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Dr. Jackson Tisdell, podiatrist, talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast.

Podiatry isn’t all cutting nails anymore. Dr. Jackson Tisdell is part of Kinetic Therapies teaching others about strength and conditioning for feet and ankle problems.

Did you know that a podiatrist can specialize in helping people become stronger and mobile?

Build strength and educate so they don’t need much long term care.

Since Australian podiatrist can’t do intensive surgeries, he has chosen to focus heavily on rehab, biomechanics, orthotics and strength.

What were some of the benefits of being a trained Strength and Conditioning Coach before even starting podiatry school?

Books and courses are great but it’s the practical application and hands on experience that makes a good s&c coach.

Hip and Core Muscle stability are key components he looks at, not just the foot and ankle complaints. Go up the chain to address the underlying problem.

Top 3 Conditions Dr. Tisdell Podiatrist treats

  • Plantar Fascitis
  • Heel Pain
  • Bunion Pain
  • Forefoot pain (1st MPTJ, Morton’s neuromas)
  • Stress fractures of the foot

Does pain equate to injury and does that change how you approach treatment, including chronic pain?

Rest your injury in most cases is just bad advice: movement is essential. Especially for an Achilles injury, load and strengthening is best.

Myth buster on orthotics.

Orthotics do not realign the foot to neutral, the spine or change structural biomechanics. Orthotics are a way to redistribute loads and reduce tissue stress.

Dr. Tisdell is big fan of creating videos and he explains his thoughts on quality, quantity and motivation behind spending the time and effort to records more of them.

Create value with your content and don’t be a pushy salesperson. The trust will build and you will be seen as the expert they can turn to when their need arises.

Mentoring for new grads: He has over 30 videos on linkedin for new podiatrists and he is hoping to hit 100.

Being that chiropractors and physical therapists do treat feet conditions, when should they stop and refer over to a podiatrist?

If you have to make up an answer or you feel uncertain and are questioning yourself, that is a solid reason to refer the patient on.

Kinetic Therapies

What is Kinetic Therapies, who is it for and what type of education exercise and conditioning courses will they offer?

The podiatry lessons are geared for practical tips and implementation for your patients, not just lectures on research and PPT’s.

Time management and scheduling are his keys to a home life -work balance.

App called Forest. They plant a tree if you stick to your goal of not opening your phone for a user specified amount of time.

More information and contact Dr. Tisdell jacksontisdell@gmail.com also on Linkedin

Books: Tyson Franklin (and his podcast) It’s No Secret Podiatry, It’s No Secret Small Business, Gary V (and his podcast)Jab Jab Right Hook, Crushing It and Robin Sharma Greatness Guide

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/160 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

a doctors perspective jackson tisdell kinetic podiatry e 160
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Episode One, hundred and sixty and conditioning Connecticut therapies I’m hills Dr Justin clearing today reducted Jackson sizzles perspective during two, thousand, seventeen and eighteen podcast award nominate host and bestselling author on Amazon as we get behind the curtain look at all types of doctor and guess specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s PERSPEC-. Oh, thanks for tuning in its September. The NFL has started this weekend college football has started and social distancing is still in effect regardless of your politics on to get crazy over the next sixty days. So good luck with all those political ads but Dr, Jackson here he doesn’t have to worry about that because he’s all the way from Australia. He’s a podiatrist and we’re GONNA talk about strength and conditioning and how that looks for podiatrist top three conditions that he treats for instance, like plenty fasciitis four foot pain misconceptions about orthotics for instance, and he partnered up with someone else for this. Educational thing called kinetic therapies as you can imagine, is going to deal with conditions strengthening and lectures and things like that so that you can actually take the information and implemented into your clinic is not just for athletes. This could just be for someone who’s maybe overweight has a bad foot knee and can’t walk across the house to go to the bathroom what do you do? So He’s a young guy, but he’s a lot of experience before podiatrist cool and during and he’s had some amazing mentors in his niche. So he’s I think beyond the years that he actually has. That’s pretty cool. WanNa. Let you know couple months now I actually finally put the acupuncture if you. WanNa call it acupressure book on Amazon is selling nicely but not enough reviews. So if you bought it leave a review and this is something mentioned a good bit but the reason is if you’re a doctor and these patients need something that they WanNa do at their house self care type of thing this is An option for them to try in between your visits. Okay. You can go to a doctor’s perspective dot net slash A. C. P. Amazon ACP Amazon. Lastly, one thing I’ve noticed some guest lately, and this is a few months at this point, our one sheets, it’s pretty much a synopsis of your credentials, your accomplishments you’re speaking engagement as well as topics that you feel like you’re an expert at. A local business organization another podcast would read it and say, oh I want this person on my show on my stage. I’m doing those graphic design putting it together for you. So you don’t have to it’s actually on fiber just search. My name or direct message me and I can just bypass fiber and talk to you directly. So all the show notes and the transcript can be found at a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one, six, zero. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain. Live from Germany in Melbourne Australia today on the show. We’ve got a podiatrist and he is a super industry thing conditioning. He’s got several different jobs because that’s how they roll and currently there on lockdown. But Hey there essential. So that’s a pretty awesome thing. Please welcome to the show Jackson fizzle. Haven’t adjusted really exhauted. Yeah pre show just chatting about current situation of everyone is talking about second wave is GonNa hit probably around election. For us. In Germany but still with America, it’s good to see that you are able to socialize dribble actually provide a service in that. Australia respects what you do infamous thinking though you’re not called doctors there. Correct. That won’t technically out doctors were allowed to use the ten doctors but generally generally don’t okay I’m mixed up with the United Kingdom they’re like known be careful. Just don’t say those words. Yeah. Don’t get me in trouble. It isn’t. A topic of debate but we can talk about that old is so he went. No problem we as a chiropractor live through that say we should be called doctors. But Hey, well back to you. All right podiatrist. There’s so many things that you could do an you chose that. So what’s your back story in the new can bridget if you’d like into your specialty in where you are now? Yes shortsighted I got into a tree. We’ll my first exposure to but autry was when I saw the dodgers as a young stud, which is really really a common story the he from podiatrist I saw younger I had some foot and leg issues coming through as a junior athlete in that. Got Me Interested in in the whole sports and pedestrian VCR that sort of things but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do until.

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As, long in bed one not had a lot by moment and just clicked in my head is GonNa Autry and then the next day got into the tree it was it was. Really. Cool. So What? What not to start to choose? Against by the mind history of of injuries and big frustrated, we’ve not been on to play sport in that sort of thing in had that really affected may developed a passionate interest in rehabilitating myself getting myself back stronger playing playing sports site a really really interested in and was doing like mind sort of research studying in that sort of stuff with without being a podiatrist. I was like I’m just GonNa I’m just going to study this properly, I’m gonNA. Make career. My. Area of specialty within within podiatrist is in strength and conditioning and rehabilitations prescribing exercises to get people stronger and more mobile, and because that’s where the real value in what we do is making people a bit more proactive in their approach to their healthcare and bing bing strong and resilient al-anon Nelson much as providing them week with treatment but actually educating them and reporting this strengths that doug need ongoing treatment, and that’s where say the future of healthcare advisory strengthen exercise. So it had a series a while back I guess last year pure podiatrist we covered lots of different. Niches if you will so are you still doing reconstructive ankle sprains an Achilles tears the find yourself doing surgeries or you ca doing more like the physical therapy style of podiatrists. Yeah, definitely more just physical therapy and mechanics and all thought ix dodgers in stride do major surgeries monasteries. Yeah. Any reconstructive stuff goes to the orthopedic surgeons. So I think you know the country’s luck in the states, for example, it open on their surgeons about nine not in Australia. Yeah. It’s very very much just focused on the rehabilitation in and blind mechanics oath strength in the gym that sort of stuff. Okay. Allow lean problems. Did you find it difficult to find a career in doing that if you were trying to get a job instead of starting your own place like? We kinda need you to do all the other podiatrist stuff as well. Our House that play out. Yeah, it’s it’s a good question I was I was pretty lucky when I first graduated as. I got a job in a clinic that’s only did sports but autry side they only did rehabilitation and bonded on didn’t have to do anything else like cutting tiny house or anything which was really really really good. Really good stotts career, but it is. It is quite rare to find that by as you as you go through your career generally Australia, you do start to sort of Niche Dan and fund your specialty area. Once you get a bit more experience and exposure, you get to figure out what you like and then you can develop. You Ryan, sort of interest area and I’m GonNa ask you more about your strength and conditioning. Do you ever wonder boy in twenty years. I’m not going to have that skill anymore that I went to school for is that concerning at all? What do you mean by that? He’s actually sorry. I’M NOT GONNA I’m GonNa get General Autry stuff. Yeah. Like if you’re like me and I’m really not into this anymore. Just, if something happened like any switch gears I’m getting old or maybe he had an injury early can’t get s physical as I should be obviously, you could hire other people but have you ever wondered like Oh man I’m not going to have that skill anymore. Not Not really I think if you. Pretty fit and active myself and I guess the coaching saw things you. Don’t have to necessarily get super involved in the session you can just. Do a quick demonstration than encourage the athletes through it. It depends depends on depends on the athlete as to how much you actually have to demonstrate sue them depends on what level they’re at not that worried about that I’m pretty feeding act even healthy said. enjoyed. Getting the gym myself in and running in that sort of thing a think He looked fit. He looks at everybody. Else. So what do you prescribe to? Is there any special technique are seminars or? Anything like that. You’ve taken to say this is my foundation for my strength and conditioning, and then from there, we just modify based on the person’s specific needs. Yes. She shows off of coach off election fool on a couple of years. Now let’s coach meet in Australia that like a strategy conditioning coach. Like a Adam, attract speed and agility top stop as well and in the Games and stuff done that for a couple of years on working underneath a a really really good coach in Sydney Manila hopes, and then she told me a lot as far as the BICYC- of Athletic Development and Vadim Agility in Injury Prevention has some practical experience in that regard but then I did do a more formal coast with these trying strength and conditioning association saw it sounds actually officially qualified as strengthening conditioning catch, which was good and then.

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A few other sort of coal online courses in stop that to view skills. But I, think most of the -nology developed as coaches is practical and that actual the art of coaching at comes from being involved in coaching yourself, you can’t lend that from. Any books or anything like that said, the practical experiences what drawer opponent I’m still I’m still learning as I, go and and getting some moral experience once they lockdowns there will be doing a lot more catching say it’s good. Are you recording videos of the most common things you’d recommend in just having him go to youtube or whatever to watch that since com more difficult for them or what are you doing at the moment there is. Be Multi hands to do some. More social media content in developing yet videos, and that sort of thing on youtube channel. But it’s only relatively new I m thing some end just information on social media for paypal when we do with our clients as well we do offer I online charging service. In what I’m online poetry well-served sort of. Online consultations through health, which is, which is a begin. Yeah. Certainly, people can’t come. See us we can do that. As. Well, through lockdowns which has been helpful. I am trying to produce a lot more videos, meteor mocking marketing in that sort of thing at the mine, which case which makes me busy, which is good if sitting here thinking. Got Downtime sometimes at work and I’m like I should just record these videos of the most common exercises I give all day and just not categorize them and just say okay. Here’s this link. Go to Youtube I’m, not gonNA make money off of these videos. Let me that many views. But that way they feel like there’s something that they can watch after they leave the office that way what did he say to do? How did he do it? Seems to be helpful. Just add to that what what I found most helpful is coming into the clink. Gene, you’re showing them through the exercise and then they have to go off on their own and do it actually locked to to feel men doing it? So I I get there find. Them doing it. So then nineteen just watch themselves back doing it in that. That’s probably more meaningful to them rather than sending them a youtube link, for example, said yet. It’s quick and easy yet. That’s pretty great. Yeah. The experience that you have now do you wonder if being a podiatrist was necessary in you could have just been a strength and conditioning coach I’ve definitely yeah. Definitely. Think put autry was necessary. Of definitely fans sort of a nation area within poetry. So that’s really cool. So having that. Degrade University degree behind me and and because poetry is it’s always gonNA be in demand. So the thing like it’s it’s a medical service side can if I working a medical field and then fucking bring strength and conditioning within the medical field than yet that’s GonNa that’s GonNa. Make. It more enjoyable for me but definitely having that degrade behind me and and the Bena orchards is is really beneficial. Yeah. Regrets there at all in-depth, definitely nisus definitely necessary to get. To where I WANNA be where I am said is Do you find that you have to look beyond the foot and ankle for a lot of the conditioning like yesterday foot hurts but goes on your your knee. Now, you gotTa hip involved He. Just have to look at the whole picture what yes, absolutely. That’s one of my biggest sort of philosophies with what I do especially especially, someone has single sodded foot pain. So they’ll end up on their wrought full and not they left than this. There’s a reason behind that. So you have to look further up the chain was the heap in the coal muscles in unless that’s locked to do address that we wanna always addressed the cause of the issue don’t just the issue itself we want to get to the bottom of it said that doesn’t come back longtime. I definitely have a big emphasis on heaping coal muscle strengthens to only when it comes to looking at the foot and ankle yet definitely, which is something that podiatrist starting to hopefully learn a little bit more practice. You get better long term results. If you look more holistically at the at the passion, what’s your top three? I guess foot injuries that you have to rehabilitate onside plan fasciatis just heat he’ll kind in general is the biggest one. Obviously. A lot of bunion pain and I M J full foot pine. I’ll just collectively Scifo for pints have getting a lot of plan apply Tez Morton’s near Imus I M Tapei J. Paying. Bunions that sort of thing. And then probably done stressing juries so. Either Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome DRYWALL OR SHIN-SPLINTS and. Stress Fractures of the foot that common ones that our city as well.

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Anything simple for a chiropractor physical therapist. I. Mean should we just to some kind of orthotic or just you know because we always treat a little bit of feet and you know what? I mean anything that we should go to say, Hey, you know what this is out of. My scope now little planner fasciitis has just started. You know typically we can take care of that little bit but at what point should we say this you this past me let’s pass them onto a podiatrist. You think that’s that’s a really good question. Something previously thought a little bit stronger on record lock. No you shouldn’t chiropractors student trait fate united, but I’m. Not s just not true not really steep often I think you’ll just know you’ll just now yourself if you start to go outside of your clinical skype, if you feel what you’ll trying to come up with answers and you’re not sure about them yourself then that’s when that’s when you need to refer on or if there’s something if there’s something might have small bond mechanically related to the specific to the foot and ankle that hasn’t been. Cavadino. Car Training. Yeah, I. think that’s when you should refer I really think that that you’ll just know and if you find yourself trying to make something up to answer a question or you’re trying to. Give something to them to sell them something to make money like that’s that’s not right. You need to you need to understand when it’s outside Skype Sang, we’ve lost. Sight for example, podiatrists, they were essentially alien specialists. So we being tire Lower Liam, but man of data we know about the nave, for example, isn’t as much as as a physical therapist or fit or physiotherapist. I if someone has an issue that Austin is related to the foot. Mechanics then I’ll. Then I’ll happily trade that issue by looking at their foot in heaps within Moscow practice. If someone has like a a more chronic knee injury or something like that, we’re GONNA need to go deep into what’s happening at the knee. Then all just refer them to physiotherapy I tackle that. So I think the with the more experienced you get as well. You tend to understand when you’re going outside of European clinical boundaries. I. That fuss all bunch of bunions on the foot of but I know that’s not for me either. I don’t know what to do with that just out of here. Here’s a question. I really haven’t asked recently. I. Guess we’ve got so caught up in everybody else’s great answers that just skip this question but if you actually Wanna ask what are some of the most common misconceptions that either other professionals have or at your patients are having with podiatrist with your particular niche. A lot highs obviously the big one for the dodgers profession in general is that people think that we only got time now. So we only look after pod skiing and Callan Cohen’s, and that’s what ladies. Yeah. Diabetes. That’s generally what people think the electric profession is. That yes. That forms the the coal or in the devices of of what we do in that sort of the stereotype. But we do a hell of a lot more in the so many different things we can help people with not only elderly clients who need nyland skincare, but athletes as well said with with their foot mechanics in mid performance and injury management. So that’s that’s probably the biggest misconception from the general public and possibly from from other professionals as well. Other things such as pain equals injury site. If if you’re in pain at means that you’re causing damage that you’re injured and table understand the complexity of pain signs and tying, which is, which is a really big topic in itself, which we could talk Yet pain is not always the enemy. So I like to explain to people that they are led to push through that pine a little bit. We’ve some of the some of the exercises and things like that meant don’t have to rest site. For example, we’ve we’ve back pain. For example, you wouldn’t tell someone line bed die, which is being the the traditional sort of motto of of. Getting people to rest their injuries. When we know the movement exercises is really important especially for luck. The Achilles Tendon Achilles tendinitis and that sort of thing that responded really well to load and strengthening and not rest rest is not going to be the aunt saw side. That’s a really big one out another really big one that’s probably to be relevant to listen as is Arango thought excite what what actually do and here nasal thought that’s a really complex highly. Debatable topic the conception that. You know real on the skeleton in. Yet. They might. You functioned normally will it make your foot function? Neutral in that sort of thing. That’s that’s not true at all what. I actually just manage loads tissue stress. So they’re used as a they used as a tool in the rate had process to help may be perhaps speed things up a little bit will make life more comfortable for you, but I don’t actually.

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Change, the way your law and or anything like that by just a tool and not everyone needs them and a lot of people who have old when we give them funds that can actually go out of their thought. He wants to build up enough strength in their own body and they’re over there injury. Then I don’t need us on enter again. So a few common concessions there. I tell you I haven’t seen so many. Oh, orthotics in my life. I. Have in this country it’s just like, Oh, you gotTa short-leg. Let’s put was put a lifting for you. Have they addressed anything else and it’s not from podiatrist like man. So half the time you know you get them balanced out and everything in the they don’t need them anymore. It’s like guys did you dig deep at all? Sometimes? It’s crazy. But that’s the difference depend on what kind of doctor you go to. It’s a frustrating one, but it’s Do you have any APPS that you use to record athletes in like a slow running or? The way they’re loading or unloading on their stressing their feet when they’re doing certain exercises, kind of captured in analyze or anything like that not not in particular could dig up the top of my head. I do film get analysis in running in that sort of thing. But unusually wants to fire can just like slow it down have a look at it on the on just the offense have any particular software that I use. Sorry take guys they’re not much. Just use my camera, my find enjoyment and watch it back in slow at down I need to There is a couple of things used before by Picky in k every back yet you can hear me. Okay so let’s switch gears a little bit. What are some of the things that you’re doing as far as marketing, and if you’re not really into that role in your offices, we can talk about something else. But is there anything that you’re doing or your company’s doing that works really well Really emphasizing and I’m really emphasizing self personal stop is is social media just producing mole I think social media days is, is the producing content on social media? Is the the process sort of relevance in the UAE of of Marketing in society because that’s what that’s what runs entrenched in from FACEBOOK instagram linked in Tiktok now, all that sorta stuff and he’d. Try to do trying to do more of that in really emphasizing in a think more is better because lack quality in quantity side with the more quantity produced that that will then tell you what qualities because you’ll get to. You’re gonNA feel of what people engage. We’ve been what they enjoy more, and then you can start just do more of that Yeah quality and quantity more and consistency. We’ve yet we’ve dissociated content try to be engaging with it and trying to provide values get useful information to pay not not trying to get people to come and see you in your clinic. doesn’t say things like all come in book an appointment, and that sort of because people will just back alive from that. If you rather than doing that just provide value to them. That’s useful to them than I will that position you in as an expert. So then when they do actually have problems that need help, we’ve Dow automatically think of you in bulk immune view site it’s not as Desperate need out just give them useful information and provide them we value and that establishes yourself as an expert. And just more is better mobile. It is interesting how many people are afraid to if I put these exercises are these special things that I’ve learned over the years on the Internet they’re not gonNA come see me. No reason they can just do everything that I showed him on the phone know on the computer and it’s like, no, that’s actually the opposite they’re gonNA. Live Trust. You appreciate what you gave into. They can’t figure it out. Are they hurt themselves now? They already know like was can I see this person in the same town? Perfect yes. Exactly what you said, but it’s counterintuitive. Keep everything secret. Now. This nice age especially amongst practitioners as well. It’s good to share information and help each other because You know just just good calmer. Good To help helping each other. Yeah. Do you have to do anything with your staff? Are you in charge of training them are disciplined them or hiring or anything like that? Not? On Omen employees We don’t have any team members underneath Nathan at the moment, but hopefully in the future John doing join. Mentor in Teaching have done less than one lawn like zoom sessions we’ve We’ve some students and new graduates helping them to navigate through. There is sort of journey as as a podiatrist that’s really beneficial but not not leaving the clinic. Is Funny. That’s the next question is for either new docks are changing their niche, our students any big advice that you would just say, Hey, this is what I would tell anybody right now. This this site just done a video series on on link dean of lack of new Grad tips his among I’m up to thirty one.

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So I WANNA keep Oh. Wow WanNA keep going until it gets one hundred hopefully I remember I’m running out of all this. But I think the biggest the biggest sort of advice would be just just have self-awareness not compare yourself to others not yet done compared to others in always compete with yourself have self awareness of where you’re at success is very subjective. So I’m what one person thinks that need to be doing is not what you should be doing. You should just worry about you and yet that that sort of thing of. Wishy Washy awareness sort of might vegetable stuff. Heads face. Yeah. Well, I’ll put a note in your in the transcript. Or your for Your Lincoln profile. In that way, they can either requests. You are just kinda browse those videos because thirty is a lot of videos as a lot of tips already. If, I can think of something that either he just in an email sent message may be him out to try to get to one hundred definitely a milestone. Manson you do a lot with that when that’s done to definitely. Good it’s good stuff. I enjoy helping students in new graduate ’cause because because I wasn’t I was a student not long ago apparently being graduated. Is. Heading towards four years that yet I can. I can relate to them and. Understand where they come from we’ve we’ve had problems are you hooked up with any schools are professional or semi professional teams or anything like that at this point in time I’m Used to work with a lot of sports in clubs but at the moment of just moved to a new clean, he can wear wearing lockdowns. I wanted to be happy to be. It’s a bit difficult but now I’m doing I’m doing some a Webinar for western Sydney University on main on mental. She’d that’s coming up at the end of this month that’d be exciting. So how’d you get your feet in the door with all that mentor ship in counseling young kids say young kids. Younger students to do this what what was that passion for it started because I had a student come in to save a in the clinic what to do some clinical yet observation in practice asking me some questions in all answering questions. It was all really simple basic stuff and now like Oh no told me that before they didn’t they didn’t learn at university sounds like really said I’m so just started from there I started to take on more students and on and then I started to. Laugh thoughts and opinions and end. At VOSS ONLINE ON LINK Group from. And then just just doing it just mentoring people and then posted about it and got myself out there and then that’s what’s led to the gene of ads get nothing nothing in particular just just stop just if you WanNa, do something to stop doing it Yeah that’s pretty good. Three years still being to do that. That’s that’s pretty cool because some people really want to do that in struggle. So was great. All right. So that is what is this kinetic therapy I saw a little bit on linked in is intriguing but I didn’t dive deep enough into as interview, the guy and just ask. So what is that? Connecticut Therapies Talaysia Raven. She’s my mentor she was we’re developing Colson webinars in resources nestle the things for other podiatrists to learn from said Olivet exercise prescription, an exercise therapy movement, and and conditioning full lowering conditions. Yet an educational company, we run courses in webinars and things like that. So definitely check his out on Vice Bulkin and Instagram, and that SORTA staff at an we we have an online course at the moment that is available on on ultimate beneficiaries website said get good gut check that out and yet it’s educational sort of that sort of thing I really enjoy that as well. What would they get out of that kind of some of the things that you’re doing on a daily basis that I don’t know anything about it, but that is definitely a an area. I want to develop myself get some of those clients. So this is one whether they can take some courses and learn this is that the point? Yeah, and and the the main I am of it is to for them to get practical information outside not just giving them a bunch of research and powerpoint slides, and that sort of thing with trying to develop they understanding their actual skill set and ability to apply exercise therapy and strength and conditioning in clinical practice. So it’s very, it’s very much focused on practical learning end and vein able to interpret information and. Develop treatment plans yourself. So we’re not just through fading a whole list of excellent that sort of thing we’re developing the students in education and knowledge on applaud these things themselves. Okay like we’re taught earlier the Achilles you need to load it, don’t it rest.

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You know here’s the theory converted into practical and you maybe they’ll be like a five step process but like with teacher process, then you can actually into all these other injuries as well as not just for an Achilles or whatever. It’s the concept behind it that becomes practical us all the time. Yeah. Definitely is and it’s not as never black and white. Even nothing we do in strengthening additioning is is black and white is always always grey areas in a highly individual. You should never you never give athletes oral your patients, the same program you should always unfond out what they’re capable oven and build around them to very much about that, which is not fall into skill in itself. So yeah the his aim to develop that ability of the practitioner to be able to do that. Would you say it’s more for like the beginner athlete are all the way up into The professional football player. For anyone really. Say A wide range of clients from from elderly even really old year old people that have musculoskeletal conditions that could benefit from strength training and exercise. Kind of niche down just athletes but actually this is yeah. Yeah. Anybody who’s like I can’t walk to the bathroom anymore. Oh well, we should probably work than that as a goal. Yes. Yes. On percent yet. So the is I am for practitioners to be able to apply these skills to whoever I work with. Yeah. My head really got tuned into sports and athletes and things like that, and I of count pleaded forget forgotten like, hey, bunions that could be the forty year old who’s been wearing high heels for the last twenty years. And now has problems and what do you do that? Yes. Yeah. Hundred I enjoy saying. Of Demographics alleged groups particularly enjoyed obviously similar aged two may twenty five sporty playing footsie in that sort of thing because I can relate to them undue enjoy working. We’ve all old clientele alleges site where you get footy. Not good enough to make professional or anything while that. But I really really enjoy it in Deloitte Straw Besta still plying maze does good good. Not I’ve seen the videos played a little bit. It is not for the week of heart. Starts started drying football you’re saying strategy provoke. In Denver, America actually has a whole league end in. DENVER. They were the top dogs for I. Don’t think they’ve won five or six gold championships or whatever you WANNA call it and I kick myself said the story longtime ago so. I. Almost I was playing and I was just starting my carpet clinic enduring one of the practices they went somewhere for a game in the came back and Golic dislocated his elbow somebody hurt his knee I started thinking about this sounds like you know I’m enjoying practice I. Just don’t know if I should take it to that next level and playing a bunch of Games ’cause if I hurt myself in my first year in practice that could be really a bad situation you know financially in everything. It’s kind of took a step back and they ended up winning the first place in the tournament and I could have been like, yeah. Championship athlete right here. But instead. I just played for a while. Also I’m sure we’re our league is not as intense as you guys we would never make it to your professional level but there’s people out there. At all rights maybe let’s pretend the corona virus is not around. What would you do normally for homework like balance and then you can bridge that also into if you have a significant other, what have you learned so far to keep those relationships healthy. With locked balances. A very simple way in this thing again, if you really enjoy what you do, then you don’t really consider. Plays You’ll work as worked like you’d be happy to continue studying and I enjoy continuing to study in and produce content and do what I do outside of work and but I’d say that as affecting my work life balance really enjoy it. It’s almost like a hobby to me as well. But in order to maintain relationships and things like that, like we pot in a week, we have a couple of scheduled like not. So wake where we don’t do anything. About hanging out together. So we have like a Wednesday night Dayton. Where we go out and? Nothing else matters on that on that not and we have like one day on the weekend where it’s dedicated to just hanging out and go for walk whatever you WanNa do on that Daddy Yeah. I think scheduling having having a good tom blocked. So the dedicated times is the most important thing to maintaining a good work life balance and then I think knowing when when to switch off so and for how long to switch off four. So like I’m very good at going all in on everything I do so i. went on Guy. When I got older on on my work like I’m very focused and I enjoyed doing it and I could I could work like that for a whole week but. A bright go have time off I got all that break and Tom on a fully completely switch off and just fully relaxed and have a few beers and.

00:35:07 – 00:40:01

What what forty or immunity or something like just being able to go all in I think is the most important thing crap. Yeah and sometimes you just can’t do that every day like the other person needs something from us you know. But I had a plan. Okay. All right. I’m going to have to pause on this for a little while take care of the partners needs, and then maybe that night I can get back into at least for me. Personally. It’s like with the podcast it takes a lot of time, but it’s not like I get a of sponsorships or anything like that to where I going to an official deadline. So all right I just have to hang up my podcast head today or. All these little projects that I haven’t just spent time with the wife and the child, which is what I try to do anyway up until she goes to bed. So yeah. Yeah. Different Days Different strokes assist fun. Just just blocked the Tom and just just stick to that. At a at a minimum at least have a minimum blocked at Tom’s love I talked about this for the Minnesota this is more for the audience than yourself, but there’s a technique called. Pomodoro have you heard of that? It’s kind of like a twenty five minutes you focus on some task need take like a five minute break and do that four times in a row, and then you can have a nice thirty minute to thirty minute break. You. Can switch task each time because all of us unsure yourself you can. You got so many sticks in the fire fire than the sticks whatever it’s called and you’re like man, I got a lot to do if I, just focus on this one thing. Then nothing really gets done because it just takes a little bit of time. So it’s a way to cover lots of topics. In one evening are in one day. So you always are making progress in maybe in two weeks the project’s finished versus two months down the road. You still haven’t got to it yet because something else popped up you know, yeah, you have to throw it up. I think having again having schedule really helps bat. Dedicated dies to the different sooner projects. I’m working on and and different different clinics, different different businesses in that that almost various undersold out the ones for that day, and then yet just having a planned, you don’t get what apps on you find that like shadow few you find a made like plants and trade for you. Have you seen that as cold forest you if you Dan cold forest at Two. Hours three hours one whatever and then you know your for that for that period of time, you can stay on your, find the the th the trees growing if I if it gets to the end of it without touching your him that closing the App then actually plant a tree for you somewhere in the world. You see that’s a nice thing that’s better than just shutting off your social media for an hour. Your phoning the frustrated. Yeah. So you’d being productive by not playing around on your phone, but you’re also helping the environment I guess. That’s just have a whole bunch of these recyclable people all these green earth people that should be very good for them. called. Forest look into that. That’s cool. Yeah. Lastly, any any favorite books blogs or podcasts their youtube channels for that matter that you find yourself listening to watching in think other people should tune in yet really a. PODCAST as opposed to books. Sorry. There’s a few that I’ll listen to drive out of. The NFL in backside Klay Thompson podcasts of got on Big Fan of Gary shock Gary the audio experience also toss in Franklin’s autry legends podcast. Who is a good one it’s a podcast on. Autry Different podiatrist doing interviews. Conversation similar to similar to this one. He was on my show by the way I was on his show in was on my show. Great Tic- Franken guys you on the the. Doctor as the one. Yeah. Yeah. Correct. Sir Okay. So so I’m working through that one now as well. Only just discovered that one so I’ll listen to Europe next. He always says it’s podiatrist book. No, he says, his business book is better than podiatrist book, but it’s podiatrist book sales more because it’s such a niche. Yes. Interesting Dr Tyson. Yeah Yeah definitely is one book of read the Greatness Gone. This Robin Sharma. Is Bill in here in front of me. From the US since it’s killed, the greatness God one, hundred hundred and one lessons for making what’s good at work and in las even. Sort of like my new Grad tape some trying to develop a hundred of them similar to this book because this book was really Really Helpful To Vima my mentor. Daniel guy it to me as a gift of it’s been really good. Well, that should definitely help you find some topics that talk about. We’ve been repackaged A. Great when how can people get in touch with you? Any websites emails successor? Some email address is Jackson Tisdale at gene mound dot com also linked in message me on link Dean. That’s what biggest the platform that on most active on.

00:40:01 – 00:43:19

Had be able to add me on facebook and stuff like that. Will nine dramas. Very good. Thank you so much for being on the show and giving us some information. Some things to think about I really hope that kinetic therapies takes off for you as well as a mentor in and everything. So. Really excited to see where you go and It’s a weird thing but season of the past guests and where they go over the last year or two, it’s been really awesome. So we look forward to following you in. Wish you the best. Yeah. Thanks very much. I really enjoyed it. Off to come back on the show. Is Really. Good. Another great interview has ended while you’re on your phone clicked that review. Write up a nice review for me. Five stars. If you could as everyone says an industry, it’ll help other people to us. When we have enough rankings not to mention I’ll mentioned you and your review on coming episode. If you follow me on Instagram, you only get one link. So use a link tree, and so it’s doctor’s perspective dot net slash links with an S., and that’s going to get you everything. You need to know the top episodes twenty seventeen and two, thousand, eighteen, the podiatrist series dentist acupuncture series holiday twenty, seventeen financial series how To write a review how to support the show like buying a cup of coffee getting swag like shirts the today’s choices tomorrow’s health book. That’s the blueprints for better health exercise picking food correctly and financial, and of course, bundle packs, which can get you the know acupuncture book forty common conditions including the electric puncture pin at a great deal. The resources page has some of the products that I like. It’s a phillies style. So if you buy something from them I get a piece of that just like on the pages if you buy a book from. Clicking that link I get a small piece of that as well. So I really appreciate that things like screen Castell, matic, pure VPN missing letter J labs, speakers, pro alone edge or hog grips. Once again, if you do need any coaching on how to Improve Your bloodwork drop weight and the prone diet. Fast. Mimicking Diet five plan. Let me know as well as if you just need some coaching whether it’s health whether it’s marketing whether you need some practice growth, etc. reach out facebook Justin Tros Clare MCC, of course at a doctor’s perspective dot net on. The top right, you got all the social media icons that you can imagine, Click your favorite and reach out. Thank you so much for tuning in please telephone, pass it along. You can go to dot net slash listen it’s just that easy it opened up right in your APP and don’t forget I appreciate you listen critically think and integrate see on the minnesotans on Thursdays and Saturdays. Hope you’re enjoying those definitely having fun summarizing these podcasts and less than ten minutes for you. You get the nuggets without having to waste your time have a great week. A. Birds. Shots.

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