E 75 Podiatry Practice Consulting with Tony Gavin of OSGO and Jonathan Small of Work Smarter Not Harder

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Tony Gavin and Dr Jonathan Small UK Podiatrists talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Podiatry Consulting answering questions like: self imposed limiting beliefs, common objections to reach your practice potential, repetition causes burnout, new video marketing tip, handling the patients expectations, referrals, all on episode 75 with Tony Gavin and Jonathan Small

Jonathan Small (work smarter not harder) and Tony Gavin (OSGO) join us today from Birmingham and Manchester, UK. Both are podiatrists and Jonathan has 30 years of clinical experience while Tony started a little later in life but takes his corporate background and transformed it into helping other podiatrists. There is no reason to struggle in private practice and no reason to ‘just be getting by’ either.

Not only do they offer Podiatry practice management services and weekend bootcamps, but they also have help with Admin, HR, and even Supplies and Tools every podiatrist will need.

Jonahtan started out treating diabetic ulcers (and other types of conditions) and then switched gears to gait movement analysis for stroke recovery etc. and finally dived into his own private practice. After all the years of successful practice he is teaching others to Work Smarter, Not Harder in their own podiatry practice.

Tony Gavin has a back history of the business world (marketing, managing risk, systemizing, employing people) and started directly in private practice after graduating. Many people left the NHS (the United Kingdom’s health care system) system when he was going through school because of the rule changes. The scope that is allowed to be covered by the government versus private practice has dwindled down to cover mostly severe at risk foot disorders and complicated surgery related conditions.

When we go to a health care field like podiatry, many went in to help people not to become accidental business owners.

How do self-imposed beliefs hold you back or worse sabotage true success and freedom (whether that’s time, money or both).

They find the following two statements to be some of the most common objections for podiatrists to not accept their coaching: ): I don’t have the time to make the changes and I can’t get away from projecting my own money values onto the patients. They find the key to unlocking these money concerns ‘for the patient’ is when the podiatrist finally executes the plan and patients accept care without a fight and objections. Once you see the light, you realize you were responsible for holding your own practice back.

This leads into the marketing part of the interview. We have to attract the type of clients, the Awesome Clients, that we want for the dream practice that you want. Otherwise, we can get burned out and frustrated from all the rejection.

Repetition of services performed that you don’t like doing, is the quickest way to burnout. We have to move away from just pain relief and instead focus on functionality.

Should you get the patient better and teach self-care or constantly have them return every 8 weeks?

How does handling the patients expectations translate into one of the top referral sources?

What’s the best way to Directly asking for Referrals?

Patients Crave Certainty but how do we do that when we can’t guarantee outcomes?

2 Ways to Pick a Local Podiatrist

What do YOU NEED on your website or for marketing in 2018. One of his geotargeted video ad strategies is actually different compared to our Marketing Series just a few short weeks ago. When and How to boost a post? Ways to get creative on what to talk about on Videos.

What are the perks of spending time in other people’s businesses… whether that’s shadowing podiatry offices, other type of companies or biographies of Celebrity Biz Owners. “Unshakable Belief In The Future.”

Tony works with his wife, listen to a few points he makes on how they get along and make a dynamite team.

OSGO is a way for podiatrists to combine their resources into a membership and get products, tools etc at better prices, Continue Education, Procedures for running an office, and even helping build tools specific for podiatrists that you just couldn’t do as an individual. They take the growing pains out of private practice.

– A great surprise give-a-way… cool branded mugs.

Clinico is their software and does facebook integrated online booking

Marcus Du Sautoy, a math guy.

find both of them on facebook really easy.

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/75 >here you can also find links to things mentioned.

PS: If anywhere on this site or on the audio Jonathan Small or Tony Gavin are referred to as Doctors or DPM then please ignore it. I made an effort to correct the written to say UK Podiatrists but I can’t change the audio. Thank you for understanding that there are differences between country’s credentials.

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