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Steve Anderson talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor’s Perspective Podcast

Building out 1000 dental offices since 1997 gives you deep insight into all areas to consider plus practice management tips. Steve Anderson wrote a 300 page book on the subject Dental Ease.

Should you build out a leased space or buy your own.

You have blueprints drawn up for a dental office, now what is the next step?

Ask yourself, What is Most Important to You and your OFFICE FLOW?

Do you need a big reception room?

How high end do you want the decorations and build out?

Check in vs check out areas, chairs or no chairs at check out?

How many doctor offices should you have?

Left vs right chairs, single or double entry to treatment rooms?

Fast or slow pace, 1 doctor or many in one location?

4 Steps to Building A Profitable Practice of Your Dreams.

34% return on build out investment nationally over the first 2 years.

Dental office can cost 30-40 more per square foot than non dental offices.

How important is a BUDGET when approaching the banks? When you are in certain professions and have experience banks can give you way more than you need.

Dental Ease Book has all the blueprints and checklists you would need for not only budgets but also time-lines for construction to move in.

Things to consider for reception and waiting room design

Why is putting all your trust into the designer, architect etc is the WORST way to do a build-out?

Don’t delegate to the wrong person.

Have Checks and Balances with all your employees and know what is going on so you don’t get extorted, blackmailed or held hostage by them.

Blind Trust vs Earned Trust: what are the key differences?

Make sure you hire professionals who can be held responsible.

What are the FISTS of success.

FICA Score 720+, intelligent spending, satisfy your passion, time for relationships, family and patients, savings

Stories of bankruptcy, poor build out decisions, bad investing decisions, restoring a marriage: are scattered throughout this episode with Steve of Denco and Dream Dental Practice, Dental Ease.

When is the best time to have meetings with other professionals? Partially it’s because with a finite time you tackle the big important topics first.

His marriage advice is stellar. Fifteen years of it being about him and the forgiveness and redemption that has kept him happily married for 40 years.

Take time for each other and do for the other things they appreciate.

Get Steve Anderson’s first chapter of his amazingly thorough, hard bound, full color, nearly 300 page book FREE at https://dreamdentalpractice.net
his construction business can be found at  dencodentalconstruction.com

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a doctors perspective 173 office space buildout steve anderson dental ease
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Episode one hundred seventy three out your office space. I mean holes. Dr justin frostburg and today we are steep anderson’s perspective join twin seventeen and eighteen. Podcast awards nominated host and bestselling author on amazon. As we get behind the curtain. Look at all types of doctor. And get specialties. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective Hello everybody how are you doing. It’s twenty twenty one it’s march. The vaccines are rolling out like crazy. Hopefully in the next few months life we’ll get back to normal but that is not what we’re talking about today but today we’re gonna talk about a guy that has thirty years. Experience does in dental offices. Like thousand of them. Okay and when you build out that many clinics. You’re going to talk to a lot of dentists and other medical professions needed other ones as well. But you gotta ask all these questions like what kind of flow do you want. What your style you want rich. You want middle-class excetera. He’s taught classes in dental schools. I guess when business and things like this got a lot of good information not just on how should you lay it out and blueprints and all of that but also you know some practice advice and some definitely some real world advice. Because he’s had bankruptcy he had a Mayors i was almost gone but now they were a stay. The course for forty years really good marriage at the end of the episode of course and he took all his information and he wrote a three hundred page book. And i made a post about this a while back on all the social media’s this book is great it’s big it’s hard cover. It’s got a jacket okay. Okay it’s full color and it’s color coded perception. So steve has spent some money to even get this thing printed out with no print books in color so he went all out on this thing. And there’s lots of blueprints and all these cool things and he sent to me in germany from america got it in like two weeks so normally people just send the book that my house in america and i get it later on so i really want to say. Thank you so much for giving me a copy of this book. It ain’t cheap is not a cheap book you cannot get on amazon. You have to go to dream dental practice dot net to get it and there’s kind of a sales pages like why you would want it and everything so it’s an investment book. You’re going to have to spend a little bit of money so that you can get good information and if you like the interview you can understand like the guy has to have spent the time to write it and get it so professionally edited and printed and everything. So i don’t get any commissions on it. Just got a copy of the book that i’m started to read and i really think you’re gonna enjoy this episode. So one quick plug. If you want books that people have recommended on the show. Just go to doctors. Perspective dot net slash book list and all the recommendations of. They’re even the podcast gear. That i recommend his on there. There’s a little bit of commission of course purchase it through my link and that’s of course going to support the show appreciated and i say thank you again recently. I’ve had some guests say positive things about me. I like ask about marriage and vacation. And they’re they’re happy to talk about that. Because only is just all business. Steve anderson had this to say about me and my hosting and it just made me feel good. I just wanted you to hear it as well. Well you you do a great job of engaging and keeping the excitement going and sometimes you kind of wonder if the the host is still there. All the show notes in the transcript can be found at a doctor’s perspective dot net slash one seven three. Let’s go hashtag behind. The curtain live from cologne germany in arizona. Today on the podcasts. We’ve got a great guest is a little bit unconventional because he specializes in building dental offices. Of course a bunch of other types of medical but a thousand a thousand officers so over the last two decades are even three decades almost. He’s compiled a book from all the tips. He’s gotten from himself from building. All these dynasties had to work within accommodate and were book called dental ease. And i’m just so happy to have him on the show. Just share the things that learned through a lifetime and hopefully we can avoid. Some mistakes will buying equipment when we’re building out in all those things so please welcome to the show steve anderson. Thank you so much. I really appreciate having me why i’m excited. Because i was listening to a dental podcast. He for like a year or two or something he was always talking about. He was building another place because his lease was coming up. Six or eight chairs as they say and so his goal was that lots of dentists doing cash base all this stuff and even after he built at the he already was dislike dang it he already like made some mistakes and things so boy where to even start.

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Sometimes where do you. Where do you normally start when you have to have a conversation about a build out our even if you shouldn’t even build versus rent space violet real estate instead. Why should we start. I have general dennis. Dennis chiropractors medical practitioners surgery center. Who come to me in the lot of times. The question is the same so let you know. We’ve got the basic floor plan. What do i do now. who do i talk to. What’s the process. What’s i you know in all that triggered with me. When i started compiling this back in ninety seven basically i realized as i started compiling the book that there is a process in the biggest part that i found in what you just shared. Justin is typical in not uncommon for so many medical practitioners. Is they end up where they don’t wanna be the end up ahead. An office yesterday. Friday in a meeting with a group practice and one was a corporate industry and and all the corporate people on the meeting and as we were talking. Dennis was there. And i knew the dentist had shared a couple of things. I’m looking at the floor plan on going. This doesn’t work. And i just asked some pointed questions than said dr. Are you going to get frustrated. Going into the two different rooms in the chairs on the left on one side and cheer on the right on the other and he says that drive the heck out of you know i go crazy. I go stir crazy in aid it and they said well. That’s the way your practices in an also you have just a single entry and you told me how important abdul entries and we started having that discussion in f- understand. This is after an already being on the phone call and they talked about everything else but they didn’t talk about what was most important. What was important is the design and flow in. But i nobody asked the doctor what was important or they know better. Then you have to go back even farther. So how’d you find out what’s important to the doctor recently realized that it’s really about who are you. You know like the old song from the who who are you. And what’s interesting is once you take the time to really dissect what’s important to you and set your priorities and all those things all this other stuff come together real easy. There’s a lot of other important things to know. But it’s a big issue really understanding you know that that saying no they self and it really becomes very powerful as you move forward but that is the first single step and i have a little thing called four steps billion profitable practice of your dreams and that’s the first step we were talking about. What do we want You want an open room. You want multiple chairs in a big long stretch. Actually no know. That’s it’s even before that knowing myself. Really that’s part of the vision part it knowing i self is really understanding. Are you won that you work well with people. Are you going to be a signal practitioner. You group practice. Are you one. That enjoys fast pace or slow pace. Are you won a methodical. You wanna take time for your patients or not is are you someone that really values quality of care or are you quite frankly just about the money. It’s all gonna play into the build out. Yeah as you are you. Are you the kind of person that really wants to appear a fluent in and you want an office ostentatious or he wanted office that’s medium or something. I’ve had offices that Literally i wouldn’t personally do. The design level is probably what i call almost bottom entry level and they exploded in did extremely well. Why is that. Because they knew themselves they knew the client. They knew the where they’re going and they knew what they were about. So they designed the office accordingly. They didn’t build a dense. What someone had across the street. They decided on what was important to district. If you wanted the high end patient with the high end procedures versus someone who may be like look. I did with affordable people who can barely the only get what they need. They don’t need the money. Flashy things is like. is it clean. Pretty yeah okay. that’s exactly it and so what’s really interesting is jumped to the payoff. Is you build to that level that level of who you are and it’s a proven fact.

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The dental community. What happens is that is a thirty. Four percent return for two years average nationally. How you build your clinic that that means if you go from a urine existing practice and you’re tired of the space and he moved to a new practice or you do a major renovation. You’re gonna have thirty four percent return and people say how can that be. And i’ve had some that have exceeded that into the fifty sixty percent. I’ve had people that have over a hundred new patient referrals. A month ahead. One doctor that we did last year. That was getting forty to sixty new patients a month. He had time to advertise you to spend four five six thousand dollars a month in advertising before as great role that into the the build out costs pay quickly return. Just justin know that that and that’s where people skipped for sale. It’s like an afterthought and i don’t know there’s a difference too i would think if you’re new at a school where you have no money versus you’ve been working. You got you earn your ropes. You have some money you have some capital to to start your own place where you’re like all right the banco loan me money. And how much should i spend. How much could spend because you million are you. Can i think it didn’t office is only so cheap. You can get because you have to run so much pipes and all that kind of stuff but typically in the united states the dental office will cost you know thirty forty dollars square foot more than a medical practice. You know whether it’s just a md year whether it’s a prac- whatever that’s a higher price. That’s right there are thirty or forty more square foot. That’s that’s a lot of money and you know but you talk about those new doctors coming out of school whether it’s a doctor or a dentist and they have a lot of debt. What’s interesting is people in the book. I outlined to create a budget. Well most people do have this conversation they go. I wanna do an office. So they go to lender. Linda says okay how much you want. And then they come back saying well how much you gimme but there. There’s a small equation missing that equation. Is you need to do a budget. And that’s one thing i provided. The book is a budget to help you. In as little checklist you know that doesn’t include sign. Age doesn’t include furniture include. Tv’s doesn’t include. You know your washer dryer in all these miscellaneous things list the equipment in what happens so often is they as you go do a practice. The stress is they forget you forget. About what else is there in. Then you have this question in my getting everything and then then your stress goes up in clothing and everything. What surprises were going. Help in the form just helps you. Break that down to get rid of concern. I’ve always noticed always more ninety nine dollars a month. Recurring fees are the brakes in. It’s three hundred dollars here and the house over it. Always so high happened and every month. That’s something else but you know coming back. That budget what happens is i’ve literally had dentist that i’ve gone through the budget or medical practice. Go through the budget. We get down to the very bottom and we come up with a number in. Sometimes they look at me. One sticks eliminated. He just had his mouth dropped and goes good. Gosh i can’t for that. And i said you know what you need to wait a couple of years. It’s okay but it’s far better to make a decision and find that out before you get down to the point where you’re started the plans you’ve already signed the contract on the lease for the building and all of a sudden you realize you can’t afford it and you go bankrupt yet. So it’s it’s called due diligence in. I call the breakdown of counting the costs. Because that’s really what it is and it’s a simple little process but even i find lenders. Don’t take the time to do that. They’re more interested in. Gimme your you your tech statements. And gimme all your paperwork. I need see if i can get you funded. Let’s go give you as much as i can call commission before we jump in a little bit more into like the book the things. Here’s the questions that i’ll be asking reception design. What are some things we should consider. Maybe some top reasons. Maybe why went. Somebody’s gonna build out the end up being beyond. Just why don’t we just jump into them one at a time. Just go for okay. Because i want to lead into this question for as well as do you built so many. Do you just have like blueprints that someone can like pay you certain amount of money and just like here. Here’s the standard blueprint for this style. Size shape office. That’s worked for the last thirty people with zach’s aim shape or is it always like super customized. Absolutely there’s no different than the the cabin plans for the house plans in find on online and stuff. We don’t do that you know what’s interesting out of all the offices i’ve done.

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There’s not one office sets alight. Alright so there’s that if medical practice what if your medical practice dental practice uniquely onto your on because when we talk about your knowing yourself and your vision that will critique a little bit you’re going to have a little different flair a little different design. You’ve got a different clientele in every communities just a little bit different and unique unto itself. Besides your own tastes gotcha. So then let’s jump in with allison referring to reception design. What are some of the top things we got to consider okay number. One is the biggest thing i see. Is they most offices. Have it reversed. They have twice the size of the check in than they need than the checkout. Thank you gotta theses. Single biggest thing. I see is there. The other thing that’s really puts patients and clients in an uncomfortable mode is the situation of having the bathroom in the waiting room. The worst you know and there’s nothing worse than going to the bathroom and then coming out and having ten sets of eyes look at you as a hear the sound and smell the smell. Yep it what does that do for your memory as you go to that practice. It doesn’t do anything for and know back to the reception is also understanding your clientele if they’re older and if you do bigger cases there might be some a long-term presentations and stop having a place that people can sit down out of the way but not feel like they’re in a closing office at a high pressure car salesman but being able to sit down comfortably. That’s typically we put an office manager behind the recessionary that a person step into that or sometimes that’s even sit down area at checkout but be cautious in understand your clientele when i mean by that is. I’ve had some practitioners. They’ll put all their checkout as sit down and look at them and go. You really wanna do that. Why well this neighborhood is known for words. They love to talk. they’re retired. they don’t have a lot to do and while you give him a chair to sit down and pull up much to the fat has done. Yeah you’re thirty dollar co-pays a thirty minute adventure. Yeah and all the sudden you lose sight of the you know. I’m not saying you lose value of the patients. But i’m saying you need to be cost conscious of yourself in your time and and so there’s certain situations where you do want sit down at checkout but you need also understand your patients than you need to stand up for quick checkout and allow them to leave and just simple little things like that so you like the idea of having a separate check in versus check out so it’s not on the same in this day and age It’s continually changing I have one office that is now going to know. Check out at all and because it’s taken care of in the exam rooms and so with this day and age of the little card with a chip bennett tap. Go off a goal that i think will increase in the purpose of the check in and with medical. There’s so many more so much more paper and stuff like that where You really need to. I think about you know. Are you into a bunch of plans in which your patients are going to have to fill a lot of paperwork and you might need to have a bigger check in just to deal with at quirky place. Sign in a place for them to come up and get the paperwork and play their deductible or whatever it might be so every situation is unique in. It’s having someone that really understands your type of business to help you make those better choices. What are some of the reasons you expect someone to be unhappy with their build out even with some of your own past clients. What are they year into a like. Oh i wish you would have did this differently. Fortunately i haven’t had that happen. But but i have heard that issue and i hear quite often in the biggest problem is multifold so one is the medical professional the doctor the dentist whatever comes to the situation. They get ready to start. And they’re the big idea person. And i want be bothered. So they delegate they say oh at architect knows what he’s doing whether he does. I don’t know but go ahead. And just put all their trust in a person they get it designed. They often run. And i have an example of that where one practice was completed and he walked into it in literally. I went and visited him. It was about three months later Because he was wanting to do a little remodeling office. You’ve just finished in someone else built Designed it for him.

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But i walked in Oh my gosh. This is way over the top. I mean it had like a seven layers of sophists had every Even the inside ceilings were radio host and you name it and i came around the corner. I saw the doctor sitting in his chair in his head was down in he was acted in a said. What’s what’s going on. And as i talked to he says. I have a hard time coming to work. He says i can’t do this. He says i the offices way over the top my patients i know my patients feel like they’re paying for this. They were in but he had such a bad experience and why was that. He didn’t take time to be invested at the beginning and set. The criterion set the playing field straight. It was like here’s my budget. Uh any turned everything over to architect designer in. Let him have his way. Okay so hopefully. Everyone who’s listening is understanding that you can’t just be this hands off. Yes trust your architect but the actually dig in there and ask questions in c three model or walk through these days. There should be enough software where you can have someone designed three d. and you walk through it and like so. This is what i would look like every day. This is the flow. Maybe we need to change this. Like you said left chair right chair. You seen that. Is that easy to do our at least you could pay extra to see that yes there. There’s always options for that. But besides the doctor beans hands off another issue i run into is when i see a doctor. That doesn’t know what they want in and then they’d they delegate to the wrong person and that’s part of the steps of success that i talk about. Is you know the accountable professional yield. There’s different types of professionals. Basically i had a hard lesson myself is in. It’s called blind trust or earn trust. That lesson was early on in my business. And i took off in this naive General contractor and go and in. I thought that new as doing. I just hired the scalp because she was a great motherly type and she even heads sewing these with a female employees and spouses and she embezzled in fraud and forgery and falsified checks five tax returns and put me in bankruptcy. I say that very loud and clear. I bounce back from it and i’m very thankful my wife hung in there with me but the biggest issue was it came down to blind trust. I put blind trust in this lady in. I put everything. I had into Her in in in a hate. I had ask my wife’s forgiveness. Because i trusted her morton. My wife and she didn’t earn it costs pig. That’s wild because you know people do that too they. They don’t follow up with the books very well. They don’t follow the money very well. And then all of a sudden something happens and then they finally realize like while they’ve been taking three four five thousand a month and that’s why i can’t pay my bills very well and everything else has gone crappy. I had one doctor. That would do a session with me over at the dental school when we teach in on how to sell dentistry any shared a story. How had one day. He had a call up to the front desk. There was some. Va in police their mojo. What’s wrong and he said we need to go back to your office and talk. Basically what had happened is he says. We have your signature on ten thousand drug prescriptions. And we need to find out what’s going on and come to find out the front desk l. In her husband had a little drugging going on and what they did is they are really good about they would shred the actual in monthly invoices and just are the individual invoices as team minutes. Just the the big invoice for the month so you couldn’t see what they were four and she would help the doctor by just flipping through one at a time the stack and let him initial sign each one of them and she put it back in mill fagel. So it’s amazing. Okay so really it becomes. I think you just have to be. You’re not to be a micromanager but you need to be every month in every aspect of your business. So that they know there’s some checks and balances. Yeah it’s checks and balances and you know so as you go through this process. It’s really hiring. Professional that are accountable and one that means when you’re first hiring them it’s not necessarily it should be based on how much they charge because sometimes they might be the best price but sometimes he might be the most expensive sometimes during the middle.

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But you really after. What can a service are they providing in. What kind of value do they have. And then also as you’re asking questions are they giving you options or are they just shaking their head. Yes and everything you say. Get rid of them right away after just saying yes to everything. Say if they’re not giving options you know you don’t want them if if they’re someone that are they more about your wallet or giving you ways to save money and make better choices. You know simple things very important. I wanna make sure we respect your time at outlook that something. That was called the fifth of success. What is that well While back i was just thinking of all the clients have had in the ones that didn’t get it in what i mean by. That is they wanted to do something in. You’re having a hard time making it happen. They’re having a hard time qualifying. They’re having a hard time just making ends meet. Or what have you. And i came up with fisker success in basically. It’s five things so basically when it i meet with a client. They’re always be one or two. That is literally like having fists up and there is a barrier between us and them. And i’m going. What is that. Well what’s interesting is as you go through these in you. Have your hands closed in. The first one is f- for fico score this day and age. The fico score Is very important keeping your ratings up. And ideally around seven twenty or more and then the the second is the i for intelligence spending lord knows. We all need help with that. No but it’s it’s you know you talk about that new person coming out of school and they have all this debt for a dentist right now. It’s not uncommon to have three or four hundred thousand dollars or more in debt and they have lots of shiny objects that they can purchase. That will promise them. They’ll save their financial future if they buy it. So you know we. We talk about that intelligence spending and what i remind him is what’s interesting in the dental and in the medical practice For lending is if you do things in the right sequence you go get your first job and you get this big check. What do i do. Oh let’s go buy a big car. Nice car let’s go buy a big house and what you do is save some money and just keep making payments. They don’t want you to pay off your debt immediately. What they’re wanting to just see that red either. You know you’re making good conscious choice decisions decisions and then you know. The third is s for satisfying your passion. I see people in all types of practices in businesses. And they’re not in it for the right reasons. Reasons should be. It’s your passion. It’s what god made you for. It just truly enjoy what you do and you should thoroughly enjoy that process in if you do everything else comes easy. You enjoy the extra time investment. You know that you put into things and then the t is for time. And then what happens you noticed. My hands opening up is a time for relationships. So it’s not only your family but also time for your patients is getting to know them and having little system built within your records that you can figure out the remember. Tom’s name or sam’s samantha’s name and and that they were the only child and they just had a baby last week. You know whatever it might be bill that connect with them. And that’s what it’s about as basically it’s not the program of selling it’s about relationships and that’s the higher return for you and then the last is savings and all of a sudden your hands open and that savings that we kinda lended a indicated earlier is you know saving forty fifty thousand dollars. Today’s able to have money for the incidentals in the unknowns. Because they always happen. And that’s what a lenders looking for especially as you know they wanna make sure you have a little nest egg set aside just in case something comes up you know some of the lenders will give you one hundred percent financing still right now and some of its and what’s interesting is i seen people do it the wrong way where they got the big. I just literally had. This happened two weeks ago where a practitioner had just purchased their house and they put two hundred thousand dollars cash down to reduce their mortgage. And i’m thinking and they couldn’t get along for their new ups in the already owned the office building but they wanted to do a build but they couldn’t get money to build out because they’re cash for our.

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Yeah that’s true because you gave up all your cash monthly and money. What the cost of money is so so low right now is if he had taken a just made that extra payment that two hundred thousand dollars you think about what that is in a payment. It’s next to nothing comparatively and if he would apply that or just instead he’s going to go forward as office but he’s not gonna be able to do the new equipment that he wanted instead. He’s going to have to get used equipment for the first couple of years until he can afford to get some new equipment boy. It’s hard to find someone to talk even like your accountant. Sometimes they’re not always equipped with the The best tax savings or like you said to have your investment broker in your counting working together or somehow and just like okay. I have two hundred thousand dollars. Cash burn a hole in my pocket. Where’s the best way to spend. It are not so that i can take advantage of every opportunity to make this money work for me instead of blindly just doing with this person did. That’s in that such great advice. Justin because what happens is most Most cpa’s our history driven. And then you know the where. You have your financial planner. He’s about trying to reap the future and help you make good. Choices is getting them both on the same page in helping with that process. And we’ve had interviews with cpi on. What are they called certified. Public accountants are produced. Sheri’s oh yes that Fiduciary is they have to do. What’s in your best interest. So typically you have to pay a fee instead of like a percentage of your investments. So it’s a little bit different than just somebody fidelity or vanguard or something but they have to serve your best interests not theirs highly recommend that it costs what appears to be costing you. Money really can make you so much more money and then it’s not tied anything if you’re just letting them you’re you don’t have to pay any money up front and they’re investing for you but usually they’re going to do things where they get double kickback. And other things that were to their best interests not necessarily to your best interests. I had a guy do that. And then he switched companies in new guys. Like why are you in this fund as well he goes you know afterwards you like kind of a bad feeling about this but like i got right out for a few years so yeah i think you got bamboozled and contacted. The gun is like what i got three kids in private school man and i was like. Wow that was your answer. I should report you to the commission like that was insane answer. He said that helped loud on a text. Oh was just so. I was so shocked. Wow you can’t even pretend to lie. Oh my gosh On me he convinced me to change my original idea so now i am obviously a scorned human being when i talked to financial advisers sometimes after remember calmed down. But we all have those that history and and that’s where we it’s about making better choices and that earn trust while speaking about bad decisions and redemption on our pre talk. We were talking about a bad marriage that turned into one of the best marriages. you could possibly imagine. So what is your tips so that we can keep our love alive and not be divorced. I’ve load that you know i. I love my wife dearly and she has put up with a lot. The first fifteen years of our marriage it was about me. And i finally got off the ladder and off the podium in realize that it’s two of us and it was about give and take but really the biggest single thing was just learning what was to her and appointing case. You know when we we go on a little trip or something When i finally realized that i used to always i love to go take pictures and go travel and and i’m off early mornings and stuff so but i realized she loves the morning and talk and not talk sitting have coffee and relax so i go off early morning. Then come back in and have a coffee forward in helper. And then we do what she’s interested in but the biggest Some of the biggest things is taking time for each other and at least once a week we do something together. Once a month we even go do an overnight or still. We’ve been married forty three years and it’s the time investment and also little things of taking the time to write a note taking the time to cal in front of other people that you love your wife tone. Your your spouse said to daily that you love them hold their hands and do the old gentleman type of thing of opening doors and being gracious it all comes down to just being a good person in helping them excel and find out what they love to do.

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Hand plan for some of those events and are those hard conversations. The half trying to discover what your spouse likes at first. They’re very conscious cautious. I should say you know. When you’ll have to understand the fifteen years of marriage. My wife had had it and was ready to take her three children. Walk out the door sunspot and she says i just can’t do this anymore and i finally woke up. A dropped was doing in literally figuratively and literally turned around and said okay. He had my attention. I’m sorry i need to do something here. And we went to a counselor and that scared the heck out of me. Because i remember the days we’re bob newhart but there’s people that went to counseling for their life and i’m thinking i don’t wanna go forever. We went ten times the ninth time we took our children and that was an eye opener because esau how team my wife how that greatly hurt our children on how they acted they did a little role play where they took each child. Gotta take in create a family portrait and then they placed themselves in the pitcher. I don’t wanna see that talk about taking a knife of putting your heart brutal in but it was such a powerful eye opener and then the last one we went to and it was just so releasing by having a good concert just to help us talk about. It’s not about what you did wrong. It’s just creating new processes that you can work in and make life better has really divorced. Isn’t better a. I see people get divorced and i don’t know how they lived through that hell it so nice to have someone cover your back in someone be there for you and you always really care and want the best for you. It means the world is such a gift. One of the things i do is is a show the not to show appreciation by buying flowers and things because she likes them but they’re selling her on a regular like the things that i appreciate that she does because right now. She’s kind of a housewife In germany and so it’s easy to feel taken advantage of when you come home from work and you’re like talking much appreciate what she’s doing cooking and having dinner prepared. You know you don’t have to deal with that when you come home little mundane things that matter so much if you’re not having to do them somebody’s really the there’s a book called the love languages something in every everyone has a different love languages and some of its gifts in some of its doing things for each other and but it’s really understanding what it is that makes your wife saying what is it from my wife. She shows her love by cooking. Well what happened to me. Is i was always working and i was always missing supper so that she i don’t care and and so. I made a commitment to always be home by this hour. And and then i the the exception was if someone wanted to meet lake. What was interesting is i make a phone call. Say excuse me. I need to make a phone call and get permission Will that be okay. But i’ve made that very few and far between and then really. I found that people wanted to meet in the evenings and stuff like that. And i just said you know what i’ve i started. You know four or five in the morning. And if i’m not done by six we need to figure out another time but what’s so interesting is what’s found in professionals life is usually i would give people say well. Let’s meet tonight at seven. And i said well i can’t and then how i’d say how about first thing in the morning. Oh gosh you know my first patients at nine in. I’m thinking okay. We could do seven or eight and the brain for you. Take a lunch hour or something like that. But it was interesting as it’s also self worth for not knowing for yourself but also for your spouse in protecting your time. Same thing goes for weekends. A lot of the first things are well. It’s let’s meet in the weekend to get this office going doing that. And i started cutting off going you know. There’s you know. I do about average sixty sixty five hours a week and there should be plenty of time to meet between those hours.

00:40:01 – 00:45:02

Yeah because it is the dentist going to be cutting off at four o’clock so he can come see you You know like let’s see patients six all right well. I’m the same way like respect my time if you expect me to respect your time and actually what i’ve found in the professional world is usually client doesn’t doesn’t value your time. They’re not gonna value their time in in with that. Being said are the client that you weren’t exactly. I guess maybe a little bit of hours enjoyed the breakfast. Because i guess i didn’t have a kid pine either so it wasn’t like i was missing the time before school but when you go early it they started. You know. you have a finite amount of time. You’re not going to be getting drunk. You’re not gonna have a drink is just get the job done. You know what i mean. We got we only got thirty five minutes. We need our eggs and bacon. We’ve gotta go so it’s more productive. It seems to you. Yeah and that’s typically you know meeting right before you see patient sir. Right at lunchtime. Actually there’s a lot to be said for time usage. Because you’re more proactive. In making sure the important things are covered always do the most difficult in the biggest issues at hand. i absolutely. that’s one thing. I like her to buy a business. Networking international much business. Get together once a weekend. Pass referrals in all this kind of stuff. And they always tip. Well i guess a lot of them do breakfast lunch but that was like my routine you get up there like six thirty because ninety minute meeting was thought it was a struggle sometimes but it really Played out well because you get referrals. You’d build these relationships. And after. I actually look forward that early meeting with all these different people departing week so okay. So let’s see. What was the book called that everybody know it’s called. Dental ease is on amazon. No it’s sold online. It’s called dream dental practice dot net dream dental practice dot net. It tells you all about it or you can go on my website for then co dental. Construction didn’t go dental construction. It has a link for it also and you still. So you’re you still out for. People are yale. I’m very blessed. I am. I love what i do. I’m also blessed to have. My oldest son started back with me about eight years ago as a grunt in. He’s worked his way. Up to project manager superintendents in overseas the field and but every i meet with clients still and and i interact with all the critical points of the project. And i’m just very nationwide. Nope we i limited to arizona. That’s why i wrote the book. Is i realized that could not be there for everyone in a wanted to give help dentist and practitioners make good choices and save them lots of time money and effort and not have to redo things. It’d be excited about the practice of their dreams. Show is a chiropractor. But i can hear dennis talk in implement in critically. Think about what. They’re talking about an emeka work for myself. Cut a chiropractor physical therapists read this book in rig like okay i can make those jumps in those leaps. Make the same mistakes. It’s there’s just a couple of minor tweaks that my daughter sculls for not having a medical version yet because it’s so similar i guess you could call it doctor. He’s there was a podiatrist he wrote a business book and it was. You know he’s like that makes them come but it’s not that big deal. He switched it to podiatrist and tweaked it. A little bit and he goes ten times as many sales because it have it. Has that niche podiatrists. He’s like is practically the same book he’s like in fact. I think the other book is better. I was like this crazy. He’s like yeah. Yeah niching down was. That was one of the best things that could have done. I was like okay. Okay so at least you have that going for you already but hit a great topic. As far as you go into business you should constantly be seen what works. What doesn’t work for me for myself. That means originally. I was building a residential and commercial and industrial and hazardous and strip centers. And you name it I got rid of all the residential. And then i got rid of all the everything non medical dental and then i got rid of the ground ups and i just focus on tenant improvements and remodeling. I like that. I think you did what you have to do it. Sometimes as you have to figure it out the hard way the long way but at the same time you figure it out what it was and then you just went all in an announcement decades. Thank you for putting emphasis on that part.

00:45:04 – 00:49:45

I think we all have to listen to that. Sometimes you just can’t graduate and lamb. I’m going to be this master dentistry. Before you just do implants you know when when i speak at like dental colleges and stuff. I’ve found that There’s typically only one or two percent of the those in attendance that are really ready to go out and do an office right out of school. And the same way i find that. There’s typically that same percentage for those that like conflict and that’s a real important issue as it gets started businesses. there’s so many that don’t like conflicts than it ends up to. Some of the problems we’ve talked about. Is they get sucked into things in sold things that they don’t want because they don’t know how to avoid the conflict or say no and there’s definitely books out there that you can read. Yes there is the direc- amend any the one i’ve just rereading. Is dale carnegie. Just how to win friends and how to win franson something but it’s such a good reread on just The basic principles of what are powerful things that can make a difference in your life to impact others in your your future success. Great book will steve anderson. It’s been a pleasure to have you on the show dream. Dental practice dot net are denko dental construction dot com with the book dental ease. I really appreciate everything brought to the table today. And i really do hope that makes him sales of course but also people will take what you said in implemented into their own planet into their own clinic in life. That’s really what it’s about making a difference. Thank you thank you so much for having me. Just another great interview has ended. While you’re on your phone click that review but right up a nice review for me five stars if you could as everyone says an industry it’ll help other people to find when we have enough rankings not to mention i’ll mention you and your review on an upcoming episode. If you follow me on instagram you only get one link. So i use a link tree and so it’s a doctor’s perspective dot net slash links with an s. And that’s gonna be everything you need to know the top episodes of twenty seventeen in two thousand eighteen. The podiatrist series dennis acupuncture series holiday. Twenty seventeen series how to write a review how to support the show like buying a cup of coffee getting swag like t shirts. The today’s choices tomorrow health. That’s the blueprints for better health exercise picking correctly and financial and then of course bundle packs which can get you the know. Acupuncture book forty common conditions including the electric acupuncture pin at a great deal. The resources page has some of the products. That i like. It’s a affiliate style. So if you buy something from them. I get a piece of that. Just like on the sonos pages if you buy a book from clicking the link i got a small piece of that as well so i really appreciate that things like screen castle matic pure. Vpn missing letter. J lab speakers pronoun edge or hog grips once again. If you do need any coaching on how to improve your bloodwork drop weight and the pro loan diet fast mimicking diet. Five day plan. Let me know as well as if you just need some coaching whether it’s health whether it’s marketing whether you need some practice growth etc reach out facebook. Justin tros claire. Mcc of course at a doctor’s perspective that net on the top right you got all the social media icons that you can imagine. Click your favourite and reach out. Thank you so much for tuning in. Please tell a friend pass it along. You can go to dot net slash. Listen as just that easy. It will open up right in your app and don’t forget appreciate you listen critically. Think and integrate seon the minnesota’s on thursdays and saturdays. Hope you’re enjoying those. I’m definitely having fun. Summarizing the podcast and less than ten minutes for you. You get the nuggets without having to waste your time sir. Down shots began.

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