M 39 IG Worthy Office Sign Snaps

Hear how having an interior cool office sign can increase your organic local hashtag traffic and engagement. Also I cover tactics from a dentist who has 100K followers, like posting to your avator and local hashtags. Hello again and welcome to the minisode version of a doctor’s perspective, Episode 39. You know, I always gotta…

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M 18 Three LinkedIn Feed Commenting Etiquette

 When commenting on other people’s Linkedin threads, should you drop a link to your own stuff or even someone else’s? Proper use of hashtags as well as tagging other people – what are the do’s and don’ts. A doctor’s perspective is many. So again from the Shanghai airport. This time we’re talking about LinkedIn formed…

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Ep54 Debunking Instagram Mystery and Build Your Following with Chirogram by Christopher Collins DC

Unlock the Mystery of Instagram. We cover the bio, link, building a following, how to not spam, video basics, hashtag usage, unfollowing and straight up Pimp your profile. Christopher Collins, DC does it for you with ChiroGram. Coupon for listeners. Discount code: perspective10 not only do you get 1 week free but you can save…

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