E 171 Foot Strength and Shoe Sales Colin Dombroski PhD

e 171 a doctors perspective orthotics sole shoes Colin Dombroski s
Colin Dombroski, Phd talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

One shoe to rule them all? I think not and Dr. Colin Dombroski will break down why that is not the case and discusses his books on foot aliments and prevention.

Canadian Certified Pedorthists – design and manufacturer of foot orthotics and the rehabilitation around that. While they can’t prescribe the orthotics like a podiatrist can, they are the ones that literally make them.

He holds a PhD with over 6 published papers that can be found on pubmed and will do the research using techniques like: bi-planer fluroscopy, Ct, 8 camera motion capture system, and 3D printing. His goal is to see what these devices are actually doing once in the shoe.

He also owns a massive shoe store (it has a 92 year local footprint in his city) and athletic specialty shoe store.

Casting Foam Box or Plaster Cast

If you have a low arch the foam box is the better choice especially in relation to the medial longitudinal ligament.

How much stress is put on assessing the patient to get the right orthotic versus just educating on how to get the most appropriate shoe for that individual.

Taking into account

  • their level of activity
  • what type of activity
  • previous injuries
  • current biomechanics
  • failure of normal biomechanics
  • gait
  • loud walker
  • and so on

Good price range for a great shoe is $130-150+.

Differences between a Barefoot Shoe and a Minimalist Shoe

Biomechanical Control: Cushioning, Stability and Motion Control – which shoe style is right for your patient?

Make sure the shape of the foot matches the shape of the shoe, regardless of the biomechanical control goal or price of the shoe.

Pregnancy can change a women’s shoe size from 0.5-1.5.

Have you heard of Carbon Based Running Shoes?
Asics metrolyte, Saucony endorphin pro, Hoka One carbon x, New Balance fuelcell

Business Lessons from 20 years of Retail Shoe Sales

How did they manage to survive during covid restrictions?
Hire For Culture of Company FIT. He explains what that means.
Hire for Fit and train for skill.

What are the business leader influences and programs he has taken?

He explains his view on the advice, Get Clear on Your Why – why did you pick this major, career, practice style etc.

What are some good KPI’s to measure performance?
When should you fire someone?

Look at Leading Metrics that the business will be doing in the near future not the trailing past metrics that you can’t fix or redo.

Growth. What is the purpose of your growth?

Many people grow for the sake of growing and then actually take home less money. When is enough, enough?
Find Your Point of Scale.

Fun fact: he also makes watches


Books by Dr. Colin- Canadian Certified Pedorthists The Plantar Fasciitis Plan, Foot Strength Plan: The Truth About Orthotics And More, Sole Selection for picking athletic shoes, Kid book on thanks and gratitude called A Special Thank You, and one on pregnancy to be released in 2021

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

Community Made Podcast (episode: Scaling is Stupid)

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e 171 a doctors perspective orthotics sole shoes Colin Dombroski phd
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Episode one hundred and seventy one foot strength and shoe sales from your host. Dr justin transparent today dr collins and brodsky’s perspective twenty seventeen and eighteen. Podcast awards nominated host and bestselling author on amazon as we get a behind the curtain. Look at all types of dr. And guess specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective twenty 2021. Welcome welcome graduate tuning in today. This is a good episode. Our first time having a canadian certified doris and he also is actually dr. phd style. So he does a lot of research into feet. Planner fasciitis and those types of things and we’ll discuss more about what his credentials are. He also owns a ninety two year. Old shoe store so with some fun with a long standing business retail during covid as well being the person that creates inserts for people and so it was a good conversation before we jump in the role was reversed. I was a guest on. Dr kevin christie’s modern carpeting marketing. You can go to a doctor’s perspective dot net slash modern cairo to get to that link and we talk about when she’s in creation so he really was excited about what i did for him and wanted you know. Just return to favor so really excited for that. Hope you enjoy it. There is a discount if you listened to his show so it’s a secret url as always if you’re getting value from the show you can visit a doctor’s perspective dot net slash support and there’s everything from one buck a monthly contributions. It’s a pay link versus patriot. So we really appreciate it over here in germany for your support well. Dr collins has written a few books. We’ll discuss that as well. And that’s it. Let’s just go ahead and jump in a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one seven one for all the show notes and the transcript typically within twenty four hours of release. Let’s go hashtag behind. The curtain live from germany and ontario. Today on the show. We’re gonna talk feet talk different ways. And i think we have in the past even from the podiatrist series that we had but he is going to be the author of nearly five books. If you can believe that he’s has so much time. I guess corona he’s gonna put out four books this year And then at the same time he is just passionate about like plantar fasciitis and make sure that we stop having foot pain. So please welcome dr colin dombrowski. Thank you so much for having me on today. You betcha well. I love your get up already. got a nice background in a nice logo on the wall. So i’m pretty excited to see that. Just because i like brandon’s is pretty cool. Neither here i suppose but are you kidding. We’re all business owners. I i love the business part of my practice just as much as i love. Seeing patients is pretty fun. I think and hopefully we’ll get some business advice and some of the questions later on but wonderful. Let’s jump in. You know you don’t have to go back to as when you’re in high school and college but you’ve been a podiatrist for awhile and so where are you going. Or how did you turn into writing books and finding this passion in this calling that you have no problem so first of all an just to say i’m a canadian certified fidora’s so there’s a little bit of a difference there when it comes to scope of practice so really. I focused strictly on the design manufacturer photovoltaics and the rehabilitation. That comes around that. So i don’t do our scope of practice between us. An podiatrist are night and day. Different trees like a real medical degree And i have a phd. I don’t have an md and so we really focus in on the mechanical side of orthotics. Footwear in rehab. While i completely missed that any bio wow wasn’t gonna certified canadian certified podiatrist alright. So this’ll be fun. Yeah that’s completely different. Okay so this is explains why. Whenever i was looking at some of the questions to ask you with orthotics why coming up over and over again. Give us a little background. More on the what that is and then we’ll jump into some more questions. Yeah so. I mean Are those people who are trained in design in the manufacture of customer so typically will go to school for an undergraduate degree in kinetic sir can you live in my case it was held sciences and then we go beyond from that into a postgraduate degree program that certifies us to become furthest so we do another one year program with both online learning and in learning that we are national board certifications and then off we go and so we focus really in that area so specifically design in the manufacturer of orthotics racing compression stockings and how that works to help somebody with pain from their feet to their lower back now In different areas you know different people will will.

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Some people will prescribe and provide so from a podiatrist point. They might actually be the ones both prescribing and providing a device we don’t prescribe orthotics. So we’ll take prescriptions from family doctors and surgeons and actress and the like and we fill those prescriptions. We physically make your thoughts ourselves and take down that journey. Whoa so you’re the guy behind the scenes creating these orthotics like yeah. Yeah and then. I’m also the guy that the producers research on this specifically so You know i’m one of few in candidate that have a phd actually practice. I’m an adjunct research professor at western university where we do research using everything from buy planner philosophy. Ct imaging to an eight camera icon. Motion capture motion capture facility in in my facility and then we also use things like three d. printing and whatnot to be able to ascertain where what what these devices are. Actually doing when we get them. Someone’s shoe you know. And that was really the impetus for me to go on and do more graduate work was to really answer some of these questions as to. Why do we thought its work. The way they do do or thoughts work the way they do. And we’ve been able to publish some really interesting stuff more specifically in recently on handing so whether you use a phone box or plaster cast and how that might actually change motion of a foot in a shoe in real time using something like buy. Planner ferocity is so. What do we want. Is that a good option. Then using that were actually found. Was that if you had a really low arch that using the phonebox cast was a little bit more effective at controlling the motion of the middle lurch compared to a plaster cast of someone’s foot and really it was different if you had a regular or a higher foot so it really comes down to the practitioners Choice when it comes down to things like time and cost and whether it’s appropriate for the patient to do either phonebox plaster casting But we do. If you wanna get some better control in one that one has been his condition that phonebox seemed to be the better the better choice in that when you’re saying that it’s like when you put the weight on the foot into the mold is better. It’s actually a better mold of your foot so when you build it. Yeah it’s more custom to them versus the plaster where maybe doesn’t catch some of those nuances with the phone box. We think we actually get some some pressure back up onto the foot to create more of an urge and so that might be was actually giving us that better control without having to actually change the the actual cast too much. You know when you take a completely non weight bearing cast of somebody’s foot. There’s a lot of dressing that has to happen into a cast where you actually take it. You gotta add plaster or remove faster to be able to get what you what. You’re looking for this sort of the desired effect at the end of the day and so what. I think we found that this this method which is very common can actually be quite effective. How much you wrote a book on this to you can get a foot and certain shoes like the ones that i use surgeries. I can’t wear them in because it’s too thick are in your the box in the toes is to is to shape differently and so it doesn’t fit whatever like the back of the he’ll isn’t why isn’t tall enough. So whenever you put in you fall out you come out of the shoe and it’s so stupid. How much does it matter like. Are you wearing nikes. Reeboks adidas this stuff with our address shoes. How much does it matter based on the type of material that you make it out of now we had a little bit of a break up there in the in the in the signal so i wanted to make sure i got your question right. Do you mean does it matter. What kind of shoe. We put north otago into pretty much all it matters greatly. And so you know. I kind of like to say that we can’t out orthotic bad shoe and so there’s always so much that we can do with some sort of sub optimal footwear for patients. And so a lot of what we do is spending time looking at the kind of footwear. That would be appropriate for patients for follow g. for how they move for what their goals are and then we really we really make sure that that’s going to be matched up well to everything they’re looking at doing and i’ve got to tell you you know. There’s a lot of instances when we see patients who come through the door. Don’t need our thought. Ix what they need is a word vice. They need to know how to buy the right kind of shoe you know. I’m asked every day on what’s the best shoe that’s out there. Of course because you know. I i also own a fairly large family shoe store in a running shoe store here in london ontario on top of our medical practice. We have hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory in in our stuff when we do a lot of footwear. And i’ll tell you that that there is no one best shoe. I can’t say that new balance is better than sokha knee which is better than as ex or any of that stuff. You know a glove exactly. Yeah hokum and tastic shoe but you know above a certain Threshold you know so in that sort of hundred thirty five to one hundred and forty dollar range in up.

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They’re all great shoes from those manufacturers. The questions are which one is going to be the best one for you. And that’s so different. In between people. I can take to people with the exact same foot. The exact same problem the exact same way of walking and they wind up with two completely different shoes. That are comfortable to that. Does that have to deal with body weight as well as male versus female versus. Are you a runner. You you stand all day at a ito you add in outside of your cats you know are you one of those people that walk around by slamming their heels into the ground. Are you like allowed walker. You know at the end of the day all of those things. Come into play on what you’re gonna find comfortable and then you can get into effect of you know How many sensory receptors. You have spare of your skin. That make you more sensitive to things like pressure in heat and vibration and all of that stuff and You know all of that really really aids in what are how we perceive comfort because comforts biggest predictor of success. With really any of this stuff for where you know all of it and so you know what’s comfortable to one person is very uncomfortable. Another which is why some people can raka thin shoe a barefoot shoe or one of those really thick new balance walking on air type of souls right. that’s it that’s it you know so so it on that things specifically you know i. I kind of look at it two ways. Yes one person’s gonna find that comfortable. One person isn’t but one of the avenues that we looked to to be able to predict whether someone’s going to be able to do well with a a really thin soled shoe more like barefoot style of shoe or a minimalist of shoe because those things are really are different right. People often kind of used the term in barefoot interchangeable and. they’re really not so a barefoot two inches a foot covering right something. That’s going to protect your skin against the ground. And that’s it where a minimal she has a bit of that mid sole that’s built into it that does have some structure elements to it and eliot kennedy. Those things are very different. You know it really has to do with how your body can with the demands of repetitive. Soft tissue loading and able to will some more than others and died. It’s figuring where you lie on that spectrum can make a big difference as to whether or not you do well with one or the other so in your opinion is not that barefoot or minimalist shoes are bad for people is just that some people are gonna find those comfortable versus a big squishy shoe figuring out what part where you lie on that spectrum and what that actually means for you so there are some people that have a practice that have tried to go more minimalist in their running. Who despite doing everything right. They’ve consulted the best physios. They were transition shoe. They went into a really really slowly. They still got injured. And there are other people in my practice. who went. I wanna give us a go. Took everything out of their shoe. Orthotics went from a you know a really cushioned twelve millimeter mid sole shoe to running literally barefoot the next day and did fine with it. It’s out again where where you lie on that spectrum you know. I love those kinds of minimalist shoes for certain like really specific applications. I think they can have huge benefits to people. It’s just a question of using them correctly. So let’s dive a little bit another like he’ll cups and like you said the mid sole fam- of thickness and everything a someone who has like a flat foot and it’s just use generic terms of flat foot and they have someone who has a planner fasciitis. Are there certain. Things that as as a chiropractor physiotherapist. But i assure you know we can all sort of recommend these inserts and types of shoes. Is there some that. We should be leaning towards for different conditions. Like you probably want something that has this style and every shoe company has three styles of that kind of thing. You’re looking for for somebody who has really flat foot so if for taking that into consideration as you’re and you’re saying someone have these kinds of styles they they do and so there’s two different things to look at one is going to be the overall biomechanical control. That shoes going to offer so you might be familiar with the different categories of mechanical control into cushioning stability motion control and a lot of people will say. Hey you know if you’re a really flat flood go into emotion control kind of shoe. Well you know. That’s that’s that’s really good advice. If you wanna peg everybody to one whole thing On our end but we’re looking to do is to make sure that that shoe fits their foot the best it. Can i so really what we want to do is look at the overall shape of it and so if you take somebody who has a really straight really flat very wide foot and you put them into something. That’s very narrow and very curved which is what you know. A lot of cushioning shoes can look like sometimes then that might not match up well with their foot and it might not allow them to be able to walk away they want to and can cause some qasim issues so the very best thing to do is make sure that the shape of the shoe matches the shape of their foot First of all and then from there from about mechanic standpoint if you think that they need cushioning while you look for that in a shoe that offers great pushing if you think that they need some biomechanical control then certainly you can look for features that offer mechanical control but you know going going with the kind of panacea of saying this shoe is the only thing that this type can get into.

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It’s just something we try to avoid. You know now. Nowadays my wife. She likes to run and was pregnant. Had a kid her feet got a little bit bigger in. You know she would run one of her always go black and she won’t have a new shoes and she finally just. I’m going to get a little bit bigger. I think there was a sale on a good pair of shoes. You know just a little bit bigger. Well guess what the only issue that doesn’t mess with is the size as one half bigger. And so she’s man maybe that’s what it was the whole time. We were like yeesh especially after pregnancy. I mean you know up to a year later. We look to the literature. We know women’s foot- shape in change up to sort of half the size to a full size and a half is what the research will tell you and so you know it’s usually worse with the first pregnancy but can happen up to about your third pregnancy You need to look at all your where my wife. When i used to be eight and a half in everything now. She’s nine nine and a half and we had to throw out. You know lots of lots of shah’s is it just the ligaments stretching and not been able to come back like they used to exactly that relaxing hormone really. Likes the ligaments of your feet. And you know that combined with a little bit. Awaking and swelling can can Can reduce the height of your launch. The large increase the length of your foot. Yes what ask you so talking about pregnancy. I know that’s one of the books that you’re going to have coming out. Wouldn’t finding is the typical issues that they have and is it easy to fix. Well once they have a permanent foot shape change. No that that really isn’t easy to fix. It’s just easy to deal with you. After after that point the real question just becomes from a from a function standpoint is if they have all this new ligament laxity what ends up happening with the muscles that are supposed to control those joints and so you know that that is where you know. You wanna talk to good cairo’s physios and he’s ecologists in people that can really help strengthen both their foot and the supporting musculature of the ankle And even higher up into the hip you know. You have a little bit of hip dysfunction. That’s week and then all of a sudden starts to move a bit more because of pregnancy and one is just an exasperated the other one and so our treatment approach has always been that. I try to stay away from always blaming one thing for the other oftentimes using both in concert and that usually ends up giving us better comes. Have you found that having a phd. And doing all the research you’ve done has changed the offerings. You have in your retail store. Oh very much so. Yeah yeah. I i don’t even carry this or this lower than this price or this type of brain. Just don’t even care. ’cause i know not going to be detrimental to these kids you know. I think we’re it’s come out to is a our thought processes changed and evolved with time. You know there’s a slide that i stole from the very first class that i ever took in statistics and that was A quote from dr sydney birdwell for burwell from harvard medical school and it was that half of what you’re going to be taught in ten years will be proven to be wrong. The trouble is your professors. Don’t know which. And so when i go back and look at what i was taught when i went through all of this in terms of how we structure feet in two different types of footwear recommendations. You know that’s definitely changed over time. And certainly the buying habits of gone from more structured more stability kinds of things to more. Let’s get more red than more depth to fit someone’s individual foot you know with the proper wit with the proper length with the proper style of shoe and not just say oh you move a little bit. Let’s put you over in here and figure that out for them. Do you happen a sell any shoes. That are like five hundred and five thousand dollars like somebody’s youtube videos. No no no our most expensive shoe that we sell. is the Ride on the athletic side and it is a nominal carbon-based running surely carbon rocker running june beast and the carbon carbon rockers are really big thing right now and you know For people who come in on the performance side performance running. It’s fantastic but as a clinician man. Some of these some of these shoes that are coming out. Their clinical use is just amazing. You who have i m. tps or ankle osteoarthritis remit foot osteoarthritis. Who maybe don’t wanna get surgery and can’t get surgery or had core results with other things and can we change their their function and their outcomes with some of these some of these shoes so we’re using them not even you with paper intended for But they have great outcomes with some patients.

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What some of the names that we should be looking for. That sounds pretty fancy. Just go online and like what are these shoes do. So i if you’re looking at some of the carbon shoes that are out there right now as is memorize phenomenal issue sock. He has called the endorphin pro- I believe hokka. There one’s called the carbon ex And new balance one is escaping. Right now i think it’s the fuel cell They’ve got a carbon shoe as well and so you know when it comes to wear the kind of footwear that we carry in our retail store. We’ll always look at it with our pacific lens with our clinician hat on to say. Hey if if if we’re going to look at the particular characteristics issue offers whether it’s he’ll drop or the amount of rocker Toe spring or the level of cushioning. Or you know the the thickness and squishing which is called the drama of the mid sole how each one of these things actually relate to an individual persons pathology and how would then recommend one shoe over another based on that and and also based on the literature and so that’s always the lens of we look at stuff through a school definitely changes what you purchasing. That’s for sure. I mean i can’t even imagine having that much retail space in inventory. We’re a had to hire someone to manage all of that aspect of wind put things on sale and what the purchase occur. These colors suck. Yeah yeah so. When happening was that we we had a clinic. Business started twenty years ago and for a long time it was just me an assistant that That ran ran the company and then about five years ago we decided we were going to expand and one of the one of the stores in london. That has a ninety two. Your industry like a generational store. We’d been referring patients to buy their footwear for over fifteen years and a few years ago once they started talking about retiring. I figured oh someone’s going to step in and you know. Take it up because they did all the orthopedic stuff all the hard fit. Eat and the stuff that would make other places you know kinda cringe in and not the excited. They love that stuff and so he was It was always on in terms of their fifth. They knew someone could walk in the door. They look at their feet and go. I know exactly what you need. And it was just one of those places and so when no one step up to buy them. I literally had to women in my office the same day crying. They were that distraught because they were so hard to fit it. Couldn’t buy shoes Anywhere other than this store so we decided okay. We’re going to step up. And so we entered into negotiations and ended up taking over the store about a year later since then we’ve also purchased performance funding shop as well and so we’ve got that under our belt to yes one hundred percent. It takes a village to to run something like that. They’ll do it okay though. Yeah over the corona virus stuff. You know you talk to me. The first two months was area like everybody else you know but we have a. I’ve been in business for twenty years and we have just a phenomenal support. Group of people Our patient population is amazing and they stepped up huge bought. You know online and we did a lot of porch deliveries Even even the clinics were closed and so it really helped get us through those really lean. Really hard months has as you know as a business owner. I mean those nonverbal expenses if you’re a footwear retail hundred and twenty grand worthy shoes come in you’re paying for the ninety days later no matter whether you’re not just got some old shoes here because we haven’t had any business size nines or out. Where’s the short share. You just in facebook marketing. Yeah that’s fantastic. Glad that you’re you’re making it okay. Let’s dive in. You’ve got some books. Give us if you don’t mind a couple minute. Overview of each of them in will From there so the one that we put out in two thousand sixteen called the planner fasciitis plan for your feet from morning. Pain was my attempt to Help a greater swath of patients. You know i’ve been seeing people one on one for a number of years now and just wanted to help more people than just being able to assist the scale sort of stuff that we tell people in out more than half of my days spent seeing patients with plenty of fasciitis and so over that amount of time we treated thousands of cases. A planner fasciitis What we really notice was that there seems to be lack of a good treatment algorithm when it comes to start with this and then move to that you would be shocked. How many people come to be in say. Yeah i have. I’ve had plenty of fasciitis for five months or six months or nine months as great one of the things that you’ve done. Well the i did. It was a cortisone shot. What do you mean.

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The first thing he did was of course inside. It’s take care of mechanical determines any of the risk factors any of the things. No that was the first thing i was given. Have you done. Any stretching has no so you know we years ago. Put together this. This little pamphlet. This little handout would give people. It’s like fifteen ages and I couldn’t tell you how many people every day came back to being said man. That was awesome. I started the exercises. I feel better like the next morning. I felt better and so we wrote the book with with really that mine was to give people the opportunity to read this and say here’s the algorithm approach that we give to all of our patients that come through the door you know. I don’t believe in orthotics a first line treatment for acute planner fasciitis unless you have significant risk factors right if you’re diabetic and you’re at risk for a football sir. Yes under percent. That’s first line what Or if you have other chronic conditions if you if you have rheumatoid arthritis or other types of foot osteoarthritis then sure but you know if you’re a thirty five year old mom who decided that she was going to go back and do a little bit of running as a new year’s resolution and all of a sudden you’re you’re he’ll start to get sore you wake up first thing in the morning when you take those first ten steps. There’s a whole litany of things you can do before you go and try. Thought extensive. Plenty of fasciitis plane really bowed is to give people the tools to be able to either use themselves to get better at home or to know what to ask or specialists next. You know what was really nice about this book is that we consulted orthopedic surgeons primary court. Doctors physiotherapists massage therapists to say. Hey what are the questions to ask or things that you need to do. The things need to be talking to your doctors about and just to give people more information in terms of how to manage their own case better and then the next book we have coming out in In the next few weeks is called the foot strike plan. And it’s really all about how to keep your feet healthy and strong through ranges of motion and basic strengthening exercises. I it also talks The subtitle of that one is the truth about our thoughts and more. you know. there’s lots of scary stuff on the internet. These days saying how orthotics are collectively making the arches of the world’s weaker and You know when you walk in a when you walk in a shoe when you walk into narcotic cast that doesn’t the foot bones move and why would you ever want to walk in a cast. It’s just so ridiculous you know When it comes to some of this stuff maybe twenty years ago before the technology’s changed these days. Yeah you know it just people’s people’s mindset. We’ve gone from. I find that the the age that we in digitally as taken us from a practitioners that value a more holistic you know medium approach to everything to more of a click beatty dualistic. This is good. That’s bad i’m right and you’re wrong and this is the only thing you should do. This is the thing you should never do. And i i run away from that stuff screaming it just just because people are individual and and what works for somebody is not gonna work for somebody else just because you good with their foot running. Doesn’t mean that your your uncle your anti your brother or anybody else should try that Because they might get really hurt. This sounds like a really interesting book because so much stuff that we do can be related from the hips to the foot from the foot back to the hip or the back so to have a plan. What’s it look for. What a flow chart one of those that you can take your book kind of flow chart it and then kind of put into okay. He needs stretching. These stretches that. I like our. I’ve seen the help in the past and you just have like a nice repeatable procedure when your patients come in. I like and then the other books You know they’re all various stages of production right now so we won’t chat about those wants to buy just yet coming out. There also wanted to come out this year other than my children’s book which is all about how to say thank you. Why saying thank you awesome. I’ll good i was gonna ask you though. Yeah yeah yeah. I have three and a and a seven year old and started about a year ago when one of them you know just had a bit of an issue with gratitude and so i said i you know i’m i’m going to read something fun. It’s coming out through freezing press in probably two months so we’ll come animal or the subject no no end so the title is called a special. Thank you so. I just all about saying thank you and When you go through the illustrations it’s it’s actually my family and so i. I found this beautiful children’s book illustrator. I fell in love with his work. And i gave him pictures of my family. And just things that are are really relevant to us and so we have this restaurant that we go to these their logo. And i’m a. I’m a huge watch collector match a hobby watchmaker. And so i’ve got watches in different things. And it’s just. It was the other montessori classroom and all of that stuff is is all throughout this book. So i wanted to write something that they’d be able to take for the rest of their lives and remember that the dad did something to them.

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Wow okay part-time watchmaker. What does that look like a whole man. So you rolex on the log over here you know it. And so i’ve been a watch after for the better part of fifteen years from nude vintage vintage and so about five years ago. I decided that. I wanted to learn more about the inner workings. Like anything you can learn. You can learn online. These days i bought a kit and Started started learning. A lot of stuff has started going through washington school now and and so my fortieth birthday. I actually made myself a pocket. Watch movement wristwatch that a lot of fun. I making friends and family on big events and things like that. and it’s. it’s my form of meditation. You know because when you’re trying to play something at the half a millimeter on something else. It needs a pretty steady hand. And a lotta guys direction. So i know a guy that does pin nepean ballpoint pen and it’s amazing. What the guy can come up with. I don’t know maybe that’s that’s probably a lot easier casting something into a pin shape versus building a watch. But that’s pretty wild because you can use so many different kinds of materials and there’s a reason why some of these costs tin grain versus a fifty nine dollars so on the mechanical movement side. You know some of the stuff. That’s made in switzerland versus some of the stuff that you see. In other areas that are more mass mass produced. The quality is just so different so they run with everything these days to you know. It’s it’s like all right so we’ll switch a little bit. That was those fun curiosity when your marketing you can discuss it with the with the social science or with the shoe company. But what are you doing. What’s what’s your best bang for your buck. These days social proof. And that’s that’s it we. There’s so many different ways that we can look at our our marketing and we tried it all from really traditional radio and newspaper type of things to facebook and google ads. All of that stuff. It’s really nice to be able to quantify what’s happening on the facebook side. We will side. When you know who’s looked in where from those clicks but the thing is moved the needle for us is social proof marketing and so it’s you asking for view you can spend your time as much as you want to tell other people about how great you are. But if their friend or their cousin or someone that they know trust and respect says here and a fixed me they’re awesome. Well that’s worth so much more. And so we’ve spent a lot of time building out that that pardoning do you use the written in videos and all of that in like four google ads on facebook we use a little bit of all of it Within the confines of our our own code of ethics in when it comes to marketing so there are some things on the side that we just can’t do. And so we as much as we can within the boundaries of of what college says his is. Okay okay yeah that’s true. There’s always some kind of bored out there that’s it that’s unreasonable to do a little bit more with the retail but when it comes to the the The pacific side. The service side. We do have to watch. What what we’re saying australia’s like that too. They’re pretty intense with their reservations on web. Pages married you have kids in the interview. Always the end it with some fun questions about that so if you don’t mind how in the world are you able to take more time off and keep your love live with your family. I have an amazing team that allows me to do whatever i need not worry about it. That’s we and we take care of them like like they’re like their gold. And you know that that is that my team. I would not be able to do anything. I wouldn’t be able to put this past and so it all comes down to it. All comes down to the people who we have here that support one another To the angle. What were you looking for when you hire them. What is there some certain characteristics that you definitely need to have this in this role or anything we hire for fit and then we train for scalp if you’re not a culture fit. You don’t work here if you don’t the skill your culture fit will train you. That’s really the main thing we look for. When when we’re going for acid i end. You know somebody who has an ethical outlook on on provision of care. You know there are way too many people that that don’t take ethical road especially early in your career. It’s easy to you know. Let your ethics in your morals band a little bit and You know to be able to get a sale when you’re hungry and you know people who Who stick by what they believe in. Always those are the ones that we are. You have an example. When that didn’t do that backfired. we do. Yeah i i. I’ve been bitten a couple of times before but there’s no need to dwell on that kind of stuff and so they’re not one hundred percent every time but when you figure it out like all right we gotta make some changes well and you know i. It was because even bitten once or twice in the past that we started making some really hard rules on. You know who’s gonna work here because at the end of the day you know it just takes one bad ir to despoil.

00:35:05 – 00:40:06

We could take a decade to build a culture and so we will always hire for culture fit. I and entrain the skill. Did you happen to take any kind of business. Classes are training programs. That are out there. Did i had a business. Education in two different ways one was the school of hard knocks. My dad was the What will the executive radio shack in. Canada allowed loves growing up ten so i spent a good swath of childhood going into work with him and talking with him and listening to him on conference calls and i learned a lot. I learned a lot from his guidance and he ended up working with before he passed. And those are some of the best Us some of the best professional life which was which was great matching. My whole family works with me my brother and my mom that’s been that’s been great And then i did. A program called sporting goods. Business at sir sanford fleming college here in ontario. Which is really focused. If you wanna be a rep in the sporting goods business and you know that. That business program was really geared towards that specifically. So i did that but then ended up dropping out two months before it was going to graduate to come to western university here to do what i do. Now okay didn’t look back. I didn’t actually finish that degree now. That’s okay though at this point. Yeah i think so. I think ten years in the phd later. Certainly that’s awesome okay. So what are some web pages that we need to check out for you if you wanna check out the business page it’s soil science dossier and so that’s where we a lot of patients will go to to learn about what we do and More about our thoughts and some of the conditions and how we can help them and then for the book stuff and some of the other things. There’s a website we’re just about to launch called stuff about feet dot com on there. You can get all of my books. You listen to prior podcasts. That we’ve been on. You can see. We have a free course on the basics foot strengthening You’re gonna see a lot more come out of that site in the next year and it’s still s. o. L. e. so l. e. Naloxone music at the last time we read a big bet. You had somebody who out at once twenty drinks and asked to a church group and i said no. We’re not and so all those peaks you learn how to spell you’ve got this experience. The retail through science and providing lots of help for patients and things on a business side. What are you find. Maybe for like a young doctor or someone maybe in the middle of their career where they’re kind of getting burned out they have a lot of high student loans. What’s something that we can do to persevere to to make it to become a better leader. Just advice that you wish you knew. Maybe like ten years ago that you would give your kid. When they’re twenty two on that end is getting really clear on your way getting really clear on why it is that you do what you do every day and i think some of that stuff we can get lost in right. I mean we all started being in healthcare at some point because we wanted me people’s lives better than you know especially if you’re a solo practitioner running everything where you’re from soup to nuts doing all event. Sometimes you can lose a bit of that passion and forget why you’re doing what you’re doing so reconnecting with some of your patients on how you make a difference. In their day to day lives. I find can sometimes be the re-energizing that you need to be able to get back to being excited about your practice again. You know because at the end of the day a lot of us want to change things like growth and we wanna be what our practices to be bigger and we want them to be you know have four locations and all of this stuff and that that really isn’t isn’t necessarily the goal at the end of the day. It’s you know if if you make outcomes the primary thing that you focus on what gets you excited to get up and do what you do. Then growth will come naturally. It’s two different questions. But they might blend for you. When i ask them one would be some of the best metrics to track in business. Maybe a doctor’s office or we have a side. Hustle supplements are shoes stores. And then also how to know win to fire somebody. So that’s what might be related. Sure sure sure so. I first of all i mean the first. Kpi on the firing site is is culture. Fit right at the first. The first signs of culture fit Or a mismatch that. That’s when that person goes no no questions asked you know there because you can’t let that pervasively change the culture of of your business and so we all know that one person that if you were holding on for opening they’re going to change at the end of the day you know having having those conversations and protecting what you’ve built over the last little while i think is paramount in terms of kpi’s every business unique you know when it comes to the things that they track in the metrics that they wanna look at.

00:40:06 – 00:45:02

If i was to offer any suggestions it’s going to be look leading metrics not trailing ones so one of the things that you’re going to see today that’s going to predict how your business health too extra now not the things that you’re measuring today. Two weeks ago at that point. It’s too late. it’s too late it. Oh it’s too late to say something’s not working or it’s too late to say i need to turn this knob over here a little bit more To be able to do it and it could be that if you’re in a new practice that doesn’t have enough patience. It could be simply how many leads came in. And what were the conversion on those leads. And if you’re not doing well enough in your marketing you change it. It could be that if you’re a huge practice that you know is book with a two week waiting list question becomes then as what what your conversions. Look like at that point in. Are you seeing more people but making less money which is very very common. Businesses get larger. It’s this really interesting phenomenon where you got more patients booked in your schedule but you know you’re you’re less profitable than you were before and so it’s making sure that the people who do end up making it through the gatekeepers are actually appropriate referrals. Because funny how much more you actually have to make to recoup the cost of the next assistant or the next doctor that you have to hire. It’s not twenty more people usually. It’s a substantial amount more to make it really profitable which is why finding your point of scale makes sense. Because let’s say you’re a five hundred thousand dollar practice and you make a hundred thousand dollars at the end of the year automatically. We think we have a million dollar practice. We’ll have two hundred thousand dollars at the end of the year and sometimes it’s not the case. Sometimes you double in size and you have less retained earnings and that next profitability. Point might not come to one point two or one point four or two million dollars and you wanna work that hard Exactly you know my my friend. Jason gain who has a podcast called community made has an episode called. Scaling is stupid. And it’s one of my favorite episodes to go back. And when i think that you know my ego is making me think that my business needs to be bigger for the face value of saying that i have a practice with fifteen locations in twenty specialists. That’s getting a check. I always go back and give a lesson because there’s some great words wisdom in their roofing because you made a comment several times. How do you know is there any wrong way to define your cultural fit like. Does that mean you can have like happy. We make jokes type of practice. Some people are super serious. When you walk in you like what’s going on. Is that the cultural. We’re talking about or is there certain things. Yes that’s it though. If you have a super serious you don’t hire the the the jovial wants to chat and get in everyone’s face kind of person if you have a super happy type of culture you don’t want to hire someone who’s going to look down on you know that kind of stuff. It’s it’s really figuring out the the business that you want to build in the culture that you want to build on the data interactions that you want those people to with your customers in your your patients find the ones that it’s their life is their life’s goal to do that because there’s so many of us that are out that are motivated. You know in different ways in. It’s just finding the right ones. And i believe it i. It might come to me as i was as talking about it but a friend of mine has a great hiring practice and put out job post in. Say you know if you want if you want a A job here send us video and just say how how many. Do explained to me why you’d be a great fit for you and whenever you pippa job post you’ll get a ton of resumes that are there people who don’t even read what the requirements are of the people who send you the videos. You can watch and see what kind of demeanor and how. They put themselves out there how they put themselves forward. And it’s those people that that that you you like of the videos that then you’ll read the resumes and see whether or not you want to bring them in and and we certainly use that before in our hiring. I applied for a job. I think in the cayman islands or someplace random like that. And that’s what they wanted. They wanted a video and they give you very much to go on so like put some video up pictures in there. The voice over all these different things like through my podcast in there. I got a call back in networking out which is good. Because then a hurricane destroyed the entire island alabama. Glad you know things work out sometimes. So i don’t know whatever happened to that clinic but anyway before we go. You’ve already mentioned some podcast any books that you think that we should definitely check out before you go the one book that i’ve reread time and time again because i enjoy the story is shoe dog by phil knight. It’s one of my favorite books and the audiobook is just brilliant.

00:45:02 – 00:48:36

It’s really really well done so you know it’s the whole story of how from nike’s beginning as blue ribbon sports all the way lessons in that book and so you know from a memoir perspective. Is that one. But from a business perspective ryan holidays perennial cellar nominal debt about how how to build a product that will stand the test of time ten years twenty years fifty years And it had to do that specifically know whether you’re an author or whether you’re making someone in our thoughts and building a business that will stand the test of time it’s a it’s a great book to change your mindset. I’ve got an amazon page with all the book recommendations from everyone and that definitely hit a couple of times though. That’s a good one. That is a good one. Well the brodsky. I really appreciate your time and going into the expertise that you have for our audience. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me. Another great interview has ended. While you’re on your phone clicked that review. Write up a nice review for me five stars if you could as everyone says an industry it’ll help other people to find us when we have enough rankings not to mention i’ll mention you and your review on an upcoming episode if you follow me at all on instagram you only get one link. So i use a link tree and so it’s a doctor’s perspective dot net slash links with an s. And that’s going to get you everything you need to know the top episodes of two thousand seventeen eighteen the podiatrist series dentist acupuncture series holiday. Twenty seventeen financial series. How to write a review how to support the show like buying a cup of coffee getting swag like t shirts. The today’s choices tomorrow’s health book. That’s the blueprints for better health. Exercise picking food correctly and financial. And then of course bundle packs. Which can get you the no needle. Acupuncture book forty common conditions including the electric acupuncture pin at a great deal. The resources page has some of the products. That i like. It’s a affiliate style. So if you buy something from them. I get a piece of that. Just like on the show notes page if you buy book from clicking the link i get a small piece of as well so i really appreciate that things like screen. Castell matic pure. Vpn missing letter j. labs speakers pr- alone edge or hawk grips once again. If you do need any coaching on how to improve your bloodwork drop weight and the prone diet fast mimicking diet. Five day plan. Let me know as well as if you just need some coaching whether it’s health whether it’s marketing whether you need some practice growth etc reach out facebook. Justin tros claire. Mcc of course at a doctor’s perspective dot net on the top right you got all the social media icons that you can imagine. Click your favorite and reach out. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please tell a friend pass it along. You can go to dot net slash. Listen it’s just that easy it will open up right in your app and don’t forget appreciate you listen critically. Think and integrate see on the minnesotans on thursdays and saturdays. Hope you’re enjoying those having fun. Summarizing these podcasts. In less than ten minutes for you you get the nuggets without having to waste your time thanks you.

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