you head what ninety days to make the sale or something and I just like I could not figure out how to get it on my website. I mean it’s been very complicated like online. Check out on your own page. Yeah yeah so I mean I found now i. I think I’ve mostly figured it out where I have a presence online I I mean from a clinical setting in. You know as a chiropractor that we make recommendations for durable medical equipment and things people can use at home cones as of July recommended. Hurt by this by this by this. Yes over over the nine years that I was in associated practice. I just gathered up all the products that I knew a reliable that I could use that we had talked to wrap set convention or seminar. Whatever I found them on Amazon and then I just created links to my store. And so you mentioned you know someone clicks on that link and then I get a little piece of the Pie and it’s it’s so it’s not like Russell Brunson or something you get two hundred bucks for someone buying programs nothing like that right. And so until I mean and that’s on my end but I from the patient perspective. I know that I’m not if I’m telling you you need in a Sorolla. Si Joint Bell. I know this is like there’s research behind. It helps with people with joint dysfunction. I tell someone that the message gets convoluted. They don’t put it in right. They don’t have the right size. You know I’m able to send them. I go to my website. Click on this link. This is what it’s called I. Yeah I recommended therapy therapeutical pillow a ton. And it’s helped a lot of patients and it’s but it’s sized. It’s a pillow that size two year cervical spine. So that if you’re a backer side sleeper it’s going to help with that curve in your neck right so also size the patient and I’ll be like go here. Make sure do this. But it’s not like they’re just going to Amazon and typing in getting the wrong saying then. They’re hurting themselves. Because they don’t have the right pillow. Bought a Lacrosse Ball Word Ball. No that’s not what you should have bought this boy. Oh I got confused. Don’t be up to them. Sometimes right right it makes it easy because everything is there and I know that that patients are getting what they need when when I direct them. They’re great I like that. I talked to somebody they said they were. They were doing mobile. They would just have the patient bio massage bed for like ninety nine dollars. And he’s like I don’t care what you do with it when you’re done but it’s yours and I’m not traveling with these anymore and I was like well. I was like well will soar all. Oh my gosh stack before all this happened. I had a patient that was referred to me by a massage therapist in he. He was first visit at the end of it. He’s like you know if this is GonNa be something because I’m like next visit with over your findings give you a treatment plan. We’ll get you all set up Caravan you said if this is GONNA be regular can I? Just I do a table. He had a massage table at his home that he bought for his massage therapists. That took us in home. It and I’m like all right. Go ahead by me new table. I would just really appreciate that and here percents when we’re done. I’m on tooling that night. Like like all the bells and whistles like four thousand dollars later relief Airbus. I’ll split that twenty four twenty four you do. You need any staff are. Could you see that you could potentially use someone to orchestrate your appointments or your schedule or like look? I only worked north. Outta town on Mondays. And this place on Tuesdays or do you just traveled all over winter. How could you potentially need a staff person virtual for that matter? You know. I’ve thought about this a little bit because my husband and I were trying to expand our family and You know I thought how manner I have. Two Kids. Now sign on like how Around this fifty pound table you know eight nine months pregnant that being said also. I’ve always loved. Ann enjoyed working in teams. So the more people the better like very social in a now that. I might own boss and I’m only responsible for me. I really don’t want anyone else around. Outspend my it’s been nice having autonomy to do you know my thing But I thank you know if we do you know if I was pregnant. I think I would need. Maybe some some support Still you know I love the in home treatment aspect but I still want you know my my big clinic Eventually so I think once my schedule is totally booked to the Bram with house calls.
35:17 – 40:07
I think that would be the time to think about expanding to an office setting with receptionist adding an assistant and you know you can always ruin space from somebody else to where your once a week. I just have a physical location and I worked there five hours a day once a week and then once that gets crazy start because all of a sudden you go from what some gas to five thousand or head. At least you’re like before we jump into the more personal side of the interview. Anything that you think we missed that. You definitely want to cover. You know the only other saying ’cause I was just kind of thinking of topics that like how could I help other doctors with across the board you know are you essential non essential. Can you practice? Are you comfortable going out? Once one piece that has really helped my practice grow in the past year that can be done totally online. Virtual Is My full script online dispensary that I utilize second mentioned. I do quite a bit of nutrition. Talk about you know Diet but then also like where are you lacking in? Where can we support? You know your nutrition better and the online dispensary has been awesome. It’s the same thing as Amazon affiliate. I offer drop shipping. I don’t carry any stock on. Mcdonald’s love those types of. Yeah Claire Labs all the. It’s all medical grade third party tested prescription only so you have to have an account through me. I’ll give you a recommendation on. I can consult you know. I’ve got tip bud compliant email and my phone number and then the Telehealth capability so I could talk all day about what? What could you be taking right now to support immunity or like you know I was really nervous about this? Podcast took the National Gonda before on. Just a Melba me out a little bit so so little things like that but the full script has been awesome because like right now at the product gets delivered straight to the door. I’m able to offer discounts. Went in there and set up an ongoing discount for Co bed so that people have access to affordable like tap of the line supplements to help support health and wellness. Very good. Yeah I think I use what is it emerson eight. Yeah well with Emerson. Ecological I like yeah. I use Douglas Labs and then every now and then you find some other products that you kind of need a mix in there Saw Emerson and they always have good. Good are the same prices but they offer all these different brains like just like the same thing so yeah. I have the same kind of setup and you just pick what you like I think in that one and you can just only offer these certain products and obviously you would rather have patients be prescribed them. Yeah I like Costco or target or wherever? They’re getting in all. But you need an Omega Multivitamin here you go. Yeah that’s cool so you’re you’re international right. You’re Germany Germany now and it was in China before that’s awesome. So how are you? How are you able to do like said the Amazon was like all right? No we’re not. This was a couple years ago. Like when you said Amazon influenced her. I was like might have to go. Google something after we talk because yeah it was just a a store it was just the pure store and for whatever reason. I don’t know how I got. How got it at this point? It’s been a while but they were just kind of doing away with that aspect of this but then they still have the affiliate are associate with like you said whatever word it is linked to any kind of product that you want. You can do like a search or if you recommended a book. Just do the thing. They put my coat in there and it spits out some html. So that in my press. All you see is highlighted blue but Amazon is able to track everything they clicked and lots of other stuff. I just don’t really utilize as much as I could but still works. It’s still working just fine. So it’s just a little bit different than what it was before like. I just don’t have like a storefront so yeah whatever. Like the T shirt. Check it out the t shirts. I sell like you have a storefront and then you put your designs and all that kind of stuff and but the Amazon. Just got rid of that part of it and you just have your your church or your products. Whatever so I don’t know so I can track it so question husband. You got some children’s what are you doing so that you can keep the love alive and not end up. I Dr Great. I don’t WanNA great question So my husband and I are very much like Netflix and chill kind of people.
40:08 – 45:02
We have been crushing through of Tiger. Caney got through Tiger King ozarks. In though you know that it’s it’s so hard yeah So we know we don’t get a whole for for many years it’s been you know between He’s been a resident physician for two years and four years of our that attending physician for two years a resident physician for four years. We were in medical school. I was with him all an just. Our relationship has evolved over the years and especially with kids now and especially now that I am home schooling. Them were home all the time together. We don’t get our little breaks that we all had so it’s been hard. I’M NOT GONNA lie. And he’s also like working in emergency department on the front lines of Cova. Ed So being intimate like he comes home like sanitize like throw stuff since. It’s very interesting phase. We’re in right now but not because some families are saying you stay away. You stay in a hotel until this thing’s over with their so. Yeah Yeah we’ve got a doctor. Wives facebook group in Rochester. Here tonight. One of the one of the other wives was like getting rounding people with Like mobile homes like where can be physicians? That have kids. Because it’s a real thing what they’re tracking through the hospital and then bring in home on the shoes and that in general I would always so nervous with an er type of Doctor. You could become doors. Kids are never sick. I like these. I support the wellness and of our family. And I’ve got you know Darmian stuff. We do a lot of prevention. We’d try to stay active in drink water and do all the right things to you know. Just just be healthy. And in general I mean we all are so thankful for that because with everything and going on but yeah so so keeping the level I mean. It’s definitely still very alive. It’s free coded are able to take your such a weird situation because you’re we’ve all been there. I think well maybe not. Everybody wasn’t married during these times but there is no free time to take vacations. You got to school and a working and then your husband’s doing a residencies and things like you really don’t have a normal life anymore. So how were you able to get away and just take time for y’all so yeah I mean we we. We even had a formal honeymoon. Honestly we would we try to. Do you know my in laws. Blast them would give us the opportunity. They’d take the kids and we do little weekend trips in the US to cities we’d WanNa visit where it would just be the two of us. Fortunately this year My husband was. He was working a lot at the beginning of the year. And he was like we got duplication. I’m GonNa Plan Cruise. I WANT WE GOTTA GET. Outta here and I we February April because the kids get to breaks and I was like February. I cannot wait till April. Thank God we got to go. Yeah yeah we got out of town just before all this happened and it was just so important for our family and real go from that area of the country on a cruise to Muskoka. We went on a Caribbean cruise. We’re on the harmony of the seas the biggest cruise ship in the world right now so highly recommend. Check it out when all this is over because we just had a blast as a family but okay because are cruisers that come out of New York. That’s why I was curious that no of people just sort of go to there and then go from on the candidate chill. Yeah now. He’s million dollars to fly a family of four down there. I my parents was supposed to go to Alaska in the summer. The cruise ship finally actually said. Hey Look we can credit your account and you know I think that the price or whatever they won’t go higher but it could go lower like later on or we can just give you back your money and so I was like that’s amazing that they even gave you that. Yeah so any books podcast etc that you would recommend to other guests. Yes so I have a buck that I highly recommend I read about two years ago. And you know dog-eared it last year It’s called profit. First by Mike McCullough wits. I it had been recommended to me by several doctors A bunch of different chiropractic groups as well but I start when I started my practice.
45:03 – 50:05
I wanted to be able to implement profit. I so that I knew in my business when I had my whole separate bank account that I was able to to make a profit Months I did so it worked. It’s great it’s super easy to apply pretty quick read. But it’s nice knowing that you have like some control of your money and that you know at the end of the day it’s all worth it because you have a few pennies to throw to yourself at the end. Isn’t it kind of like I to say like a reverse envelope system from like Daveramsey whereas instead of going to expenses it’s percentages? Go to different things. So you always have money everywheres. Yeah Yeah and and like I mentioned before I’m not a numbers person. I’m so like it’s so difficult for me to wrap my head around these percentages in this but I have my bank account. My Bank banker. I just love him. He just moved. Actually OUT OF ‘EM STATE. But I love him. He got me all set up with my whatever. Seven bank accounts wanted for my business and it just you know every two weeks. I just transfer money and I you know I have money to pay my taxes. My student loans Money for myself money for a rainy day my operating expenses. I. I know when I’m within my limits because you know when you see that one number. It’s it’s hard to say. Oh well how much of that and I spent should I spend so? It’s been really helpful for me on the business end because I am like a healer Emma. Chiropractor but the business part of owning a practice of not gonNA lie has been a lot of work for me so that made one one aspect really easy. I’ve been working on currently good to gray Jim by Jim Collins and then on I have The twelve week here all. I’m also reading this to have. How do your taxes? That’s not very helpful. Somebody come on. Oh my God I how you Justin. How many accounts I’ve met with and everyone’s told me something different. I’m still trying to do it myself in that stop working. I don’t know if my count listens to my show but every every year I get my stuff like mid early. It’s like three or four days before they’re all do and I finally get them back on like what took so long in this year. It was like a day before and I was like. Hey where’s stuff and I guess. She was in panic most like Oh crap I never got it. I was like what so I don’t know if my invoice was zero and I don’t have to pay this year or if it was your invoices coming either. That sounds great. Oh last minute and we might edit this out. I don’t know now before we let you go. We’re just sort of having casual conversation and learning more about things I think. I think we’ve got some good points in some nuggets of gold from me today. If I’m not mistaken I went on your website. You’ve got like coloring book downloads. And all kinds of stuff like that. Is that you all that might be linked trae yet. My instagram yeah. I love freebies so I try to like offer as many three BS giveaways and fun stuff to my following. My patients like as poss- mall. Yeah so like random. So me and buddy. We’re doing a coloring book for kids. It’s going to be like a trilingual animal normally see so we’re just having fun with it. When I saw that I was like. Oh this is fantastic. Look at this share ninety seasonal and. Everything’s great somebody really put it in the hard work. I figured you got that from some membership that you were part of that. That is what is Well aligned while they I mean they do that every couple months and you can. You can enter to win a pediatric chiropractic table. So I hope hopefully. They picked me this time. I want the elephant that attack. I was featured. If you’re no come on I mentioned you know. That’s perfect? Well how can people get in touch with you? Find out more information and all that jazz. Yes so I hang out on instagram. A ton might tag as at Doctor Bethany Berita DC so. I know it’s redundant that. I just wanted to be clear that I was a doctor of Chiropractic. Lucy would you say legally legally certain states make you say that so right right and then my website where you can find all all of this information an online dispensary. The Amazon on all that stuff. That is rock house call. Kiro Dot Com so rock is unlike like Rochester. Rock House HOUSECALL CAIRO DOT COM on facebook to sell Bethany Burrito. Dc is how you could send me a message. I love to network love to connect and engage You can find me on facebook to at Rochester.
50:06 – 53:24
House call Chiropractic DOT COM and Be Able to find my through any one of those. Dr Be at Rock House called Harrow. Dot Com at all the show notes. Perfect love it fantastic? Thank you so much for being on the the love it. Thank you so much Dr doing such great work and I’m so grateful to have connected with you today and we’ll play so benefit someone start blushing over here. Another interview has ended. While you’re on your phone click that review. Write up a nice review for me five stars if you could as everyone says an industry it’ll help other people to find this when we have enough rankings not to mention. I’ll mention you and your review on an upcoming episode. If you follow me on instagram you only get one link. So I use a link tree and so it’s a doctor’s perspective dot net slash links with an S. And that’s GonNa be everything you need to know. The top episodes of twenty seventeen in two thousand eighteen the podiatrists series Dennis Acupuncture series holiday 2017 financial series. How to write a review? How to support the show like buying a cup of Coffee? Getting Swag like t shirts. The today’s choices tomorrow’s health book. That’s the blueprints for Better Health Exercise Picking Foo correctly and financial and of course bundle packs. Which can get you. The no new acupuncture book forty common conditions including the electric acupuncture pin at a great deal. The resources page has some of the products that I like. It’s a phillies style. So if you buy something them I get a piece of that. Just like on the sonos pages if you buy a book from clicking link. I got a small piece of that as well so I really appreciate that things like screen castle matic pure. Vpn missing letter. J lab speakers pro alone edge or hog grips once again. If you do need any coaching on how to Improve Your bloodwork drop weight and the prone diet fast mimicking diet five day plan. Let me know as well as if you just need some coaching whether it’s health whether it’s marketing whether you need some practice growth etc reach out facebook. Justin Tros Claire. Mcc course at a doctor’s perspective that net top right you got all the social media icons as you can imagine. Click your favorite and reach out. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please tell a friend pass it along. You can go to dot net slash. Listen as just that easy. It will open up right in your APP and don’t forget appreciate you listen critically. Think and integrate. Hope you’re enjoying those. I’m definitely having fun. Summarizing the PODCAST and less than ten minutes for you. You get the nuggets without having a waste your time have a great week. We just went hashtag behind the curtain. I hope you will listen and integrate with some of these guests have said by all means please share across your social media writer review and go to the show notes page when all the references for today’s guest. You’ve been listening to Dr Justin Rose Claire. Giving you doctors perspective.

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