M 52 Why Keep A Small Office Footprint

a doctors perspective minisode 52 sand moutains office footprint
Minisode 52 Why Keep A Small Office Footprint

Lessons from a 18000 sq ft office with $75000 monthly overhead. Group and specialized youth classes are amazing but why would he have chosen to have a smaller place but more expensive fee office footprint.

So today’s show, masters of fitness Episode 42 is bigger, better. Their interview a man who has a million dollar gym, 18,000 square feet, that’s huge is in the DC area. And we just they pick his brain. And so let’s go over some of the highlights today. Okay, stay tuned to the end, I’ll tell you about if he had to do it over what he would do. We’ll talk about care packages, visit packages, that’s been working. But first, he definitely says look, you want to be a mentor.

All right, if somebody younger than you or just doesn’t have the experience you have I’ll ask you questions. Think about it, maybe offer them some advice. You don’t know where they are. Maybe you were in a spot where you needed a mentor, and maybe somebody was nice enough to give it to you. And I’m not saying you gotta you don’t have to charge them. You know, we just It feels good to help other people. Right? Of course Be careful the leeches, but you know General, it can help spark someone overcome their own obstacles. And as they say, when you teach somebody, it really solidifies what you know.

Alright, so the downside, we all want a plus employees to have ownership that just really love the vision that you have and want to see you grow in the practice grow, okay, but the thing is, most people, they don’t care. Right? You know, they don’t care if they make the boss more money, they just want a job. And of course, as the owner, you expect a lot out of your employees, probably more than they actually want to give.

So there’s that balance of how do you get the most out of your employees without driving them away? And how do you get them motivated to take ownership in the in the clinic that you have?

Now, the second piece, he said, You know, when you’re out on your own as a personal trainer, you know, in this instance, or maybe as a new doctor, you might not have the confidence or the skill level or the problem or to the confidence to command the higher fees.

Okay. So you might will indeed, oh, let’s Do a $29 initial exam. Let’s let’s do 50% off eyeglasses, oh, I don’t know this, this and that. But like in the gym world, there’s always these deals, you know, especially for personal training, maybe you charge $75 an hour, but I just read in the heat this month or a new, I’ma just charge them 55. And if they buy like a package of 10, or something like that, and then my gosh, there’s so much more work and you get kind of burned out because you’re not getting paid for what you know, you should be worth ends up, just bite you in the butt.

They say, between you not making enough money and then if you have to end up raising the fees and they get upset or maybe they’re like a troublesome client, and you’re like, dude, you got a good deal and you’re this much trouble like What in the world?

So, one of the things he had it was he got an office manager, and they she was streamline thing is like you gotta stop giving deals. The price is the price. Especially if like they refer somebody and they get a different price. They might feel cheated, like wait, I paid I was paying 50 this guy’s paying 49 right, so anyway, so everybody gets upset. All right.

Next up, the sexy beast is pro athletes. All right? Oh, you know, Jerry Rice, who is Drew Brees? Yeah, let’s let’s treat these guys. Well, here’s the thing. A lot of these people are, it’s seasonal, right? It’s a seasonal thing. You get the hot time and the low time. Now if they make it Pro, they probably have their own doctors on staff and they don’t want to see you.

Secondly, they might think it’s a privilege for you to treat me I’m not paying, think of all the referrals that you’re going to get if they let you take a picture with them. And reality. That doesn’t happen. Yeah, you get some prestige. You may get a few patients from that, but not they’re directly referring patients to you. So a lot of times it’s feast and famine.

And then like it or not, you might start to niche down into something that maybe you’re not super, super awesome with or enjoy. Like maybe you do baseball, and you start niching down here these athletes but like it’s not your super passion is just what kind of showed up like you had the opportunity for work with baseball players, but you really like soccer, you know, things like that happen.

It’s better to do classes. In a nutshell, if I, I’m not sure what the title of this episode is going to be, but it might be group classes for the wind, you know, something like that, because that is where he’s like, he makes a lot of his money, you’ll have small groups and large groups, and he has different age groups.

So one of the things that he’s found has been profitable, and very helpful is classes for kids from like five to nine, nine to 12, you know, 13 to 15, I believe, like 1619 or something like that. And then like college ethics, so any way you separate them out, like based on their skill level and their age, you’re going to different types of training for these kids versus, you know, a high school athlete. It’s just, it’s gonna look different.

You know, it’s a fitness class as its coaching, its proper mechanics, it’s lifting, it’s all the things that you wouldn’t need to do and you have classes between five And nine people, and they pay, you know, a good price. And you can do a group setting like said, but also selling like 1020 and 30 visit packages where they come in two or three times a week.

And it might only last like three months now he said when they have three months, twice a year, they grow leaps and bounds as an athlete compared to their people who didn’t. They just do once a year and those improvements but not as much as they’ve seen when they do it twice a year for three months. So I thought that was kind of interesting. So it’s like a three month plan during the off season potentially.

One of the hidden gems he found was like a fitness class for people who aren’t into sport. These days. A lot of people playing video games are just watching TV, gain weight. The parents like why don’t you go and do something well as kids not very coordinated. I’m not gonna force them. Okay, okay. You got to do something. You need to be active, right? Parents will pay send them the classes twice a week where they do fun activities to get them out of their chair. Get them off the sofa, nothing too competitive. These people are gentle They don’t care, they just need to get out there and move.

Second, the last thing, semi private classes are the way to go. To be honest, he goes the game get the most money because it’s a premium price. And they’re more likely to keep going because you only had you know, five or six people in a class, you get to know them. You’ve had that group competition type of atmosphere, each person kind of cheer each other on and things like that. So it’s really helpful to get consistency and they have people continue month after month, which is when like Josh Saturday talks about as well, actually,

Bobby maybe with the ftca fourth and covering lines, he’s been speaking I think, in Australia, the ACA to a couple months ago, about gamification of rehab. If you Google gamification of rehab or fitness, you probably watching YouTube videos and figure out what that is and how can you implement that into your own clinic.

Not this obviously not pertain much to podiatry clinic potentially but you know, Dr. Dennis, dentist, but pts desease personal trainers as well although people

So like I said, he had 18,000 square foot million dollar practice for the last three years anything he wouldn’t do it again, you would not go with that you got such a headache 50% of his money goes to staff and then up to 70% goes to, you know, just overhead everything else. He would say I would have rather stayed at my 5000 square foot place. I’ve had less staff out, I’ve had less big groups. And what I would have done was just raise prices periodically and make the same money because right now it’s like 40,000 a month in salary any 75,000 a month to break even in that crazy. Like, that’s a lot of money.

So yeah, so again, enough, it’s not the first time I’ve heard people recommending I would have stayed small and just raise prices and modified the group so I don’t need a 12 person group kept them five. And again, you can still hire certain staff members. You don’t want to do it yourself. That’s fine. There’s a certain way you would do that to hire the staff. They teach the classes at a certain rate and you still you know make profit and you can either do it if you want to kind of step back. So all those are opportunities.

Well, you enjoyed this. If I didn’t ramble on too much, let me know. Definitely I’m trying to have a you know, podcast overviews that I’ve listened to in these minisodes they’re not meant to sound condescending, or I’m going to teach you what I know, as not the case at all. So if it is that way, let me know and I can change my delivery that we can get the most out of this and not find me annoying Of course. That’s what I got for you today, this week, listen, critically think and integrate ever going.

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