E 161 Species Specific Carnivore Diet Bart Kay of Nutrition Science

e 161 a doctors perspective bart kay carnivore stem cells hiit
Bart Kay (physiologist) talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

HIIT training, cholesterol debunking, CD 34+ adult stem cells and what Bart Kay with 3 physiology degrees says is a species specific diet that best suits us, the carnivore diet.

  • Disinformation being spread around and pseudoscience are major reasons he started his youtube channel.
  • What is a species specific diet and why does he think it’s the right way?
  • What were his main exercise and physiology take aways from working with the New Zealand All Blacks Rugby Team and the NZ and Australian Navy Seals Equivalents?
  • How can we extrapolate his findings in sports that we love or activities we try to get our own patients to do?
  • What would cause a 20 year senior lecture in cardiovascular pathophysiology to walk away from a solid career?
  • When by law a professor can literally say anything they want, how did he feel censored?

Train for Your Sport Accordingly

What does an elite rugby player actual do on the field: Stand around, run miles, sprint, how strong should they be etc? Sprint, Strength, Power

A major take away is to analyze the actual requirements of your sport and train accordingly.

Stem Cell Supplement

Blue green cyanobacteria and the harvest method is the proprietary aspect of this pill. It is an L-selectin ligand which causes a bollous of CD 34+ adult stem cells to be released from the bone marrow and those stem cells travel throughout the body.

The FDA, of course, says you can’t claim to cure or treat anything, but they have found many things improve and while they can prove the release of the CD 34+ adult stem cells, your body does what it wants with them.

Species Specific Diet: Carnivore, Ruminant

Do we need vegetables? What about fruit? Are grains and fiber necessary?

According to the carnivore movement the answer is No. Just eat animals.

Does nitrogen 15 isotope testing of fossilized humans indicate a non balanced, carnivore (meat and animal fat) heavy diet? Are the statistics trying to prove grains faulted by statistic signal to noise ratio combined with underpowered subject amounts?

Can gluconeogensis really provide all the glucose are body needs?
No Fiber… he dissects a paper discussing how we don’t need it, nor sugars.

Can we eat all meat and/or just ruminant animals?

What is Bart Kay’s view on vegetables and intermittent fasting versus real fasting?

Is Cholesterol the biggest thing to worry about in health? Do statins do anything?

What is causing atherosclerosis?

What happens when we mix carbs and fat at the same time?

HIIT high intensity interval training

HIIT is by far his biggest recommendation for exercise. Nice thing is, you can get creative on how to do it, as in you don’t to do sprints only.
Repeat burst type high intensity cardio or strength training for 4 or 5 repetitions to failure in less than 10 seconds for a total training of one hour.

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/161 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.


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Episode one hundred sixty, one species specific Korneval Diet I’m your host Justin Trust today we’re Bart case. Perspective. Two twenty seventeen and eighteen podcast awards, nominated host and bestselling author on. Amazon, as we get behind the curtain, look at all types of Dr Guests, specialties let’s hear a doctor’s PERSPEC-. Thanks for joining me again today, we have a wonderful interview that will make you stop and question the next thing that you eat I can almost guarantee it. Before. We go any further I want to thank our sponsor today Himalayan botanic are in toothpaste I. Don’t know if you’ve ever tried to find toothpaste that does not have S. l. floride free no artificial colors flavoring. But when you do, you’re gonNA find out that there are pretty bland and honestly you just like. I don’t feel fresh Himalayan botanic that is not the case they don’t compromise on flavor our performance and they’re telling. Bersin with foam and flavor, and it’s true. It’s that phone to me makes feel like it’s really doing something and it’s got a nice flavor to it. You can get twenty percent off on Amazon with Discount Code Two Zero D., O. C., T. R. Twenty doctor in the show notes there’s a click a link to get you there quicker and easier no-trade. Also when it comes to Himalayan botanic, I’ll check them out and use that. Promo Code Twenty doctor. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve noticed talking about when sheets the one page PDF to highlight your expertise so that other people would want to hire you have you on as a podcast guests potentially an icebreaker to your potential doctor referrals. And I’ve been doing more and more of those lately from Chiropractors, the dentist podiatrist, etc. So building a portfolio right now really excited about it. It’s fun. That’s a passion I. Wonder if I would have known about digital design if my life would have been a different participatory, because just enjoy it. I guess you gotTa. Find. Your Hobby Passion whatever that might be gardening or writing blog post etcetera I’m. Working on a landing page, it’s not there yet, but you can just go to a doctor perspective dot net slash one sheet, and you can get some information there to start with and right now it’s definitely this is September twenty twenty you’re listening to this in the future my rates are definitely lower than what would be average because I’m still a little bit new at it and trying to build a portfolio. Okay. So today when we’re GonNa talk to bar K, he’s got three different physiologists degrees or go into a little bit about the research that he did for the New Zealand all blacks rugby team and the New Zealand Australian Navy seals equivalent. Okay. We’re GONNA. Talk about the stem cells supplement I. Never heard about it. Apparently, it’s a somewhat of an MLM but regardless, if you just ignore that and people hate limbs. By just listening to the things that has to say is interesting if nothing else and then the big piece of the interview is the species specific Diet Carnivore. So I googled it after our interview it looks like Joe Rogan was on it for like a month at some point. But Yeah if you’ve never heard of it, definitely listen to it. It throws everything heard the window enjoy learning about the carnival diet one thing he does mention high-intensity interval training. Definitely something I agree with and he also has been on youtube channel with all these types of conversations, statin drugs cholesterol. His view on intermittent fasting. So we cover a lot of stuff today I. Hope you enjoy if you have any comments if the things that he says, you’re just like there’s no way. How can you say that? Let’s start a threat you know I’m going to post this episode on facebook and Instagram. You can leave your comments below I’m sure he’ll be loving to comment back as well as myself. So it’s a little bit controversial show. Thanks to the sponsor him LAE botanic. Oh, super excited since putting the acupuncture book on Amazon, it’s at first second and third naturally in several categories. So super excited about that. It’s great to see that there’s a market out there I? Having a little trouble, doing my marketing to get the word out there. But when you’re on Amazon and you’ve got millions of people all of a sudden, you can sell more books the electric acupuncture pin you can still get through the webpage though dot net slash even all the journals can be found at a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one six. Let’s go hashtag behind the, curtain? Live from Germany and New Zealand when welcome see this show we’ve got a guy who twenty year cardiovascular pathophysiology senior lecturer. He is researcher. He’s got his youtube dissect research and It’s actually kind of funny because just like read it in like Whoa he’s blunt. He’s honest but he actually is really good information in like helps you dissect everything and he’s also A.

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been involved with the New Zealand all blacks. NRL Rugby, League Referees Association and a bunch of other athletic type organizations pretty wild. So so excited to talk to him about different topics on nutrition in different things. So please welcome. K? Thank you very much, Justin. It’s It’s a pleasure to be here. Thank you very much for the invite I. Appreciate it very much, and I shall do my best. You. I’m looking at my little intro sheet thinking the font was too small. So silly. All right. So there’s so much to talk about with you. We got everything from stats to research anatomy of the heart. You know stem cells nutrition, then the youtube. So where where should we begin what? What’s your passion right now are like what’s the back story that we should bring us up to date with what do you think or? Energies are a bit too few. So a Lotta passions. I have plenty of passion to share around to be fair I my big patients disinformation being espoused by ideologically driven Seato scientists, charlatans, and pulse variously. So one of my one of my big strings get on my channel is putting up videos where I’m debunking such people who want to say things that are just ridiculous nonsensical. Behind, that I have a real passion for helping people supporting paper to get to the best possible state of health that base possible quality of life they’ve is possible longevity by means of encouraging people to adopt a species appropriate diet, which we can get to a bit lighter Justin g like. And and my third passion is in promoting various activities including particular supplement that I’m involved in marketing, which is an adult stem cell encouraging supplement, and we can Absorbing, what led do a bit lighter? So then why three main energies and my full energy is an fighting and raging against the machine and their in their diabolical since the and control over over what people are allowed to see a year and Police so so fighting neck would fight as well. So he got let’s not show. Oh. Justin. What what to ask first? Because yes, there is definitely have been a uptick in the censorship especially in America in his political season. So lots of things are getting debunk. The facebook, a whole fitness, a difference company altogether by like one year, I. Think they went a bunch of Russian and I think like gay and lesbian sites because there’s a bunch of false information You know had both of those topics on the podcast and it’s literally the only thing. I can think of that somehow it got flagged and in lost everything in it, there’s no getting it back for nothing. Like I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t understand what happened. So anyway, that’s pretty wild. What they can do if they think you’re not, it’s pretty crazy I I’d like to ask about this. Cardiovascular How did what’s that about? How did you become such a prolific lecture on that? You don’t just get to be a senior lecturer nothing, right? So I I had a twenty year career as an academic. I walked away from in two thousand sixteen. Because I had basically had up to my level was up to my back teeth if you like. With academia and various people, the Nicodemus trying to tell me what I could and could not teach in most civilized western countries. It’s actually enshrined in legislation and academic. Is Legally entitled to hold and Espouse any opinion he or she should serve see fit whether or not that opinions popula. In other words, it’s an absolute cop lounge to say whatever you want to say, and that’s enshrined in the legislation that however I can come into conflict with various institutions, curriculum documents, and that’s how those institutions those managerial structures will build an argument against to give a lecturer. Who Refuses to trade the well, the Welsh dogma. Now, in a particular case, that was it was near refusing to teach material to be paying students that I knew absolutely to be without question incorrect folks information and I was fighting that fight for about twenty years until I finally said you know.

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For the equivalent of eight thousand bucks a year. This is GonNa kill me the stress is GonNa kill me off there are much things can do for some bizarre reason I thought that that would be to. Headline. Youtube? Channel. Let’s go to sign stresses and and it doesn’t nineteen thousand dollars a year not because I couldn’t get the interest that would that would take but because youtube will not allow me to Ghana that interest. That’s that’s the shadow banning and the and the censorship, the film placing that we can get onto lighter. So I’m of I’m allowed to have a youtube channel of a suit and so is allowed to a certain amount from youtube and a supplement my income these days by having live at consultations with dicey material and see the value room saying and you want to me about how to disappoint the health, etc. So my areas of expertise are brunch off of got three advanced research degrees the first to actually exercise physiology biased. So general physiology then an exercise physiology in particular and then did cardiovascular physiology third one. So I spent fifteen years or sorry teaching exercise physiology general. Anatomy and physiology I worked in for example, is laboratory of the university will and boroughs working for a few years. We had a cadaver lab that I worked in there for a while I was invited to do some work with the New Zealand blacks at one point as you mentioned, and that was in preparation for their successful two thousand eleven will cup campaign of Oxide Duns was the INARA referees on infamous of preparation. As you mentioned and also done some classified work with both the New Zealand and destroy. Leeann Defense Forces on the. Bus, the equipment, the navy seal team’s advise. The New Zealand sis seal team is feed worldwide even by the military organizations they are you do Nov with those guys so Those guys as well in terms of getting ready to do what it is, they do which, of course, slam unable to talk to you about all but they got in and around all of that tool for twenty years in various different universities. Zealand Australia and up in the UK as well a finely. The end of two thousand, sixteen academic year that will do not pulled up stumps. So they got pretty hard to do twenty years in and I think this is a good preference that when we go into the Youtube and all this other stuff is so let’s go like the rugby teams and all that. What type of things were they trying to get from you to hire someone out in academia, and all of that support that you would think typically would be quote medical doctors, physical therapists and things like that. So what were they hiring you for a quota talk about? Okay. So different jobs for the different organizations depending on what was going at the time escape what happens is they will. These organizations will advertise for someone to answer a specific question and then you apply in as a team to process and you what it’s going to cost. CITRA. Suffer example the project that was with the USTRALIAN, defense? Force. That was a twelve million strategy and dollar projects that involved in their and their question was, why are we breaking so many soldiers why? Yeah in in terms of what they’re asking them to do in training wake, they had a process by which I deemed a soldier to be firt to move to the next stage of the training. There was a BICYC- fitness. Taste. That was you know you are now already for by training, there was an advanced mistakes that said I you already to. Go through. To to get into this is, for example, the of test to determine whether or not those guys were were up to and there were positon. Gosh put to Dryhome Lake and as you probably from this is not classified this nice sacred hell week TV movies about how brutal it is for like US Navy at Brek Scott lift. Rotten senior. These guys supposedly sign up for this stuff, which is the craziest thing. Yeah. Bring it on might experience my whole life. I, want you to completely destroy me yet but the the organization is processing these guys to attempt it when they were offered to agenda. The fitness test was not appropriate. Basically the project was to find out executive physiologically going on why what mistake had been night and Tuesday the air they won’t school they doctrine they they procedures imposed.

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He’s, and so that was that project for example, I did a similar scaled down version of that fool, the New Zealand Defence Force of course because they had list resources being a smaller organization at a small country the one for the all blacks was understanding. What they wanted to know was exactly what doves an international level rugby player do on the field for that eighteen minutes So what I had to do was go through way to sit up specific cameras to follow specific players in other words every single. Separately and then we had to sit through hours and hours and hours of footage to determine exactly what the activity patents were individual players and thus determine how we should physically prepare those plans for that World Cup campaign. The Calls Guy Mollet count the procedures based on assumptions about what reputation as doing don’t do. So what we did as obser- The question what do they do not? What are they actually doing lots of sideways running the actually how are they planting this? What are they using the shoulders a hype to tell this rugby fans but actually rugby plays for the vast majority of that eighteen minutes us. Still doing absolutely whatever. The the assumption has been at rugby is a highly aerobically tell a challenging sport. My research showed it is nothing of the sold rugby is a straight sprint F- A sprints at strength. It’s power. It’s got nothing to do with aerobic capacity so as To spend, AL’s now’s awake running miles and miles to prepare them to play rugby completely inappropriate infect contra indicated because all that does is editor training load is ED cumulative take. Their ability to train at the top intensity, thus reducing the performance on the field, not increasing their performance on the field. So that’s Now with INARA referees, it was the site and thing in our referees and rugby referees in general are asked to generate and to prove a highly level of aerobic capacity to referee Rugby League Games. I proved that to is completely inappropriate and effect reduces the ability of league referees to try to prepare specifically with the demands of this bolt. So that’s the Khanna Research I did with those organizations Wa. So they’re almost in a sense like American football they just need to be fast forty your dash as fast as you can not necessarily soccer players. It’s fussed that strong at the end of the day. Tim’s Rugby Union. It’s big because the person applying anywhere. An low number, it’s Eight if if you wearing any number above above teen day in power light ratio spade as as the biggest thing for you. nothing whatsoever. But the right of capacity in any one of the fifteen plays nothing at all. You ruled developed that the aerobic capacity you require if you try to for your sport, which none of them have been doing has rugby in general have they’ve adopted what you said like throughout the League or that’s black the blacks are so good. The all blacks are not telling the other nations while they’ve done cools why would they? Okay. So it’s not like it’s the secrets out and it’s been Allah there it’s called. It’s of a spot as well and within within rugby circles in the way that the military classification is where it’s legal to say anything about it. Okay. Okay. I. We’ll give you a here is here’s what you can say here’s what you can all say sort of statement but obviously, the is that I’m not supposed to say exactly what? Should try. But on the legislation, they should train high-intensity repeat burst nothing to do with aerobic capacity they should try and specifically for this sport of course, a people want another exactly how do They would need to see that research which the New Zealand right reunion is not making available to anybody, of course. But that’s a good advantage. All right. So let’s jump into this stem cell thing because it’s it’s a hot topic. All I know are my audience says, Doctors Interview other doctors we’ve talked about like was that stuff called where spin it down and then they injected back into you that’s mostly what we’ve talked about in the Paso, how does a supplement or how’d you get involved with that? What’s going on other case? So I on sedan advertisement about Teen Years Guard from company that as it turns out as a Multi Level Company emotively marketing company whatever that’s they decision on their marketing plan they had developed the product which given that much of your listeners. Positions thinking pre cynic to use the Paulo’s sign.

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So let’s let’s let’s be very clear. This product is an extract from a particular blue-green Selena back dough, which grows in one place only in the world that they’re aware off. They harvest it twelve hours from this one particular lake where it grows and they harvest in the amount of tons and tons of a ton of the stuff and by the time back twelve hours later to ray harvest, the regrowth is such that it has been entirely replaced. So we’re talking about a very. Very, sustainable source of of S- product There is a proprietary process like I get this particular extract out of it. It is an L. Selectmen lied and. Which basically causes the bone marrow to release a Bolles of. Thirty four plus adult stem cells. So not talking about umbrella stem cells it’ll all we’re talking about your own. Marrow. Derived pluripotent stem cells. The usual outcome for such stem cells is that they usually released steady right at its highest when you’re eighteen years of age and thereafter it’s downward slope to Citizens Insane ultimate death basically however, you can never run out of these CD thirty four plus stem cells because part of the process of releasing it. Was the cell to divide. Thus leaving one behind and releasing the new one basically. So you can’t run out of these things either part of the process of aging is that your ability to release them goes down it’s It’s one of the reasons why we age that along with the shortening of telomeres and that kind of carry on as well. So this product is a product which directly lie gates the else Lipton and releases the adult stem cell into the bloodstream. Once they’re much to them. Become blood cells are the rate or what a few of them become immune cells show. However, we have shown through research over the last ten years that these CD thirty four plus stem cells can and in do differentiate into any solon whatsoever except Gimme. Another words anything but. But. Spoon awakes anything. So he follicle cells. Yes. It’s not working for me in that respect macular SOS and you’ll in the back of your eye. Yes. By ounce of disinvestment in this company, they were looking for Traina to basically scoot around New Zealand and Australia. On a two week to a rotation and drop into the major cities and run training sessions. Full the distributors in that city about this product, how to market what to say, what not cycles the FDA has some pretty stone rules about supplementation what you can you can’t claim etc, and rightly so I don’t have a problem. They can also, for example, replace damaged cardiac to post in line. For example, they what is an issue in your body? It will figure out where to go. You can’t quote directed to thing like you need bust up right and that’s why the D. I won’t allow US decided. This is good to heal your busted name. This product is good to hear your hop host I. This product will repair You’ll vision we cannot say that because. The body decides what to do with the CD thirty four plus stem cells. What this product does it does exactly what it says on the bottle it causes the release of the stem cells and finish your body that decides what to do with them. A- turns out the newly differentiated tissue created by CD thirty four plus stem cells. They have full link telomeres. Very Go. Allah new we talked about that in the pocket podcasts at one point. It’s the shortening of telomeres over lifetime where you start to how you start to age and things like that does associated with renewal and repair of. Damaged aged tissues and the replacement tissues to casses eighteen years of age. So so that’s the that’s the hard part would stem cells when you haven’t like this is you end up getting it safer? You’re busted knee are your is. What your body might be like I don’t need it there. She that you don’t have anything about. Yeah. Is that like if you’re pre diabetic, maybe it helped rejuvenate though the pancreas potentially are hard to say that a guy we can say there is a potential that you you need to do in any one sedation on yourself. You need to take the product for at least six to twelve months because takes quite a while for the process to care.

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It’s Daily once or twice by the day consumption of a couple of our capsules basically, and that’s basically the intervention again with. We can absolutely show with clinical evidence that this product releases stem cells up the not directed by this product your body decides what to do them, and if you’ll body dame’s that producing some pancreatic cells as a priority, then that’s what it will do. LG you’re talking about algae a OH. Yeah Oh, the we shouldn’t call it LG. It’s not. It’s actually a blue marine BECCA Sanyal. Okay. which which is sure a slanted back to is not quite plant in is not water bacteria. It’s kind of a whole class by itself that exists between plants and animals. Okay. Have you seen any long term consequences in a bad way? And this is a product that’s being available for about fifteen years. So I was going to happen probably would have now. Okay. So between Youtube Channel and this, you said earlier a species specific diet. Can you tell us about a species specific diet everything that you’ve ever being told about human nutrition is absolutely fundamentally wrong it’s nonsense. Never, go human bishops do not based on a balanced diet balances a word that we associate with goodness and lights and famous injustice balances. The worst possible thing you can do traditionally the ’cause you are a specific spaces, you are evolved to fill a specific ecological niche. And that is blit hyper carnival. We all not designed to eat plant material of any kind. It is actually contraindicated eat plant material. That is the worst thing you can do for your health by Szekely the he the the you’ll genetic gift your your biological design by way of natural selection process over at least three million years. has led to our current species. Heim. SAPIENS SAPIENS. And we have existed on the Earth for give or take three hundred and fifty thousand years during the entirety of that time except for the last couple of hundred or saw as shown absolutely by Not Trajan fifteen type testing from the Collagen of remains of human beings. Throughout that period, we have consumed almost entirely mate and fat from animals and not plant material at all we took. plumps. For. Medicinal Pepe Stir at three hundred, fifty, thousand year history as an exception known as a role is Arnie the industrial revolution and revolution that has led us to believe that we should be eating plant spacing out on plants let Congress stuff, and now that’s being reinforced in the last most specifically eighty to one hundred years mushed aggressively by those with the financial visted interest in pushing that Barrow. What I, what do I challenge people to do justice to just go and have a look at public health statistics in any Westerners nation you like over the last hundred years and tell me that we’ve got more healthy that we’ve got lists base that we are experiencing. Lis- heart disease that were experiencing list celebrities that were experiencing less medical problems of all sorts and I will eat my hat because the exact opposite is true isn’t it only takes a lot of people would say that it’s based because we went to so much processed food with all these. That, we can’t even pronounce so much frequent sugar that our bodies can’t even handle it absolutely are the problem. But when you say about the sugar that a guy that is that is a mistake because what you see people doing saying avoid Suga but instead by shadow and loss of healthy whole grains Ryan and the reason I say that is because whole grains release she’ll go into the bloodstream much less rapidly so there Wednesday. Get our heads around number one. Apart from fructose from fruit. All carbohydrates breakdown in the blood to exactly the same thing, right? Glucose is, what is what happens? So What you’re saying when you say donate sugar instead granted Donnie sugar instead eight Shukra but isn’t there a difference. Well, that’s where I’m getting to. They’ll say there’s a difference whole grain breaks down more slowly, and now though saw at the G. I. Scale as evidence for that. Now, one of the things that are tour over the last twenty years or solder is always going through my career academically walls statistics.

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Lies and Statistics yes. Okay. So I’ve analyzed the data. That has been produced by the people who produce the scale, the way people who were funded by people who have money invested in and make their living out of selling people also not so healthy whole brains by the. Interesting is not what they have done Zach produced this research, which is completely under pallid statistically in other words, not enough individuals for to be powerful. That controlled, very, very poorly there are a number of confounding variables apply and. What you find out the signal to noise ratio in that research as such that the research itself is useless. Now to put that into layman’s terms, what that means is this the variability between two individuals, lewisite myself and yourself Justin if we if myself and yourself the exact same Bolles of the exact same food and we tested out blood glucose responses respectively for the next few hours afterwards, your response would be completely different from mine for every single different food that we possibly could taste. Go up in some cases ought go down and some cases you’d go down odd go up the noise around the average signal is massive. Okay. So to generalize to the public on the basis of a completely underpowered study too few individuals with huge noise nor appropriate. Secondly, if we just you today for a bowl also given food and we just you again in two days time and then we teach you again and four as time days. Taiwa sime time of the day Siamese everything control everything. But just give today’s Reston between desist you again and again in guy on the signed food, the same amount of noise occurs around the the signal. So you WANNA within yourself. So what we lift with we lift with all carbohydrates except for does breakdown directly to glucose and there’s no way that we can justify statement that grinds release sugar more slowly Indus- table sugar. We cannot say that there was no science behind that zone ideologically financially driven visted interest driven idea that that is SAR which has now become entrenched dogma. Unfortunately, it does not stand even the most cursory scientific refu- tation as often provided there it is chick Steffi’s if you don’t believe me in fact, there’s a video about much general so you can look at that too. Exactly it’s awesome. It’s stuffy about says because that’s what I was thinking. Okay. Nobody needs US Nicobar. Chips eating that plus you’re eating Quino and in sweet potatoes and all this stuff and making whole wheat flour bread. It’s almost like you need to pick one. You can’t have both can have one. So maybe go with the Greens, and then if you’ve got your maybe be saying you don’t need any of that stuff. Really what do we have? We have fruit. We have vegetables. That’s what grows in the ground excluding rights excluding flower. We don’t need any of that stuff just maybe go with fruit vegetables and meat, but then you just had just meet. So asteroid let’s explore this a little bit more if you don’t mind. Absolutely I K- The physiological requirement for carbohydrates in the human dives is zero grams per day. Not. One gram ever record. You can just use fat kito diets and things like that. Correct and Gluconeogenesis will provide you with the exact amount of sugar that you require. is demand driven process not supply driven process. If you need sugar and your blood she do for life then your body will produce that she’ll go from basically from glucose neogenetic precursors us. Oh, God. Simply Ganea genetic essence that you’ll get from mate you’ve got surplus backbones when you break down, triglycerides can use the role as a blekinge genetic precursor. And your other option is Ma box lights in other words tight for example, what be would be an example of Kunia genetic precursor. So you completely capable of managing your own blood sugar level if you eat a species-appropriate dot which consists of and animal fact so I hear people say, Oh, five of you need Florida to which the answers same no, you don’t not one gram of fiber. Evan is required for good health and human beings not one grandma told people should look into video on youtube done by. An Australian DR. Against Him by the name of Dr Paul Mason. Who has outlined the research evidence in support of Fodder in the Diet spoiler there is none not a single study has been done an experiment to control Palette intended Niger in metabolic lab situation.

00:35:05 – 00:40:14

That establishes the need for fiber. There was also no evidence whatsoever that a lack of flavors associated with any form of dysfunction including constipation and certainly not cancer of any kind that is absolute nonsense. There is one existing clinical trial and fiber and one only that was a study on about eight hundred individuals who were locked in imitable award. All of them were comes to paint at the outset of the study that was a selection criteria. And they split the cohort who into various sub cohorts, which they randomized to be otherwise as integral to one another as possible, not perfect on Aiba pretty good and they removed an amount of fodder from those people’s diets a percentage amount which varied depending on which route you can. They got a dose response which was absolutely Linnea and clear the more of the five of that wasn the dot that was removed. Awesome. Caloric. The more regression of symptoms they got to the point where the group that consent that consumed. No five about whatsoever had a complete one, hundred percent reversal of all symptoms and gut dysfunction within two weeks. One hundred percent permission right five does not prevent constipation it appears to cause it interesting what we consider fiber. is any. Anything that’s not immediately easily broken down into she’ll molecules basically farmers what you will find in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables Expect. Exactly yes. Also what you find is that meat and infect contained no fiber toll because why would they? At the end of the day, I can point you towards the economy supporting community on various different social media that you can look to these kind of characters and invariably university by report fast improvements in the health cost improvements in the dodgers to function vast improvements in the NFL function. What are we talking about here? Just eating extra-virgin olive oil or the cooking with pig fat and I saw all of olive oil is plant derived in Nashville contraindications. Okay. oats olive oil contains a significant percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acid, which is absolutely contraindicated in the human die bicycling anything that you can see in a supermarket that’s and be colored liquid in a bottle room temperature and has the heart foundation take on it all of those miserable poisons. They are pro inflammatory. And they will destroy your health including the health of your heart as short as little brain apples grow up Rohan, little green apple trees that the research on. This is very, very clear polyunsaturated fatty acids totally contra indicated no oil and you dot all fat you can share them should be solid at room temperature otherwise it is unknown are so is there In America, we have all these different types of fast mimicking diet. There’s Paleo. This Kito is there anything that like anything that we can label to make this like an easy to? Diana like how do you? feel the meat market and eat anything you want some from quail too. Yeah. Let’s let’s make it absolutely clear. What is being suggested by those in the know on the Carnival dot here it is. The. The vast majority of your caloric intake should bay. The flesh and associated fat of ruminant animals. Now does that mean you can eat anything that wasn’t a ruminant. Now, you can have some chicken now and then. You can have some fish now and then you can have some pool confess what you’re into mix it up with your animals by simply the the rule is if it had two parents that were animals, it’s food and if it grows in the ground and had roots, it’s not. That simple. You don’t need to complicated any more than that. If it’s sugar of any kind that didn’t come from Turkey from plantlets. Let’s say honey Agai NOG honey bicyclist yoga. So that’s what your day looks like. Just eat eat meat never never just get a delicious charrier for no reason not particular approach is one meal a day because I require because actually you get wall basically all the categories that you can do in the form of maiden fat you absorb in us. There’s very little to actually excrete the the bulk and we’ll just balk running the bulk of the of the excretion goes vastly down. Accountable doctors is much much less wastage. There’s not the sheets boker father that you can’t. You can’t absorb and digest two to push through which destroys you got lying causes constipation proclamation not to mention the anti nutrients, toxins and things Ivana, plants Lynagh it or not plants don’t want us to eat them.

00:40:14 – 00:45:05

That’s what they hear on the planet floor. ammos use other tactics usually like running away from US hiding flying away a few of them talk show but mostly it’s ambulatory. Moving away from us and not being called cauliflower doesn’t have that ability Zach. Stuck to the ground and needs to it needs to protect itself from being eight and most of the plot talks designed to kill and six. They might kill a Human Stein did much to them but they will kill you over twenty thirty forty years. Make mistake you are not designed to e clamps ever does that mean I never ever eat plants not perfect on human being live in the world that we all live in currently Silopi nine to have a few berries here in the UPI not on very very. Rare occasions to completely splash out have something completely inappropriate like pizza and bad however as accountable that steps now adapted to the carnival style and stuff every time I, transgress put any amount of plant material into my body whatsoever. The next forty eight hours is hell really gassy and stuff which will can guess see what tolkien acid reflux talking king a complex losing off of of a bowel lining. We’re talking about complete meltdown because the has now got to optimal health that realizes that doesn’t need a one any that stuff. and. So it reminds me very very clearly it’s his don’t do that again. Site that’s that’s how it goes. That’s really the one downside of Carnival launched. Yukon. Transgress and get away with Newell thing. So you do a lot of intermittent fasting as well like if you just eat one day than the body’s going to adapt to that as well in. So let’s clarify that one fasting for any amount off twenty four hour period is not fasting. That’s just not eating. Okay. Opting starts at three days seventy, two hours no food and tight. That’s where fast stops. Win will offer g kicks him. That’s when in tool Qixin that’s when stuff extra stuff dust happening. So to me a training fastest three days and that’s just to get used to aging. Constantly two, three, four, five times a day. And an extra useful fosters a week long event. That’s fasting just not eating for the vast majority of anyone given twenty four hour period is just not eating. That’s not a vast. So what what is your opinion on the people that are subscribing to like the sixty twelve to sixteen hours where you don’t eat and then you just eat within that four or five hour window thoughts on that. Is some use of that Tim’s of controlling an out? Of Control Blood Glucose. Situation. However that’s a main spy which to deal with symptom rather than dealing with the problem in the first place in other words at follows the Ele- pethick methodology, which is never mind fixing. The problem is just sorta symptoms, which if was silly what you need to sort out what the problem is. Now, if you have a situation where your blood control is out of out of whack and I’m talking about taught to not talking about tot one Chi, the problem is your intake of carbohydrates. The solution is stop doing that you. In fact. Designed to each vervet to that do lots of high intensity repeat burst type activity to like. Five or six sprints defiantly ever listen tim sick period once a day. Once every other day that will increase your insulin sensitivity back to where it should be sought your blood sugar issue out. So there’s this constant that law. Not, the answer is not myth woman the answer. These allopathic interventions that’s ridiculous. That will not problem that will mosque the symptom what are your thoughts on the? Book eat right for your blood type or each blood type has a tendency to desire more vegetables or fruit are more meat based on on that type of theory. Have you looked into that at all? But not in. Okay. So is this why your youtube channels like denied you because it’s Kinda con contrary to what most people would correct. So I’m not a lot pushing the currently accepted narrative not pushing the currently accepted dogma, which is avoid saturated fat avoid mate i. mean this is so crazy this. Like flat earth these flutters like there’s flight. Okay. Guys may not. To just eat meat I never even thought that back because of the cholesterol but guess Kito these Kito people that’s what they like to do to. They bought meet lots of what you said plant fats, which might be the reason why some people don’t do well to it as a former senior lecturer cardiovascular pathophysiology listen very carefully cholesterol does not cause atherosclerosis disease or a health problem of any kind that is absolute nonsense.

00:45:06 – 00:50:11

Stuff, right it’s chronic systemic inflammation of what sugar is a big part I K. Kalibbala? Zach. Definitely. Complexity, what you had a trouble lecturing this all the time exact. The exact opposite I said I will not sign that to a group of fee paying students number one because they’re paying a failed to learn some extra facts, some extra science and number two because it’s dangerous misanthropic disinformation a few told people to avoid cholesterol and lower their cholesterol that will lead to directly Kohl’s an effect to reduced health status reduced longevity reduced everything, and if you didn’t eyesight the best way to reduce Your controllers detect tight this wonderful statin drug. Then what you’re actually telling people to take a dangerous contra indicated metabolic poison that will not add one day to their life expectancy. In fact, it’s likely if anything to reduce it any goes on for about an hour about and one of your videos I saw clip couple clips of it with a somebody interview. So if you look on his page on Youtube, you’ll find that. Whole playlist on cholesterol is about thirty five video. So there’s many a bunch. Or really does sick this the science ver-very fully very clearly you out to yourself to go and find out and if you are a physician I, know that you are mandated to the haven is sitting tight bein numbers. Why if the patient the? Official level over x Y, and then you are required to write a prescription for Stanton, January required to lean on that patient very high and tell them to take Stanton’s let me promise you something. You are likely to be killing that person by doing that it is a dangerous contra indicated metabolic poison with no scientific indications what. So ever it is dangerous missing throwback as against your hippocratic oath to prescribe that drug and more of you need to stand up and right leases to your boards of control inside this has to stop. They got. So what should we do I? Guess to comments because if Karnal Diet then I’ll say, okay. Well, how long should you try to see how you feel with it and the part I’m curious about is is one of the most common issues. People have some kind of heart problem high blood pressure, high cholesterol what are some of the things that we can do? Based on your expertise out there to get a better control is not a problem. Okay. So we’re not worried about the cholesterol when you when you go on a unaccountable dot, you’ll cholesterol total cholesterol will go up your ldl cliff stroke will go up and that is absolutely indicated and healthful. That is not a health problem of any kind. So let’s get that trump yeas and all the other stuff matters to or okay. So they’re. Like the L. P. Levels. Let’s let’s cover the list cover. This logically, very single life crushing that exists in your body exists because there’s a length of DNA that encodes for production such DNA having survived three, thousand, eight, hundred, million years of selection process. For a reason all of the Leiper pershing’s exist. For reason, I have a job to do. The best thing you can do is lit your body get on with us and Tim’s of how it’s GonNa Produce Various different proteins. The second thing that you need to do a thing that you actually should be doing intervention wise and that is Ada species-appropriate dot, the NACHOS and fifteen. Testing tells us what that is. That’s mate and associated. Animal. Fat. That is what you should eight you should engage in repeat I taught high intensity exercise three or four times a week for about an hour at a time where the hours link of the entire. The actual training be four to five repetitions off sprinted high intensity or do resistance training at high intensity to Phalia I’ve listened ten seconds. That’s what you designed to design to to hunt Paxton chase down animals you not designed for aerobic activity. You’re not designed to any of that stuff. That’s nonsense. So that’s what you need to do by. Shipley, if you do those three things, exercise repeat high intensity training pitch high high t if you like eight species appropriate diet and do not helped. The try even a team to intervene and your body’s workings in terms of the production of Li- proteins. That will that will resolve your risk situation to the point where you’re basically going to be bulletproof you will be bicycling immune to heart disease. Proximity inflammation taught to diabetes and all the sequel involved in that most forms of dementia and the big kills the all taken care of just by. Paying attention to you’ll genetic history your genetic gift how you have come to be on this planet and ignoring everything is that pseudoscientific crackpots being trying to drive down your throat since the time you? As a tough bitch.

00:50:13 – 00:55:00

Fruit and vegetables would for you at all a balanced dodd is not a good idea going look up the RENDU cycle I right in la the Randall Psycho tells us exactly why a balanced dot is the worst possible thing he can do basically if you mix fats and carbohydrates and your dot both nutrients will be locked out which leaves your body with only one option and list to store it has fact the storage of fat as amid about process, which is underpinned mechanistically by chronic systemic inflammation. In other words, the phosphorylation sites of various different in John’s and things I e now you get taught to diabetes, you’re going to become A. You’re going to develop cancers you’re going to get heart disease you’re going to get dementia if you last that long, etc, etc. All because you believe someone at a white card who told you that fruit and vegetables is good for you. A balanced is a good idea voids saturated fat and meat. Know why her to that? They’re like there’s a way to eat food. They’re like if you do eat the meat, the meat in Carpool together is it’s not a good combination. You should have won I let your body do whatever it is to do, and then he the next piece. Guy Guy. Just nod hydrates in any significant amount attacks about seventy two hours at least for that cow quadrant declare your system you conscious say. This morning. So this evening, I’ll have my fat and that’ll keep me safe. No want okay. The answer is to permanently remove one of those macro from your dot now. Is the any such thing as essential fatty acids yes. Is there any such thing as essential carbohydrates? No. You decision made not. Get them all simple. Right plus the amino acid you can only get through protein that your body has to have. Nothing. To get s a proteins from plant material. Absolutely. But not as effectively that’s why you’ll find right Egan’s. Will ever number vegans will actually know to lie in fade away and become skill lethal? Because they. All the proteins we need our in the PAS she’ll in the plants that doesn’t mean you can use them. That’s that’s people melt why? Because they eventually run out of fat stores and there’s nothing left of the body to do but start itching itself. So adults. Wow. Very interesting. Burst exercise if we just google different types of birth exercise, I mean, my first thought is massive sprinting but I’m like if you have an injury that might not be a possibility. So Yup, Yup get yourself involved with a knowledgeable personal trying to understand the the best search term high intensity interval training H. I. T.. You’ll find heaps about it there. is a personal to necessarily rely on someone who has a wind afternoon certificate and personal training get yourself an actual qualified individuals to help you with that if you if you have any doubts. Okay. So if you have injury situations, absolutely you need to. Might does nine and get some good advice on. So this tougher, some people I would guess because a lot of people just want to read a magazine and walk on a treadmill for an hour to three times a week in the you’re actually saying, yeah, you actually have to work. You need that heart rate to be really stressed in at like at the to failure means you I cannot go anymore right now. That’s a that’s next level. If you’re talking about sprinting that means run as fast as you can so that you could not run I one single meter further in team second period. If it’s talking about whites, what are what are really mean there’s probably three to five sit maximum sorta white. So that you you could, you could hang out for virus. But as soon as you try that sex, that’s when you lockout, you cannot lift up. Like that? I hate running. Running running is absolutely distance jogging loose distance running marathoning. Five K run matter a fan. Absolutely contraindicated human health. The worst thing you can do for your health very interesting. So like your Youtube Channel wrap up here. So the Youtube channel definitely covers a bunch of this type of stuff. It goes on about that in a c. you put out new videos all the time. So you’re doing a lot of work on that. That’s for sure. Despite the despite the youtube not only succeeded offset please do support me to go to my channel hit the like button makes comments underneath share some of my links of ma videos on your social media. So your friends can sit do be aware that I tend to use one or two very short words in my videos very passionate. No apology for it I do it the clicks it’s about It’s about having some shock value. So I do use very short words quite often decide night. Whereas there thanks for keeping those off our show we try to keep it.

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If I don’t have to edit it out. Once, you get that label on apple it’s over. Cool well, how can we reach you in in? All your information. My Youtube Channel is the best place to go I go bard K. nutrition sauce watchdog as you can probably see up on the top of the screen there at the moment. I have a facebook page by the same nine. You can find me on twitter as bought under school. Under school in I think it is the look his his his time on finding if you punch my nine bought be Iot. Ky… into any search engine, you like, you will find me the first ten, fifteen inches come up we’ll be May. I cannot not be found. So the unique name, right And it’s you know have a profile. So unwell nine to to the search engines as to who I am. So that’s probably the easiest thing to do if he can’t remember anything else. All right. That’s great that means you have been doing some good publishing Seo. You can just pop out like that. So doing something right there. Another great interview has ended while you’re on your phone, Click that review. But right up a nice review for me five stars. If you could as everyone says an industry, it’ll help other people to find when we have enough rankings not to mention. I’ll mention you and your review coming episode. If you follow me on Instagram, you only get one link. So I use a link tree and so it’s a doctor’s perspective dot net slash links. With an S. and that’s going to get you everything. You need to know the top episodes of twenty seven, two, thousand eighteen podiatrist series dentist acupuncture series holiday 2017 financial series. How to writer review how to support the show like buying a cup of coffee getting swag t shirts the today’s choices. Tomorrow’s Health Book. That’s the blueprints for better health exercise picking food correctly and financial, and then of course, bundle packs which can get you the. Acupuncture book forty common conditions including the electric puncture pin at a great deal. The resources page has some of the products that I like. It’s affiliate style. So if you buy something from them, get a piece of that just like on the pages you buy a book from clicking that link I got a small piece of as well. So I. Really appreciate that things like screen CASTELL matic, pure VPN missing letter J, lap speakers, pro alone edge or hog grips. Once again, if you do need any coaching on how to Improve Your bloodwork drop weight and the pro loan diet fast mimicking Diet Five Day plan let me know as well as if you just need some coaching whether it’s health whether it’s Marketing whether you need some practice growth, etc. reach out facebook just entrust Clare MCC. Of course, at a doctor’s perspective dot net on the top right you got all the social media icons that you can imagine, Click your favorite and reach out. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please tell a friend, pass it along. You can go to dot net. Slash listen it’s just that easy. It will open up right in your APP and don’t forget I appreciate. You listen critically think and integrate see on the minnesotans on Thursdays and Saturdays. Hope you’re enjoying those. I’m definitely having fun summarizing these podcasts and less than ten minutes for you. You get the nuggets without having to waste your time have a great week. George Off. Shots. Taken

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