E 165 Discussing Diet with a Chef and Osteopath Colin Zhu

Combining a plant based nutrition education on top of a primary care osteopath degree is what Dr. Colin Zhu has done and created a book and podcast to explore these important nutrition concepts to help treat disease. Growing up with a Chinese mother who has been doing Traditional Chinese Medicine for nearly 40 years and…

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E 114 House Call Osteopathic Manipulation Dr Matthew Barker DO

Traveling house call doctors are not common, why did Dr. Matthew Barker DO decide to do it? Learn about osteopathic manipulation medicine and residency, logistics of mobile doctor services and how is it different than a DC or DPT spinal manipulation. For someone who planned on becoming a chiropractor, what changed his mind to become…

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E 96 Liver and Kidney Transplant Surgeon Dr Praise Matemavi DO

Dr. Praise Matemavi is a story of determination and seeking your dream no matter the circumstance. Listen to her story: Zimbabwean to USA, childbirth at 18, osteopath doctor, liver and kidney transplant surgeon fellowship and topics about organ transplants. From Zimbabwe, moved to America at 14, had two babies by the age of 21 (still…

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