M 70 How Adversity Leads To Winning

a doctors perspective minisode 70 justin trosclair
Minisode 70 How Adversity Leads To Winning

Start with a growth mindset and be willing to take criticism so you can improve. If you see effort as a path to mastery then fails are ok and success is the intrinsic high you get later. Learn how adversity leads to winning. Obstacles, challenges and criticism will happen if you are trying to be successful. It’s how you grow and learn during these times that set you apart.

In a bridge too off shots tape sold seventy coming at you from germany months. Thirteen of the two week lockdown this kind of fitting for this Episode it’s called how adversity leads to winning his from donald miller in the bins made simple because and classes. Just take a minute real quick.

And tell you about a couple of Podcasts that have been a guest on if you want to hear more about. Cv’s in one sheets. I was on. Dr kevin christie‘s in dr osborne‘s podcasts. So you can go to doctors. Perspective dot net slash tcp are modernchiro. And you can hear more about that. They have different perspectives on things. Of course i’m excited about those pretty here. Those there’s also a discount if you listen to him. I was on the get foxy show talking about acupuncture in the different books ahead in moving to china and just how that played out the other books coloring books just kinda is audiences for females so geared towards what they will be looking for so you may check that out as well as a show called you love the universe go to dr perspective dot net slash deal you forget foxy show was just slash foxy in. This one is Advice i would give a twenty two year old now that i’m almost forty and lots of college in what thirteen years experience so choose a younger person. She had a role thrive trying to find her passion until her shows trying to find passion from other people. So we talked about that anyway.+

Moving on here are some traits. That someone who succeeds would have jumping. You can get his book if you wanna learn more about it like always tell you the synopsis. A growth mindset always reading always learning things about business self development. It could be about politics. Religion better ways to view the world listening to podcasts about social media marketing. Biographies from other people just always trying to grow your mindset to expand into grow except challenges. Who a lot of people do not like this. They hit a roadblock or two and they give up they think we’re all gonna have a podcast that comes out and just get thousands and hundreds of thousands of downloads in the first month first year.

Are you don’t realize just how much effort it took for that popular. Authored a bill. They are so much perseverance. The ways reading your blog and then finally something happens. You make a connection and then you explode or whatever but there’s always a challenge That’s just maybe you’re in college in l.

Often you have a kid or you’re going through a divorce or something. my goodness. that’s a challenge to finish the doctorate school so it which leads into persisting through obstacles. Those are definitely obstacles. maybe put some bad marketing. He spent the ten or fifteen thousand dollars. Marketing with the hopes that it would return the value. But you didn’t even break even as a tough lesson to learn. I learned that one.

You see effort as a path to mastery so sometimes we put effort and it doesn’t work and then you feel you launch a product. You create something. Nobody wants it. Not somebody would say should be tested that the landing pages even get on a wait list but we don’t go that route. I we live and learn again something that we can learn and hope that.

Listen to this podcast. Even though these minnesota short whatnot. I i hope that you understand that. It’s not me saying these things. I’m getting this from other professionals in experts. So hopefully you just cut you some time. You know the my show. If you really want more you listen to. there’s so. hopefully that helps away from chris. Oof boy that one’s tough Hit the boss.

Criticizing you or a spouse or something a a mentor of a colleague. Of course they gotta come from love. You know who’s giving you the criticism it just some keyboard warrior on twitter. Who cares but if somebody you you know you like you trust and respect and they give you some criticism you’ve gut reaction might be like i’m angry. Okay okay but take a moment. Remove yourself from situation. Remove yourself from that feeling. And what did they say was a true okay. Was there a little bit of truth. And maybe we can work on that. Use that as a wide awakening so that you can do more like just you.

Hey you spend way too much time at work. You never see the kids. You don’t put him to bed all those types of things that hurts the here but if you look at it right you like yeah. You’re right a put much too much time into work. I can’t come home earlier. And be me around more and then finding inspiration from the success of others. This one okay. There’s a of carpeted coaches some people.

They got really successful and they just have this altruistic like i wanna teach other people of course want to get paid for it but like what did was working. You got some people who prey on people that they’re doing new doctors graduating. They don’t know what they’re gonna do. They don’t know what business. And so they prey on them. Okay that happens but there are really good coaches other and sometimes you just need a coach for a little while.

Maybe that first year while you get your feet wet. Maybe it’s when you’re looking to expand into even more doctors are more clinics locations in your need a coach to help me with that. Always the best people have coaches but from personal experience. Some people don’t like to share the success inspired from the success of other. They look at it as a guy down the street him or her and they’re doing better than i am and i’m a better doctor than they are. Maybe they’re bitter at doing blah blah blah okay. The coaching i was a part of the contract was too long. It was like five years. Who wouldn’t recommend that. If you can afford to pay a higher one year two year rate. I would do it when you get out when you graduate or if your nose transitions probably going to be worth it to not be locked in for so long but that said the people iran with we were excited for each other even if you twenty miles down. The street are five miles down the street because it showed that the marketing worked the basic scripts worked the business of how to train your staff. All of that stuff worked in so we were excited.

How you saw this the best month you’ve ever had. Wow that’s great so all those types things we we were just generally excited for each other in hoped each other would do well and we could ask questions. of course. they’re in the same town. That was still a little tricky but few outside of the town another city another state it was great because then you could really brainstorm and just talk about what was working in talking shop and things like that so the point.

Being that this episode you will have challenges. You will have obstacles. What do you do with those. Are you gonna learn from them. You’re gonna have criticism. Can you use that. The tweets what you’re doing to do better for the next time always be learning and growing and finding inspiration from others. I hope it’s been helpful.

I really like donald miller. He’s a good guy. The book is great. She hasn’t gotten business. made simple. pick it up. You can get to the amazon link at dr perspective dot net slash book links. Other than that. Thank you thinking for going. Hashtag behind the curtain shown. What’s in the transcript can be found. At doctor’s perspective dot net slash n seven zero. Make it a great week.

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