E 165 Discussing Diet with a Chef and Osteopath Colin Zhu

Combining a plant based nutrition education on top of a primary care osteopath degree is what Dr. Colin Zhu has done and created a book and podcast to explore these important nutrition concepts to help treat disease. Growing up with a Chinese mother who has been doing Traditional Chinese Medicine for nearly 40 years and…

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E 163 Telomere Testing and Bio-electric Chemistry Darrell Misak ND RPh

Learn about bio electric spectrum health and how to measure it with blood, urine and saliva. We discuss his supplement and telemeres. Welcome Dr. Darrell Misak, ND RPh. Bio-electric Spectrum of Health – Frequency and Vibration As a pharmacist working at Duke in the oncology department, he always wondered why he couldn’t give IV vitamins…

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E 56 Holistic Nutritionist and Shared Space with Dr. Brian Stanton DC

Advice on what type of location is best for a new doctor, medi spa, share space or what? How does he define holistic nutrition or functional medicine in his clinic. Here some great success stories that might make you reconsider what supplement line you recommend. What are his 3 top reasons to pick a chiropractic…

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