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a doctors perspective e 165 chef doc osteopath colin zhu
Dr. Colin Zhu, DO talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

Combining a plant based nutrition education on top of a primary care osteopath degree is what Dr. Colin Zhu has done and created a book and podcast to explore these important nutrition concepts to help treat disease.

Growing up with a Chinese mother who has been doing Traditional Chinese Medicine for nearly 40 years and helping out in the office from time to time had a big impact on Dr. Zhu’s life. Originally thinking he would be a chiropractor but then switching over to Osteopath and bridging the East Meets West healing approach.

Dr. Colin graduated off cycle so he had some free time on his hands before residency. Upon graduating he quickly realized that the day to day diseases we treat (diabetes, high cholesterol) can be benefited by what we eat. Since school was a bit of a let down on those topics he enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the National Gourmet Institute.

What was his journey to integrate cooking classes and being asked to lecture on these topics covered on the podcast.

How did his audience become other doctors instead of direct to patients? The ripple effect is a big reason.


Thrive Bites Podcast

1) plant based diet
2) emotional resilience
3) thriving

What is Plant Based Nutrition?

Why are the Research showing the huge benefits of this lifestyle not promoted on TV and most doctor offices?

Have a humbling attitude with your friends and family and spend time with them asking deeper questions and listen to their answers. Spend the time to reinforce your relationships.

www.nutritionfacts.org for great nonbias information on nutrition.

What does he define as a Default Life vs a Thriving Life?

What vegetables and grains does he recommend for the best benefits in health?

Is meat and bacon a class 1 carcinogen?

Discover his Philosophy and Strategy for Grocery Shopping.

What’s his pick for the best cooking oil? (It’s not EVOO – find out why)

(naturally occurring oils that come from nuts, seeds and certain vegetables(not sunflower, peanut or canola)) high heat cooking – grape seed or avocado

Differences between Wet and Dry cooking methods

 Colin Zhu, DO, Dip ABLM, Chef is the host of podcast Thrive Bites, written a book Thrive Medicine and can be reached at www.chefdoczhu.com

Books: Dr. Dean Ornish The Spectrum , Reversing Heart Disease Colin Zhu Thrive Medicine T Colin Campbell The China Study , Rethinking the Science of Nutrition Dr. Michael Greger How Not to Diet , How Not to Die Neal Barnard Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight , Your Body in Balance , Program for Reversing Diabetes Dan Buettner The Blue Zones , The Blue Zones Kitchen

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a doctors perspective e 165 chef doc osteopath colin zhu do
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Episode one hundred sixty five discussing chef and osteopath host. After justice dr collins choose perspective during twenty seventeen and eighteen podcast awards nominated host and bestselling author on amazon. As we get behind the curtain. Look at all types of doctor and guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective. Thanks for tuning in again. We just came back from berlin trip before the shutdown second wave beautiful city. Lots of great buildings. Food was nice to traffic was terrible. Well driving a stick in our long traffic. I don’t know why you would do it. I just don’t know before jumping today. If you’re looking for the list of all the books that all these great guests have recommended you can go to doctors. Perspective dot net slash book list and today’s guest definitely dropped about six different authors. So there’s at least twelve books reference today including his own again. If you’re looking for a way to get more podcast interviews for yourself to have medical doctors in osteopaths call you back to have a conversation about why they should refer to you. Borough doctors perspective dot net slash one sheet you see happy recipients testimonials as well as the samples so we’ll check that out and i appreciate now colin. Today is a chef and osteopath any. We’re going to discuss. How he combines the two how did happen of course the origin story and thriving. That’s a big word that he likes to us. And we’ll find out why that is and we’ll discuss plant based nutrition. You’ll learn more and how he uses nutrition to educate not only patients but actually other doctors how they can get better results with high blood pressure. Cholesterol diabetes and things like that so great episodes coming your way. All the show notes and the transcript can be found at a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one. six. Let’s go hashtag from germany in california today on the show we’ve got a doctor of osteopath and he’s converted himself over to more of the chef field. He’s got national gourmet institute for integrative nutrition degrees as well and we’re just really wanna pick the chef dog’s mind he’s got a podcast. Called thrive bites a early two thousand nineteen. He’s pretty he’s getting some good downloads excited about it. I’m excited about it. so please. Welcome dr colin jew or. Thank you justin. Dr justin for having me on your show. And i’m happy to be here to chat with you. Everybody who had a new one. He’s still look young. So young. Because your doctor bossio. Pathway takes forever. So what made you go that route and then how did you switch over to the chef thing and i guess we’ll go into but you know. How do you blend those. Because i’m assuming you didn’t have to go to osteopathic school to become a chef. So of course. How did that play out. Yeah so i’m i’m an american Obviously you have international audiences. So i’m gonna american born and raised in new jersey born to immigrant parents based in los angeles right now. You know it’s hard for me to kind of tell you where matt now without telling you a little bit of where it came from and so i was born to a chinese mother. I’m trying to descent and my mother is a chinese medical doctor. Very befitting because You do acupuncture and all this other stuff too. So it’s so. She has been practicing traditional chinese medicine. Acupuncture herbs for I would say four decades now close the four decades and she’s a master what she does pretty much growing up. I worked in her office in and out over the years and she really taught me. You know really how to look at a person. A patience from a holistic approach from that years of indirect evidence. I learned about compassion empathy and just looking at things from a holistic point of view and so i really wanted to actually quite funny because i actually wanted to start off. Being a chiropractor. We actually You know i’m not a lot. I don’t i. Don’t talk about this on my podcast. But at first. I wanted to be a chiropractor because we actually had a failing chiropractor that was an awesome individual and he was jewish and he was just a loving fun loving guy. Most chiropractors i need are really fun loving people and they’re really love what they do and they really want the best for their patients and so i went into medicine wanting to marry east and west. You know when when. I decided to go into medicine when i got into medical school. I’m sure you’ve probably heard this with a People on your show or your colleagues. But we didn’t really receive what i found out.

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Was you know we learned a lot about disease. You know be pathophysiology. Pharmacology drugs Things like that but we didn’t really learn much about nutrition or lifestyle type of education curricula. And so you know when you follow these doctors. I shouted a lot of doctors. Mostly primary care physicians. You know really really good at what they do really caring individuals you realize that a lot of patients what they suffer from is what we face on a day-to-day day basis bc diabetes etc. When i found out that there was a lack of i decided upon myself to seek more education and so after i graduated medical school before i matriculated into residency graduate cycle because i stayed back To become a teaching assistant. I graduate off cycles. I had like nine months of play with. And so i didn’t want to learn just about nutrition. I wanted to learn more about food. And where it came from. And you know how to source it. How it benefit our overall health and so i enrolled myself into culinary school and not just any culinary. School was more of like health. Supportive is plant base culinary school. And then when i went into residency When i did family practice a blended the two. So that’s that’s how i got onto the road. That’s why while actually tell people they should probably just go. Bdo’s if they’re gonna like maybe try to just be a do and then you can actually way more like access and you can learn the chiropractic nutrition stuff on the side or afterwards. Yeah like we have to learn more to the rehab stuff to be the best rehab chiropractor based as as well but but yeah so. Do you actually practice medicine right now or do you kinda full-time try to donald podcast and youtube and that kind of like i said i do it all i do it all so going back to your the first point. I actually just applied to do. Once i understood osteopathy i was like wow how come everyone doesn’t know about this. Didn’t even know about it. Yeah that was junior year of my university. That was my third year. And once i went into. I only applied to osteopathic schools for those in audience. That doesn’t know. I’m sure you guys have explained. But just as a friendly reminder osteopathy is basically the same thing as a medical doctor as an md. In the united states and We practice prescribe. We do surgery and licensed in all fifty states. I know a different internationally and not seen as more like a chiropractor or a bone setter the original terms. But we’re we’re exactly the same as a medical doctor. United states yeah. I wouldn’t encourage everyone if you’re in school. You know to kind of look more into it but to answer a question what i did with my call area degree was i took a different path. You know most people went into restaurant work on hospitality things like that. Catering i decided you know specifically to enhance my family practice type of files so i mainly worked in outpatient clinics because i really enjoyed the rapport with physician. Counseling a patient coaching them. And so i only worked outside outpatient clinics. And that’s what i did. So i use it. Was you know. I would go more in depth in terms of lifestyle counseling and then outside of it i would. Sometimes i would get hired or ass or invited to speak at conferences. Podcast like this right for other publications. I would do. Speaking engagements workshops demonstrations. And i’ll just do like food demos and talk about how food as medicine could be used as a tool to be able to better our health. My main audience wasn’t really a targeted. But it just happened to be like this but my main audience is actually healthcare professionals specifically for primary care and so i think it sets up nicely because it helps teach the teacher and so it can create a ripple effect and they can go back to their communities a teach others and the whole point of all this honestly my whole sole purpose is really to to teach inspire and empower others. So they could. You know help others. That’s really the main goal of it so over the years i started online platform called the shaft doc. three years ago little bit more than three years ago. Now i wrote a book. And then i started the podcast last year. So that’s true to write that down that he that he wrote the book called the thrive dr five medicine thrive medicine medicine us. Yeah yeah so. Do you find that patients or even receptive to a chiropractor. Of course we’re much more likely to talk about. Oh you got restless leg maybe you should take some benign or maybe he’s more broccoli or something are you finding that patients receptive to this type of thing or do you have potentially like a cooking workshops for diabetics or anything or so. Most of my stuff is online.

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So after i graduated I’ve been doing mostly traditional traditional medicine rain. So and then what i’ll do is i’ll blend it. I don’t have my own practice per se and then the chef is kind of like a a a passion. That’s outside of medicine and sometimes it blends sometimes that does blend. i typically work for other client employers. So what ends up happening is that people will find me online or via social media and go to my website for resources. And that’s where. I have articles and other resources. You know things like that. And then when i talked to patients i would refer them to different things that i trust. You know because you know. Nowadays we have were inundated with a lot of health misinformation. And so i do my best to be able to kind of scour and fine trust the resources for them so they can further educate themselves because you know education. Is you know power so the more you’re educated the better choices you can make for your own lives. So what are you finding. Say the top two or three either articles or podcast episodes that you’ve released like what kind of topics are hitting your top charts on. My podcast is focus on three things. I it’s plant face lifestyle. A second is enhancing emotional resilience and then third is about thriving so so i source out guests. That in general are very passionate people in you know so i’d love for me. I thrive in my own life. And so i know that i can bring that energy but when you have two people in the room that can you know both bring that energy is kind of like a dance it. Will you know my perspective is that it will help. You know the podcast. A lot. I usually talk to doctors. Dietitians chefs coaches and other people that are entrepreneurial that are you know very very passionate and so they just kind of bring that but my top episode to answer your question are ones that talk about plantes lifestyles. I talk about a lot. with experts that talk about using lifestyle and using evidence based approaches relating in the lifestyle medicine field. You’d be able to enhance our health especially during the pandemic. I actually came out with a ten episode Covid series just talking about enhancing wellness. When this all happened so for those who were not into this plant based nutrition planes can heal things. What is that. what would that look like. Yeah yeah so. Basically obviously in the field of nutrition is a very evolving an ever changing signs always a new article or new new segment about it. But you know when. I talk about plant based i talk about whole foods. Plant base living. You know when you look at the research. It’s the only diet. A plant based diet is the only diet that’s been proven to reverse heart. Disease diabetes and early stages of prostate cancer and this type of literature has been dating back since one thousand nine hundred ninety in publications like the lancet and very prominent news news. Publications medical journals and the reason why most people don’t care about this is one. We’re not taught us a school. You know go back to my first point and then number two is that big companies and corporations don’t profit off of this so it’s the type of things that you’re not gonna see headlines for you know you will see a cholesterol lowering medication or you’ll see the next weight loss fad then seeing like big broccoli you know trying to yeah big notice. Yeah exactly showing benefits. You’re not going to see that. But the science is sound and the scientists there and mount loads of saying so is just. Bring it up to awareness and things like this. You know a podcast. A book conferences. But yeah the literature has been there. I don’t for me like it’s not rocket science for people to say eat better. Eat your vegetables and fruits and things like that so for me. it’s like. I don’t subscribe people to a specific diet. I just love to eat or ballet. We need vegetables. It’s just nobody wants to eat them because they taste like garbage unless you to cook them it really comes down to whether you know how to prepare it. You know what. I’m saying In terms of american die. You know we’re not that well verse but when you you have influences of other cultures you know we just prepare it better. You know the indians prepared better. You know southeast asia. Prepare better you know. The chinese prepare better. You know what i’m saying so the fine. You know other ways to do it so it’s not impossible so agree i mean my wife is chinese and so that’s pretty much where we eat nowadays. It’s just so good my kid eats. She’s two years old. She’s all the vegetables that we can cook from lotus to black edible fungus.

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All kinds of stuff. That people like wait. What does are these things. You’re saying that was all about the spices and on the side that you have recipes in different things like that okay. So that’s really good to hear about the target audience if you will and the goals behind what you’re doing because yeah i mean we eat too much meat. I think who still do but still do. And i really like dr vaulter long goes he ends his longevity and all the pro loan early subscribe to that theory is hard to implement. Yeah there’s a lot lot of sciences and benefits with like intermittent fasting that are coming out that shows. You know really good stuff. But yeah i mean for your audiences. If you’re curious i would say look up. You know the names of doctor dean or doctor called s t colin campbell. Michael gregor. These guys have sound sound research. So you know. Don’t take my word for it. It was nice as you get to. Actually ’cause you have the degree it brings more credibility to what you’re recommending where just somebody off the street. It could become like. Oh that’s just who have a weird stuff and you’re like well actually. it’s not. I know what i’m talking about. I do not know how to read research and things. I think you may have already answered this question. But when you’re doing marketing or trying to get the word out for the chef and thrive medicine to book anything that you’re doing this really working well. So social media’s always been helpful for me so i’ve been used facebook and instagram. Since the beginning you know. I’m not an expert or influence erk one unquote status. But it’s really just leveraging social media because of its inherent network for better or worse you know social media you can argue that you know making us dawn making us non and making dhabi’s you know but if you use that as a tool as opposed to letting allowing your long social media to us you then you could use it for beneficial business marketing strategies so i do social media so facebook instagram. I use lincoln a lot. You know that’s how you found me. And then i have my own website which you know if you think of it as you don’t have a website is kind of like you know it’s like the modern day business cards and you could go from there and then you know. The book thought was a very good way to kind of reach more people than i can with my four walls. And then the same thing with the podcast podcast podcasts. A relatively new were medium compared to like movies. Tv’s radio but it’s it’s evolving exponentially. I think it’s a great way to be able to engage with audiences. So what can we expect in the book when we find their much of recipes hardcore science so the reason why i titled the book thrived. Medicine is because in my own life. I was able to do a lot personally and do a lot professionally and so the book is kind of like half memoir half like self empowerment and so i went on this self work going inward you know to to yourself and you know trying to learn more about my life and things like that for a great part of a decade right now. It chronicles like you know different things. I’ve learned along the way. And so i’ve learned a lot of tools that i wanted to teach others so in the book. You’ll get a lot of personal anecdotes but you also get a lot of tips and wards of you from myself from my own experiences eyesight articles and things like that and then there’s like action steps there’s call to action and then there’s notes for you to jot on so the book is really about how to take your life you know and elevating it to a higher purpose new level for yourself if you want to do that. You know because what i found. You know observing people in general is that we go through something called. The default life is what i named a term. And it’s kind of like you know you’re born both were school. Society parents Religion you know. They all have their ways of teaching to someone. Tell you go to get a job. Go to school. Get a job. Get married have kids and then you work into you die pretty much and so i felt like most humans kind of follow this pattern. But you know. I felt like you know if we could take some detours or review something different. We might find that you know we can enhance our lives differently and not to say that that route is bad. I’m not saying that at all. I’m just saying that you know. Why don’t we entertain different things or different pathways for ourselves to get more out of life based on everything that you’ve done and experience with your patients and everything are there. Any actual foods not just generic vegetables. Real food items for diabetes or high cholesterol. That you’re like. This is something that i recommend to people because such high quality there is. I mean i could go in the route of saying specific foods. But i think i would do more of a disservice to people.

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If i don’t recommend then you know the reasonings behind wii plant based lifestyle is is is good so you know when you look at you know these chronic diseases. They all have a very similar basis of chronic inflammation rain. And so when you study you know how in you know. What animal based foods like meat eggs dairy cheese and what that does to her body and then you compare that to how plants you know when we say plant based we mean vegetables in all its varieties. Fruits and all varieties whole grains beings. Lagoons not see whole grains things like that. That’s what we mean by plant base and you compare that and you look at the science. Is that what it what plans does is that. It lowers your body’s inflammation when you lowers your body’s inflammation it. It lowers the likelihood of you getting heart. Disease and cancer and strokes and diabetes so in essence. Eating more plants will help you be able to combat. So it’s better to to to say that in that way because that’s actually what it does. I’m not trying to be late. I’m not trying to manipulate the wording. But that’s what it does. And we need to steer away from power. We prescribe things like how modern medicine does like a pill for every ill and how mother nature does it is that it’s not like that. It takes care of your entire body. You just got to look at the research you know. It’s just there’s just so much you know. do you feel that. Always think you’re saying white flour white rice is probably probably just need not the eating as much stick to the other types of wild rice and whole weeds and things. Yeah yeah so. I would say i would say in general when you’re eating animal based foods not only is it pro pro promoting more inflammation body. But you’re also depending on how it’s prepared. According to the wealth of the world health organization we classify red meat for example as a class to carcinogen rain and processed meats like cured cured meats like bacon. Sandwich meats deli. Needs things like that. Anything that preserved or manipulating away process meat. That’s a class. One carcinogen know what is in the same class. As a class one carcinogen. I’m gonna go with cigarettes. Yup tobacco cigarettes and bestest so yeah and so not a lot of people know that right and so we know that overtime over the decades. We know that it’s bad for us but you know food is the new cigarettes. You know what. I’m saying if you if you look at the work by dr. Neil bernard he says if you could eat better. Eating new eating better is like the nutritional equivalent of stopping smoking. You know i’m saying that the problem. We have to look at our food industry and see an understand how they have been able to manipulate us to eating these foods that we see in our supermarket. So what i tell. Patients really quickly is when you shop a supermarket. It’s very strategic rain. And i told them to shop the perimeter of the supermarket uae. Because that’s where we keep you know refrigeration. we keep. Things alive is with the refrigeration around the supermarket. Everything in the middle is on a shelf. Right so how do we keep things on a shelf by preservatives. Chemicals additives colouring things like that right. We don’t know and because of all the combination we don’t know how how that’s going affect us long term but i always tell patients was like to shop shop things in the middle go for things that are five ingredients or less. And if you can’t pronounce an ingredient. I wouldn’t put that in your body. And then mother nature real food doesn’t have a nutritional label and if you eat real food it’s perishable also i tell people if it didn’t come out of the ground it it didn’t come off of a tree and if it didn’t come off of vine like that i probably would minimize it so not only. Do you have inflammation you have. Things like in iran. You have things like pm a so. You have things like endotoxin. You have different components that come with animal protein for example that your destroys the body. You know what. I’m saying that promotes oxidation. Your body. what we find with plant food is that it does the opposite and what. It has an animal foods. Don’t have you know. In proportion vitamins minerals. Antioxidants polyphenyls and fiber fiber only exists in plant food. It doesn’t exist in animal food. And if you think about the animals for us americans we cows beef chickens things like that. You know pigs. What do they eat. They eat plants Saying they’re vegetarian. And if you look at the biggest the largest animals on earth dress elephants gorillas. What are the eat plants. You know what i’m saying. So how do they get so large. You know send. Because we’re so obsessed with protein or so obsessed with you know calcium. We’re so obsessed with all these different things that if you look at the animals that we actually eat they’re actually just the middle man.

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They get their nutrition from mother nature. What are you have to say about. Like vegans who. I’m not saying i don’t know if you’re going all the way like hardcore let’s be. Vegans are not when it comes to this but it seems that there are a lot of the instead they just kind of default breads carbs. They don’t need much vegetables and so after a few years. They’re chronically malnutritioned. What do you think thoughts so with that. You know a you have to look at the terminology you have to understand. A definition so like plenty is vegan. But not every vegans plant base easy. I’m saying so planet. Venus is devoid of animal products. Right and that’s their biggest catch. Ya and an extreme vegan would be like they’re not even wearing or use any products that are made from animal rain. so you could eat a twinkie. International audiences know what a twinkie is. But you and. I know what a twinkie is. But if you eat a twinkie all day long you can still categorize yourself as a vegan right now. Squishy it’s fake brands. The most marshmallow we so. That’s why that’s why. I say like whole foods plant face right so hopefully plant base is basically like ninety five ninety eight percents predominantly plants. And then you have. Vegetarians which is a separate category of vegetarians is a full spectrum. Right you have people who eat plants that eat eggs. Yeah you have vegetarians at e cheese. Or you have pesca herons at fish so you have to be able to be careful with how you use terminology and another thing i would say. Is that if you look at the blue zones research. The body of work by dan butin Who’s a national geographic explorer and writer the blue zones are high concentrations of people that live over one hundred in different pockets of the world. There’s like four or five of them. If you look at the diet of the blue zones you know. They’re nine even vegan. You know they do eat animals but they do it very very very very infrequent and very rarely compared to western civilizations that it doesn’t really you know like a drop in the ocean. It doesn’t really affect them. You know they eat meat. You know for. Celebratory events like weddings and anniversaries and holidays. You know what i’m saying for us For us americans. We eat a you know three times a day. Three sixty five twenty four seven. You know what i’m saying. So it’s about it’s about predominantly what you’re eating so that’s why i say like i just want you to eat more plants to tell my patients very simple eat more plants but then oils the you recommend butter are like what would you. What would you recommend. People cook with So in terms of oil is it depends on if you can eat oils. That are naturally found in plants. That’s better so nuts. Seeds avocados things like that avocado oil. Flaxseed oil yeah so i would say added oils. I would probably minimize as much as possible. But if you had to use cooking oil i would use like depending on what kind of cooking you’re doing if you heike cooking. I would recommend like grapeseed or avocado oil. Okay i would. I would steer clear of any type of vegetable oil soybean canola use olive oil for cooking whatsoever on. Yeah because you know it you. D nature The oil when you when you when it reaches a certain smoking point every cooking oil has a certain smoking point and so like you know it’ll burn essentially like you know o’byrne at degree at temperatures quicker than others. I would just use avocado grapeseed oil if you had to use a cooking oil but our plant face community. We advocate minimizing it or eating the natural oils. That come with food so this what are you use instead. So you don’t get stuck on a pot so there’s different cooking methods so so it depends you know when you look at a cooking. The research behind cooking methods when you’re doing what cooking versus dry cooking cooking is healthier in in in terms of minimizing the ge’s which is Blinking here which is based on his wit me like boiling or just having a wet meaning like boiling steaming parboiling things like that cooking like roasting grilling saltena. Frying things like that. Like walked cooking would be considered dry. Normally yeah yeah. Walk cooking chinese cooking. Basically you’re using a lot of oils and you’re using a big walk to be able to push back and forth and you know using a high surface area. You know what i’m saying but you’re not using a lot you’re using oils but you’re also using liquids as well so but the point of it is that you’re you’re minimizing a ge’s which is basically the oxidation components that produces russ to our body when you’re cooking more dry like for example when you’re grilling something you see that blackness that’s cancer producing the good part.

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Yeah yeah exactly. so you can’t. There are cooking methods where you can just brown to a certain point but if you do too much of it you’re promoting more ag ease thus producing more oxidative components in your body. So i would probably say you really lost a lot of people when you say we have to boil in steam most of our vegetables because i’ll magically they’re like this is gonna be boring steamed broccoli before you’re crazy but i think once you’ve cook it for instance like i cook a lot. I call it. Asian cajun because i’m from south louisiana so we’ve got a black things but if you were to boil or steam a bunch of a plan and broccoli and things like that you can always throw it back into a walk or something and put your seasoning and just sort of spin it around maybe put some soy sauce or whatever you want you want to put into it and then boom now you still have a ton of flavor but you cooked it in esteemed fashion. Yeah i mean. I want people who do not put themselves into a kitchen. I always tell people get yourself into a kitchen. That’s how you take back your health. Because when you outsource i like to use the word outsource when you outsource your food to a restaurant or a takeout or a delivery. You don’t know how they’re preparing your food. It is built for taste. Yeah and it’s built for a business there to make money right how they make money by reducing costs by buying the cheapest ingredients and cheapest ways to prepare your food in order to make a profit right. How are they going to stay alone so that that doesn’t translate to the healthiest ingredients. That’s going into your. They’re not there to look after your help. Their business so i tell people you know what’s going into your food when you’re in your own kitchen so i don’t care if you’re an amateur cook or whatever i’m not asking you to be michelin star chef. I just need you to get back into the kitchen and prepare payroll food. That’s how you take back your health. Okay switching gears. Make sure we stay within our timeframe here. Always like to ask about personal stuff. So when we’re talking about a spouse or significant and other things like that a lot of people do all these things and they get divorced and it’s always sad and is there any tips that you’ve learned to live so far that helps you to have a good strong relationship with other people. i definitely say The biggest. it’s funny. You ask that because i went to a physician wellness conference earlier this year and they said that financially. What would help you. The most is date night. And what that means is that you know spending the time to reinforce your relationship. Not just with your spouse but with your family with your friends. One of the longest studies that we have that came out of harvard. It was like a seventy year Study and That you know the the the question they’re asking was what are the main factors that promote joy and happiness and things like that. What they found was was relationships if you could spend the time especially in a in a pandemic where we are going more indoors you know. Spend the time to reach out to someone. You normally wouldn’t reach out to you know spend more than just the five minutes of pleasantries talk deeper. Ask uncomfortable questions spend the time. Do something you know with your significant other. Try to get the learn. Something more about them. The more we can learn about each other and thereby learning more about ourselves the better you know the deeper relationship we have and we’re social being so we will have more of an enriching life throughout my travels just in life. I just find that experiences. I mean the most to me making memories you know having seen as being the most me so to me. It’s like i invest more time and energy with people. You know what i’m saying. So that’s what i do. I have any tips. You know it’s really just to. There’s no right or wrong to just spend more time with them practice learning if you mess up saying something. You know just rephrase your words. Go back at it and have a humbling attitude. You know and always come from a place of gratitude. Life is short you know. I know that’s a cliche. But i think what the pandemic has taught us is that life is also fragile. You know for those of us that lost a loved one to code we realize that another reminder that life is very fragile. So don’t wait. You know like spend the time to get to reinforce your relationships and in a timely manner. It’s i don’t know about you. But i have a lot of black friends and with the black lives matter movement and everything. It was challenging to say okay. Let’s have this conversation if they’re willing to have it because it’s to be an uncomfortable conversation probably for both people and you have to tread lightly sometimes because you might make assumptions. They make assumptions and feelings can be hurt. And you don’t want to damage the relationship but at the same time you’re like these are important conversations that you could have and there’s no better time than now when it’s kind of all in your face.

00:35:08 – 00:40:05

Yeah for the entire year i mean. I don’t know how to encourage that if you have that conversation or not. But it’s i think it’s worth having. Yeah no definitely. I think in america. I don’t know how it is in germany with the black lives matter movement but in america is very very very heated. And very you know. We still haven’t really got a hold of it and you know for those that are not black or brown. You know is just for america. You know it’s it’s something that’s been in our history in american history and culture for four hundred years and the reason why it’s we just haven’t really address it appropriately and this Affects our economy. This affects our healthcare written an article. About how it influences healthcare disparities fix our economy and affects everything from every type level. So i would say the best thing you can do is just educate yourself to inform yourself ultimately if you’re not black without judgment i would say it’s better to listen. You know and have an open mind and be patient and just let people just kind of voice out whatever they need to voice out. You know what. I’m saying. Because i think listening is the best way to kind of open yourself for change so and just by listening doesn’t mean you actually what they’re saying but the no and then making those decisions. I think there’s two different things but it goes a long way to like the other person is trying to Okay so last last one part. You mentioned a lot of names in the show already mostly researchers but any books or other podcasts that we should look especially as a doctor audience that we should probably read. Look at so that we can actually pass onto our patients. Oh yeah definitely so. The number one nutrition is so we’re nutrition source that. I go to’s by dr michael gregor and he founded the nonprofit called nutrition. Facts that org. And he’s written the book. How not the die. The second book how how not to diet and he is number. He’s literally the number one go-to person firms of like unbiased information. Because what he does. He dedicated his career by dwelling in and diving deeper into the latest nutrition and lifestyle type of and food type of evidence space research. And what he does is that he will take. All that research and then distill it into bite size videos or For everyone to look at and read and consume free you know no commercial bias. No sponsorships on his work and he everything the monies that he gets from his books speaking engagements all all goes back to charity and it goes back to continued the of the foundation and continue his work and he’s really good. He’s very engaging he’s very funny. I recommend you nutritional help you know. Go to nutrition facts that work and in terms of You know the other stuff in terms of building emotional resilience on things like that. I’ve always been a big fan of tony robbins. Tony robbins is internationally known. He has his own podcast. He’s helped a lot of people and he’s been doing his coaching style for like four decades. Now and he’s like he’s he’s like mom. Yeah so So that’s what i would do and you know if you wanna learn more about me. You can go to chef doc. Zoo dot com. I have links to all my resources bo. podcast things like that and you can z. H. u. is ju. Yeah yeah yes. Oh c. h. e. f. d. o. c. z. h. e. dot com and. I’m sure you’ll provide those links. So absolutely you’ll have a whole show. Page transcript even. Yeah also okay. Well thank you so much for being on our program. Yeah yeah thank you so much and it was a it was a privilege and thank you to you as another great interview has ended while you’re on your phone. Click that review but right up a nice review for me five stars if you could as everyone says an industry. It’ll help other people to find us when we have enough rankings not to mention i’ll mention you and your review on coming episode if you follow me on instagram you only get one link. So i use a linked tree and so it’s a doctor’s perspective dot net slash links with an s. And that’s gonna be everything you need to know the top episodes of twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen. The podiatrist series dennis acupuncture series holiday. Twenty seventeen financial series. How to write a review how to support the show like buying a cup of coffee getting swag like t shirts. The today’s choices tomorrow’s health book. That’s the blueprints for better health exercise picking correctly and financial and then of course bundle packs. Which can get you. The no new acupuncture book forty common conditions including the electric acupuncture pin at a great deal.

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