sleep consultant

M 58 Why Take a Nap

Taking a nap is advantageous for many reasons. I discuss a few of these. If you wondered if kids and adults should nap for better cognitive function, you would be correct. DISCLOSURE: This episode is sponsored by LetsGetChecked use code DOCTORS30 to save 30% : the leading provider of at-home health tests, including thyroid tests….

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E 109 Sarah Hornsby Myofunctional Therapy and Ill Effects of Mouth Breathing and Sleep Apnea

Mouth breathing can lead to orthodontics, malformed palettes and sleep apnea. Discover what myofunctional therapy is and how proper tongue placement and breathing can counteract it. Sarah Hornsby discusses business and myomentor to help others succeed. As a dental hygienist she realized she could not do this for 30 years and while exploring myofunctional Therapy…

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E 91 Better Infant Sleep Strategies Christine McCutcheon

Certified Sleep Consultant tactics to get your baby to sleep through the night, pacifier usage, white noise, why swaddle, cosleeping, and balancing a new business with family obligations. Christine McCutcheon shares it all with good advice and humor. As a mom of two Christine McCutcheon was getting up 20-30 times a night with her kids….

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