M 71 Teach and Pitch Ads

a doctors perspective minisode 71 justin trosclair
Minisode 71 Teach and Pitch Ads

Learn the simple formula for getting new patients from the teach and pitch video ad. Also covered are cold and hot leads and what ads to serve up for them.

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Thursday. Well, sign off on minisode, 71, teach and Pitch. Add it’s summertime, I hope you’re enjoying it off. These were Ahmed, the coronavirus has reduced enough, so that countries are open, so violent going to be able to go and travel. Oh, can’t wait to the end of August. Now it’s trying to find hotels or airbnb’s if you remember in the beginning of a doctor’s perspective podcast, I used to do travel tips.

The first fifty episodes is always at the end of the episode, if you’re ever interested in knowing wage, Those are going through the transcripts and the show notes Pages, have fun episode. We’re going to talk about teach and Pitch type ads. So I’ll break that down for you real quick in a minute. But first choice, if you want to support the show in any way, you go to a doctor’s perspective. Net / support. It’s got different ways you can buy cup coffee. You can use affiliate links for different products that I use a class on Amazon, all those types of things. I really appreciated, okay?

A short sales pitch for Justin today. Anyway, teach in Pitch, the beginning of the video, you got to do some kind of motion. I’ve heard things like throw a book, wave your hand, put something in front of the camera and you know, then drop it just something that it catches your eye, but you also want to do a cock logo. So within the first five seconds, has something to like catch their eye with your scrolling, through Facebook and Instagram and things. And then you want to have like a your logo pop up somehow, you know, fiber, you can get this done really cheesy. They have all sorts of styles that you can choose from people that do it on. Fiver is just a program and then they just type in whatever you want to put your logo in usually, as a p e file where there’s a clear background and then they can animate it for you. They’ll give you a few few samples for a few bucks, it’s pretty convenient. Once you have that, you can use it, whatever you want.

So anyway, you want it to be a square video square. And then less than two minutes. So there’s that. So these you want to teach something it could be, you know, if you’re a chef, I’m just saying. If you’re a chef, you show them how to do a quick scrambled egg, a really good scrambled egg. So obviously, we’re not chefs were talking about Chiropractic, physical therapy, so you can do like some quick wins.

Do this to improve your neck range of motion today how to do a pelvic tilt throughout the day, I bought a strengthened your abs and pelvic girdle. Three steps to increase your shoulder range of motion that you can do anywhere, right? So then you quickly show them these three things at this one thing, really.

And then afterwards, You invite em. Hey, if you like this video, if you tell this was helpful, then you just subscribe to the show. It’s a YouTube or click this link and find out what we can do for you.

Here’s, you know, faith in or discount exam or even a full price exam, just say, especially if it’s an impressive thing that you showed, you know, you just do the full price exam, but you want to get them to click a button, fill out a form, especially on Facebook. If you set it up correctly, all you have to do is like say they agree and then whatever email phone and name that they have registered for Facebook, you’ll get that as a lead they don’t have to do anything else. Pretty much click. Yes.

And then of course, your staff needs to follow up within 20 minutes that way. They don’t forget why they even came, which apparently is a big deal but this can be scaled a lot really dead. And you can actually change this up based on the co-lead versus hot leads.

So let me break down that for you for a second. If they don’t know you at all, that’d be like straight-up code traffic from Facebook. So you’d have a morgue Like we said what we just talked about teaching page for them a little more generic for the conditions that you’re looking for. If they saw your webpage or they watch at least 25% of your video, then you can have another video on a little bit more teachers, nothing else.

Maybe the second video of a series maybe that you do for this or a PDF pay you saw that you know it’s kind of those you saw the video or you visited the web page you didn’t do anything. Okay. Here’s a PDF of what we were talking about and then if they clicked a certain page on your site like a condition specific area, then at that point you might be able to reTarget them with simple ways to get your headache you know, or if you experience a headache, here’s my favorite pillow, you know, here’s a a way to relieve it through trigger points in your stomach several or something. It’s more specific to the wrong person and if you want to, you could then go to like a retargeting of course.

At this point this would be retarded as they hit a certain page but then if they were a patient and they came in then you could also have a dead Do you have another ad that just sort of puts you in front of them? Maybe it’s pictures versus video or again, just more.

Hey, did you know type of content? If you ever confuse or like, wow, what should I do? What should I do? Sometimes you just look what you always tell patients every day, when you don’t have time to sit down and do real one-on-one rehab, you just like I, you know, you know, planks, side Bridges, or you should do figure eights with your shoulder, you know?

Just the simple things, you can turn those into videos. And then you can also go to some, somebody on YouTube that you enjoy watching or even learn stuff from and just go through their videos and what are they doing? And then you just do it yourself off, you’re comfortable with whatever you’re recommending and like, then they’re not going to get hurt. It’s pretty much.

Okay, for everybody and just do it for yourself and then it works pretty well. All right, I think that’s long enough. You get the point.

Thanks again for to talk to a doctor perspective, podcast, the MINISODES: listen, critically think and Implement, and get the best results for your clinic this month.

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