M 51 Examine Why You Buy

a doctors perspective minisode 51 justin trosclair examine email buying
Minisode 51 Examine Why You Buy

This review discusses how to write email stories that hit on your customers pain points for your clinic and overcoming the objections. Make a note of marketing pieces that get you to purchase a product.

Hello everybody welcome back to a doctor’s perspective podcast minisode Episode 51 today is going to be story matters effective email copy with Andre chaperone that may or may not be said correctly. So let’s jump in it we’re gonna be sub 10 minutes. So onward with the show. So when you look at an email, when you have prospects, cold emails, things like that, gotta treat the prospects the same as the customers. And how do you do that is you have to see the world through their eyes, not yours. And it’s very easy to mix that up.

You need to tell stories, right? Because you were your other customers were where you were once or that prospect was once. So you have to start think about what was their fears of pulling that trigger, right? What’s the fears? What were they struggling with, you know, where were they in the cycle of the cell cycle before or what made them want to contact you or when you when you made that decision to purchase the product that helped you through that bad time. Now you can write a compelling email.

You have to remember to tell the story, how that patient life improved. There were times we’re talking to doctors and you get results but there’s Hero, they did the work but you’re going to be their guide you know, kind of going back to that. Look around when you’re purchasing things be cognitively aware. If you’re gonna go buy that brand new TV, the new computer, why are you buying the new Samsung Galaxy phone? Right? Or maybe a shower me with 108 megapixel camera? What? Though they are not sponsors? I’m just saying that like 108 megapixels, What are y’all doing? Your phone’s gonna be empty or full? I should say in no times. I don’t understand that. Maybe that’s something but anyway, when you looking at why you’re going to purchase that, think of it outside of like marketing.

What are your feelings? What are you having overcome? What are your objections, write those down, make a mental note so that when you’re crafting your email stories about your own product, but your own clinic and medical procedures, you can twist it to where the patient understands.

One thing you don’t want to do and I think everybody gets, you know, not everybody but a lot of people Get problems with this is the shiny object syndrome. You know, maybe you’re looking for a new course a new technique, a new thing. And oftentimes, you know, for least for chiropractors, and for some of the business owners out there, it’s the marketing thing. They had this new product, and this new product is this much money. And they said, I can make this much on reselling.

 Or, if I offer cold laser, I can make all this extra cash, you gotta remember, you actually have to sell that to the patient now, you know, especially be charging 50 bucks, 60 bucks for a 15 minute appointment for some cold laser, you have to be convinced that it works or they’re not going to do it. And there’s so many other options, other things there too, but maybe you didn’t need to buy the $50,000 unit. Right?

What was the marketing what was their gimmicks to sell to you. So being aware of that might actually stop you from purchasing bad equipment that you could have got for a better price. And you know, pass those savings on to the patient if you want it to so that they get the results that they want without having to take out a loan, which is not good. Think about how you want to be treated.

If you had to go somewhere else and pay out of pocket potentially for a service, would you want to be nickel and dimed? Would you want to be sold something that when you do more research because you know how to do the research to find the product, you realize this product not even that great? It just looked good. It was a gimmick and just makes you angry. Feels like you wasted your money. Even if you got better. You get mad. It’s like a buyer’s remorse. Like, I can’t believe I fell for it, you know? Okay.

 And in the last bit with this email with this podcast, he was saying, have a system for all areas of your practice for everything you do. You should have, you know, a manual, whether it’s verbal, written videos of how to do everything. So when a new patient comes in, what do you do? You give them an office tour. You kind of ease their mind do they just come in fill out the paperwork and then they just go see the doctor wasn’t next. So the doctor you whenever you see the fruition for the first time, you may want to tell them like hey, this is how the procedure is going to go today, you this x, y and z. So what you know what to expect? Because if they’re not sure what’s going to happen next thing a little anxious, and it just makes you have to work that much harder. And that the disappeared like two visits. You know, you’re like, what the date? Was it money? Was it pain relief, like what was the problem, right?

That’ll help you when you think these through, you have a consistent plan, you can always go back to it, you know, because a lot of us go backtrack. And this work is so good. We quit doing it, as they say, all right, we need to do retraining. What was that video, I need to watch it. I’m the owner of the business. I’m the manager, whatever. And I need to keep following up on these things. So that way, we stay consistent. So there’s that.

All right, I think that’s enough. I hope everybody is doing fantastic. Show Notes, www.adoctorsperspective.net/m51 . If you do look at the show notes. They’re just a direct transcript. So there’s going to be mistakes. The AI technology is not perfect, but it’s better than nothing. So Java fantastic. Bye bye

Just want to say welcome back to the podcast hopefully you did not unsubscribe we’re releasing new episodes took a little hiatus moving from China moving to Germany waiting for my family to get here was a little bit wild during that time the Chinese book did get released by the way a doctor’s perspective.net slash China book for the Amazon link or Chinese dinner. If you want to see more of like the sales page of why you would buy it. Definitely with the coronavirus yet China China’s not gonna be a place you want to visit for a while but the Now’s the time to learn. So you don’t make the photopass, the mistakes, the silliness when you do get there.

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