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M 65 Hierarchy of Goal Tracking

Company goals can be broken down to individual roles and should be daily and weekly repeatable, measurable tasks with specific outcomes. Need a CV – resume updated but don’t want to do it? Need a powerful one page About You Flyer so local businesses invite you to speak, increase doctor referrals, and other speaking engagements…

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E 107 Picking A Fee for CashPT and Staff Onboarding Dr Aaron LeBauer DPT

Becoming a cashPT clinic has hurdles. Dr. Aaron LeBauer DPT discusses creating a fair fee, why not take insurance, onboarding and  training staff, answering the phone, discounting services, handling objections and his favorite seminars. His backstory involves learning the limitations of his massage therapy offerings and realizing very early on in clinical rotations that he…

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E 77 Two Residencies and a New Country, Kelly Wood MD

After residency in Barbados, Dr Kelly Wood embarked and a journey to the USA so she can become a fellow trained endocrinologist. Not only does she help with diabetes and thyroid issues, but she has a mind, body and spirit approach. Also, she travels, blogs and has a love story worth hearing. Kelly Wood, MD…

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