video creation

M 68 Video Ad Rules

8 Key elements to script into your video ads for maximum results. Not just hooks, social proof and a good call to action. Welcome back to the episode. Sixty eight video ad rolls. Today’s show is from capitalism with kevin anson. He apparently does a viral video ads with like click funnels in all those…

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E 156 Takeaways from 180M Youtube Streams Tyler is Fairlane

Fairlane discusses partnerships in the music industry, tips from 180 million streams for doctors to utilize for their local audience, and behind the scenes of the DJ, EDM, Trap music genres. How did these 100,000 people in attendance electronic dance music festivals (EDM) come about and is it a goal to headline one of them?…

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E 120 Video Creation Coach and New Tech Dave James Podiatrist

Take Dave James Podiatrist video creation conversation as a personal challenge to get a jump start on local community influence. Why make videos, ideas for content, establishing a niche and podiatry procedures that are tech driven and great results. His journey to becoming a podiatrist started with his own injuries as well as two other…

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