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M 72 Video Creation Ideas and Restricted Content

How to discover what videos to shoot for your own patients. Why embed them on your site with log in restrictions? Again, just want to thank you for choosing an end to these short minisodes today. It’s about content creation for videos, that kind of alluded to this at the end of a, the last…

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M 71 Teach and Pitch Ads

Learn the simple formula for getting new patients from the teach and pitch video ad. Also covered are cold and hot leads and what ads to serve up for them. transcript by audioburst, yes there are errors. Thursday. Well, sign off on minisode, 71, teach and Pitch. Add it’s summertime, I hope you’re enjoying it…

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M 19 Community Involvement Before Buying Social Media Ads

Don’t blindly start spending money on social media ads. Build momentum by getting to know your community in Person first. Figure out what they want, then create videos and promote it. Welcome back to a doctor’s perspective, we live in Kunming, long-distance bus station. Parents from a three-hour journey back to my hometown go to…

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