M 70 How Adversity Leads To Winning

Start with a growth mindset and be willing to take criticism so you can improve. If you see effort as a path to mastery then fails are ok and success is the intrinsic high you get later. Learn how adversity leads to winning. Obstacles, challenges and criticism will happen if you are trying to be…

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M 32 Running Fundamentals

Running needs to have a strength conditioning component because of the added benefits to your stamina, speed and form. Also don’t increase your speed or distance to fast, avoid injury and cadence concerns. A Doctor’s Perspective, Minisode Episode 32. Art of Manliness, long distance running the MYTHS. So I’m not a runner, not a big…

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E 100 Physician Assistants, Contracts, Race and Staff Dr. Johnathan Ledet MD Round 2

Dermatologist discusses contract negotiations, physician assistants hiring and training: newbie vs experienced, hospital managers and disputes, Advanced Practice Provider relations, and racial conflicts with patients and family. Dr. Johnathan Ledet, MD What have you learned about training staff? Do the office managers help? Contract negotiation tips? What do you do when you hospital system starts…

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