E 146 Sports Concussion Topics Mansi Vakil DPT

Signs and symptoms of concussions, raising awareness, promotion of her mild traumatic head injury book that patients and doctors can understand, misconceptions, warning signs and ways to recover are covered. Mansi Vakil DPT. Dr. Vakil was seeing the normal sports related injuries in a physical therapy office geared towards athletes for many years. What she…

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E 121 Podiatry Practice Management Peter Wishnie DPM

How to answer the phone correctly, adding services, taking more vacation, why write a book, what is a rainmaker day and more are answered by certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Dr. Peter Wishnie Podiatrist of Top Practices. His love for instant gratification (as in you don’t have to wait a week for the medicine to…

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E 93 Transcription Services Behind The Scenes with Ben Walker

A faster way to take patient notes is by talking and Benjamin Walker of Transcription Outsourcing gives us behind the scenes of the different types, EMR integrations, why they expanded to lawyers, and how hospitals are changing the game. He likes SEO too. How does a mortgage broker pivot to medical transcription services after talking…

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