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Dr. Peter Wishnie, DPM talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

How to answer the phone correctly, adding services, taking more vacation, why write a book, what is a rainmaker day and more are answered by certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Dr. Peter Wishnie Podiatrist of Top Practices.

His love for instant gratification (as in you don’t have to wait a week for the medicine to kick in) is why he choose to focus on athletes in his podiatry practice.  They come in with pain and leave feeling better.

Who are the podiatry biggest competitor? He does answer this and he also suggests the sooner we all start appreciating what each profession can do for the foot, the better care and outcomes patients in your community will achieve.

Even though these big conglomerate hospitals pass referrals to other doctors in their facility, it’s ultimately up to the patient to pick who they want.  Make sure you are marketing and making yourself trustworthy and the expert in your area.

Phone scenario: what do most doctors have a fear about?  I don’t take insurance, what makes me stand out and so on?

Number 1 mistake doctor office reception employee makes immediately upon answering the phone.

3 Ways to make that WOW impression over the phone. You have to build a rapport quickly on the phone.

What are the best way to collect copays and deductibles?

Treat the patient, don’t treat them based on what podiatry insurance will pay for? If the patients’ needs a service, explain to them the why and cost and let them make that decision, don’t make it for them.

I don’t give people more than they need… give them exactly what they need when they need it, no matter what.

What type of services can someone offer to make more money? Ethically of course!

Do you ghost write books or encourage people to write them and why? Marketing opportunities with an ebook, this might surprise you.  One is a drip email because at 13 weeks he finds people finally pick up the phone and ask for an appointment.

What is a rainmaker day? When should someone implement that one day off? How do we stay focused on high level tasks for the rainmaker day? Remember to work 50 -60 minutes and then take a break and then switch to a new task.

 We tend to use the excuse: I just don’t have time.  Dr. Peter busts that by saying, You Need to delegate tasks to other peoples…stop micromanaging.

Why is his daily affirmation recently been, Things Come Easy To Me.

Dr. Wishnie also gives us a tactic on how to take two weeks off from work without destroying your bank account.

Happy Family Life Tip: Don’t take a happy marriage for granted. Also, we many roles in life (father, husband, friend, CEO etc) and we need to schedule time for all of them. It’s not all about You.

This episode is a part of the Six Weeks of Feet Podiatry Series 2019. Put your email for a quick Reference Guide.

Books:  John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard especially the planner, Michael Hyatt, Charlene Johnson, Jen Sincero, Stephen Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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Dr. Peter Wishnie practices podiatry in New Jersey with a specialty in athletes and pediatrics. He is 1/3rd of the podiatry practice management company TopPractices.com (click on practice management).

Clinic site: www.stopfootpain.com

His coaching style: certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/121 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

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Full Transcript of the Interview (probably has some grammatical errors). Just Click to expand

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Episode 121 is it practice management? Just the

computer which needs perspective to in 2017 and 2018 podcast Awards Nominated host as we get behind the curtain look at all types of doctors and guests specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

Welcome back to this Tuesday got a great show for you. I have been likened the podiatrist series so far, and Australia, United Kingdom so far away but also similar. I think there’s a really good ideas and tips to help you practice Hope you’re just feeling the same way. And today we have the United States guy, Dr. Peter Whitney. He is a certified john Maxwell leadership coach, as well as still in private practice for past 29 years. His specialty is in pediatrics as well as athletes, not necessarily pediatric athletes, but you know, athletes in general

We’ll talk about that a little bit. But the main crux of the interview is about the practice management side. We’ll go with simple things like answering the phone properly, not like doctor’s office. Of course, that’s a horrible way to do it co pays and deductibles. What’s the issues is that the doctor, the staff, the patient themselves, so we’ll talk about it, adding services ethically, of course, that generate more revenue as well as get better patient outcomes. He goes over to marketing ideas that you can do once you write yourself a little book, or like a little extended pamphlet. And one of them at least I’d never heard of before. So I thought that was a really cool piece to hear. What’s a Rainmaker day I’ll spoil a little bit, it’s a day off, but it’s what you do on that day off, that makes it the rain maker day so special, enter the end, he gives lots of books, tips to help with all the roles that you have in life. So there’s more balanced and the way that get two weeks off without destroying your finance. I know that’s important for me, it’s important for you so tune in today. I want to share with you a couple of the reviews testimonies of things that I’ve heard

Here’s one, Olivier Roy, to

Unknown 2:02
that felt like a therapy basically, for me asking those questions, all those, like, you know why you’re doing this? We’re doing that? How can you make it better, so it was good for me to do it awesome. putting this together, it’s such a good idea. I think you inspire me to do something like that. On my side, you know what?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
g Mark Strong really liked him. He did the laser interview, he actually bundled our interview together with a package. So if you bought a laser, you’d actually get a USB drive with a bunch of different things, including that interview. So that’s really cool. And I got some interesting news, they should start coming out maybe may 1, somewhere around there, I’m gonna do these little mini sounds to me what you think, Okay, I think for the last six months of thought about and I just didn’t do anything with it. But I want to do it. Now. When I’m finished listening to a podcast, I might take a couple minutes and give you the recap of whatever I listened to. And they’re going to be called a committee sewed. And I’ve already recorded several but I was the at the gym. And then I was like a water fountain. So the audio quality be bad. So I’m kind of debating on a question, just listen to it, and then re record them on a good mic in my little studio, that way that the quality is better, but the spontaneity won’t be quite as strong. So I’ll take a listen to this sound like, and they’ll just be released in between the normal Tuesday shows, we’ll see. I’ll do half dozen, a dozen maybe. And then you’ll tell me what you think about them. And I’ll either continue with our stop. But it’s a nice way to see where I’m coming it. And if you have any suggestions on the podcast episodes, specifically that I should listen to, because it’s just so good. send me a private message on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and I’ll listen to it and give a lot of summer PS linear review on your favorite podcast listening app, you can go to a doctor’s perspective, net slash subscribe. And on that page, it sends you directly to the show on different things like Spotify, overcast Apple podcast, Google podcast, whatever you like. It’s right there, make it real simple and easy. And if you want to support the show by the coast cup of coffee, or more, just go to a.net slash support. Thanks for tuning in. Let’s jump back into that podiatry series. All the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 121. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China and New Jersey. Today on the podcast, we have a doctor of podiatry who’s been doing it for so long. And as usually these things go, they get good at it. They’ve learned some systems and all of a sudden, it’s like man, I can actually have more people by helping other doctors Imagine that. So he’s created a system. And it’s not just him that some people behind the scenes and there’s other people out there teaching as well. But this thing is called top practices.com. Please welcome to the show, Dr. Peter, Whitney, thank you

Unknown 4:42
so much, Justin, it’s great to be here and talk about everything you’re doing and read doing help so many people out there.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Oh, fantastic. We always have to start an interview with a little bit of the backstory and why podiatry, then, you know, yours, clinics, successes and then where you are today. So it’s a little a little brief intro about that. And then we’ll jump into some of the meat and potatoes of the interview. Sounds great.

Unknown 5:10
So first, I want to be a doctor. And it was a pediatrician. And because when I was nine years old, I had bad asthma as a childhood in my childhood and I kept on going to doctors and they always made me feel better. So I said was I feel great when I go to doctors was unusual kid, you know, I wanted to go to the doctor to feel I wanted the injection in my arm, because I was going to make me feel better. So always want to be a pediatrician. But then as I got older realizing that pediatricians work some crazy hours, the kids that fantastic but the parents is sometimes paint on you like two in the morning, three of them wave like 100.5, you know, read temperature kind of thing. So I love sports medicine. Again, I love helping people. I love instant gratification. That’s your podiatry comes in. Because I treat lot of athletes, you come in most of the time pain, you know I do a few things make you feel better, just like a chiropractor does, you get an instant gratification where I have this joke where if you go to a doctor medical doctor with a cold, they’ll give you some pills. And if you take the pills, you’re better than a week. If you don’t, you’ve been in seven days.

Unknown 6:34
So I mean, it takes time to make people feel better. And I like dancing gratification. Plus the hours are great. All kinds of people may dealing with the foot and dealing with all kinds of problems anywhere from dermatological, neurological orthopedic. So everything I’ve put an ankle, I get so the big scope just for a small body part. So that’s how it led me to that.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
So that’s something I didn’t realize as much always take podiatry with the past episodes, it was going to be you know, ulcers and nails and fun, you know, all the things I love exploring is actually the whole athletic the side to the whole profession where you know, you can work for Team doctors and go to the Olympics and you can you know, focus on all these things. I didn’t think about asking this, but I was going through now, who are your competitors? When you’re out there, you’re going to

Unknown 7:24
go start marketing. So it’s great question. So I’m going to answer that first saying there’s no such things as a competitor. And that’s probably my coming in. In think that when I was 29 years old, opening my practice, but there’s enough out there for everyone. I don’t have that scarcity mentality that, you know, it’s this podiatry down the block for me when I’m 58 years old. So 29 years ago, when I started my practice, a lot of the older orthopedists and the United States and these coasts especially have problems with us. But the new guys is love us. And and that’s because, you know, this is what we do. And they understand that there’s also Peters who specialize in for Karen, and that’s fantastic. There’s enough for all the podiatrist, the chiropractor’s the orthopedist is enough all of us. And they can either we learn to work together, the day, we actually take care and help more and more people quicker. Because we do different things, we look at things a different angle. As a podiatrist I’m looking at as a biomechanical means I’m doing surgery, I’m looking at how can I help them by mechanically and get them to want better versus just getting that toe straight. So I’m looking at all different dimensions, kinds of kind of things. So I don’t believe we have competent competition, and it comes to marketing, your marketing to the public on what they want, and they need and if you do more of it, you’re more consistent with it. And better than anybody else. You’re the man.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
See, I forget about the ortho sometimes, obviously, there’s going to be someone who specializes in feet, and that’s what they do all day long, right. But I’m thinking they’re probably only in majors. Well, I don’t know where they are to be honest. But I’m guessing the bread and butter for an ortho is probably not reconstructing a foot. And so they probably like excited like in most of America, right? They’re very excited to have a podiatrist nearby. like Oh, thank goodness, who don’t like feet.

So that’s cool. Yeah,

Unknown 9:25
absolutely. Okay, cool. All right. Yeah, I was giving you a hard

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
time. I’m saying the same thing in chiropractic. Nobody, you know, we’re always like physical therapy is our competitor. You’re like, Well, not really. They do different things to Yeah. And it’s about educating the public.

Unknown 9:38
Yeah, I love all you guys. I go, I go to a chiropractor, like every other week, and I worked out and he just you guys helped me a lot. So have you guys.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
One more quick question on this. You got podiatry. We’re trying to advertise trying to get more patients when I was in Denver, I don’t recall See, but maybe one or two podiatry clinics ever, like print advertising? Because in about 2008, nine, there’s still you know, that’s what we still did. We didn’t just do Facebook all day, right? I’ll find out what their release all these podiatry episodes will see how much my Facebook feed turns into podiatry. Everything in the ads. But the point is, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of podiatry actually out there marketing, to me, that makes it so easy. It’s easier to educate the public when there’s not so many messages out there, because it’s like, you’re the only guy in town that actually market.

Unknown 10:26
So I’m going to tell you a story, you go like the story. So I guess it depends on location. Because being in Jersey, New York, New Jersey, there’s so many of us here, and I bought a practice from a man and and then there’s a podiatry group right across the street from me. And I remember that this was back in 1989, Yellow Pages is very big. And Yellow Page guy comes in, and I put in a quarter page ad. And then a year later, I see my competitors across the street, put it in a quarter page and with color. And then I added color and they didn’t have page and and they had a exactly like an exam come into my office for free exam. And then I realized the same New Jersey really can’t do free exams and treat them within 72 hour period. So I did $1 exam so I can treat him right away.

Unknown 11:23
So it’s like it was a Coke and Pepsi work for a company years gone. But yeah, so now marketing is so different. marketing’s what you’re doing and I’m doing, I’m getting the information out there. And they’re people now can see if you’re real, they can go online and see your videos and, and and believe in, you immediately feel like they have a trust factor with you before coming into the practice. Doctors around me are afraid that these big groups of buying out these small offices. And then they’re referring within each other. So a medical doctor or referred to a podiatrist within this big conglomerate, and right get all the patients but here is the issue. Here’s the thing, that’s a good thing. And the United States of America that patients, that clients, the customers control everything we decide which restaurant you want to go to read, decide which doctor you want to go to based on how comfortable we are on less so fortunate. We are not in that position where we can make that decision. And we have to go to a clinic maybe unfortunately, we’re sometimes that’s good. Sometimes a lot of good clinics out there, and it’s glad I’m glad they have them. But in the most part patients, will they not your Dr. Jones refers married to another podiatrist, what is you know, Mary going into right away, taken out our phone, looking up the doctor and sees he has one review, and it’s a bad review you right, and then but sees my I’m like on the top and I got 150 reviews and a 4.8 average kind of thing. And I’m actually even closer into her in location. So they got to call me even though the doctor recommended this other doctor, but he recommended the other doctor because that doctors in the group and they have to refer within. So to me, it’s still about being the best doctor, the best office that’s organize, that gives the best care and as customer service like oh wow service, you always going to me, you’re always going to win. If you do that.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Did you have to inform the patient that they don’t have to go to the referral that you gave? It’s not like it’s a PPO or think this the only people that you can go see Dr. Patients aware that they could actually

Unknown 13:49
SoCal and find you the people in those groups just tell you where they recommend you to go. Some people will say you have to go here because it’s in the you know, in this group, but if you still take insurance, because all the doctors insurance still outside the group, then they’re going to do what they want to do anyway. So um, yeah. And that’s the thing and it you’re going to have people who, who were maybe the other doctors are not taking the insurance, so they’ll stay within the group.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Okay. Do you haven’t a teach the copywriting, I wasn’t sure if it was you upgrade was somebody else in your group that kind of teaches.

Unknown 14:27
So Randy Jackson. He owns a company called top practices. And now there’s two entities of top practices, what marketing there and then he does that, and then Tina Dale Brown, oh, she’s an office manager in California for husbands practice and myself, do the practice management aspect. And so I have a course that’s the getting your nights and weekends back the seven secrets. Gene has a course about how the practice to and making a rent simply smoothly. and ran does a copywriting course.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Okay. So we’ll skip that part.

I was looking, I was able to look at it and look at the website, like what are some good questions to find out. So on this, I did see something about answering the phone correctly.

Unknown 15:15
Right. That’s you. That’s me. Okay.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
So we’ll talk about the clients that you’d like to have. I know it’s not going to be every podiatrists with the pulse. But

Unknown 15:27

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
All right. So you got your niche of the kinds that you’d like to see. And you got to answer the phone correctly. As a chiropractor for step three, some of us are saying we’re getting out of network, we don’t take insurance, or sometimes the clay fine. But the client just wants to know, hey, do you take my insurance? What’s the fee going to cost you like, Whoa, back up? That’s not the first question that you should be asked. Right. So what’s kind of set you up on that one? But what is your top one complaint that you typically have with the way podiatrist answers the phone? And what’s the scenario that we can immediately Monday morning, switch get? So people scheduled

Unknown 16:02
sort of purpose of answering the phone is to develop relationship. When you develop real that’s the purpose of social media to develop relationships amongst people. And my actually phones near has not changed in those 2928 29

Unknown 16:16
years. So the biggest problem that all doctors office, the biggest pet peeve is the phone rings, and you say a member answers the phone, doctor’s office. Now which doctor my colon the kind of colleges and I caught it, but I introduced the chiropractic doctor’s office. And then there’s like, not like doctor’s office like the smile on your face a doctor’s office. It’s so cold. Okay, you want to go go? Oh, yeah. Do you want to have a, you want to make sure you staff members of bubbly and they, they just I want to help these people and get them in the office. So we start off by saying thank you for calling from fanatical specialists. This is now mentioned your name. You know, this is actually how may I help you today? I gotta tell you, I have what’s called a chiropractor’s office was she was wonderful. She is amazing. She would say it’s a marvelous Monday at song. So chiropractic. It’s a terrific Tuesday. And the first thing I guess you had do every single day is forgot what day the week it is. Early in the morning, coffee. I think it’s Wednesday. So it’s a wonderful Wednesday today. Okay, God

Unknown 17:30
has all right, yeah. So the first thing is, make sure you just smile. And some people have like, mirrors by their phones, so they could see themselves smile. If you smile, you can’t be grumpy with a smiling face. It’s sort of hard to do that. So smile, welcome them on the show and stuff all that we ask at the end. Okay, and we don’t even ask, What is your insurance? Because I still think it’s cold. We get around that by saying does your insurance require a referral? Now most patients have no clue that it does it does not? And they go I don’t know. So okay, we want to help you with that. Make sure if you need one, you would get one in advance. So what is your insurance? So now we have the insurance information. And the whole point of that is we can verify that benefits before they come in. And then we know what we can do you know what we can’t do? Or we can do everything. But we need to tell them this is not covered. This is how much it costs. And the patient knows what things close before we actually do it or an estimate good a good close up estimate. That’s all the act today. They don’t expect. You’d be perfect. But they don’t want to surprise bill a couple hundred dollars. And you know, the unexpected. So,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
you know, when we answer the phone, it was always I can get you scheduled? Why are you in the theory was Why are you calling a doctor’s office? Well, I’m hoping that you’re trying to schedule your new patient trying to schedule right. It’s all about money. Well, man, that’s very few people that are calling the dispute a bill is usually they need an appointment or something. So

Unknown 19:09
yes, that’s true.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
One of the things that we did, we always wanted to get to like it’s like a pre consultation. Your staff supposed to be trained in what you can do what you expect. And so just having them come to a mock. Oh, your knee hurts. Well, let’s talk about that for a second. And then kind of bring it back to the footing like Okay, cool. Now you actually have a foot problem. Yeah, we can definitely check, check it out. The doctors graded that once you come on in.

Unknown 19:35
Right. And as he has a point I said you having a conversation with the patient, but doctors and saying, well, we don’t have time the phones are going crazy long time to have that kind of develop that rapport, that patient over the phone so quickly on the call. It is vital to your practice, to develop relationships not to be on the phone forever. But you have to like not cut them off either. And in rub them put them on hold. And the biggest problem most doctors offices, they do not have enough staff to answer the phone. And every single person in my office is course trained to answer the phone. Because that’s what happens. The phone cannot like keep on reading past three rings on the has to be picked up by the third rain. Ah, that’s again, a customer service doing something your neighbors your competitors are not doing. It’s inexpensive. And it sets you apart from other people.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I mean, that’s the worst. It’s Bob’s office, please hold

Unknown 20:31

Unknown 20:32
Whoa, crap.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
You don’t know how you hold for Yeah, as a client was like, Oh, no, I hate that.

Unknown 20:38
You know, it’s worse when we’re in doctors offices called me. And they said, Hold on for Dr. Bob. And you’re like you call me Why am I wait for you?

Unknown 20:50
Bob, why don’t you just call?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
You know, something we do as chiropractors, we usually I’ll call the patient after their first visit. And it’s such a wow factor. Like, whoa, the doctor actually called you like, yeah, we want to make sure you’re doing okay. Right. And it makes the wow factor. They remember that like, wow. Dr. trust her actually called me like, yeah, we didn’t have 30 new patients today I have time to call three or four. Right? You know, exactly. It’s not that hard. You do while you drive if you really want

Unknown 21:18
to do my my marketing person sends me their phone numbers to a text and I just click on the phone number while I’m driving. And it goes through my bluetooth and call the patient.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Do you have to have issues with podiatrist collecting co pays and deductibles all

Unknown 21:36
we have issues where they’re not doing it. That’s the issue.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That was that about? It’s

Unknown 21:42
about, it’s about because people, your doctors are afraid to ask for money. And they forget how much they’re offering and getting to that patient. What that value is, ran co pays are like, you know, 30 $35,

Unknown 22:00
the patient knows they have to pay for this. So he asked her just say how would you like to pay for that are not versus like Will you paid for that? It’s really easy. The show’s company actually requires you to pay as for it and collect it, because it’s sort of going against the policies, I’m not collecting it. And then every time it for $35 copay, every time you send a statement up, you’re losing money on the $34. And when you’re not getting reimbursed properly, you can’t afford to lose that collecting everything that you possibly can up front is huge. And Tina bother has a crush on that it’s great. The things you need to say and do and ask. You shouldn’t be afraid patients expects you to discuss Monday with them today. So just ask that’s all the problems. They’re not asking. It’s not like they’re not patients and I pain. They’re not asking. Now they are patient to be honest with their patients and give you a hard time and what have you. But you have different the first visit made them know that they are going to be collecting and every single time they come in,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
right. It’s not my fault, you have a $5,000 deductible, right that you haven’t met.

Unknown 23:09
Yeah, but you could while doing that is so some empathy, saying you know what, it is crazy. It’s a way that healthcare systems going, I have a high deductible myself, and you have a high deductible. But I’m just the middle of guy here. And that’s what I’m supposed to do. But you know what the situation is,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
if you could satisfy my curiosity real quick, are a lot of services that y’all do covered by insurance. Like, you know, if we do an insert, like an orthotic, good luck getting that paid for it’s all cash, and we’re like, Yay, but for your, for your profession, that’s kind of like a bread and butter thing that you’ll do already more likely to cover it.

Unknown 23:46
It’s a way of life, I have insurance companies to cover them. And some don’t some it’s based on the diagnosis. And you had to go through that whole rigmarole of checking that out and preach certification, I would have you as my takeaway or my opinion, we are treating patients I tell my associates don’t look at the insurance information immediately when you see them, you treating the patient, you have options A, B and C and my practice. So if he’s on covered, maybe bees covered, or maybe bees will help them but give them what they need. Don’t assume that they can afford her not. If, if the custom orthotic is better than the accommodative over the counter orthotic, then basically tell them that’s what they need. Now, if they really can’t afford it, Tom, you know what I understand on we do have something for you, it’s not going to be permanent, it’s not gonna give you as much control. But it’s better than nothing, and you have it, but don’t give people more than they need. Give them exactly what they need when they need it, no matter what. So that’s what’s going to make you a really good doctor. Because Matt has a minus y sale time Mary refers Joan to your practice. Joe needs orthotics. Joan can afford your thought it’s not covered by insurance. Joan does not get the orthotic. Joe wants out of the office without nothing in the shoe without any kind of help. JOHN, john walks out and sees Mary Mary says I started send you to Dr. wishy, why are you still limping? So now and what’s you’re going to say? choice? I’m gonna say I can’t afford your athletic. That’s embarrassing, right? She’s going to say Dr. wished he could not help me. So now who looks bad? I look bad. So I had to do something like, you know, to help her any way I can. And work with her or third, insurance and what have you. But you give the people what they need, no matter if it’s covered or not. Because that’s the right thing to do. And then you work with you their insurance or lack of insurance.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I do have a couple more direct questions. Sure. But first, we’ll spend it to this. So what are the type of clients that you enjoy working with him would want to have for yourself,

Unknown 26:11
right? So I’m the podiatrist to Rutgers University. So I treat a lot of the athletes I love athletes. So Rican athletes, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, you know, even just the everyday kind of person trying to get in shape and they don’t really know how to get in shape. So I like working on those kind of people. I love children. Like I said at some point to the pediatrician. Children are fantastic. I love putting smiles on their faces. They come in scared because why their parents freaked him out.

Unknown 26:46
You just beat off Johnny be tall be cool, you know? And, and then I don’t give any objection. I feel like you know, Hero here. So they’re great heel pain, tendinitis, 10 Namaste, these, you know, those kinds of injuries. I love the one thing that I’m not personally I have other doctors, my product is that do this. I not a big lover of wound care. And the reason why I got into podiatry, I said is instant gratification. wouldn’t care someday that you keep on working at it, looking at it. And eventually, hopefully, if they follow your instructions, they get better. And most of the time, they had this problem because they’re not following your instructions. And it’s frustrating. And it’s just not the eye and lot I’m so happy and glad that so many of us that love that and get a thrill of doing that. And because they need that they need those kind of doctors, but that’s not my kind of thing.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And what about doctors that would hire you know, buyers?

Unknown 27:46
Oh, no. I never worked for anybody right to be doctors are like a, like a coach. Oh, those are my coaching. Medical part, the coaching part? Yes.

Unknown 28:00
What about what a so that’s, that’s the passion of mine too. So I am, it’s still a full time podiatrist, working seeing patients three days a week. On Fridays, I do surgeries. I do two to three cases every Friday. On Wednesdays. It’s my Rainmaker day. That’s another takeaway you need a day off to work on your business. And I do that I’m happy to do my practice and half a day. And as well as Fridays, on my coaching. I’m a john Maxwell leadership coach certified leadership coach. If anybody’s heard of john Maxwell, he’s written many, many books on leadership. He’s fantastic, guys, Speaker, I love listening to Tony Robbins, all those motivational guys. And that’s where I see myself headed as a motivational leadership coach for doctors, because the problem with doctors who complain up I don’t have enough time, I’m working too hard, not getting paid enough, is not slope, slowing down enough to speed up, not taking the time, to teach others to be leaders in your practice where they can make decisions and delegate and get more things done, then you alone, retained as physicians to micromanage. We are perfectionists by trade, we go to school we get yelled at and things are not perfect. So we pass that down. And you know, to other doctors and to our staff, everything has to be perfect, but we don’t trust them. So we do it more than we should. So we need to learn to let go to train our staff properly. And to lead them and make them better leaders, which makes them feel better, you get more work done, you get to be home more. And that is where it starts. And then develop systems and protocols and everything you do in a business. But we tend to like I said try to do everything for everyone, instead of SEO them questions and thinking wow, asking them how do what you think is the right answer? What would you do in this situation versus just doing it for them or telling them what they should do? So that’s where I love I’m writing a book on practice management and hopefully be the the book for podiatrist and mentioned all the doctors to go to for practice management. But now I get into more leadership material and motivational stuff. You very good.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Do you got the higher nurses or depends on the type of podiatry clinic that you have?

Unknown 30:39
depends on the state. I would love to hire interstate Yeah, save each stone for that. So some states have some old all laws that nobody took the time to, like look into and change.

Unknown 30:53
Like New Jersey we cannot oversee in our in our practice. But in live states they came so they can come in and debris nails and calluses and coins and do wound care and things like that.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That’s what I’m thinking. Yeah, so get it off your plate,

Unknown 31:10
and less expensive than another doctor where that’s a new thing. Those practitioners, medical doctors are hiring those practitioners and so other physicians, because they just they have a lot of them. Not everyone, but a lot of them it’s very meticulous. And they do a better job than notes is better. And they spend a little more time with the patient. So

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
that’s interesting. Okay, yeah, cuz we had the same issue. Well, we don’t need her nurses and chiropractic land because we don’t ever do anything that requires their particular skills. But I’m thinking, if you’re doing wound care, it’d be nice to be able to pass that off to somebody else, while you focus on the surgeries. Or mobilizing the foot for an athlete or something like that, that you know you You’re the only one that can do.

Unknown 31:54
But you have CA’s chiropractic assistance and, and yeah, yeah, massage, you know, massage massage,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
and we might do a personal trainer or a clinic trainer for trying to do a lot of rehab. And you’re like, I just want somebody better than just the front desk person. Right? You know, a lot of times we cross train as well, because you don’t want to have somebody out and then oh, no, it wasn’t answer the phone or teach rehab today you like I gotta do it all.

Doesn’t work well?

do you encourage people to write books if they can

Unknown 32:24
afford regarding podiatry? And for patient?

Unknown 32:27
Yeah, like

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
if I was a podiatrist? Do you recommend me writing a book that I can like give to the clients?

Unknown 32:32
Okay, so we have these,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I guess that’s too many angles for you

Unknown 32:36
know, yeah, there’s these electronic books and slash little mini books, many books, bigger than a pamphlet by like, Ron on how to take care of the heel pain and diabetic foot care and is great when you’re like, at an event like a health screening, a a race, where people then sign up for the free book. Now you have the emails, you have permission, right? And then you make the book, I like it. Now when they get the book, guess what’s going to happen? That it’s a nice book, it’s a book live, but then I then I got through it, I was just gonna stay on the counter that not not really read it right away, or maybe never. But every week, you send him excerpts of the book. And he founded their local around the 13th time. So we do a few things will send me an email will actually mail them something maybe like a CD interview. So that gets something every week for about 13 weeks, well, actually 18 weeks around the 13th week, they usually make an appointment now studies have shown and because they’re like, oh, now my foot is really getting worse. Okay, am I and so now I have to do now I have to do something. And I came again, these emails from this wishing character. So I’m like, I don’t I don’t I’m not even reading those. But his name keeps on popping up here. So now I’m making the point.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Audience if you haven’t heard that before, this is my first time hearing it. I just pulled something out of there. You know, if you’ve written a book, or if you need to write a book about top seven exercises or whatever, like he just said, based on whatever it is that you do I care. That’s great. You get their email, you give them the book, a rule book, or you can eat copy it to him. And then like you said, a drip campaign with different parts that you think are most important out of the chapter. And, you know, it’s just a little book, you know, maybe 20 pages as well. I’m guessing right? Yeah. But that’s like you said like each page is almost us an excerpt that you can email Boom, boom, boom, I don’t know what to create a there’s always that. What email should I write? I don’t know how to do it. I don’t have good stories above of law. You’ve already written it. So Wow, that’s great. And now you just have to write a few extra little sensors in the beginning and end of that. And now you’ve got a drip campaign for a cold audience in the morn them up. Oh, my goodness. Fantastic.

just recap everything. That was the take home point for me if I don’t go on anything else from this interview. That was a really good point.

Which I did already got more. But um, you mentioned something that I think is pretty cool. And I heard it on a different podcast, a Rainmaker day. What is that

Unknown 35:15
day Rainmaker day you make you things rain, you making it happen? You’re like, all those things that you want to do? Are you talking about this marketing? I got these great marketing ideas, and then we’re going to do this. That’s the day that’s a day where you may be analyze your numbers. How is your office doing this month compared to the last month? What our weaknesses, how do we strengthen them, you come up with some ideas a list. And like I said, you have a great staff. You can take that list and delegate this during your meetings. Now once but slowly, and that’s get the most important things done. But if it takes a marketing lead, so what’s the one thing we can do that will get more patient and then you work on it right now he’s talking about the book. That’s a great day to start writing the book. Okay. And nothing I learned is during the Rainmaker day, because this is, this is hard. This is hard for people. You know, when you have patients, he goes to your patients, wherever it is your clinic hours, a nine to five, you see patients from nine to five, and you go on your way maker day, you got the whole day, and you have the tendency to like fill it day with all this stuff, and fill appointments, you know, other things, going to go to the dry cleaners going to do you know what i want to call the out them and and make a new kind of soup, you know?

Unknown 36:42
So you tend to like maybe you wasted time, but you need to like actually set your schedule for like, Okay, I’m gonna get the office by nine, nine to 10. This is what I’m going to work on. One hour increments, raise, stop, then you pause for like 10 minutes to relax. Studies have shown that work better that way. 15 minutes to one hour, at the most. And I have a cube tight timer. And I just said it for whatever, 30 minutes an hour and just sit there until that time it goes off. And even if I’m working on something, that’s a time I will then switch to something else. Okay, because these are the themes I need to get done for the day.

Unknown 37:23
So and he’s doing Saturday, or Oh, that’s my Wednesday’s Wednesday’s Wednesday’s during the week. Don’t Don’t take family time away. Take, you know, your weekends away. There’s no reason for that. That’s fine Wednesday, and people say well, I’m gonna start off, dip my toe in the water, take two hours, two hours goes by so quickly and you feel like you have accomplished nothing. You’ll be amazed that he took the day off, you will make more money that week. I promise you them and you worked all five days in pitches, because I will tell you by then the week you’re exhausted, and those those patients on Thursday night or Thursday afternoon are not as productive as the ones on Monday and Tuesday.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
But Dr. wishing I only want it to work four days a week. Now I’m back to five Do I have to go to three days a week and seeing patients one day rainy day so I can still have that extra day off?

Unknown 38:17
So so whatever is I see patients three days a week so my Rainmaker day, okay, so you can have whatever you want. Okay, yeah, you also that’s your Rainmaker is going to tell you that answer is that thing’s gonna say, Well, I this is these are my bills, I need to cover my bills Plus, I need you know, whatever, more than my bills, and those are putting your salary. And then I want more. This is then this is my per visit value, how much? How much my making per visit. So I either need to bring in some more services per patient to increase that revenue, or also and or more patients? Do I have in my is my schedule totally booked every single 1015 minutes? Or do I have like land time that could put patients in and use that time? Okay, so there’s ways to do that maybe to a point where you bring in another doctor, you shouldn’t be necessary have to work a lot, lot more. And if you are seeing patients three days a week, when are you actually figuring out what you need to do for your practice? How when are you going to be the CEO of your practice? What day what time you need to schedule that?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Obviously this will be whatever is ethical and what the patient needs and clinically relevant but what are some services just like a list you know, OFF TOP your head that podiatrist may not even realize that they could offer to increase revenue even if it requires them to purchase a $20,000 laser or something right or their services that you just like oh, you don’t do x y&z Come on man, right, you add,

Unknown 39:52
right. So ladies is the big one big Hot Topic lasers for nail fungus lasers for pain. People don’t buy those services a purchase the equipment, because one, they assume, again that patients won’t pay for that kind of service. The answer really is they’re not confident that the product works, which is fine, you have to believe in your product have to believe in your products, you have to leave and everything. So do what I did, I had a discomfort of my shoulder from lifting, I got few laser treatments, and made me feel better. I’ve asked patients from other doctors offices where they thought about the laser directly. And they said that it helped them I’m looking for hundred percent sure, because everything is no such thing as 100% cure, I’m looking for something that is non invasive that they want because they don’t want surgery they’re willing to pay for and it helps in the majority of the cases. And then when I have that believe ability, it’s so easy to sell the service. So the same thing for an elephant is it doesn’t every nail fungus but I know that there really was severe cases, I’m not going to use that laser, okay, because it’s just not gonna lie, I’m not going to take their money. Okay, so we had that I do. Now again, two more of all the stem cells, me I tissue that I am injecting for partially torn tendons and without surgery. I’m healing 10 and tears and patients that’s a great I didn’t have to miss that much work. I didn’t have surgery and cost me that much money. And it’s a wonderful thing that I tell people to look into it mentioning that

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
if somebody tears their Achilles tendon number

podiatrist the person to go to or should you go to orthopedic for something like that?

Unknown 41:42
Great question. Okay. Again, like everything else out all the PT school work on the Achilles tendon, and majority of productions do I mean we’re working on it, but not everybody is actually trained to repair it. But most of us are. Okay, I like my coffee over 90% of us are. It’s where you feel comfortable is the answer. We both can do the job.

Unknown 42:05
I offer 24 seven in my office injure yourself. Don’t go the emergency room because you more money in your weight different two days. Just call us and some one of us will be there to help you out. And do that.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Okay, yeah, just kind of thing and real quick, just like wow, I had a patient with time It ended his career. He tore it and he was never the same. And he was really disappointed by it. And yeah, I was like, I didn’t even think to ask where he winner what Dr. touched him. You know, I just does. Yeah, yeah, that’s one thing is nice. I think about the podcast is I always ask these types of questions with most of the guests because you don’t know where sin patients sometimes like, I want to just send them here, but actually a better option would have been this person you like, wow, or this certification? And I go wow, okay. Now I know for next time,

Unknown 42:47
and I was like, you know, where? Who does what the most? A Yeah, who’s who does it this is what they do is their bread and butter. And this is like nothing to them.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Besides john Maxwell. Do you have any other influential guys that shape your philosophy and the way that you manage? Or is that kind of the main guy

Unknown 43:06
so one of my leadership guys I I read a lot of Brendan Bouchard, my city Anthony Robbins. There’s a guy I do a lot of reading Michael Hyatt. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Michael Hyatt as a I had this pilot right here. It’s the full focus planner. He’s crazy. A new book coming out called things called focus power. And he has the best year ever book. So courses like that I actually follow a woman named Charlene Johnson. And I’m you know, her she started off years ago with Beachbody doing something called pile. Okay. And it’s all right. And she meant the pirates his priorities in yoga. But now she’s more of a business coach, as well as a motivational coach. He has a the marketing impact Academy class that she has online. And but she’s very, very bubbly and, and peppy, and she gives incredible information out there. So information like that. Yeah.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And there’s that she sounds like she be good. Yeah, she’s good.

Unknown 44:14
there’s a there’s a series of books and just finished reading called your bad ass. Okay. My name is Jackson, Sarah, your bed, making money. You’re a bad job today. You know, just, it’s funny. She’s funny, and she’s real. And the one thing I do every single morning, I get up really early 430 in the morning, and I try to read something motivational. I try to relax my brain and are these gold cards, affirmation cards, but then all the cards I go, geez, people love me kind of cards. You know, they’re like, you know, what I have? things come easy to me is my big one. Because how many times you sit down and going, you know, I really don’t have enough time to do something. Because this is going to take me hours. And then when you start the project, you like this took me half an hour, why did I wait two weeks or months to get this going? So I have this car this is things come easy to me. And so to get going start the project, and completed because I’ll be amazed how fast I get this done first, and I thought I would. So those kind of things. And the world is like you go out to the world. And there’s so much negativity, the news and, and healthcare and you know, don’t be a doctor Don’t do this. And you just have to like, go you go good information into your brain everything.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Absolutely. Alright, so the last the interview, I love to ask these types of questions. So we’re doctors, you got your rain, make your day you’re working three days you have some associate. So it might be a little bit different for you. But so let’s maybe think of the typical podiatrist here. How can you take more vacations because we just tend to work too much,

Unknown 45:50
right? That comes on another great book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Kotler gonna be bigger show notes,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
a lot of books.

Unknown 46:01
And one of them is to sharpen the saw. And you are a doctor now productive, if you constantly working, constant work, your brain is going really, really fast. And you got so many amazing ideas and you you but you don’t know what to do first, or you’re just to get so frustrated, and then you get exhausted and get burnt out. So the first thing is, you schedule it, where do you like to go? What time the year’s best for you have kids, maybe when they have spring break or Christmas over Christmas, or something like that when’s a good time to go in the beginning of your schedule your vacation, you have something to look forward to. And something I learned a long time ago, if you worried about, like if the only doctor in the office, and you’re worried about like, messing up the finances for that month, and you wanted it to be vacation. And so what you would do is, let’s say take two months, so says August to September, take the last week of August, the first week of September if you can, and then you don’t mess up a whole month by taking two weeks off the same month. And then having it scheduled in advance. You can pan for that month, you can plan and sense that okay, you’re ready working less days in August. But let’s really, let’s really like I don’t mean work more days. But let’s practice schedule on on, you know, July and the month before hand. Let’s look at how we did July 2018. And what do we want to increase it by 10%? How we can increase it by 10%. And sometimes not just see more patients. And that’s this is my Tony Robbins takeaway, one of the best things I’ve learned from Tony Robbins. And that is, whenever you have a problem, ask yourself a better question. How can I make more money? Okay, by not spending more. And we’re and by working less, you ask your subconscious brain a better question, it’s going to give you a better answer. And it could be all some by asking it and you go to a show, they got this little equipment piece of equipment that now takes does like, you know adopting tests that you can buy the Doppler machine something with something like that something expensive, that you can put in your office that insurance is paying for that one of your staff members could do well, you know, in the room with someone else, now you increase the previous value by 25 to $50, something simple like that. And now you don’t actually have to see more people. You don’t have to actually hire more people, but you make you more money. So that’s you have to ask yourself better questions. And the answers will come on down to you if you ask yourself better questions.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And I don’t like that idea of offering the services that people already might be asking for or going somewhere else to find the answer to.

Unknown 48:49

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Because some people look at that. They’re like, Oh, there’s that doctor just wanted to build more per visit and you like well know if they’re already asking for a nutrition program. Right? You got the skills. That’s great. Yeah. figure something out. And then night now, yes. On an offer. Yeah, it’s good stuff. Yeah. Okay. Any hobbies? What do you do besides working all the time?

Unknown 49:09
where I work out? Okay. I love concerts. I got the Rolling Stones coming up, and Bob Seger and looking forward to that love hanging out my girlfriend. I like to play golf and out of time, big baseball fan. And go see lot of games, a lot of softball, but, you know, it’s just, it’s hard. And April comes, it’s called you’re 15 years old. He buys twisting and you can’t move for periods, our account five, six days or weekend. So I’ll pause like, it gets tough on your knees and your back and all but yeah, so. Yeah, no, I don’t. I love love music, all kinds of music. Um, yeah, cardi B. Okay. Give me the cardi B into this the only to the stones.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
All right.

You know, I did softball and a league for chiropractic school, and I ended my quad. So now I’ve got a divot in the center of my quiet. I was like, Are you kidding me? covered in the first base? And I’m not good. It’s always played catcher. No offense to catch.

Unknown 50:10
That’s what happened. That’s exactly what happens as you were crouching. And then you got up the next batch or whatever, right off the crouch, and you turn up your clients.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And there you go. Yep. You know, it’s funny. I you can’t want and softball, slice hit or whatever you call it. Right? So it kind of just go past the pitch

Unknown 50:28
rapid? Yeah,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
yeah, it’s just take off their like, Justin, you only get one for a game. You gotta swing man. Like,

I know what’s gonna happen with a flyball. I’m going to get out now. I’m going to run.

And then I never played softball again.

Oh, my goodness. All right. Another big question will probably ended on this one. work life balance. We’re kind of talking about it. So we’ll switch a little bit to we have spouses, we have loved ones. How are you able to keep that love alive? See, you don’t end up divorced and you can’t see your kids and all that stuff? Yeah, well,

Unknown 51:05
I am divorced, but I was a while ago. So it’s a great question. But as I because of lack of time, with her different story different different? No,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
no, this is why we always ask because there’s a lot of doctors that have that. And it’s like, all right, you know, most people don’t go into marriage and wanting to divorce and if we can avoid it,

Unknown 51:22
but that’s what we want to exactly one of the biggest use of that that marriage is that it was going well, and I took it for granted. When things go well, even your practice, yo, it’s great, that guy, good month, whatever, we don’t sit down and figure out why it went well. That’s are doing things go bad. And we sit down, analyze it, and we go like, I gotta change this, it changes. Okay, fix it, right, they go, Well, we just assume it’s just going to keep on going well, and this is like the my planner and the plaza doing. We have young roles in life. You’re like, yeah, podiatrist or doctor, you’re an owner of a business, your father, your sibling, your spouse, you have maybe a religious so whatever your religious affiliation is, that’s important to you. So wherever you want, these are your roles, so that every week you decide what I’m going to do in these roles. Now, some roles might not be that important for that week. But the one where you’re the significant other. That’s important. So what am I going to do this week to show my love and appreciation to my significant other. And I combine that with my gratitude journal, writing every day, and I write down great what I’m grateful for. So why I rights when I write, like, I’m grateful for my girlfriend, Jamie, why am I grateful? And you know, and what can I do this week, to show my appreciation, appreciation about what is she going through, if we live our lives, thinking about other people. And other again, this is took time to think and to fix this and to get this in my head review. It’s not about you, it’s about you, if you want it to be about you, then you have to be about other people first, then you get the reward about like people coming in and showing the appreciation I love but not because you want that you showing your love and appreciation to others, because you’re sincere about it. And when you leave your office, leave your office as best as you can. And then before you open up that garage door and press that button, sit in your car and say I’m home now. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about them, the family, the kids, what have you. And so it’s about living intentionally. And so that’s the we don’t we just like, let things happen by itself and pray that things going to happen well, but you can make your life and make things happen in a good way. Fantastic cancer,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
really like the you got all these roles. So if you’re planning your week, making sure you touch all those roles this week. I like that. That’s a good that’s a great way to like make sure you don’t forget something to so that’s it. Where can people get more information about Dr. Peter Whitney, and all that he’s got going on? Cool.

Unknown 54:17
So regarding our practice management, virtual Practice Management Institute, go to top practices calm and click on the practice management button is the big one. And then my Instagram is p Wish me that’s W is H and IE. Big following there. And then my Facebook page. My name as well. Yeah. And then my plan I should practice by the way expanding foot and ankle specialist. So stop put paint fest com

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
stop foot pain fast.

Unknown 54:51
I come Yeah. Okay.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
All right. Well, thank you so much for your time. I like said I already got some good information.

Unknown 54:57
Yeah, this is great pleasure.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Well, that wraps up another episode. If you can send me review that’s dot net slash subscribe, Apple, Google Stitcher, Android devices, you just click that button, it’ll take you exactly the page, you need to you can write a review, hopefully a five star review. I said it does help for other people to discover what we’re doing here. And one thing I haven’t really talked about too much is the doctor’s perspective. NET slash support page through about a host a cup of coffee, go for it. If you want to pledge a little higher fee, there’s buttons for that there’s even monthly recurring for those who feel like wow, this is like the cheapest mentor coach program I’ve ever seen. Because you interview so many different kinds of doctors and and have been able to implement things that I’ve heard and it works, but monthly recurring payments, which also you can get you my books for free t shirts for free. The first book, you know, that deals with health and exercise, getting on a diet, getting your financial health and order as well. things I learned in China, you know, that books is available as well. And one thing that I don’t have I don’t have like a full blown page about coaching and things. But there’s a little button there. I’ve had people request, hey, doctors and non doctors asking me can I do more than just answer a couple of questions? Or could you be my coach for a little while and I say yeah, we can do that. So something I haven’t really advertised but it’s something that I can do and do whether it’s marketing strategies for new patients growth, those types of topics, you’re interested just email me Justin at a doctor’s perspective. net. If you have any ideas for guests, please send an email Justin at a doctor’s perspective. NET I’d love to hear who you think would be good or a profession that you may not have heard yet, and we’ve got over 100 episodes is gonna be like our third year super excited we’re going a little mini series like we’ve been doing, which has been fun. I hope you’ve enjoyed them as well that’s that’s the feedback I’ve gotten want to remind everybody that we have some great affiliate links available if you’re into instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, we’ve got the edge tool and we got the hot grips stage about 10% also with the edge you’ve got the like blood pressure cuff restriction system you got the G sweet a more in case you’d like to in cash practice and of course I got my own electric acupuncture pin to go with the needle acupuncture book and Tom Tom you know have a bundle set bringing them all together for a great price muscle have the free downloads at a doctor’s perspective, net slash blueprints. And more lately I’ve been doing is substituting a fifth one like I’ve done a neat and depend on the guest I might do a different type. So check back there. You’ve got the primal paleo grass fed protein bone broth style, save 10% on that no sugar, allergy free, gluten free, dairy free all those types of things mentor box get taught by the author, we got set preset for those floss bands that you may have heard about on one of the episodes really like those. If you want to know what hosting us for podcasting, blueberry, pure VPN, it’s one of those ones I use to help keep my payment secure as well as access the internet more safely in the Amazon products that you might want. Click the link in the show notes pages. So all those resources can be found a doctor’s perspective, net slash resources. There’s also t shirts at.net slash t shirt, put up some new designs from time to time like making lemons out of lemonade shrimp Oh boy, plus all the Chiropractic and podcast swag that you could want. As always, listen, critically think and implement. Have a great week.

We just went hashtag behind the curtain. I hope you will listen and integrate with some of these guests have said by all means please share across your social media. write a review. And if you go to the show notes page, you can find all the references for today’s guests. You’ve been listening to Dr. Justin Charles Claire giving you a doctor’s perspective.

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