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Minisode 39 IG Worthy Office Sign Snaps

Hear how having an interior cool office sign can increase your organic local hashtag traffic and engagement. Also I cover tactics from a dentist who has 100K followers, like posting to your avator and local hashtags.

Hello again and welcome to the minisode version of a doctor’s perspective, Episode 39. You know, I always gotta plug something we’re gearing up when this comes out, we should be in the middle of dental care. I’ve had a few dentists on here in there. But since we did a podiatry series, financial series, acupuncture, cash based physical therapy, all women, all African American series is on this podcast. I’m like, Oh, it’s time for the dentist one. Enjoy that we’re going to cover lots of different areas. And speaking of dentists, that is the theme of today, it was the FFS fee for service dental podcast, I’m trying to get him on the show. Come on Dr. Byrns, but he interviewed Deseret  on Instagram.

She has a web page http://www.howtogrowthegram.com . And she has grown a massive following on Instagram, like over six figures. And she gets back to 40 to 50 new patients, people fly in from all over the world, especially the US to go and see her. Now she does focus more on cosmetic dentistry.

Always, man, it seems like these before and after places tend to do well. So if there’s a way to do that for yourself with that practice you have, if it’s physical therapy, anybody walking in and Tajik show and walking straight, they couldn’t lean over. Now they’re leaning over stuff like that.

 She has a course on this, she’s actually kind of smart with the marketing because I went to the page, I was like, I’ll see what they have. And the only thing you do is sign up for when it launches. So that’s a great marketing tool. It’s not always open, you have it closed from sometimes you got to get people’s emails, and then boom, we’re opening it up, once a quarter, rah-rah, rah, and you get all these email addresses to upsell later. So that’s a good marketing idea.

All right, here are some of her key points. When you’re first starting, or if you’re trying to revamp your page to be more professional and work for UA remember, it’s going to take time, but to focus on like education. So you might throw up a cool picture, and then discuss what that is, you know, it’s Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I might put up a diagram and talk about it now are a lot of people gonna be interested in that. Maybe not. But it builds something. You know, if you’re in Dennis, you might show what a cavity looks like, this is what a crown looks like, this is what an implant looks like. And just kind of start putting some of those pictures up there trying to establish yourself as Hey, I’m a credible source. I know what’s going on. I’m educated.

And then while you’re doing that, throw in some personal pics, especially if you have hobbies or animals outside a guy one time goes, do animals kill it triple the engagement than usual? Maybe that’s why I put my baby photos other than just being a proud daddy. And I love it. But just to say those things make you more personable, making more of a human more relatable. And really, that’s what people want to see sometimes.

Of course, they love before and after photos. And they also like surgery stuff. You know, working in a hospital off, put some post up, I’m blown away like their gory pictures. And people just love them. Love them. put up a podcast episode. They’re like, Well, yeah, okay, I like it. You put those pictures blows up crazy.

And she commented, look, find inspiration from other people in your profession aren’t outside your profession, like the rehab guys. Wow, their page is impressive. And I wish I remembered the person’s name. And he’d come in, he’s like, Hey, I like your page. So check out his page. And he’s a doctor. It was great to like everything was lined up nicely on the left side look like this, the right side looks like this. And the middle was a variation that takes a lot of effort. So I have applauded him for what he did to he was good.

People love taking Instagram photos. Now, I’m not saying you gotta walk around with a photographer as some people do. Oh, it’s a pretty wall, click, click, or hire somebody and take these outlandish photos. We’re not talking about that. But here’s the quality, you may have been to a city and they’ll have the love sign. And then underneath that love sign, they’ll have whatever city it is, or and people they breaches are about all the time. You also might see you go to like a theme park or some historical area. And then they’ll have like a canopy or something that they created. And it’ll say like hashtag River Gorge rafting, and you take a picture, it has the hashtag it has the name of the business. It has a beautiful scene that saw those in New Zealand when we were zip lining at Weicker, her Island. Yes, we were zip lines over a vineyard. And then when you started, they had an amazing photo with the Bay in the background and some vineyards and all this stuff. So yes, it advertised for them.

It made for a nice photo, why am I telling you all of this, okay, in your office, you could have a wall that has a cool sign or like a neon sign of some sort, you know, there’s something that would make for a cool picture. You know, patients could just be like, Hey, you know, when you’re asking a patient, Hey, can you refer somebody? Or could you tag us in your Facebook feed today, or Instagram feed and they’re like, What’s in it for me? So I mean, that’s a lot of apps for somebody.

Another way to do it like that is you can find some kind of thing at Walmart, you can go online and search. I mean, they got like, professional sports teams, if you’re into that you’ve got knockoff famous artwork that you can blow up as big as you want. Maybe you saw some kind of cool science, visual art representation that you’d like to know there are a few places that have, you know, like different kinds of spines that are very artistic and it is like really cool, like their impression is or whatever, find something that’s like a really cool for a picture or like you have a neon sign that says get adjusted our thinks or you know, whatever. Do you have it done? Right?

The backgrounds cool. People will voluntarily Oh, man. Yeah, I’ll take a picture there. Click. It’s only one picture. But it looks cool. It’s different. It completely will stand out. Yeah, it’s my doctor’s office. So anyway, it was a cool little trick to get more people to check in somehow.

Also, you got to figure out, of course, your ideal patient, who’s your avatar, and of course, post your stuff to them. If you’re a headache clinic have more headache stuff, right? If you do more implants, focus more on the implants instead of teeth whitening. You get it, what you might want to do is about three Instagram Stories per day. That’s only 15 seconds.

I’ve said this before, when patients ask you questions, jot those down afterward, whether it’s why should I drink water? What kind of exercises should I do? It hurts when I do XYZ. I can’t eat ice cream, whatever that answers, whatever those questions are, write those down, that’s quick, boom, you can do 315 you know, a 45-second video of that and post it. And if you want to do you can if you liked your answer a lot. After you post it, you can get it set to your posts on your Instagram feed itself. So it never just disappears in 24 hours.

 Also in your area, you know, we’re local. So check out your hashtags that people use for your city, what cool parks or events or landmarks, all those types of things in your area that people use, be aware of like events, live events, concerts, all those types of things, what’s trending in your city as far as hashtag tax, and then try to find a way to reply appropriately in those fields.

Okay. Well, that’s what we got for this week. I hope you enjoyed it. All the show notes for the minisodes of adoctorsperspective.net/ and the number of the regular episodes. There’s no “M”.  So that’s the difference. Thursdays and Saturdays. We just went #behindthecurtain

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