E 117 Community and Professional Organization Involvement Dr Maurice Pearl DC

e 117 maurice pearl dc aca involvement a doctors perspective
Dr. Maurice Pearl, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

Dr. Maurice Pearl, DC discusses his past interdisciplinary clinic experience. What does the professional organization  ACA do, choose wisely for x-rays, insurance drama and a surprising reason for kids sports. Is community outreach good marketing?

Dr. Pearl was a football player with a few injuries and he learned first hand how important it is to go to a doctor who has the extra skills for your particular case.

He also made a point to shadow a surgeon (his original plan) and he discovered that ‘on call’ lifestyle was not for him. Have you shadowed any other fields before picking yours?

What does an integrated MD, PT, DC practice look like, how’s it run and the chiros duties?

What does reaching out and being a part of a community look like for his marketing strategy?  Do the patients have to pay multiple co-pays if they see different doctors in the same visit?

Insurance can be such a hassle, how does he handle it? How can insurance pay out different payments for the same code that a PT and a DC are both qualified to perform?

What does the ACA do for the profession? The big push right now in ACA is Medicare equality, what is that? Where do the funds go?  Is it all for fighting insurance companies or does the money go to support all the chiropractors out there?

Does the ACA push to expand the chiropractic scope of practice into drugs? Are they trying to stomp out the super straight chiros?

What’s your opinion on Choose Wisely and the use of x-rays for low back pain? We discuss pros and cons of the that x-ray issue.

When discussing the flaws of medicine, how can work place breaks and asking the right questions about home life actually benefit the patient and drive costs down?

With a properly trained DC and PT you wouldn’t know which is which…. Who said it first?

Benefits of his kids playing sports …what could those be?

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Justin Trosclair 0:05
Episode 117 community and professional organization involved. Your host Dr. Justin chose Claire and today and today we’re Dr. Maurice pearls perspective 2017 and 2018 podcast Awards Nominated host as we get behind the curtain look at all types of doctors and guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective

how you doing this April quarter has already gone and you meet your goals yet for 2019. If not, as he would go back and watch the whole bunch of our episodes, we are marching ideas, we got some referral ideas will information for you to better discussions with other pts, medical doctors, podiatry, all kinds of different people that you could build referral relationships with? Are you where you want to be with your family? Again, this is past episodes. Everybody’s got a good tip. Well, today’s episode almost didn’t even happen. You know, listening to the guy. I just said to myself, do I really want to release this episode? out in the world? That the pearl I’m kidding. Oh, April Fools. That’s right. It’s April 2. Hey, when this came out, anyway, I’m messing with you was good episode. A lot of good information about the ACA, what its goal is to choose wisely for x rays when you should when you should not take them. We talked about his past work at an MD DC PT clinic, we even go into like insurance, equality, the trouble of building should we even take insurance anymore, and more about the ACS purpose. But also, we switch gears and talk about like, you know, family life and you know, all of that. And, you know, here’s a cool reason why his kids are in sports, even at such a young age, which makes me start thinking they start looking around for the future. Want to read review we got the other day from the foot doctor in Australia. I only recently stumbled across this gym have a podcast. And if you’re in the health industry is a must listen show. Dr. Justin’s guests come from every health profession. Therefore you’re exposed to a vast array of insights and knowledge be transferred back to your own careers. This show definitely covers all the bases. If you’re looking for business life and career advice. All the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 117. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China and Arkansas. Today I’ve got a somewhat recent graduate. And I think that’s a good idea. Because not everybody is going to have 20 years experience and for clinics and $800,000 in collections a year, you got to start somewhere. So we’re going to start with someone who’s been out a few years and we also have a guy that’s really interested in the political side of chiropractic and I want to explore why would you want to join your association What does that for and what they’ve been up to these past couple years. So please welcome Dr. Maurice pearl

Unknown 2:50
and thank you for having me on.

Justin Trosclair 2:52
So I always like to start with you know, the simple or not the simple but maybe the short version of know there’s lots of things you can do in life, whatever. Need to pick chiropractic

Unknown 3:02
I beat myself up a lot so played football all through high school college got her a few times a document to go see the first time I heard go see this guy he treated me got better but it was a very very long process had the same injury to the other need next year. It was night and day different it’s realizing how much it mattered having a doctor and what they’re doing came back sports injuries and so I get to college and I wouldn’t want to do make them want to be a surgeon I shadow a our local team surgeon for it’s a few months honestly and this is a life I didn’t like they want lead he was there 1617 hours a day not spending more time with his family or friends and just kind of this tired

Justin Trosclair 3:52
they don’t tell you about that do they

Unknown 3:54
now they really don’t at all and then have a friend of mine who talked me and giving Logan try went out there and like the lot its kind of all she wrote

Justin Trosclair 4:05
Okay, man that’s nobody tells you that 16 hour days on calls three in the morning somebody had you know blow out like all right well I gotta go figure this out now.

Unknown 4:16
Yeah, I mean it was all things like it was an undergrad Joplin Missouri and you probably saw the news I had that huge tornado in thousand 11 Okay, and that’s when I was shadowing so all seeing all these crazy trauma cases that were really cool to see but the same time like he was getting called up middle the night he was at the hospital o’clock in the morning. He was in the clinic all day long seeing 1000 patients and this is he didn’t like he enjoyed it and I didn’t enjoy doing myself either. So so the choice

Justin Trosclair 4:49
first lesson here is definitely shadow a doctor that you think in your want to become a part of

Unknown 4:54
exactly like don’t go into it just blind because the Euro mean chunk of your time at least.

Justin Trosclair 5:00
Yeah, you know, it was great now I don’t know about you but when I was growing up I didn’t know about all the different specialties that were out there and the different types of professions so to be exposed to different things as a good idea I think

Unknown 5:11
Not a clue I’m yeah brilliant new a chiropractor was in college, honestly.

Justin Trosclair 5:15
Yeah. So you went there you went that route. And now you’ve kind of been a either independent contractor or like an associate doctor, you know, chiropractic we don’t really have the opportunity to go to you know, work in a hospital and then we also have such high student loans. And sometimes banks are like hey, we don’t want to ruin to you so you can even start your own clinic even if you wanted to. What’s been your journey

Unknown 5:41
I came out and they really know why why do I want to go about it? One point I was looking into trying to you know, start my own practice or by my own practice went to a lender and you basically laughed at me and

Unknown 5:55
yeah, it was eye opening and I’m glad I did it honestly I mean rather now looking back now pick a few years ago when I’m doing for sports are taking that on a huge burden you and I started out as a first job is associated about two and a half years and then left actually last summer becoming a contractor

Justin Trosclair 6:12
so going back when you say you’re glad you didn’t you know do your solo thing is it the lack of business experience the lack of patient experience are just being on the hook for who knows how much money per month when you start now with zero patients What do you thoughts?

Unknown 6:25
A little bit little of everything Honestly, I mean we come out of school knowing just enough to be dangerous and then he need all that time to kind of figure out you know, how you build this insurance company how the healthcare policy how to actually manage patients and although like that you can kind of figure out your own and it’s nicer when it’s on someone else’s dime with yours being screw this up it can be very costly mistake

Justin Trosclair 6:52
Yeah, you only have a few months usually

don’t have like the six months of working capital like they recommend it’s like a it’s nice to really start working

Unknown 7:02
it’s hard to get that time money when you’re in college 30 plus hours a week and try and get through boards and raising a family and yeah, it’s not an easy route to go about. Update

Justin Trosclair 7:12
know and we find past episodes of Okay, maybe I should work in a smaller clinic or work out of somebody else’s office. So you know there’s options available if you’re like I just can’t work peanuts because sometimes those like a chiropractor we don’t get paid well that first year so so there’s other opportunities but did you when you were working as an associate in those first two years did you get to do a lot of like rehab and you know, hone in different procedures for patient protocols, different conditions and

Unknown 7:39
kind of we were in integrative wellness clinics so we had chiropractic physical therapy medical services

Unknown 7:46
so it was kind of being patient him the door they’re getting touched by all these riders. So I could learn a lot about like trigger point directions and this joint injection journal medicine time so got to see a physical therapy practices day in day out and they had a corporate side of thing where we handle the nutrition wellness asset the practice

Justin Trosclair 8:07
yeah but that’s just so what was your role like day to day look like

Unknown 8:10
I’m mostly it was treating patients as time well long physical therapists she retired and instead aren’t really there this she was put basically overcharge that area of practice. So I was helping run that in the practice as well as chiropractic in and then occasionally and doing new patient exams or exams helping out fishing, helping read imaging for joint injections positive

Unknown 8:41
Yeah, it was I figured out a lot one do I don’t want to Okay, good thing about it. Did

Justin Trosclair 8:48
you like the PT Cairo practice

Unknown 8:50
setup? I think it’s a great set but honestly, like it’s it’s one of those things where you’re able to address a lot more than the five minutes to get patient on the table. Yeah, I mean,

Justin Trosclair 9:01
there’s a push right now to have like these I won’t say gyms but you know, a wing on the clinic where you can hire a personal trainer or an athletic trainer, somebody that has some kind of credentials and you just trained on how to do the exercise that you’d have to teach them Do you think that’s something that would work well i think

Unknown 9:17
that’s awesome stuff. I mean, yeah, these people who are coming with goals to do X, Y or Z and after you know you get them out of pain and functional better heading into that next step to do X Y or Z time this conjunction with the train and work with them and that trainer knows Hey Sally’s low back because it issue she has trouble extending when they when you work on it’s a good look buying patterns become stronger that trainers that will take them through that whole progression with you helping oversee about along the way. Yeah, so you get these your skill set. They give us their skill set and patient benefits a lot more.

Justin Trosclair 9:52
And you’re not having to be the one doing it. Which is nice.

Unknown 9:54
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. What’s your time is money

Justin Trosclair 10:00
as an independent contractor is the new place you’re at? Are you free to do as much as you want or you kind of restricted based on what’s available in that clinic. You get to your marketing as well

Unknown 10:10
all that type stuff. Do my own marketing do tend to do more of what I like to do practice on that they been in business like almost like 16 years. It’s got the three nurture doctors now and so like law, the white intercept right now they really function well for why me exactly, but I’m making dude what I have and try and work into what I want to practice slowly over time. Not too bad. How are you movie one of your top marketing strategies right now that’s delivering results. Just getting out there. I mean,

Justin Trosclair 10:46
the old classic.

Unknown 10:49
I hate to say is that simple, but like, making sure people know who you are. I mean, town I’m in it’s like, hard. But as a people, everyone knows everybody. When they see you like you’re at this then helping out or your voluntary time with this event, or you’re in this club, those kind of things go a long way. Just building that trust where you came to door

Justin Trosclair 11:08
is being in collegiate athlete help you in that manner, like people skills are relating to athletes so that they know who to go to.

Unknown 11:15
Yeah, I mean, people want to go to someone who knows those about their life they they have going to go through. If I look like I’m a marathoner running ultra marathon every single week, a lot of runners can listen to my advice and how to manage them. I see this number of strong men, lifters, cross fitters, etc. But I kind of fit that mold look like I live in a gym sometimes. So I think it’s gonna be authentic. Are you both?

Justin Trosclair 11:44
Are you like a like a runner?

Unknown 11:47
on both side? I’m not.

Justin Trosclair 11:49
I mean, I would think would be a string bean.

Unknown 11:53

Justin Trosclair 11:56
Reason why.

Unknown 12:00
Now, I’ve always been kind of a gym rat, this has been a place for me that this works well. And it’s influenced a lot by practice. Yeah, you know,

Justin Trosclair 12:09
I’ve heard it doesn’t it doesn’t matter what you do, there’s always a niche. And there’s people then follow it. And so if you’re involved in that arena, people end up will naturally come to you if you’re honest, and I think authentic while you’re in those settings.

Unknown 12:22
Exactly. I mean, people like they want to trust who they’re talking to. I had a guy come in a few months ago, actually, he had heard a shoulder working out. And he told me the first visit, you know, if you look the way you will, I will listen to a single word he said, price will walk after the spirit never come back.

Unknown 12:42
Yeah, it was just crazy thing is I mean, we’re all well trained. We’re all know enough people out. But people get these mindsets, it’s hard to get the response. That’s true.

Justin Trosclair 12:54
So your first couple years, you’re out there making a name for yourself. Are you surprised about that’s taking place? Like are you having any challenges that you wouldn’t have expected?

Unknown 13:03
A guess a yes or no? have people come in the door where you think it’s going to be this simple low back Hayes, and they’ve checked every box off your exam list. But this diagnosis, and they don’t respond that way? That this drives me insane. Like, everything up front is right, like doing everything the right way. They’re not getting the same? Really they should be getting

Justin Trosclair 13:26
that, like your last five disposed patients were responded well to this treatment. This one’s not responding quite as well. Exactly. Yeah,

Unknown 13:34
I do the same name. It was exact same way and make a little bit harder. So it’s fun, same time, but uh, everything is this deal with insurance companies. And that’s been the most difficult. I mean, there’s really, there’s one right now. And since I’ve moved down here about nine months ago, I still haven’t gotten things lined out with them. And it’s been weekly letters calls, emails and what the funds stuff.

Justin Trosclair 14:01
Yeah. Like they won’t transfer your your contract with them or striving they just won’t pay this trying to get in there.

Unknown 14:08
Oh, yeah, that thing? There are wide open company and wireless carrier. So it’s not, you know, to close it. And there was weird. Yeah, there’s other ones who have literally called said, Hey, we want this address in that was in the story. Oh, yeah. It’s

Justin Trosclair 14:23
it’s a big insurance carrier there. Yeah. Yeah. And

Unknown 14:25
it’s one of those things where all of them are so different chat and get the little things done. When I was an associate, it was nice, because we had staff into all that for you have to walk over and say my name? That’ll be you know, you did this right. Exactly. Now, I’m excited. Do it all myself and a lot more time than expected that,

Justin Trosclair 14:46
would you say that as a new doc is easier to do insurance, then maybe just just going cash. But there’s a big push to be a cash practice,

Unknown 14:52
you know what to do with all this headache. And patients will pay because you offer a value? It kind of depends on where your head will you do like a beard town where most everyone works, nine to five hourly rate job, one catch is gonna be hard. The thing is like, people say you should get it with every insurance company, you can spend a few years of them then kind of whittle them down to once you like actually like a deal.

Justin Trosclair 15:18
And now What’s that mean? insurance companies you might like?

Unknown 15:22
They make issues easy, like calling anyone claims handling denials, doing pre OS getting paid, it’s all relatively easy. There are some of the patients with the actually paid for exactly. There’s some like, I think they sell their insurance carrier. I’m super excited about it. It’s because I know not having trouble. What do you do there somewhere, I got to do an extra 1520 minutes away works and walk out the door. And then that kind of ass and every single visit, you get 12 visits,

Justin Trosclair 15:49
but we’re not going to approve you for three things. And then try to try to get another couple visits.

Unknown 15:54
Just try it. Yeah. And we need to ask for every two visits, like woman like that? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, it makes things harder. But for me worthwhile

Justin Trosclair 16:02
to me, because these are big name insurance companies. And they’re playing this game. I can understand that from some smaller company. That’s the only in Arkansas and so they’re trying to like not, you know, lose all their money. I mean, some of these are big name companies that are nickel and diamond, their own policy wish

Unknown 16:20
that it was just like chiropractors, but it’s in these dentists, everybody, they’re doing the same mess we are. They’re stealing the big marker states

Justin Trosclair 16:29
we happy? Yeah, it does. That for sure. You know, I think and we can switch into right now. And you’re part of the American corporate Association, you’re into the politics stuff. And this is the things that you guys and gals are on the forefront trying to help? Yeah, it’s an issue that I see is, you know, if you’re charging for therapeutic exercise code, there’s no reason physical therapists in the corporate it gets paid differently, in my opinion, right? I mean, they might think I might think otherwise. But if you’re actually doing an eight minute, the 15 minute session, what can we get paint

Unknown 17:00
the same? I mean, it’s in our scope, it’s in our scope

Justin Trosclair 17:02
is not obviously New York City versus, you know, small town, Arkansas. Yeah, I’m talking everybody in this area. It doesn’t make any sense.

Unknown 17:09
It’s insane. I mean, when the big things of the ACA will try and push for Medicare equality. I mean, as it stands, right now, chiropractors can build out, essentially two codes, which are just one codes, basically just wanted to regions like three to four. Yeah, and way we’re training, the way we study in school is we had ability to do a lot more exams, x rays, physical therapy, acupuncture, I mean, let’s just pray long that we can actually do is problem is that Medicare doesn’t cover it may have a senior citizen who is on a very, very limited budget, and you say, hey, for you to get better, you’ll need the services, but it’s not covered. It means you come out of pocket paperwork, that becomes an issue. And then they may ask you, can you refer me to someone who can do it? That’s possibility, but the most part yet balls at Pearl back to the medical doctor, or next party, so you made it like here three, four weeks? It wasn’t me.

Justin Trosclair 18:05
Now they got more chronic issue. Exactly. Not to mention, like, if there was a way, in my opinion, if they get referred in from the medical doctor, which they don’t have to then come directly to us. And the doctor did an exam, they said, this is the diagnosis. It’s a shame that we can’t just say, Okay, well, this is what the doctor said, that is what you have so much, just treat it like no, you can’t do that you have to do an exam, you have to figure out your own way. Because you know, these older people and Medicare, they use a bounce to different doctors that I caused the 15th exam that I’ve had, they’ll all do the same thing. Don’t share notes.

Unknown 18:38
No, actually, we can’t vote, you know, that easily. Then into I still had to figure it out for myself based on my specialty and 100 bucks, like said, You’re not probably the first doctor that they’ve seen know. And then the sad part is if we if we don’t charge them, we get in trouble. So it’s one of those things where like we do right, by the law do right by then we have to charge and then you can imagine talking about grant are telling her Hey, you’re going to spend an extra 20 bucks it was this visit. It seen this is Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 19:05
this is not right longer. You worked at a clinic like this. So my thoughts are if you had physical therapists in the office, yeah, they get paid.

Unknown 19:13
So yeah, so so it was nice. So our medical side, they will be more often not they will see the patient first off. So they will do their work up. And then that next morning, we come together as a team, all providers and go over there and saying, look at everything we have patient goals, and perhaps very doable care plan may include chiropractic, let’s go therapies, injections. Let’s assume that that next time, we already had a pearl made essentially in house where they would go go therapists do she would do her evaluation them and figure out exactly what you want to do. And then we also see us when we do our vibration on them. So it was nice that it would get that current turn around happened and maybe a day and a half to three days. But in the real world, it’s like that’s weeks something that and so are

Justin Trosclair 19:59
they doing two or three co pays each visit

Unknown 20:02
in a dependent on the assures sometimes Yeah, yeah, I did not in the money savings there. I’m glad cuz I mean, not a small thing that

Justin Trosclair 20:14
that’s the one.

That is one thing I’ve always said when I heard doctors doing this, and they actually employ like a PT, you know, not like an athletic trainer. I’m like, so are they walking in and paying a $50 copay for the chiropractor and a $35 copay or, you know, meet you Hi, hi. deductibles that because it’s two separate visits, I just never knew. How does that work? Like one thing we would do, we would estimate where we’re going to go take, like, say that he visits, we would do the math on based on their insurance deductible co pays, but that would be with our patients like you can pay as you go pay now. And figure the rest out later. But it says it’s not easy. That’s for sure. I mean, I wonder if this though staff actually did like a patient. So your insurance based on the way it’s, you know, because it could be set up like an entity. It’s all through this one doctor’s office like a medical doctor, therefore these everything underneath this covered? Good? I don’t think so because all of our own provider NPI, that so I wonder if they do are up there. And they’re like, Look, you need 12 visits with physical therapy and chiropractic. However, you know, this is what it’s going to cost is just this as 1000 you add the chiropractic, it’ll be 1800. Because you know, it’s nice, different charges. Yeah. And then they have to make that decision like, Huh,

Unknown 21:28
well, which ones secret? Which ones?

Justin Trosclair 21:30
Yeah, can I try a little bit about every

Unknown 21:33
other visit? Better case I happened on to a patient who patients who did not want pay for injection or don’t pay for chiropractic? And I mean, and then day it’s their right to do I mean, their health? So yeah, support them, as long as I’ve hurt themselves. I got a

Justin Trosclair 21:45
limited budget to Yeah, yeah. And I was just watching something a TED talk to me. They were interviewing white Republicans, black republican Democrats, the same way different parts of the country. And they were saying, you know, if we if they asked the right questions, it wasn’t, you know, what would make health care better? Very little, was putting more money to healthcare and pain doctors and stuff. And a lot of it was housing, food, you know, because apparently, you know, a lot of kids are hungry, they haven’t eaten for a couple days a week and they’re having all these manifestations you like, well, you have this sentiment is this something that you just find the ask, Hey, are you hungry? And it’s like yeah, I haven’t eaten are Yeah, black mold in my house. That’s why I always have asthma. And you’re like, Oh, crap, how do we fix that issue? You know, affordable housing, you know, it’s just an interesting view of healthcare most of what we do that is not needed if you have the right prevention right management and the front end I mean, there’s a lot of factories in my town and before I came came down here there’s always you know, parking there but while it was always like lot back injuries and injuries can use aware Terry expecting was manual jobs, he’s place to start putting in break to stop and stretch out those little five additions in a day and they get solid decreases is an injury around improved so that ended up being decrease healthcare costs I mean, it’s an answer eventually goes a long way this day and age at least, especially with most of the issues are self inflicted. Wow. Wow, a whopping little break here and there. Yeah, that’s amazing. We’re not a machine.

Alright, what’s going on with the ACA? What are you seeing on the horizon? And what can we expect if you will from I know you’re not an AC representative? So I mean, I understand that you’re limited capacity here but why get involved? What are we looking for whatever do is go to? But I’ll let you answer and then I’ll just kind of ask questions based on what you say

Unknown 23:39
so he says big mission it’s been about chiropractic they feel that we are frontline healthcare and so have most of us feel tues well

Unknown 23:49
currently the big mission is the push to production about oppression forward they want us to utilize more evidence utilize best practices do is go to Canada patient the best knowledge available and they also want to see us be able to have some parity because doctors so the big push this last year so has been this Medicare bill we got the bill introduced last session and then currently working on getting this bill regenerative secession as well as things where if it passes it goes a long way into getting what we do day in day out cover which was a long way to helping our patients crazy thing about it What is it like we were in TLC slashing were talking to represent as about this bill a lot of them are so amazed by how small the bill it actually was. They used to get these big phone book size legal documents walked in hand in the pocket the bill was literally the page front and back able to easily get through and they it was simple, they understood it they’re behind it by display there was more important things and all that budget fighting going on or anything else

Justin Trosclair 25:00
what was the bill trying to cover this everything in our scope in our state so Okay, so what we’re talking about earlier

Unknown 25:07
Yeah. Covering saying okay because yeah, which that goes a long way we’re talking about earlier of a young doctors getting a school and having jobs I mean, hospitals big systems live and die by Medicare if you can fill out one of the Medicare Why do they want you on staff? Well good to can be especially we can have a do about it somewhere service to you. Yeah, ACS trim Yeah, they’re they’re pushing hard I mean, choosing wisely and it gives me great thing.

Justin Trosclair 25:35
What is that?

Unknown 25:37
So not just chiropractors but a lot health provider groups come together and basically put for what they consider their most unnecessary things I do when I was like testing scan or unnecessary Yeah. And cost okay. So chiropractors because he was that we pick one thing and he picked x rays for low back pain and praise Hello back then. Yeah, okay. Pretty simple. I mean, if there’s any red flags, essentially acute low back pain you don’t need experts, but it leaves it up to the doctors discretion. So say you’re 85 know grandma. The sudden acute low back pain that’s something maybe a little extra that trunk X ray that but it’s Sarika I mean occasionally I mean somebody that responded well as a person Mariah anyways but yeah,

Justin Trosclair 26:28
no, I’m good. I was it and I’ve heard the opposite into where you know, we think this is a good thing because you don’t know me and I can see anything that’s going to change how you treat the patient. Yeah, but what about all these doctors who are like that’s great, I’ll abide by that nice choose wisely theme and then the next patient that comes in who shouldn’t have had an issue had something and now I’m hurt them because I didn’t get the x ray like we used to do for the last 30 years. How do they handle that? You know, that kind of comment? I don’t x rayed I don’t know what’s going on. That’s not gonna hurt

Unknown 26:57
been the biggest fight. Most things we’ve had to deal with these last few months a year or so has been the most common thing right now. We’re working on time mending and a little bit the wording so makes better sense. But yeah,

Justin Trosclair 27:12
because I’m not that expensive X ray that for us. I mean, we had a whopping what 30 or 50 bucks very burst if you’re lucky. It’s not like a the same X ray and the medical doctor, you’re like, Oh, that’s 200 bucks. How exactly I don’t understand

Unknown 27:24
exactly so this is one of the things we’re finding is a lot of doctors aren’t doing it as much anyway so it’s it’s one of those things was like okay, what’s what else next can do for me personally,

Justin Trosclair 27:36
because a lot of times they use the X rays I think inappropriate where there are you got this you got that and that means is it’s going to get the curve, you know, arthritis bass is what’s causing you back pain you like that’s not necessarily the case. Actually.

Unknown 27:48
That’s definitely not right at all. There really isn’t. It’s it hurts us the permission honestly. I mean, we have the potential to do so much as chiropractors I mean, we have to step up and actually own it. I mean, we have a lot of people threshing who are great nutrition, graded rehab grip rated testify for course but the one thing we need to make sure we all own is low back people think about us about low back pain first, you make any inroads anywhere it’s low back pain as well. I mean it’s it’s so much simpler people try and make it like yes we exit Yes, we can do all this extra stuff but someone comes to you have something start the low bar start with the issue of their hand they start talking more figure out that you do right it means great the shoulders they will let you know hey, my shoulders kind of crappy to look at that as well. And that happens pray for me say you see someone a couple visits and they make it on mentioned feeling about this ankle. Yes. Take a look at it simple just because

Justin Trosclair 28:43
it’s weird to advertise that Yeah, really is Judy as your ankles and knees. chiropractor,

Unknown 28:48
like back pain comes down to your audience. So too. So I were talking about getting involved earlier. If you’re running event, working lot of runners, they’re going to want to know about exponents. IT band issues knee pain, foot pain and claim so they don’t care about the most there. So no one who your around what they want to hear what they want to be evaluated is going to be very upbeat as well.

Justin Trosclair 29:12
Yeah. What are your thoughts? Like I said before, there’s a big push for cash practice. You know, I’m tired of this. You know, a lot of patients have the insurance but really, they’re still just paying out of pocket because the deductibles are $10,000 or so somebody had like a $75 copay. Wow. Yeah, that’s that’s a lot of millions for a chiropractic is to get to that just to get to that amount of now USA deductible and I’m gonna owe you money at the end of the day.

Unknown 29:35
And then there’s others that are like only 20 bucks. You get what? Why am I even taking this insurance only get $20 It’s crazy. I mean, this is dollars and cents. Like you can’t keep a practice open like that unless you just see that many that much volume, but in reality still to get those clients. So this your marketing machine, you still can’t Anyway, you get it. So if you’re that person who’s like ACA all they do is they they fight for insurance to get better payments, and all that kind of stuff. That’s why I don’t support them because I don’t even want to be in that game. Any thoughts on that? Overall for handling things like they’re hailing positive press and see what are these articles pop up on moods talking about so so had a stroke and he was the chiropractor’s they’re the ones Panther responses to that calling editors of the war. They were doing that groundwork to make sure that was being published out there is a true, okay, you’re doing a lot of things where it comes to like research. Couple of fun, a lot of research right now, remember, like, their help. indirectly, they’re helping out with one big study. There, Yale and the VA. I mean, that right there is that there’s amazing they’re doing things with patients find doctors. Okay. Yeah, there’s job boards for young doctors to as well. They’re doing like see events, and they do so much. I mean, have so little amaze me every day, honestly, we had half profession, in be pulling that data thing, if you look at ama what they have to draw for funding wise is insane. I mean,

Justin Trosclair 31:10
you don’t have a choice at the you have to be a member of Exactly,

Unknown 31:13

Justin Trosclair 31:14
Yeah. And now they have more unified front. Yeah, I’m sure they’re splinters of that too, because they always have their own. You know, whatever your specialty is, there’s an association for that as well. And that’s in almost all of them are a part of that as well.

Unknown 31:25
It’s every healthcare providers group to I mean, the APTA the same way this therapist is, when we all get involved. We have the money and funding in the energy gets done. I mean, what were the meeting at MCC working on Sarah talking and we can look at the numbers. A Kathy ACA is all students in school or doctors in the first couple years, which to me is like ridiculous because of how affordable it is to be a member on. Right. It should just be done. Yeah.

Justin Trosclair 31:53
Your marketing budget or something?

Unknown 31:54
Yeah. I mean, it’s just one of those things.

Justin Trosclair 31:57
There’s actually there’s a there’s a text line, association dues doesn’t. You don’t have any other ways like,

Unknown 32:03
yeah, that’s still tax deductible. I mean, it’s just one of the things where like, I can’t imagine not being a member, even if I never do anything ever again with them. Just the fact that I’m money is going to help out. Like, that’s my what, I paid 3040 bucks a month, they do like a graduation rate for new grads, so your first years free or second year so much you’re 30 or so much your fourth year so much just to help that that transition into practice and having to build a practice yourself.

Justin Trosclair 32:30
Yeah. Do you think that the AC is trying to take a stand against all the street chiropractors out there? Because I think there’s a there could be a mix of you got the straight chiropractors, you know, they only had just do and it’s kind of like a, you know, almost religious ish, and I’m not a big fan of that. Yeah. But then there’s also the chiropractors who were like, no, I pretty much practice kind of straight. But I still do some, a little bit of rehab, I do a little bit of muscles them but based on reimbursement are based on the way my practice has evolved. Yeah, I really kind of just adjust these days, but it’s not like I’m against this stuff. I just, that’s all I do. Is the ACA doing anything to try to stump out the, you know, the type of doctors that aren’t trying to progress? Maybe they they just really poo poo everybody who wants to do rehab?

Unknown 33:16
No, no, I mean, they’re, they’re focused, honestly, one of the houses can moving forward, trying to expand what we do who we are trying to expand our standing healthcare landscape. That’s their biggest goal. I mean, right now and that’s through things at the Medicare bill.

Unknown 33:34
Work with the VA. I mean, they’re trying to make chiropractors more well known more well accepted and better are they trying to

Justin Trosclair 33:43
expand our scope at all to do mild pain relievers like naproxen are being able to do trigger point injections or anything like that?

Unknown 33:53
No, it’s

Justin Trosclair 33:55
not know that’s contentious.

Unknown 33:56
Yeah. The main thing that were dropped papers profession go to some place where the Mexico where you can subscribe limited scope right now. But what you can do Blue Blue tree injections Yeah, it’s basically it’s up to the state and they’re

Justin Trosclair 34:14
not pushing for know the branch out into becoming ninja do

Unknown 34:18
No, no. chiropractic right first. I mean, it’s what we’re good at what we don’t like so we we need to own bangs, muscle scalpel care back pain pain, where the best that I should focus on that window.

Justin Trosclair 34:30
Which is interesting on episode 114. At a doctor of osteopathy trained in residency to do they call it osteopathic manipulation, which is pretty much the s&t Yeah, I will if you haven’t taken listen because I had no idea that that was a board train residency program but they had to do because otherwise they cannot learn it but they don’t really do it so it’s you know the most of them probably adjust the low back or something if I needed to

Unknown 34:58
that doesn’t mean they’re really good at it a bit especially a do school here in Fort Smith Arkansas and yeah, they when they learn it but they don’t focus on like a we didn’t make any spin years working on the same moves over and over again and then adding into the top of that what we’re what we’re best at even on like sports teams or we have a team chiropractor they can do all that soft tissue needling rehab taping whatever are the number one job is to come in and just

Justin Trosclair 35:27
it’s amazing that you get the right train chiropractor and the right train PT you wouldn’t know who who

Unknown 35:31
think that was it a cook that said a great cook me

Justin Trosclair 35:39
the air quality controls Claire said that

learn how to do the adjustments and you guys are doing all these different you know McKinsey and DNS and all this stuff

more important

Unknown 35:56
I wouldn’t say right though, I mean, I have friends who cracks PCs or office and following them Instagram and Facebook and just knowing them personally like wouldn’t be able to pull apart from the therapists we all should we should get along a lot better than we do we really should

Justin Trosclair 36:12
I think we just need to have some more marketing comes he sees on these massive PT Instagram profiles you like man these videos are awesome where who’s the chiropractor is doing all this you know Come on We gotta get we gotta step it up alright so this is a lot of work to do there are types of videos are

Unknown 36:26
some out there but they are not the best quality dr not the best product at least there’s a there’s a few or or slowly growing slowly building these great videos and they’re becoming like these pills or community This is

Unknown 36:42
another great step into coming more accepted and just tell people like what we do show what it is and how we can help them

Justin Trosclair 36:48
because in reality I don’t think there’s a lot of you I was gonna ask you what your next five to 10 year goals are you may never want to become the person that’s on the speaking circuit and teach and all these different things but you could be the biggest big deal possible in your town exactly where I was like oh everybody goes to pearl

Unknown 37:04
Exactly. I mean you kind of want to be known as the go to guy for this or that

Justin Trosclair 37:12
you have put the time in

Unknown 37:12
yeah so why is he was spending a lot of money on billboards and Facebook as all that stuff but don’t pan out so

Justin Trosclair 37:19
so what are you looking forward to next five or 10 years any goals for that you can see for yourself possibly ACA possibly who knows what

Unknown 37:27
I’m definitely want to say walk the ACA and at the very minimum often delegate eventually maybe a committee or two in this office I want to see my practice and expand to more active base doing more active things and patients which require spending more time and same with patients but I like that sound practice yeah I’m not biggest fan of the 510 minute visit outdoor whether you 3040 minutes we’re getting what you need done and in TV and later in this area is this and how lot of that kind of practice like I’m a really good spot but at least

Justin Trosclair 38:03
that’s pretty cool. You just got to take your time and yeah build up and then potentially move on and since I guess I mean,

Unknown 38:09
it’s not gonna happen overnight no practice as long as you’re working through the right thing and grow the exact speed you to grow it doesn’t mean you sit back and we’re all day long and easy to make sure you’re putting up all the blog but again a great videos taking care of patients and it’s done the simple things like I had a patient a few months ago comes in apparently prefer to lean neck pain headache kind of bang shots at the issue that took the time the examiner talked over what it might be kind of agree that it might need MRI shouldn’t out mg came back and barbaric in that kind of caught off guard because she’s used to doctors saying you have x this doctor now surgery. But this isn’t the time to talk to her for 1520 minutes on just imaging what it means or options available. how best to manage it. That meant the robot heard me every definitely read it. So you treat people right? Your practices don’t grow that now she’s gonna say Dr. Pearl helped me out a lot. Or what do you do? You have to explain me what’s going on?

Justin Trosclair 39:08
That’s huge. I mean, they want to hear, but they said it. They even have a talkative person after about 90 seconds. They’re done telling you what’s wrong. Exactly. And that’s just they need to get it off their chest and they finally listened to me like okay, that’s amazing. Yeah, this guy knows what he’s doing. Okay, and just just talking,

Unknown 39:24
just listening. I also wonder that you care about them and their well being we are pictures of more than they’re paying, you may and the dad who can’t bit or pick up as kids at the more to him, he will be in pain the rest of his life. So let’s do that one. So working game towards that it’s going to be more than getting that perfect sidebar setup in that back. It’s like you to figure out what your patients want, what they are, they are really striving for and work towards that end goal.

Justin Trosclair 39:49
And some good information right there. Switching gears a little bit any hobbies volunteering in the outside of work that just gets you excited and you know, helps you to refocus.

Unknown 40:00
So I’m a member of the Rotary Club here in him. But this is really important join them they do so much good work and they helped me out in high school myself. I mean, they gave me small scholarship to care some costs early on college was nice but the amount of goodwill it in the city for literally everybody This was fun. I mean it’s it’s hard not to get involved in won’t be part of that. I’m also sort of the time a gym rat. Every single morning I wake up in the gym can now start my day it’s my it’s my morning coffee there and kind of planning out my agenda for the day. Where do you do and then I’m coming into the office in the morning that first patient this enterprise ready to go and rest upon this my family I mean, daughter she’s playing soccer gymnastics ballet through that most nights a week which I love watching movies, that kind of stuff. And then on the weekend is like to take it easy and see what will take says

Justin Trosclair 40:55
Hey, is it really fun to watch our kids play sports? Mine’s not there yet. Oh, yeah,

Unknown 40:59
I just seen I can be so bored the most fun and the most frustrating thing. Honestly. Okay. It’s just it’s it’s chaos already mentioned. And what they love it I mean my daughter she has so much fun playing soccer and I wish it wasn’t an Arkansas where the heart and degrees of the summer but he had left it in gymnastics. I mean, that’s done so much for her and her own body awareness, strength flexibility more than just what kids get playing day in day out.

Justin Trosclair 41:28
And a lot of courage I would think to Yeah, I’m not trying to do a bank No, no, I’m not either. I

Unknown 41:34
don’t see your face. Yes, you do one of the others. Yeah, but seems like playing now living room so randomly do a back role or should I do a handstand and succeed in those games and strength? flexibility coordination is built every single week just it’s cool to watch. That’s all I want to show you three but before actually about

Justin Trosclair 41:58
to all of that at three and four. Yeah,

Unknown 42:00
you’d be surprised like even surprised honestly. I know my son our son easily starting masks the summer hopefully the program starts at 18 months old.

Unknown 42:15
I mean, it’s all about getting kids get on with nowadays there’s a chiropractor up in was his path I think Louis and he’s also across the coach two but one is big passions his his his group called ninja kids fitness and literally works with kids 5678 910

Unknown 42:34
years old. Working on just how to move well how to jump squat, pick up pick up for the heavy and he’s watched his Instagram posts and videos all they’re doing is just like playing they’re playing tag they’re hanging a monkey bars little things like that. But you can really watch these kids week after week this get quicker, stronger, faster. I think that’s gonna lead to health problems and 1520 years and adults

Justin Trosclair 43:02
Couldn’t you know monkey bars as a kid?

Unknown 43:05
right let me there

Justin Trosclair 43:06
wasn’t strong enough, man. It was tough. I was like, how do you can’t get him on the cross?

Unknown 43:10
He has these kids are like park or I mean, it’s awesome to watch.

Unknown 43:15
The parents love it. Like honestly, if he didn’t know him he will you know he’s a chiropractor, but that’s why it’s a great thing. It really is. Alright, Justin has some work to do.

Justin Trosclair 43:23
Time luckily I’ve got time you know, I got time to figure this out. So I’m gonna start planning


becomes quick though it goes by fast. I gotta make sure you know,

Unknown 43:37
like the first but the person who does and my daughter learn how to swim. Like that was worth a year old. And she did great with that she loved it. You know, even this is interesting, in my opinion will see

Justin Trosclair 43:51
here in China, they have these little high Jacuzzis it’s like a little term either and it’s about four feet tall. There’s a glass in the front and you can put the baby a special floaty that goes around their neck and it supports through their chin and you plop them in the water and they stay float you know they stay up their kids out above water and they’re kicking and spinning around in circles she’s been doing that since she’s a week you’ll probably a week old awesome

yeah, she still does it. We did it yesterday. She always sleeves really good at night afterwards because I mean she’s been kicking around in the water about 10 or 15 minutes she can do up to about 20 now

Unknown 44:26
which is pretty awesome but I think all kids and learn about being the water I mean big season right

Justin Trosclair 44:31
now we’ll see what happens when she gets aware of what’s going on. Venture like I don’t know you couple months ago you didn’t care who held you so we’ll see what happens when she’s aware of what water is but

Unknown 44:42
our biggest reason for good her daughter or has some early was this off chain something did happen she can swim this I have a pool hang on her put her back I mean to her it’s just playing hang on but I mean worst case scenario does happen. Bill okay that she’s gonna make it through early so

Justin Trosclair 44:57
I think it’s Shreveport one time so the kids were playing in the room three people drowned. Yeah, nobody could save each other. I was like, Oh, no, yeah,

Unknown 45:04
any learn swim. It’s a life skill. There was a pretty high profile drowning last year. The state is a swim beach everyone goes to spread by a river and kid get hit by undertow and put them under and yeah, this is not much into but that those are tough. Yeah. As I make sure that the separate my kids in the best case scenario, like they know how to swim married shape. Basically, hopefully they’ll know some form of self defense. I mean, that’s why I’m going to be as well rounded as possible. Perfect

Justin Trosclair 45:32
screen well rounded. Last question or two. You got it, you got a spouse. So how do you keep the love alive and they connected? That’s hard. Like when we decided not to go to med school, she was very excited by the decision. She didn’t tell me

Unknown 45:46
film and she’s happy to have me do a lot less than our college students. But now we’ve kind of figured out that I’m really busy, she’s gonna be busy. This so it’s a point where we get home to get when I get off work. It’s kids family, us not talking about the office or this patient, that patient it’s hard sometimes good spend all day here talking about it sometimes but we’re much happier together when we are just focusing on just what we like to do. So maybe we go to Target and walk around for an hour and a half two hours window shopping or in the gym together and work out together. Like we just try to find little things we can do is just us world, both our kids to where we need to focus on being a family and for everyone. Yeah,

Justin Trosclair 46:32
yeah, no, that’s a great answer. I mean, I said everybody’s different. So yeah, perfect. Alright, last fun question. Any recommendations for books podcast or even a fun phone app that you’d like to play with?

Unknown 46:44
So I love that anatomy I was 2019 Elaine battle it’s a bounded for sale randomly maps or was like two bucks like 20 bucks but it’s great patient education Mabel break it down show talking about this verbal level or this structure right here is the image This is what does the crisp books are awesome. I think every doctor regardless profession should have to read it some point that was going on. I like to follow Todd riddle is a doctor he puts out so he’s on the show he puts out so much quality stuff like it’s if you’re not following you missing out on so much podcast wise and I honestly at DCA podcast was that one a lot just because they bring in so many random doctors and different stuff and different professions cyclical some of that stuff and then turn that oh this figured out what you’re into and just go down that rabbit hole honestly agreed

Justin Trosclair 47:48
being go down some rabbit hole that pod really yeah,

Unknown 47:51
my goodness especially in the healthcare landscape. I mean, I right now I’m on a diet right now and I got on that rabbit hole last couple weeks this podcast has been about 40 demonic and honestly

Unknown 48:05
I’m learning a lot better though mean it because it’s so hot that right now and paste was gonna ask you about someone so I have some better knowledge than what I know myself. I might work for me. And you put on a

Justin Trosclair 48:17
show you do it well you can put on a workshop. You’ll know more than everybody else. Exactly. And guidance guides people actually good maybe something Yeah, I mean

Unknown 48:25
it’d be one day

Unknown 48:28
I tried it is take in whatever I came over to me I mean if someone says me check out this book on Amazon and see how much you did it surprise for my for my manage buying it. I’m gonna buy it

Justin Trosclair 48:40
again. So you gotta save it for those Chris protocols.

Unknown 48:43
Exactly. someone tells me about podcasts as a great doctor on talking

Unknown 48:48
about a new app that works well I use that says there’s so many more things nowadays. And even when I got a practice like Cairo up that services been amazing. Love it. You use it? Oh, yeah. I mean, it really everything. I it’s nice that everything I’m saying the get go is our new words way of Hurry, say it. exercise that wouldn’t normally get the patients already in a protocol for me, but I will do anyway. It just makes my life so much easier, quicker. And then I’m learning all the time about different conditions. If it was a man stuff like i, this morning, a little bit blog on the shoulder pain. And then I’m pulling stuff on to that, from that to us from the mark. I’m gonna have to

Justin Trosclair 49:34
try to get that guy interview that I saw him at the conference last summer, but it was I didn’t know if needed more

Unknown 49:42
time. I think it’s an awesome service. It really is. I mean, I haven’t just kept the surface of it. Obviously, lot of law firms that use it helps you generate reviews and feedback and how you’re doing

Justin Trosclair 49:54
all that too. That’s great. Yeah,

Unknown 49:54
it’s amazing news.

Justin Trosclair 49:56
Well, that Baris portal where can people find more information about you?

Unknown 50:01
You can head on to our clinic web page www dot Bachman clinic com that’s be a lk in a in clinic calm. And then he also has a Facebook the same post most of pain related function related. You will get posted their first Bensley mix my own private stuff. But

Justin Trosclair 50:24
yeah, you find me there. First off. Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for being on the show and helping to discuss everything that we did a little bit of politics and the corporate ground, little bit of a new grand and the different aspects of that and even thrown into good family tips. So I know the colleagues is going to enjoy it. And I definitely enjoyed having you on my phone.

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