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Dave James, Podiatrist talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

Take Dave James Podiatrist video creation conversation as a personal challenge to get a jump start on local community influence. Why make videos, ideas for content, establishing a niche and podiatry procedures that are tech driven and great results.

His journey to becoming a podiatrist started with his own injuries as well as two other medical type career choices before finally deciding on podiatry. After 3 different degrees and certifications and getting a master in biomechanics and being in healthcare for 25 years with 8 years in private practice, he decided to sell his clinic. Some people are born learners and educators and it takes time for them to finally carve out their niche to share with others… I think Dave James is one of those types.

He offered some services that you may not have heard of. We get his explanation on: swift microwave therapy, clearnail (micro-penetration),

Swift Microwave treatment is for skin issues like plantar warts and it helps create heat and micro inflammation and then after 3-4 treatments the body heals and although it is slightly painful, the downtime is minimal.

Clearnail is micro-penetration of the nail bed so you can inject medicine underneath the nail bed and really get rid of the nail fungus. Which is better than the medicine which can cause liver and kidney issues as well as mess up your sense of taste.

What is Foot Mobilization Techniques (FMT) and does it have an effect in a podiatry office? If you think it’s a joint manipulation like a chiropractor delivers than you are accurate. They tend to use it for pain modulation of stiff joints, old scars and plantar fasciitis (especially with a loading protocol).

His own path of personal development sparked a passion to want to see other people get out of their own way.

Danny Clarke encouraged him to start doing videos. Dave realized he had a knack for video and the more he does them the more comfortable and enjoyable they are for him to film and edit.

You could say the Foot Magician’s niche market is teaching doctors about social media, particularly being on video like YouTube and Facebook live, but being your authentic self so patients can know you As You and not just stuffy podiatrist.

Yes, your first video will probably be embarrassing, but keep at it. Do two 2 minute videos for 14 days.

Can you imagine the impact if you could have all the podiatrists or your doctor specialty all promoting the same one condition per month on your social media accounts by video. Maybe it’s a really good infographic but you don’t agree with a portion of it. Instead of saying, I won’t share it, you could write how you like ABC but not XYZ and here is why.

I know “what to do” for practice growth, but are you “doing it?”

Should you be afraid to raise your rates? Should you price yourself close to everyone else, higher than or just concern yourself with the value you provide? How do we provide more value?

Mark Twain “what other people think about you is none of your business.”

Even though our work week and obligations may keep us busy and not bored, we have to remember that our family time is important and they want a real holiday too.

Books: Gary Vandyrchuk, Malcolm Gladwell, Jim Rohn, They Ask You Answer – Marcus Sheridan, plus many podiatrists that have their own expertise.

He has a show called “The Foot and Leg Show.” Be sure to take a listen to Dave James on this show.

IG – davethepod FB group: stepping up

Show notes can be found at https://adoctorsperspective.net/120 here you can also find links to things mentioned and the full transcript.

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Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
episode 118 video creation coach and new technology i’m your host dr justin trust claire today dr dave james podiatrist perspective during 2017 and 2018 podcast awards nominated host as we get a behind the curtain look at all types of doctors and guests specialties let’s hear a doctor’s perspective

every tuesday i’m here i’m glad you’re tuning in we’re smack in the middle of a podiatry series so far the response has been good if you have another series that you’d like to hear about letting me know i dr hearing dr ya know there’s some more special terms for it but you get it but don’t just recommend a profession try to throw me a name or two because some of these are difficult to find the there i say guru are someone who’s

really killing it at the office as I yeah, I don’t really coach or anything, but I’ve had some really good successes, I’d love to share it. So those kinds of people sometimes are hard to find. And I want to bring a lot of value. But with that being said, if you yourself, feel like you have a good story to tell, by all means, shoot me a DM or an email. And let’s talk, like I mentioned today is Dave James, but I will go over a few procedures that he did that I didn’t know much about, like clear nail swift microwave treatment, foot mobilization. So we’ll go over a little bit of that in the very beginning, since nobody else has talked about that from the past guests, but then he’s not just like a coach, his niche is actually video creation. And like when he was doing some personal development, you know, he had a challenge. So I was like, hey, do this no questions. Don’t skip a day. Just do it and let me know how it goes. And so he’s just been doing this since about 2015. And he just wants to encourage more providers to do it. Sometimes, you know, you just need somebody to not only hold your hand at the

beginning, but then kick in the pants, because you’re not doing consistently and once you get used to it, it gets easier. And then he can really help you with like ideas for content creation and all that kind of stuff. I really like later on in the show the schedule that he says you should do to begin with to get started. Also an idea about band in your profession together to do like a social media blast, and how that can work for everybody. Even if you’re like don’t agree with certain parts of maybe the infographic or you know, someone does a video and you like well, like everything except that minute 1.42. So you’re not talking about once and listen. And if you’d like that idea, I take it implemented in your field at the eye doctors, the optometrist unite and make a social media blast across America and the world about whatever you want. We even cover pricing, not of his services, but of actually your clinic prices. It’s always fun to see, you know, should you stay in the middle? Should you be higher, should you figure out kind of what’s your value is and then work backwards. So we’ll go over his view on that. He lists a whole bunch of people, whether it’s books, or other podiatrist that making waves that have caught his attention on social media, he’s got a British accent. So for me, some of the names were tough. That’s why I didn’t put down a lot of us podiatry names on the show notes because I just couldn’t catch them. So you might do better than I do. If you do, let me know. I want to share with you reviews, testimonies of things that I’ve heard. Here’s one, PJ, he’s a big fan. He’s also got a really cool story. So I interviewed him and here’s what he had to say.

Unknown 3:27
And you are doing great work. I’ve been listening to your your work met. I mean, I admire you doing what you’re doing building event you’re doing, reaching, bringing people together educating us, although chiropractic is a theme, but you are you’re obviously including marketers and influencers and which I really love in the medical space. I just listened to your Ben Baker interview, the marketing, branding tonality guy. Oh, I mean, I’ve been scribbling notes getting smarter and smarter about what he had to say. And agreed with most of what he’s a lot of it with a couple caveats from our business experience. But I don’t know I admire what you’re doing. And I’m not ever going to try to do what you’re doing. But as you know, I’ve started the podcast, which is designed to help me patients. And so I’m taking a card from you a little bit in your deal with this little tiny world of knee surgery recovery. And anyway, I just I like it just like what you’re doing. I guess, I tell you what, when we included your little awesome promo, by the way, super awesome. It makes my podcast feel so much bigger, because you’re there. But there it is at the at the button at the end of an interview. And it’s boom, there you are, I’m just interested in it, it’s got like, Guys are kind of kind of a real kind of kind of thing. So it helps they believe it or not having you as a an advertiser. And it’s such a an appropriate and well connected kind of thing.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
All right, the show notes can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash 118. Let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China, and Birmingham, United Kingdom, we got a great guest today, he had a practice that he just got rid of in December. So we’re definitely gonna want to know about that. He is now kind of switching into the mentoring coaching. He also teaches some so he’s doing all kinds of fun things. So we got a lot to talk about today. Please welcome Dave James podiatrist. Hello, how you doing? Doing great. That’s a little joke, guys. The UK has a very limited way of you’re supposed to say doctors are not doctors, and I don’t want them to get in trouble. And I’m guessing that that could happen. So I think that you

Unknown 5:45
know, we won’t get Trump doctors and not a protected title over because we have we have people who are tree doctors or tree surgeon so yeah, just Unfortunately, our qualification doesn’t give us that doctor, a doctor level

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
you are in our head heart, because we know what you went through.

Unknown 6:03
Especially many ways Yeah.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Very special. Well, I like to begin, as everyone does, how did you pick podiatry of all the things out there? And then if you want to touch on to the you know why he ended up, you know, transitioning back out of it, and then will revert back into asking you a couple of the specifics that I know you did that I don’t know about and I think the audience would be curious to hear about as well. Like some specific stuff that you did.

Unknown 6:27
Yeah. Cool. How long you go, Oh, you know,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
days, four minutes. Okay.

Unknown 6:33
Okay, so well, I, I actually started off being a patient of podiatry. First of all, so medical history, the smaller the simplest terms, I have spent a bifida and I had a club foot and I had two major bits of surgery before I was before I was at school. So sort of 561 is correct the club for one to kind of plug the nerves back in on my back. And, and that was cool. That was cool, right the way through school right the way through adolescence and teenage years. And then I got to 20. And after a really cool weekend in Paris with my dad and a couple of his mates and plenty of alcohol. I did a lot of walking. And when I got home about two days after I got home, my left foot started to become really saw. And when I looked at it, it was a huge blister underneath and while hopping around my mom’s kitchen, I slipped over and I banged it down on the floor, it popped it underneath was this massive also. And that’s a bit of a shock when you’re 20 and find out you’ve got a hole in your foot that you didn’t really know about. So. So after that, I went and saw my nurse and my local GP, my doctor surgery and she traded it for a couple of months. And then just suddenly I can’t do any more with this. It’s out of my my skill. So I’m going to refer you to a podiatrist. And the first thing I did was went well what’s a podiatrist and she said, Look, go find out it will be fine. So sore podiatrist and they were brilliant, Louise and Paul, like I’m still friends down it went to work with and when I qualified and I and they sorted out my fault, they heal this also over about 18 months. And it was fine. It was fine for about six, seven or eight years until I then had another officer in the same place which was you know, as as, as always with these things, it was worse, I had infection, it wasn’t particularly pretty at all. Now when I have the first also I was actually a computer programmer. What I have the second old slide, I’ve done it, I’ve actually gone and done nurse training, and I was in a leaner so I was working the emergency department daily in Oxfordshire. And so things were completely different. And when I did about three years in a day and I suddenly thought you know what, what should I go into? Shall I shall I carry on with nursing July, you know, go and try and do something, I shall leave healthcare. And I had a conversation with my podiatrist who are still seeing for kind of maintenance and routine care. And so what about the night and she said, Yeah, give it a go. So I so I went off to podiatry school for three years and we we moved back from Oxford, where me and my girlfriend The time is now my wife, we’re living and came back to the Midlands where all that both of our families were from trades a bit better interest. And I suppose the rest is history in some ways, but but it has been goods and bads I got my degree I ended up with either working for the National Health Service, I started my own private practice, I did a master’s degree in biomechanics, you’re going to chopped up all these really cool and interesting things. And when my practice was getting in my private practice getting onto about eight years old, I think I got to the point where when this isn’t where I want to be, this isn’t the thing I want to be doing. And I developed this very keen interest in personal development, very keen interest in teaching and educating is one of my strong values is learning. I thought the only way I’m going to be able to do more of this is to sell my practice. So December of last year, December 2018, I sold my practice to to very good colleague and friend who is going great guns with it, and she’s entirely suited for it. And now moved into coaching, mentoring, public speaking education, and just just enjoy I’m really enjoying myself. It’s it’s like a natural progression. All those don’t have to having 25 years of working in healthcare. It’s It’s nice to see that progression moving forward. So yeah, it’s been it’s been an interesting career so far.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That’s really interesting, because you’ve chose to learn multiple stages of your life where a lot of people will say, Look, I’m 25, I’m done. You know, I got what I got. I’m not going back to school, and then you did it again, around 31. And you want to get a Masters as well. So obviously, you got a drive to learn lots of different things, which is really cool. Let’s do real quick. I’m curious about a few things that you offered. I’ve had a few podiatrist on no one’s talked about these type of therapies before so let’s learn a little bit and then I want to talk about like, how are you trying to get clients and marketing and some of the lessons and things like that? I’m good.

Unknown 10:48
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Brilliant. All right,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Mr. magician. It’s a shirt foot and leg magician

Unknown 10:56
says it’s magician not miracle worker

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
sleight of hand.

So okay, there’s this thing called swift microwave therapy looks like it’s for skin lesions for podiatry dermatology, it’s microwaves what’s going on

Unknown 11:13
cold. So microwaves, anyone who kind of gets physics, microwaves, basically the agitate water molecules. So except as a friend of mine says it excites water molecules, which makes an amazing t shirt. And so when we have patients with with very because and for us, but I addressed it, its license for verruca treatments, what we want to do is do two things. One is we want to create some kind of inflammatory response within the vertical, which is where the excitement of the of the water molecules comes in. But also with the heat, we want to create a very localized immune response. And there’s, there’s like, I mean, when I talk to patients and students about different treatments for brokers, there’s I will often draw on the whiteboard, I’ll write down all the different treatments with a nice little diagram of the skin and how they affect them. And I have seven, maybe eight treatments, there’s probably only actually there’s only the first one is time. If it’s not causing a problem, leave it alone, you can then start looking at things like needling which will be introducing needle into the skin under local anesthetic and repeatedly and that’s good for creating inflammation. But Swift is really cool because it although it’s uncomfortable and painful, there’s no real downtime. People can come into your clinical your office they can have the treatment they’ve been can be out in 15 minutes and get on with their day to day life. And I have to say the results I saw when I was in clinical practice were were brilliant. I mean, we’re not talking 100% for anything, but certainly with the lack of downtime with the time between treatments, which is usually a month and say between three and four treatments, you get some really good resolutions and it’s nice to have a really modern contemporary piece of equipment out there which you can use for treating the skin lesions which are every because we’re a nightmare to tree they they they do their own thing really did not like a

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
is that a UK term for something else or is that something that like podiatrists wouldn’t know? I’m not really sure whatever rukh is Maruca, so

Unknown 13:07
plantar warts Human Papilloma oh yeah we we may well I don’t know whether we make

Unknown 13:16
we do I don’t know. But yeah you know a water a human papillomavirus on the the plan to surface of the full Okay, perfect. Now we’re on the same page.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah. We gave it a go you we gave it a go. I could

Unknown 13:31
take that bit from the from the end and put it in the beginning.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
was leaving confused for a little bit.

Okay, that’s great. Now we got a clear nail which looks like micro penetration with medicine. With that for

Unknown 13:47
Yeah, it’s it sounds really exciting, isn’t it? The simplest way to put that is if we’re treating a fungal nail so you know as a now which may be had some trauma or some damage and a bit of athletes foot fungus has got into so and it started to change the nail plate in the nail bed. What the clear it out does is it allows you to drill small holes through the nail into I’m not was gonna say into the now but I don’t mean that it’s not intentional, but it’s through the nail to allow you to put chemical straightaway through to the nail bed, which is where most of that fungal infection of the nail is. most readily get to the problem. Yeah, absolutely. Most treatments or you can extend the nail down and put it on the top. But it’s recumbent on actually the that medicine Bonanza penetrates through the now which are generally doesn’t do or you’re looking at all medication which is it’s not it’s not the best, you know, that the standard Line Is It affects liver and kidney. But I’ve seen all kinds of things that I’ve seen allergic reactions, I’ve seen gastro into writers, and you get a change in in taste. So if you like your food, so the food tastes different. So the thing about someone else is there again there another thing which can be very, very difficult to treat and clear and is basically as you say, it’s a way of getting the chemical right to where the problem is. And I said some very good results with it. So massively massively good results. So let’s,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
let’s go because, you know, we see some crazy nails, you know, at our office, everybody’s wearing sandals and, and these patients are from the village so you see some things you like, wow, you have been zero health for your feed for a long time to look like that. Yeah, so I can imagine sometimes you’ll need a drill in there the positive and let the medicine actually work where it needs to be at so that’s pretty cool.

Unknown 15:30
So takes time. I mean you you’re looking at

Unknown 15:33
if a nail on average takes 12 months to grow out, you’re looking at treatments over over a longer period of time just to make sure that you you kill that fungus and when the nails grown out, there’s no fungus in there at all. But the recurrence rate fungal nails in my experience is quite high. So even if you get rid of it, you know, get rid of it the beginning of 2019 2020 2021

Unknown 15:54
you might find it comes back again so yeah, they they caught up straight.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
So that was kind of nice about podiatry. There’s a lot of repeat business whether it’s in grow nails or fingernails are they got to kind of come back every six weeks or so.

Unknown 16:06
Yeah, I mean they got the gold standard for as a trader fungal now in my very limited experiences is the surgery get get rid of the nail, kill off the nail bed with a with a chemical called phenol and then I’ll doesn’t grow back. But that’s not to everyone’s liking. If they want something, you know, something nice to look at. But yeah, a lot of podiatry is that, you know, those returning patients for for maintenance. And then a lot of our patients are you know, retirement age. So 60 Plus, we’ve got an aging population over here. And certainly there’s a need for for foot care. And acre ones that have their feet looked after by by the best possible people to do it. So yeah, we see a lot of that stuff.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah, we had a lady on a while back, Dr. T. And she she specializes in the surgeries, like she’s the person that’s like, Look, you didn’t take care of your toes, and I gotta chop them off. Or maybe we can save it or like give you half a toe. You know what I mean? So there’s a whole realm of podiatry that you can go down. So it’s kind of fun to always interview different people, because they were like, more of the fifth podiatrist and no one’s talked about this type of stuff. So

Unknown 17:07
yeah, it’s it’s really interesting. And that that was, you know, my experience of getting into podiatry was from the wound care side, being a patient, My interest is has always been Ms. K and musculoskeletal, but I actually, but at the same time, when you’re in a private practice, you’ve got to have this wide range of stuff, which you can treat, because you don’t know what’s going to come limping through your door early. In our problem, it could be a skin problem, it could be a biomechanical problem, it could be, you know, it could be something completely different. So having a wider range of skills really, really useful.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And talking about musculoskeletal and those types of things. I didn’t know you’ll have this foot mobilization technique, level one and level two, you go get her?

What are those? What What does that look like?

Unknown 17:53
So I mean, if we’re talking about osteopathic in chiropractic techniques, so we’re talking about mobilization of joints and right, I suppose I you know, we’re not trained undergraduate level in that kind of thing. But if we want to one of the things that we were always sold on was the the civilization theory, the idea that something is partially dislocated, and you need to put it back. And we know that that just doesn’t, that’s not right, because you’ve got the most of it all. But but it’s something which is still talks about even now. But we we use it mostly for Gosh, I think of a couple of patients, I can give examples of it, we use it a lot for pain modulation. So if you have somebody who has a stiffness in a joint, where they’re getting paid from it, might my wife, if she ever listens to this, she has she gets a very, very stiff big toe join. And the mobilization makes a massive difference to her comfort them. And that’s been that’s been fantastic and great use for that. But also at the same time, I’ve got a patient who has significant scarring from surgery for a diabetic ulcer, which he had a while ago. And we use mobilization for his ankle joint, and also for his foot join. And he gets a massive reduction in, in load across the the area, which is scarred and he just gets so much feedback, and it does actually help with him. And you can see a visual change in in the color of his feet. And it for him, it just changes the way you walk. So it makes him feel so much more comfortable. We use it here and I have used it in the past. Yeah, and you know, I there’s no way I can say as a research study that that, you know, I have researched this and it’s empirically and it is empirical. It’s what I’ve seen. And the feedback from him is fantastic. And I would never turn around and say to every patient, that joint mobilization is this wonderful thing, which does everything, but he certainly got role. And I find it really useful. The patients who are going through, you know, orthotic therapy where we’re changing load. So, you know, planet, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, it can work very, very well with that, while you know, adding a loading program and a rehabilitation program and being soft tissue work and adding ortho season you put all this together, it’s a very powerful package. Like most things, it’s not, it’s not that one that everybody will go I have one thing and it will sort everything out. And I wish it was it will be it’ll be great. But yeah, really valuable as part of my practice. And certainly from a from a practitioner perspective, it’s been amazing. It’s been amazing for my pal patients skills, my appreciation of joints and a movement of joints and how everyone is everyone is different. And it’s been really really useful for that and I would say to any my students if you get the chance to do a joint mobilization course because it gives you that perspective it gives you some a different way of looking at the full really cool stuff.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That’s great. I mean obviously the chiropractor, we look at that and sprained ankles and if they don’t have good plan reflection and an extension, you know, you know the talus is locked up, give it a nice little distraction and all of a sudden they got full range of motion you’re like okay,

Unknown 20:56
is it talked off saying some absolutely miraculous yo changes which I you know, which I call it even as a magician I can’t explain but they’re not telling people where we’ve done localization do destruction of joints and nothing changes it’s it’s a very specific thing I mean, you know, I I see a chiropractor and have done for Bologna that’s also one the other day 25 years and they say what they haven’t fixed yet but

Unknown 21:23
like my I I’m on my third chiropractor at the same practice and promising to Thomas it effectively 30 years now since I was sort of 1617 when the spinal bifida type problems that the lower back symptom site to play off, and I have to say that seeing them on a regular basis has allowed me to work at the emergency department as a nurse to be active as a podiatrist to do sport and things like that. So I’m you know, I’m massively grateful for what they’ve done. So yeah, it makes a big difference to me personally.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah, you know, my brother was spinal bifida, but he had a like worst case scenario where it was like scoliosis and had to have a shot in his brain and all these this just a big mess. So it’s great to see that there’s a range you know, free mostly little hair tough on the backer like what you had little surgery not little search is still a major, major surgery but you know, after that you can like Well, I’m kind of done and then have to go back to lots of surgeries and I was able to do what you want to do in life. Separate foot.

Unknown 22:19
Yeah, well, I it’s interesting because I had as a group on and on Facebook, which is a it’s called shine and it’s for patients often people over 40 who has funded and I go into the group and actually feel like a bit of a fraud because you know, here I am with Okay, Mike, my thoughts are pretty dodgy and I got one like thinner than the other difference in Lakeland And and I looked a little bit and but on the whole you wouldn’t know to look at me that I’ve got spinal bifida going on. There’s people in the group who like you described you know, they’ve got a shot for Hydra capitalists they are the bed bound we’ll chat about areas 24 you know and it’s they’ve got he could be diapers too. Yeah, they’ve got issues with pressure sores and and content and you know, I look at it and go You don’t want it I’m doing pretty well pretty well I’m in this group thinking Should I actually be here but

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Ropati john support?

Unknown 23:08
Yeah, absolutely. I’m like I got is a podiatrist and get told off when I make recommendations, but that’s

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
okay, I’ll just sell Mary Kay on the side. Fine.

Unknown 23:19

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC

Unknown 23:24
That’s true.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
All right. Let’s switch gears. Now we’re going to go into Dave the coach, he’s transitioned he sold his clinic he’s ready to tackle it is teaching these kids so what are you finding that like your your niche? What are you what is your mindset that sets you apart that made you think like, you have something to give the world, I think

Unknown 23:44
the biggest mindset thing is it’s going back and it’s doing the inner work and very coaching phrase, but I back in about 2015, I had some I kind of realized if you think if you’ll see yourself as a as a car, and the the side of the car was gleaming, and beautiful and the wheels look lovely. And it was it was polished perfection, it was great. But when you lift the body of the engine was just just a mess. And I realized in 2015, the the the engine was a mess. And although things look good on the outside, they needed some work. So I’ve done a fair amount of personal development and coaching. And I kind of realized that when I did all that it made a massive difference to me as a as a businessman. And it made a massive difference to me as a human being and a massive difference of is a you know, as a father and a husband, and a sudden all that kind of stuff a little less or cheesy stuff, which goes with it. And I found during that whole process with one particular coach, I had a guy called Tony Clark, that I had a bit of a bit of an enjoyment of video, I liked getting on video. And when I got on video, interesting things happen, people started to notice and people started to pay pay attention. But when I took that little bit further and when Okay, if I’m on video, if I try and set up on video as big Yes, the the authentic Dave, whether that’s, you know, Dave swearing Dave ranting Dave be nice if it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s MiG the friend of mine calls at the coffee version. And you know, drinking tea, the tea version for me, I suddenly found that he got really, really interesting. So I suppose based on that my my knee issues is more around getting the nitrates getting people in the health industry to start using social media to start using video to show the patients, the real them. And that’s useful. Because if you see somebody on video, and then you see them in real life, you’ve already got one step closer to knowing them and potentially liking them or potentially trusting them. And if we’re looking at that whole buying cycle, then you’re more likely to get custom from that person, because they’ve already gone through those emotional, you know, those emotional stages. But it’s it’s very similar to if you have a, you know, we’ve just we’ve just added the sad news yesterday that the lead singer of the project day, as you know, he’s he’s died at 49. And I really had another to go now, you know, I like the project do that they’re brilliant. There are some people who feel very, very close to will feel a great sense of loss, because they’ve seen him in the media, and they’ve seen him on TV or maybe seen him on do concerts. And it’s that exposure to people on a regular basis before you even if you’ve never met them, which creates that emotional bond. So for me, video is a massive, massive part of that. And that’s my it’s my niche. That’s where I that’s where I say it’s trying to get people into Vidyo more trying to get people to be seen and be visible. And when the visible, truly amazing things happen. Things you just don’t expect.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Want to go back to that. It’s interesting that news cycle that you’re on, we got Luke Perry. Yeah. He He died of a stroke. I know yesterday, and today is Mardi Gras that we’re talking so I didn’t even know about prodigy he like they were kind of like a couple hit songs to us. Maybe they’re still producing music, but it’s really interesting, really ugly linkin park guy. I’ve never said a tear for these guys. And like, I don’t know, you know what I mean? I’m not I’m just not that person that’s like a new user be one thing, but I never had a coffee with you or anything. But that’s neither here nor there. Your point remains, and that’s what we’re going to dig deeper into is the video. You know what, like, what a podcast if I would ever meet someone that I listened to our interview them? I feel like I know, and they don’t know me from anybody. I’m like, I know about your kid. I know about this. And it’s kind of an odd feeling. So when we’re talking about videos, are you saying, you know, here’s what a clear procedure looks like? Here’s what this looks like, are we talking like a selfie video? You know, walking through the park or talking about some foot condition? Or what do you all the above? What do you think

Unknown 27:45
only about anything and everything. And I 2017 I did a bit of video in 2015. And I have just recently been to an event whether they’re still talking about video at this this event because people still aren’t doing it hits the usual situation, you have to say it again and again and again until people get it. And in 2015 there was an events up in up in Birmingham, and Google were at this event and they were doing the presentation and I came out and said video is going to be the future you should get on and you should do it now. And and something was to click to the back of my mind. And I went right. I’m going to start doing video. The first step of video I did for my business was I taken my youngest lad out on he was at a bike trailer I was on a bike it was in Canada Hill Park in Birmingham and cycle around a bit and then I got the selfie stick out, put it up in the air and said right, going to do a quick 60 seconds to camera. And it was the most awful video you have ever seen it where it sort of played it for someone recently, and I’m just cringing, like just you know, I’m just absolutely bundled up with embarrassment for it. And I’m a little lab but it

Unknown 28:51
won’t take

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
it down.

Unknown 28:53
I’m here my little Lego you say hi. Hi. It was it was just but it was it was natural. And it was good. And so from that point, I said, right, I’m going to start doing videos which are, which I suppose a more professional. So I turned on not as the TV version of Dave, I turned up as the professional podiatrist with a long list of qualifications and post novels. And it got a little bit of attention. You know, people kind of went Oh, yeah, that looks interesting. But but it didn’t really take off. And then in 2017 when I took Danny my on as a coach, Danny said, I want you to do to two minute videos. And today for 14 days. He said no weekends off. Just Just get stuck in India. And I was like, what, what what can I talk about? You know, 28 different videos and 14 days, what can I talk about it and you’ll think of something just get on with it. And it’s kinda like the phone goes down. And that’s it. Yeah, I went right. So I just started doing it. So I just literally got my got my phone, got the camera on that it was an old iPhone at the time and got a camera and just started doing pieces to camera. And it would be did one remember what I did three videos which are talking about what to expect from a biomechanical assessment. So you know, we take a history was one of the videos and then we we lie down on the couch, because this is what we’re looking at, we stand you up, because this is what we’re looking at. It went on from there. And it was the usual stuff, you know, what’s it called? What’s careless? What’s that kind of thing. And the fear goes after a while, once you’ve been in front of camera, you start to get less fearful of it, you become less, less concerned about how you look and how you sound. And I realized that that I’m probably I probably have a face for radio. And I’m probably have a place for silent films. But I became more comfortable with with watching me and playing these things back. And I started to it to experiment, I started to go, you know, experiment with a few more geeky techniques, a little bit better camera equipment, you know, a few cuts a few edits. And that that was good fun. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed that. But I remember that the most viewed video from memory on my Facebook page is one where I was putting tape on of the room. And it has over it’s I’m sure it’s coming on for about 4000 views now and I put up for the tape on a very girls intubation didn’t even have a broker is one of my colleagues. They go back and look at it and say, right, is that really what people are interested in? But it showed me that you people, people are interested in education and information. And if you can give them that education and information without without any anticipation and expectation of what you’re going to get back, it draws people into your your environment, your tribal, most I suppose if we’re if we’re going to use a, you know, a term to describe your community. And I just went from there, and people would say, that was really interesting video on X. Can you do me a video on why? Yeah, of course I can. And then it went into the I even if not videos where I did a series of stories on a Sunday evening, where I would sit and read a children’s story about feet, did all kinds of things. And it was great fun. It was it was pretty. And that’s why I just just love what video has has kind of done for me in terms of my personal development, also what it’s done for when you want to do for my business, and when what it does for my, my kind of future business, that’s great.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
So I started a YouTube channel, and either double check maybe 2009 or 2010. And they’re like, he should have videos, you know, even back then they’re like, wasn’t like now we’re like, you’re not doing Facebook videos, what’s wrong with you, but um, you know, the office tour, here’s all the little different things that I can do. But my first video, like he said, it was St. Patrick’s Day, and I was wearing a kilt says office, and I said, Hey, I’m wearing the work. And that was my first

Unknown 32:40
video. And I left it up there just to

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
you know, just as a reminder, and, you know, my cookie show, sometimes I’ll cook like Cajun Chinese food. And I was doing that for a little while and you get some views, you get some shares. And it says kind of be new, mixed in with everything else that you’re doing.

Unknown 32:56
Any writing rises, everyone and you I say I say this to my colleagues, and I’ve said I’ve said it a lot that if everyone is out there doing it doesn’t have to be videos, but if everyone’s out there doing social media and promoting the profession and the industry, that kind of critical mass, it raises everyone. And we had it recently with a with a great kind of campaign where every three weeks where we’re raising the awareness of what podiatrist can do for heel pain. And we’ve only had probably, I’d say it’s probably 30 people maybe at the primary end of it 30 podiatrist doing it. But the riches it’s made have been have been absolutely amazing now if you if you take those 30 but actress and you take the 13,000 which we have registered in the UK, and they will same thing just imagine that’s like tsunami of social media. It makes a massive difference does make a massive difference. But at the moment you stand out because of the video the podcast you do I stand out because of the video I do. Whereas rather whole profession just raised itself to a different level and was seen by by patients seen by customer seen by other professionals as well.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
do have a lot of infighting in your profession of videos are unprofessional or I don’t I don’t agree with the heel treatment that y’all are advertising. That’s why I don’t want to do it

Unknown 34:19
again that we get a little bit of it but like an actress, or interesting, and I’ll stick with the term interesting for now we do we do have we do have some debates about stuff.

Unknown 34:28
And because it’s such a varied profession from you know, as you said before, people who are doing surgery, you know, significant bone surgery, right the way down to people who are doing very well, I suppose very routine care. And then you know, on looking after people simple foot problems. So you know, nail and our skin problems. Not everyone’s going to see our profession from the via the same is by the Oh, yeah, same spectacles. And so yeah, we got a little bit of little bit of inviting. But I think I think one of the things from for me about podiatry is that we maybe hold ourselves back a little bit, the world’s moving on very, very quickly. And the standards around social media, while they’re important professionally, it’s important that we we step out of that comfort zone, and we do something different. It’s a pattern interrupt you so people can actually spotless, if we do something different, it makes it makes a big, big difference. But we get we get a bit of influencing.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Okay, because I was just asking, you know, you got 30 people, there’s 13,000, I was wonder if it’s like chiropractic where, you know, we got a group of a good group of mine, eight or 9000 chiropractors. But if we were to say, Hey, we need everybody to post this amazing infographic. You know, how many would actually just you just have to hit the button, just the share button? That’s all you have to do? Yeah, and I didn’t know if it’d be kind of like a similar thing. Well, I don’t agree with this. So

Unknown 35:47
it’s fine. Or even, you know, the share button you can, one of the things I find is that people are interested in interested in the source they’re interested in my home is my interpretation of the source material. So you could share infographic and you say, look, this infographic is really good 90% of it anyway, it don’t agree with these bits. And this, here’s why. But you go conversation point, but you’re still getting that message out there. And it’s not, it’s not necessarily about getting every patient to come and see you it’s about getting every patient to pick the right practitioner for them. And it, you know, lots of lots of different chiropractors, lots of different views, lots of different podiatrist and lots of different views. Yeah, every patient suits every podiatrist and not every patient suits every chiropractor, it’s finding the right ones to come to you.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And let’s let’s turn it a little bit, we have to market yourself, whether it was for your clock practice or for its for your coaching, you gotta get your name out, obviously, you’re doing some podcasting, I assume that you’re doing video? And if so, how are you? tailoring your message for your marketing for that?

Unknown 36:54
So the for the podiatry side, it’s an answer, the coaching side is mostly it’s about offering value, it’s about saying to people, you know, here is something I have learned it is yours, you can you can use it, you can do what you want with it, I want you to use it to promote you and promote the profession. Then, once you’ve got that in place, people start to get interested. And most of the time what people need support with study for coaching is the implementation side. People not very good at taking action. You know, we we we use the term I know a lot. So you say some somebody I know that, but but the question is, do you know are you doing it? So a lot of the time with the coaching becomes a case of implementation and a case of action. But yeah, the marketing is, it is massively important. Just going back to the podiatry business, a lot of the stuff around it, but it was I thought originally, that I was doing videos for my my clients and my customers. And it turns out that actually I wasn’t doing videos and my clients and my customers, I was actually attracting other people in my industry. And that was part of why I kind of went, you know, what this isn’t working want to be coaching and mentoring is where I want to go instead. And that was part of as part of the whole process, which kind of turned my hand on that one. But, but yeah, but for me, it’s about offering huge amounts of value. And when people want that support and implementation, they want that, that accountability, they want someone to hold the hand a little bit and just help them forwards. That’s where that’s kind of where I come in

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
one of their was there like one of their one or two top concerns that they have, with their we did hire you to help resolve

Unknown 38:31
like it to look silly on video. That’s, that’s one of the biggest ones I find it on, I don’t I don’t do video on my voice sounds funny or, or I look funny, or you know that, that’s, that’s one of the, that’s one of the biggest ones we get. The other ones, we tend to get around changes in practice. And pricing always comes up. You know, it’s the pricing argument that will if I if I change my pricing, or I put my pricing or, you know, I’ll lose all lose customers, all those clients. And that’s a really, I’ve been through that I went through that mindset to three years, three, four years ago, I haven’t gotten my prices up for ages, and then I had I there was nothing I could do. And I had to go through that process.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
It’s more of a shock to and you have to jump it up that much. I

Unknown 39:16
mean, I put my prices up, I think are my main prices up by something like 30%. And that’s a massive, that’s a massive jump in in business. But in terms of the number of patients who went elsewhere, it was a very, very small change, very, very small change. And suddenly you go What was all the fuss about or all the fuss was between my ears, you know that as when most of it goes on. But it’s it’s helping people to realize that the world doesn’t end when you put your prices up. And actually, you put your prices up, it makes you probably less busy to begin with, which means that you’ve got the time to set your your clinic and your services or how you how you want them to be set up. And it’s it’s turning people’s mindset around and I mindset gets thrown around a huge amount but turning people’s mindset around from one of a kind of scarcity, that if they if they change something in their business, they’re going to lose clients to actually if you change something in your business, you’re going to attract the kind of clients that don’t want to be around you and you’re going to traffic are the clients that you want to work with? And the results will improve as well. Just very, very, yeah, very big change on the, you know,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
when I was in Colorado working, I was charging like 45 and then went to China came back to America. And I was like I’m in charge 50 now, so yeah, 250 that’s not a buddy of the day, they’re charging 65 as I was, like, my goodness is like, all right, well, I need to make sure I keep note of the prices that other people are charging, because you don’t want to be lowered and everybody and you don’t really want to be in the middle either. I don’t know you 30 on that, you want to be a little bit higher than the average.

Unknown 40:49
Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. It’s about it’s about value. And if you have a business which offers immense value to your to your customers and your clients, new patients and and that value has to be has to be defined by them. You can’t be defined by you. Because when you come to that pricing decision, you bring your own baggage. Yeah. Would I buy a Ferrari? No, I wouldn’t buy for our It’s all because I don’t see the value in the Ferrari I think the beautiful cars but I wouldn’t buy one would I would I buy 100 Yeah, pretty well by owner because then I can see the value in that although I do love cars, and I’ve had this before, but you bring your own your own emotions and your own thoughts and your own feelings to the table. So let’s watch that one of my favorite phrases is it’s a Mark Twain I think shorts, the Mark Twain phrase, or he says what other people think about us none of your business. And we make all these decisions based on pricing looking at other people’s pricing structure. And actually, it’s not the right way to do it. The way we should be doing it is we should be saying what do I want to learn? You know, what is our what is a reasonable? Or what is what is a nice figure for me to earn to have the lifestyle that I want. And then you work it back and say how many patients don’t need to say to get up? And you know, can I can I see lots of patients at a higher cost. So can I see? Sorry, if you a few patients at high costs, or lots of patients are lower cost to get there one of my overheads that did you do it in that sense and decide what services you want to provide? And what level of service you want to provide? See, I’m not I’m not bad what other people are charging.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah, okay, let’s go with this, though. Let’s, let’s say everybody else is charging between 60 and 70. And you’re coming up and say it has to be 110. Yeah. Okay. So what’s something you know, but really, you offer the same service. So what’s the one way that you can increase the value that the patient perceives to want to spend the more money like what’s like one or two things that we could, whether it’s offering t at the front desk, or a hot towel, at the end of the procedure, something I

Unknown 42:47
can go to the Washington for me? It’s you know, and it’s a really interesting question, that’s going to be very much an individual thing, I would say, sit down and map out your customer journey, what is the ultimate experience you want your clients to have from the moment they hear about you to the moment they’ve been treated by you and and what they’re going to say to to their friends and their family. And if you could map out that journey and don’t just think about all I want them to come to the clinic and want it to look claim, you know, you want them to go away from the clinic going wasn’t just clean that was that was immense, that was spectacular might get you want to use almost like an exaggerated set of words to describe it. And yeah, if you if you’re going to provide tea, when they get there, don’t just provide you know, one to build us tickets, we call it the UK provide the most amazing set of tea make it so they want to come and spend more time there. Makes it make it so that they everything is no not too much trouble that I want to one of the things which I think we do miss on is we we don’t follow up on our patients enough. We we we see them including a while we’re there, we look after them. But if there’s there’s not that kind of Africa, there’s not that checking got to make sure that they’re all right. Yeah, I think is, you know, if my if my mother was driving home I visiting me I would I want to make sure that she was home. Okay, so I need to say that, you know, I’d say to her contact me or I would contact her it’s a common, you know, that common carrying it right? If you if you understand what your what the most amazing customer journey is. And then you provide that the amount you charge becomes almost irrelevant in some ways, as long as long as you’re covering your your costs, and making a living out of it doesn’t matter at that point doesn’t matter at that point. So yeah, the service from a variety of might be I’ll provide now care, maybe exactly the same, but it’s all the other stuff around it. That’s the bit, which makes the difference. And that’s how you stand up.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I love it. That’s the kind of part that I was hoping you would answer. Because that’s the part that you know, that’s how you have to build, you know, you build value, I’m trying to, you know, have a book and I try to sell it and they’re like, you got to create a value and what else can you offer? And what’s the next rung on the ladder that you can offer? And I’m like, man, I don’t know, I had to really think about this and and map it out. And it’s not easy works that I had have a coach to help you through that is going to be very beneficial in the long term.

Unknown 45:05
Because you do I mean, I’m sure you’re going through that process and going no, that that makes me feel really uncomfortable. I don’t want to do that, or I can’t think of what to do next. And what the coach does is the coach says, look, you know, I’ve been in your shoes, I know what it feels like, and I know what you’re going through. Let me give you that, that support to help you through that point. And all let me just tell you that look, everything is going to be okay. And what you’re feeling at the moment is perfectly natural. Yeah, but you need to feel that in order to get the benefit at the other end. Yeah, it’s that kind of sport which goes with it.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
What were some of your influential guides, authors or books or other podiatrist that you were mentored under, that’s really shaped the way you think about different things. You know,

Unknown 45:47
it’s interesting, I, I see, a lot of my kind of mentors and coaches are outside of podiatry. And that’s it’s not a deliberate thing. It’s just the way the way things have gone. In terms of terms of authors you I love Gary van der Chuck stuff, I have to say I really really enjoy Gary van der Chuck stuff. And I will I will read anything personal development which of his because I think it’s just even though it’s not designed as personal energy is because of his approach to to customer service, his approach to you make your your clients happy, you know, at every opportunity, and you just show massive amounts of value step out to make them happy at every point, nothing else matters if that is the most important thing. And then when you’ve got that customer loyalty then you can you have that permission to sell to them. So I like the Gary van der Chuck stuff. And I’ve got no those podcasts, you know, to be able to stay behind but I’ve got I’ve got three or four shells worth of personal development books in the background, some amazing stuff. And I’m I’m really enjoying at the moment a lot of the Malcolm Gladwell stuff, he’s good. So he’s currently I mean outliers was at lies is one of his that was fantastic tipping point was the one I’ve just read, which which was great. And it talks about you know, thin slicing the idea that you you take a small bit of information, you can make a big decision offer. And that reminded me very much my you know, emergency nursing days where somebody would come in and have four hours with them to to take them from finding out what the problem is offering a diagnosis, getting the treatment and then either sending them home or sending them off to somewhere else. And you get that into podiatry clinic, you don’t get along with your clients. So you have to be able to make a difference to them very, very quickly and understand what their needs are. So Malcolm Gladwell stuff is is absolutely amazing. I’m just trying to think you’ve got me You got me on the run. Now you say that was one of those questions I was never expecting. So I’ve got to take a going to take a look at my ball with them. But anything personal development for me is is just spot on. You know, I love I love this the sort of the way and wireless stuff where you’re, you’re almost looking at life and taking it as Yeah, that’s cool. That’s not a problem. The Jim Rome stuff where it’s about, you know, you’re the average of the five people you hang around with. And and that’s kind of that’s sort of the the the book stuff that that I look at. Do you know, that’s really interesting. I was listening, I’m listening to an audiobook at the moment called may ask you you answer by Geico, Marcus Sheridan really interesting book, that it kind of embodies the alternative mentioned that book did it go to I mentioned it afterwards. And it kind of embodies that whole idea that you if you have complete transparency in the business. So for example, as a chiropractor, someone might turn around and say to you, Well, okay, what exactly do you do as part of your assessment, or your adjustments or your treatment? And if you stay at you this is this is a good example of what we do people go, Okay, you’ve answered my question. There was one point where they were talking about putting on prices on your website. I’ve never had prices on my website, because always been that little bit shy, that they’ll see the prices and go No, to send someone going somewhere else. And I’m going to call exactly, but if you put your price on the website, because it’s this one, is it this how many there’s different, like three different levels of objection isn’t there? So there’s the, you know, don’t understand what’s going on. I’m not sure about the person or it’s too expensive. And if you can put those three objections you can answer questions which push those objections off the table, you’ve got more chance to the sale. So it’s really interesting, you know, not putting information on because you’ve been a bit sort of secretive or a bit what’s the word I’m looking for? A little bit kind of

Unknown 49:29
suspicious What is it elusive? elusive you know you’re trying to this Mystique like you’re covering yourself over and people to go all that’s intriguing. I better go and have a look just doesn’t work. Just go. Gotta be bothered. I’ll go somewhere else.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
When when you talk about the prices on your website to one your staff may end up having spent a lot of time convincing them to see you. Oh, that’s that’s a that’s pretty expensive. Now you get that’s a whole nother conversation where they just saw it online. You already pointed out the price shoppers, so as you up

Unknown 50:01
yeah and even if even if you’ve got the you’ve got an element where Yeah, it you know, it’s all about your swift or clear and Al they’ve got a different price point. Now surgeries done different price point. You might be relevant rehabilitation as a different price point. If you decide to take a look. Yeah, it’s going to be complex to tell you every permutation of treatment options and pricing. But I can tell you that if you want to come and see me This is the amount you pay bomb at the beginning. And that is Yeah, that’s the minimum your pet you’ll pay that and then what did we decide to do after that will we will we will talk you through the price of that and actually that seems to be a good way of doing it. So it’s different ways of doing this cup. If we look at other people there’s there’s a guy called Rob Moore who’s in the UK he’s he’s he’s brilliant he’s got a very non know sort of no nonsense approach to personal development. I love his stuff. He’s gonna he’s gonna podcast as well which is which is absolutely awesome too and the audit and it’s great listening to his stuff in podiatry we’ve we’ve got we’ve got we’ve got so many people in for a small profession we really we really hit it at a higher level and and we got people like like Tony government who you’ve already met Tony, Tony is is wonderful for our profession with the stuff he doesn’t always go that that is great. We’ve got you know, we’ve got we’ve got huge educators as well out there you know, we’ve got people like me to county or too shy to call the doctrine Academy now I’m never sure Dr. Kelly down in Plymouth Joel Halsted we’ve got all these people out there doing really cool things we got people like England a and who’s doing a lot of mobilization in the UK, we there’s so many people doing so many things. And I have to say, I look at them and I go there’s little bits of what they do. Which which I just draw on for energy so many cyclical markets packages list off a whole host of names you know Robert Isaac’s Belinda long as you the list goes on, but they’re the they’re the people who I who I see on on my podiatry social media and give me a really good energy and then know that our profession is is we will work together is going to be a very good place. So yeah, aside from that, of course, there’s there’s the family, they always say to get mentioned last but but yeah, there’s so many cool things out there. And every day I find something else which which I can I can look out, I can read I can I can absorb, and I’ll take something from it. And it might not be obvious at that point. I think we’ve got, there’s the there’s the three coaches I can’t work with at the moment, they’re absolutely fantastic and influential. So yes, so many things, so many things.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That’s what I like to hear this is a variety, there’s depth to it, and, uh, probably not going to go and write all those people’s names down. So listen to it again, write it yourself, and you can enable them and find them on Facebook or LinkedIn or wherever and kind of see what these people are up to. Because we have our own, like that in chiropractic, we find some names, you start googling them, and you just sort of start following on Facebook, you start learning some stuff, and you figure out who’s good with literature, who’s good with, you know, funny memes

Unknown 53:03
like like that

Unknown 53:03
all you want, you want your names and get you sorted on those, but each like each of those people and there’s this there’s more names and there’s loads of a like a mentioned you know, it’s it’s not a they’re not excluded for any particular reason other than we haven’t got days, but you know, they each that experts and specialists and influential in our own particular field

Unknown 53:25
and that’s that’s really nice to be able to pick on those bits and bring it all together and yeah, it’s fun.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah, well, we’re going to do a little more switching up because I know we got to respect your time. I like to take a little bit personal Okay, want to know who Dave James is the father the husband, but first vacation it’s tough to do sometimes we get our own businesses we’re always gonna be on the phone consulting with clients now so how do you ever take more vacation if you don’t take enough at the moment

Unknown 53:52
guys interesting what I would add the business I felt that certainly early on you were there all the time for it and there wasn’t much time to take vacations take holidays and it was actually was 2015 I just I was just finishing my master’s degree of my my wife turned around me the beginning of 2015 and she said we’ve not had a holiday three years where we take a holiday so she kind of lead that charge and it was interesting is we went down to two boils down to South Wales place I used to go to as a child as well. But we have to come back out for one day to go to my graduation ceremony was thinking so so even on holiday, you still got dragged down to something else but my wife basically put her foot down and said we’re going on holiday and I’m going okay, fine. And the reason I I suppose I never really did holiday is that my week tends to be so varied and I tend to do so many different things that I never get bored and I never get to that point where it’s you know nine to five Monday to Friday, fall asleep for the weekend. It’s not that kind of thing for the night that that’s one of the things I’ve pushed all the way through. But yeah, we have a we have a nice holiday each year we go away for a week I’m trying take time off off of Christmas and then kids holidays and that kind of thing. But mostly I for me it’s about it’s about being around for the kids that been around for their you know plays and school events and concerts that kind of thing that Michael stuff, making sure we get time for holiday making sure it’s in there has to be in the diary. It’s not if it’s not in the diary if there’s if there’s nothing blocked off of the something comes up for me it goes into dire and if you haven’t gotten there first tough you know, yeah,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
stuff like that. You have any hobbies, things that you do for fun outside of business,

Unknown 55:31
photography, photography, I love my photography I don’t do enough of it and i and i suppose because I do a lot more of the video stuff that that I can I can that’s okay you know I’m still using the camera I’m still doing something with it. But yeah, I love photography and I think if I if I hadn’t have got into you know haven’t stuck with with podiatry and healthcare I probably would have moved across more into into photography and I yeah, so I love it I’ve been

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
stock weddings are like

Unknown 56:02

Unknown 56:04
did a wedding last year that’s a toughie way Yeah, you want you want to see how high a man’s man’s heart rate can go for a sustained period going folks? I loved it. I really loved it and and the people who do the couple of filling it you have the photos that I loved it and it was all that was awesome. But I like for me that was that was the challenge of executing and execute taking photos knowing that they’re going to look at those photos in 12 months time and they’re going to get memories which come back of their big day. And if I missed the photos up I miss their memories up so there’s no there’s no pressure so I did wedding wedding was cool. Little bit of portrait photography. Really I’m not much of a not much of a landscape person. But I but I love getting out to Birmingham when the sun rises up and get some nice shots of Birmingham the sunrise sort of urban especially urban sunrises they’re quite nice but yeah photography it’s it’s the it’s one of the few things which has stopped me going to prison I think his photography because it does keep me sane. So you don’t repeat what else do I have I reading level reading cook a little bit when I when I get the chance I cycle although I haven’t done much over the last 12 months. But But cycling I really enjoyed it gives me gives me space and music. I absolutely adore music anything anything classic rock anything which slips into the the prog rock, kind of modern prog rock arena, that kind of stuff I I love and

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
just if the prog rock band,

Unknown 57:37
um other stuff. So things like tool tool is one of my favorite bands ever. And they’re not classic rock in any way. Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson you know, the Dream Theater totally, totally selfish. My wife hates I love that kind of stuff. You know, really technical music and lyrics which they thought about music goes on for days, that kind of stuff. Yeah, I love that.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I got an to EDM and like, you know, those types of you know, beats and everything. Yeah. I just puts up with her. I can’t take it anymore. She gonna

Unknown 58:10
turn it off.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
It’s driving me crazy.

Unknown 58:13
Have some headphones and go wow, okay,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
yeah, enjoy it.

How are you going to keep the love alive, so that you don’t need to, you know, divorced and said,

Unknown 58:23
well, the joke is I can say to people at the moment is i i The reason I’ve got you know, been married 14 years is that I I know exactly what to say to my wife. And be I’m never home. So you know, that’s the way to keep a marriage going for everything has to be somewhere else. I I honestly think it’s, it’s about it’s about expecting that you’re going to change and we were going to develop and give it Yeah, we give each other space. We are I love being around my wife and actually it’s it’s great because we she has a sense of humor which is able to deal with my sense of humor.

Unknown 58:57
And she’s able to deal with me in my darkest moments and you’re able to deal with me and my most hyper moments you choose got amazing skills and I think it’s when she worked in a and he had to deal with so many people it was it’s similar thing. But it’s it’s accepting that over over those 14 years you know, three children goddess me Matt house and moves master’s degrees degrees changes in Korea, all of those things that we’ve we both changed, we both developing both both maturity and it and it’s it’s honoring that and it’s accepting that. And also knowing that you know, the place we are at the moment if it’s if it’s tough isn’t the place, we’re going to be forever. But I just try and surprise we started you know, I will buy or the cheesy set of flowers occasionally. But a lot of it comes down to little stuff. It’s turning up and saying, you know, I can cope with the kids up from school today. Or I don’t take the kids to school. It’s those little things which just changed the dynamic a little bit for all Yeah, you know, you’re going live and that’s why I’m going to go to the lie down I’ll get up no do with do with the house before. It’s simple things like that. And it seems to work so far. I still haven’t learned how to pack the dishwasher properly though. It seems even even after this many years. But I think that I hear that time I reach someone reach. You know,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
it’s interesting, I’m giving each other space. I think that’s hugely important. You get your own thing, I got my own thing, then expecting the change that’s important to like, you’re not going to be the same person. Yeah, and the big piece I think is if you look at what does a housewife do for the 1950s and you’re like all right, I’m gonna start doing some of those stereotypical roles it goes a long way because for some reason I think this that was the wives are expected to work now 40 hours a week but they still do 80% of the house chores. Yeah, absolutely. And that in good so it’s like if you could just do that it goes a long way My wife is now because their job is just

Unknown 1:00:48
yeah my wife works for me and you know I I get to go every day and talk to adults she she deals with children or a dog or both at the same time so yeah, I’m I’m massively an order of my wife stamina and focus and and everything and then you have three kids at home and then she deals with me and I’m like, I’m like the fourth child. And she has to put up with that on a on a on a daily basis but but my wife is the she’s part the capitalist is why I moved I suppose into coaching because she went through a huge map personal development as well. And I saw I saw the change going on in her and you try and resist it you I know that I don’t need to change it’s fine. And then you see the positive effects which are coming from that other person you can I’ve got to change but yeah, my wife’s awesome she’s Yeah, she’s she’s absolutely fantastic on every level. She really is cool. So yeah, yeah, she’s perfect brilliance. I didn’t tell her well to a face

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
is a shame I have to cut all this out of the interview meaning that we just got to cut it for time but it’s Oh, sorry. Sorry, ya know.

Please, please visit the show I talked good about you know, that’s amazing. Good to see the banter. We’re going to wrap it up here. Go give us the website. More information. How can they find out about you? What’s going on?

Unknown 1:02:10
Okay, how can you find out about me what’s going on so so if you do Twitter Dave Paul, so da v th e p o d you get me on Instagram, its footing leg magician Instagram, if Facebook’s your thing you can find me I’ve got a couple of few places on Facebook. So I’ve got my kind of business page which is the foot and leg magician. And I’ve also got a coaching group which is called stepping up so healthcare people want to come along and have a look at that more than welcome and the website so www dot Dave the coach.co.uk and then there’s the Hello Dave the coach.co.uk as well so you can usually find me in those places. If it’s a professional thing come and search Dave James on on LinkedIn if a flat professional thing floats your boat as well but yeah, I’m I’m usually somewhere on the internet definitely. And there’s even there’s even a YouTube channel floating around as well but I need to work harder on that

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
hey real quick I was looking at your page and maybe somebody else might be wrong there wasn’t much going on with the page was there

Unknown 1:03:11
they which one the coaching one or the foot language issue one Dave the coach that is not a lot going on there though that that tends to be a it’s going to have more action at some point but that tends to be my that’s where I keep my messenger bot on the day of the couch couch so I’m collecting stuff a I need I need to do all that I need to drop some stuff in. But what I when I left the business when I sold the business that that page originally was the business page

Unknown 1:03:40
last year, probably early last year about bad things about April or May I went wrong changing the name of this page knowing that I was in the process of selling the business now when I don’t want to lose that chunk of people who followed me my videos over over the years so yeah, so that’s why I kind of came across so having the coach page in the foot languages page they kinda like I don’t know which way to go. So so that way it will it will have more stuff on there as as it progresses but I do a lot of the coaching stuff more in in my group. It was stepping out yeah. So

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
like everybody seems to be going to Facebook. So make sense.

Unknown 1:04:15

Unknown 1:04:16
I like face to face was great for community. So I really enjoy

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
very good. They’ve changed podiatrist magician really appreciate you being on the show today.

Unknown 1:04:23
I can’t

Unknown 1:04:24
appreciate it a pretty cool, thank you very much.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
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