Episode 50: Up Level and Invest in Yourself, Create a Profitable Online Business Dr Ed Osburn

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Dr. Ed Osburn DC talks to Dr Trosclair on A Doctors Perspective Podcast

Can you have an online biz and full time clinic, B2B B2C how to create products customers want, how to invest in yourself and up level, best copyright practices, plus Dr Ed Osburn’s mentors, daily stack and his thoughts on a 100% open rate.

Canadian Chiropractor with a successful family practice- comes down with a serious case of Crohn’s disease. He has to physical quit adjusting patients all day so he had to figure out a new way to make a living. Dr Ed has done over 270 podcasts, launched multiple online products that have made him more money in a month that he would make in a year and is now teaching other doctors not only how to podcast but how to live a laptop lifestyle.

One main point he says, You don’t have to give up your practice to do online business.

Does Dr. Ed Osburn have jedi mind reading capabilities or was he forward thinking about business opportunities when he kept hearing doctor’s questions?

Can his strategies work for B2B (business to business) as well as B2C (business to customer)? How are you creating an Ascension ladder?

Systems are key in creating products on and off line.

What action steps can you take Today to grow relationships and turn a less desirable one around (your Spouse or significant other and with kids) ?

Garrett J White “warrior doctrine”, Jessie Elder, Russell Brunson “ClickFunnels”,

Break free from your assumptions about online business and find out the truth, much like patients and chiropractic.

You have to check out his wife Dr Karen because her podcast (geared for women) has well over 1 Million downloads and offers her own coaching and programs. Big difference is, she was able to accomplish in 6 months what it took Dr Ed 2 years to figure out.
One of the greatest pieces of advice he has been given, Invest In Yourself. Listen to his explanation.

If you want to Up Level yourself, you got to get a mentor. Get one that resonates with you and is doing what you are hoping to achieve.

Listen to where he says you can find the hidden value right under your nose and how to capitalize on it. Maybe you can find yourself saying, Hey if my CA sends you this video on the topic you asked about it, would you watch it?

What is the Number 1 way to learn how to Copyright good Headlines and sales letters?

Basic Formula is: bold statement, subtext, call to action, bullet points of what they get etc

What is a Daily Forge, Stack, Core Four and Relation Declaration? Men of Iron and Warrior Men.

Dana Derricks High Ticket Book Sales

Dr Ed Osburn mentions direct mail and the wow box… don’t be late to the game.

Russell Brunson’s (ClickFunnels) books: DotCom Secrets , Expert Secrets, 108 Proven Split Test Winners

Show notes can be found at www.adoctorsperspective.net/50 here you can also find the transcript of the interview, links to things mentioned and the Travel Tip.

Travel Tip:

Travel Tip
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Full Transcript of the Interview (probably has some grammatical errors). Just Click to expand
Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Episode 50 up level and invest in yourself create a profitable online business. I’m your host, Dr. Justin Foursquare. And today we heard Dr. Ed Osborne’s perspective.

George 2017 podcast Awards Nominated host Dr. Justin trustworthy

Unknown 0:19
as he

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
gets a rare to see him look into the specialties, all types of doctors and guess plus marketing, travel tips, struggles, goals and relationship advice. Let’s hear a doctor’s perspective.

50 episodes? Can you believe it? Oh, I’m so excited. And today, I actually get to interview a guy that was part of the reasons why I started a podcast. And he’s an inspiration for a lot of us because he has learned how to do a laptop lifestyle. And one of the things he stresses you don’t have to quit practice to make money online. It doesn’t have to actually be online, either absorb everything he said he spent a lot of money on leveling up himself and investing in himself. And so his advice is really top notch channel can be found at a doctor’s perspective, net slash five, zero, let’s go hashtag behind the curtain.

Live from China. This is our 50th episode, and I’ve got a great guest. He’s a pioneer, at least in the chiropractic profession for doing the laptop lifestyle for doing podcasting. The man who almost need no introduction, Dr. Ed Osborne.

Unknown 1:26
Awesome. Thank you so much. I appreciate that.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Absolutely. So instead of you having to go through the same introduction that you give yourself for everybody, you know, for all the podcasts you go to, I’m going to introduce you as much as I could think of and then if you want to fill in any blanks, go for it. And then we’ll just jump into some of the questions. How’s that sound?

Unknown 1:43
Beautiful. I love it. Alright.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Alright. So Justin, the Facebook Stalker and the podcast doctor. It’s like we know each other, just from listening to each other. Okay. He had a super successful family practice in Canada, he followed his wife to California to become a chiropractor. Well, that’s about the only way he could get in America. So he did it, then. So they were killing it. I mean, crushing it on every level. And then all of a sudden he started racing. He’s a runner, I think ultra marathoner big time then I got sick this week found out he had Crohn’s, not just Crohn’s, but a really bad case of crows. And as a chiropractor, my goodness, that’s a struggle. What do I do? So anyway, ended up in the hospital. I mean, that’s, that’s, that’s pretty serious, and then couldn’t really practice. So what do I do started a podcast 270 episodes later, maybe more. He’s transitioned into online marketing. He is a Russell Brunson night,

Unknown 2:37
yourself. Because that’s what I like to think of.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And he was an inspiration to start this podcast is on his podcast, or 20 to 30 minutes. And I think that’s just he never goes deep enough. And then I was listening to another

Unknown 2:48
podcast that I know of, I was like,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I could do this. So I’m gonna go along. I’m going longer, though. So that’s, that’s what I got and how to do. Awesome.

Unknown 2:56
That’s very a nutshell man. I’m not that I’m not that coming blacks.

Unknown 3:00
Exactly. Okay,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
so the question that I have for you, the first one would be how are you getting the pulse on chiropractic so well, because you’re introducing all these online products, and then they’re actually selling? And then you come up with new programs? And you’re like, I didn’t even know I needed it.

What do you do? And how are you? How are you? So Jetta,

Unknown 3:19
um, I just listened to what it’s always been the same doc is like, I just listened to what people reach out to me and ask for help for. And so if I have three or four people ask me the same question. Or for the same, you know, in the same like, area of health, so like, when someone was like, I had like three or four people reach out to me at how do I start a podcast? I was like, well, instead of maybe just guiding you through one person’s your, what if I just actually recorded this? And then we can actually get this to all doctors? Because clearly, if one or two are asking me, there’s a lot of people and it was the same thing as like, Okay, well, how do you how do you create a sales funnel? Or and how do you do a group coaching or at you know, so it’s always just been listening to what chiropractors and now it’s more just like what doctors want?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
always very good. That’s that’s kind of what I was expecting the here. And it’s good to know that that’s,

Unknown 4:12
you know, you don’t have some magic bullet, it’s actually aware. Well, they don’t always, they’re not all winners, by the way. I

Unknown 4:22
know, some of them are some tank, some ideas hit. And I guess it’s just like, a lot of people. what they’ll do, though, is they quit. So I just don’t I just like, okay, so either I, of course, correct. Or I just go on to the next thing. Okay, well, well, what is the next thing that I can create to give value back to everyone

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
is one of the things I’ve noticed is you’re kind of a business to business, the b2b. And I think sometimes when we’re selling, as you know, as a chiropractor, in the in the trenches, we’re going to go B to C, so be the cut, you know, the customers? Well, some of the same strategies that you teach work for that model.

Unknown 4:58
Yeah, it’s funny, because it’s, it’s actually businesses, business doesn’t matter. Like, every, it doesn’t matter if you’re in practice. Or if you’re an online business there, you’re actually doing pretty much the same type of Ascension that we talked about, you know, bring some like in practice, for example, people come in or hear about you, or they read your blog, or they watch the video, whatever marketing you have out there that maybe get introduced to you somehow, by some sort of free content, you deliver, we do that in online business to then they walk in your door, they pay you for first first visit, you sit down with them. So like it’s, it’s the same essentially, you know, they then they become a patient, then you transfer them into are bringing them into retention in life care, or wellness care. It’s the same thing in life in online business. So yeah, it’s the same exact strategies, tactics, whatever you want to call it in an online business works doesn’t matter if you go B to C. So Cairo to customer or you go Cairo to Cairo, it’s it’s all the same.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Do some of your programs help the doctors to figure out? Okay, um, I don’t want to do exactly what you’re doing. But I would like to serve my customers. This this or this? Are you helping doctors brainstorm, like, what does that look like? What? What can I offer my clients?

Unknown 6:18
Yeah, that’s probably the, you know, and again, it’s all about listening to what people need, like clients that we work with, or like, because we have over 200 people now in the crew. I mean, and and it’s funny, because everyone’s doing something different. Okay. But the, yeah, we came to a point where we were like, okay, we need to have a very clear system, like a synchronicity of steps of like how you can go from point A, to point B to point C, maybe even, of just what you can create, because that was the biggest, most doctors are really good marketers, by the way. Or they can they can dive down into their purpose, right? They know what they want to do and how they want to impact people.

Unknown 7:04
But there had to be another step of just like, Okay, well, what how do I brand that? And then how do I message it so that people actually get it. And so I can intersect that, you know, what I want to teach actually, and actually, you know, talk to the the wants, needs and desires of the customers that you want to want to connect with, which will ultimately pay you for that service. So that’s the steps we take everyone through. And we’ve got it down now to a system, which I can say I’m happily happy to say it’s a system versus me just one on one with everyone Now, can we

Unknown 7:35
call because

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
just try to answer the same question 20 times.

Unknown 7:40
That’s exactly what it is, though. I mean, it’s so

Unknown 7:42
simple. Just, if people are asking you for how just listen to what they’re asking for.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah. And give it to them. How are you dealing with all the haters? Everyone asked me

Unknown 7:51
this, everyone was like, I get so many haters, I’m, you know,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
pretty passionate sometimes on Facebook. So I just have to imagine that you must get some, some things in the background that were just like, wow, that was a brutal lick.

Unknown 8:05
I get some crazy stuff. Like really just odd stuff. I don’t know. You know, I used to be a lot more delicate. Like and I mean, as a delicate as a person, I don’t mean delicate and my response. But it was more it would like hurt. It was like I would say anyone ever say that about me. Or, you know,

Unknown 8:23
now I’m just a little bit more, I really just, it doesn’t faze me anymore. But I do also have a line. So sometimes we’ll go, we call it dark warrior. It’s like, like, you can’t allow someone to attack your family, your kids, you know, there’s certain lines that you don’t ask, but for now, for most

Unknown 8:45
easiest way to handle this stuff is is just block delete. That’s the fastest simplest way. There’s lots of people who who love what, you know, you do this box, people love what I do. And then there’s other people who just there there, what we do is not for them, and that’s okay. So just don’t be in my Don’t be in my playground.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I like that answer. I mean, I’ve blocked and deleted the few people like I’m not even gonna troll and you’re gonna have all these negative opinions. Like what’s the nofollow me? Like? It’s, you don’t have to? Yeah, yeah, one of the one of the things I like on this podcast is to ask about kind of family life and things like that. And since you’ve mentioned in the past that I’ve heard it said, your family was tanking, it was just kind of roommates just really not going well, what was one of the catalysts to, I guess, recognize that to be aware of it, and then maybe like an action step to turn that around, so that you didn’t end up in divorce?

Unknown 9:37
You know, I don’t know if we ever would have ended up in divorce, to be honest with you. Because when Karen and I, no matter what we’ve always been really committed. Like, there was just never really an option of like, we separate or go our own ways. So when we got married, we just knew that we’ve been together almost 25 years since. Yeah. But we didn’t realize until I actually started entering the conversation of warrior. So like, with Garrett, Jay white and what he’s teaching with warrior movement, that I realized that our marriage was not as good as it could be. Like, when I entered into warrior, I’m like, Hey, man, I just need to figure out how to get my business s. t together. Right. But I didn’t. Yeah, I didn’t realize that it was like, Oh, my God, my marriage is suffering here. Like we’re not happy. And this is not a happy place for us. We’re good. We’re good friends, but we’re not. We’re not you know, lovers. We’re not like married in insensitive, working together. And also, you know, definitely every, it’s basically been like with working with warrior and is in working with the way the Garret works, is just consistently every day like I work in my business, I work on my marriage, and I work with worth connection with my kids very different.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
You see the books out there? Is it just the

Unknown 10:54
boot camp thing he has, he has a book out now it’s called Black, the black book sells for like a Starbucks. And he releases like what I think maybe three or 400 copies at a time, and it sells out in an instant. So I mean, it’s the warrior doctrine. He’s he’s got all different levels of online business, which is exactly what I do, by the way, like I have all different levels of online business. Like he does one on one coaching, which is 250. k, by the way, for a year with him. Wow. Yeah, he takes on the cost of the four kings. So he takes on the four kings each year. But this is what I want. so badly for docs to get is that they have the ability to create anything they want any possibility. Because I think at our core is doctors, we are creators, and we want to serve. But I just really so much want docs to really understand the power of having virtual content that people can access. And how it it just bust open any limitations that you might have have success or what you can do in business,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
you have to find you to give that permission, like hey, it’s okay. It’s not sleazy. It’s what reservations, like just let them go. It’s

Unknown 12:02
legit. I don’t know if I have to give them permission just so much as it feels like I have to really push like, I really have to crack the egg like I tried to polarize for one thing, like because I because this is all about and it’s an attention game, right? So I tried to polarize so that people will actually click and listen to what we’re saying or or see what other docs have done and created in virtual business. So it’s, I don’t think it’s so much about permission as to just it feels at times like I’m, I’m pushing very hard. You know, I actually had a very similar experience. It was actually for 13 years when I was in practice, with chiropractic, by the way, in my community, right. I mean, it’s it’s not unlike that it’s like it’s something that’s people often have a preconceived notion of what Cairo is, well, people have a preconceived notion of what, maybe online businesses and that they can or cannot do it. So we’re constantly campaigning, whether we’re Kairos in our office community, or, you know, in an online business to to show people the possibilities, right.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah, the same your, your wife, actually, from what I’ve gathered is either question it more than you are,

Unknown 13:13
and we just don’t hear about it are.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
She has like a million plus downloads, she has kind of a coaching career now as well, and everything are you able to that she learned from you, and then just took what you did and was like, and I don’t have to do six months of learning. I just bought it down into one month and is able to explode, like, what do you thoughts on that?

Unknown 13:33
I think, you know, for Karen, it was just our dream had been like as we built this massive, beautiful practice in Alberta. And when I could no longer be there, right? When I couldn’t go in and adjust the hundred patients in a day. And I just needed time to heal. So she was in the practice still, and it just wasn’t our dream. So then she’s like, seeing me doing this stuff, which is I’m like you I was like, hey, man is john Lee Dumas guy, I think I can do what he’s doing. You know, and I was like, I could do that. There’s nothing special about that guy. So I just put my head down, and I go, look, I’m gonna figure this stuff out. And so she saw me building this and actually getting some success getting some traction. And she’s like, hey, I want to be with you. I want to, that’s what I want. So it was really interesting how, at at a certain point, so Karen started building and doing what we call like a side hustle. Right? So she started working in our virtual business over here, podcasting and things like that. And as she became more successful in our virtual business, she had less time and practice or brick and mortar until that shifted efforts is it was like, a business decision to actually close the doors. We close the doors, we didn’t actually sell the practice. We tried to sell it though. Nobody wants to move to Edmonton, Alberta. And so we just close the doors paid off our lease for to the next two years. And we went on to the ripple effect of of helping doctors and Karen’s helping on entrepreneurial women change their lives with their with their spouses and their kids now and inside of their business. So the reason you don’t hear about Karen is because we’re not her avatar were men. So yeah, she speaks to women. She travels, she’s just live speaking, she has live events here. She’s really truly just taken the exact same formula, like you were saying of the steps what I took, but it took me like two years to figure it out. She figured that out. And like six months. Wow. And crushed it. Yeah, man. Cool, so proud.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Definitely. And I know how much it takes for me to do this and what I’m trying to accomplish, you’re actually you know, paying the money to go to the Branson, whatever they call them, the retreats on the weekend, and, and things like that, how are you able to juggle all that is this word is required. Plus you got two small kids, but any secret sauce there for anybody else,

Unknown 15:48
I think it’s the same as everyone except maybe when it was in it was a lot harder when I was in practice, to be honest with you. Because Karen and I both practiced, so that and even at that time, neither of our kids were in school. So it was like daycare, right or preschool. Now I now when my son is in my Tyson, he’s in grade two. So we’re here when he gets up in the morning, we get to take him to school, get to pick them up at 230. Because we set our own hours. Chi is in daycare, he loves it, all his friends are there. So he’s there for roughly about the same amount of time. So I don’t think it’s really any different than most people, although the differences like so Tyson was sick on Friday, last week, so he was home. But I still was able to do a webinar on that day. So yeah, so I did like a webinar and did it. But it’s only one hour, you know, made a few sales and impacted some lives and that kind of thing. And in the same respect, I’m not stressing over rescheduling patients or feeling guilty because you know, Tyson’s here with a sitter or something like that. I mean, I’m here to be with him. It’s there’s a lot of freedom in being able to just kind of turn on your on your business. Like, only it like so long as you have Wi Fi.

Unknown 17:04
It’s it’s I mean, look at look at look at this. I mean, like what we’re doing right now, you and I, yeah, this is crazy, man. I’m in Victoria BC, you’re in like, Where are you Singapore, like side of it. Like, this is insane. If you told me like four years ago, we’d be doing this. I want to say, you know,

Unknown 17:21
no way. You’re away.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
It’s the coolest. Yeah, one of the top pieces of advice you’ve had in the last two years?

Unknown 17:31
Oh, that’s a great question. Because I’ve had so much great advice.

Unknown 17:36
It’s always been invest in yourself. Invest in yourself. So I have a real difficult time with relinquish. Like, number one, I’m cheap, believe it or not, even though I’ll pay 25 k for to be in a club. So that’s

Unknown 17:52
I’m cheap. If I’m going to invest, it’s not in real estate. It’s not in Bitcoin, although I got a little money in there. You know, it’s it’s not an ad stuff. If I put 25 k into a group like Russell’s inner circle, and because I get accepted, and you’re like, Well, yeah, you better jump in. Right? Um, that’s investing in me. I’m responsible for whatever results that come out of that. And I’ve know and it was the same in practice. Whenever I hired a mentor, I always grew, I always learned and I always up leveled my business. I think that’s always been the best advice because that so there was a certain point that I thought I knew everything. And so I mean, I didn’t invest in myself, I didn’t think that I needed to because I didn’t know what I didn’t know, that’s such a cliche, but it’s true. It’s true. Yeah, get a mentor, anyone who’s listening to this, I don’t care if it’s someone who’s like high level or just, they’re a little bit above you just hire someone who can guide you. Do you

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
think it needs to be another chiropractor?

Unknown 18:51
No. No way. Yeah. So I think sometimes it’s better if it’s not right. I can give you Yeah, they can get sometimes someone outside of the our professional has a very unique perspective on what, like they’ll see stuff you don’t see. Right?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That’s me, especially if you’re trying to just get out of the 100%. I adjust and give nutritional advice. And you know, that type of model, you need someone to say, this is do this, the doctors do this. You don’t have any anything in this room. And you have to have somebody brainstorming like Well, what do I know? Yeah, oh, my gosh, that was totally worth going outside of my field for once, you know, most of us have one of the dozens of chiropractic management companies, when you were looking at do an inner circle. And if you’re just a normal Doc, is it better? Potentially, if you had the money? For sure. Find someone like yourself who’s coaching? is kind of the chiropractor’s or your own profession? Or do you just just go straight to the source? Or is there like a stepping stone? Maybe start with Dr. Ed, get when you cannot have him? And then if it’s the right, I’ve got a basic groundwork. Now how can I up level this

Unknown 19:53
similar question? They’re like, Well, why would I hire you? When I can hire them? Well, number one, I mean, you have to apply to get into inner circle. And I think it’s gone up to 50 k now. So it for a year. It’s it’s not cheap. So yeah, I would definitely so for myself, I always speak from experience. So here’s my experience. Yeah, my experience is this, like, when I hire get when I worked with Garrett, Jay white. This is someone who sat down with me for 10 minutes, and in just 10 minutes changed my business. Wow. So it was worth every penny that I had invested. I came back from that experience. And I launched an online business via a webinar based on the accountability that he’s like, you’re going to do this, you’re going to create it in seven days, and you’re going to launch it and that was where was the first stepping stone like you said, and then I thought, well, this is really cool. This is this is working well for me. Who is who was Garrett. I was thinking who is Garrett?

Unknown 20:49

Unknown 20:50
right? And so Jesse elder, and I was like, Well, I’m going to go higher, Jesse. So that’s what was Jesse elder was my next mentor. And I worked with him. And he he took our business, like my business, I should say, like, to unbelievable. Like, I just blew my mind. I’m like, I literally lied to him on the phone. Because I was like, I wanted to get in so bad because he has a minimum requirement. And I’m like, I’m close, but I’m not really there. Yeah, so. So for like income, I should say. I’m

Unknown 21:19
just so that was the way

Unknown 21:22
that it was Russell, there you go. I was one fall away. So then it was Russell after that. And with Russell, it was more like I had an introduction into inner circle and they so it was like someone said, hey, look, you gotta get this guy, get it, Osborne into your group, he’s gonna have a lot of value. And then it I just felt like, Okay, I got it. Like this opportunity presented itself, I have to jump on board. And every time I have invested that, that time and money because it’s not just the money, it’s time to in myself by businesses. I mean, everyone asked me like, how did you do it so quickly? Like, honestly, that’s it? It’s it’s not science, man. It’s like, I just I just put myself in the same room as people who are like, like, I’m the stupid a sky in the room. I feel, you know, and I mean, and that’s every time. And these people, by the way, like when you do that they are the most generous, like people who have transcended the material stuff transcended the like there.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah, it’s just one healthy versus the old, wealthy, there’s a different way that you spend your money they say,

Unknown 22:26

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
exactly. I think it’s kind of the same way that I guys, we’ve already been here. I could put a mark it out. I could put a new product tomorrow. And then within a year, I know I’m going to make millions off of it just because I haven’t already.

Unknown 22:37
And I mean, I don’t. And I wouldn’t want I don’t want docs who are listening to this thinking that Oh, well ad saying that you should just go and do online business? Because that’s not what we’re saying. No, no, no, what we’re saying is like I think in I talked about this is there’s like a golf, there’s a gap. And I think that this is something like you’d mentioned, yeah, you could do this inside of your with the as an as an added value inside have your own business. But you can like with patients, or you can do this and take it global it doesn’t. It doesn’t have any sort of limits to what you can do.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
And we’re not saying that you have to make seven figures that you might find a property like Like, if I just made an extra 20 grand or $10,000 a year, this would be worth my time. Yeah. And that’s all we’re saying. We don’t you don’t have to create the next fidget spinners.

Unknown 23:25
People are paying for your content already. Or they’re not paying for it either one. Like, I mean, I used to have, how many times would I have the same conversations with people day in and day out in my practice? Well, I don’t I mean, if you all you have to do is record that same conversation, tip strategy, question, whatever it is that they’re asking for help. And you just record that and that’s that. That’s the added value. You can get people you know, hey, I was gonna say so it’s like when when someone says that, you know, asked you that specific question you’re like, not only can you address them and make them feel like they’re hurt and listen to but then you can take it a step further. And you can also go because we did this in our practice, by the way we go, Hey, you know what, I created this incredible YouTube video on this. It’s only like 20 minutes. If I send it if my ci sends it to you, would you watch it so much more powerful than then giving them a pamphlet? And it’s funny, because if you if you search on YouTube, you’ll see some of my old videos if they’re hilarious. I’m gonna say that’s got to be a flashback. That’ll be fun. The

Unknown 24:26
that’s everybody’s homework.

Unknown 24:29
Yeah, they’re pretty bad. But good for that back that

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah, we don’t. I can listen to a podcast about a social media marketing or something. And you just be like, okay, I heard it. I heard it. Oh, could you please, we don’t know how to everyone else. How about facebook pixel? Let’s stop acting like retargeting is a new concept. Let’s, let’s get a new nugget. And then you finally find it you like that that 30 minute podcast at 1.7 speed was actually worth, you know, listening to and there’s always that one thing that you can pull out of? And that’s what I hope somebody gathers today. Is that a little bit inspiration and motivation? Yes. When you’re talking about copywriting, because everything we’re doing is gotta pick the right headline you gotta do, it’s all about that at resources on how to overcome you. I’m all about if it worked for you. Let’s just copy it, tweak it a little bit. So it’s not obvious. But that headline was amazing. Because you keep using it and using it and use it and I’m just saying you But in general, and there’s there’s online stuff that’s free. There’s things that you can pay for any suggestions on how to nail that down.

Unknown 25:27
Just hack everyone’s stuff, man.

Unknown 25:31
Like literally, that’s a lot of the time like we spend time hacking people stuff. So like if we see stuff we built like so not to toot my own horn here. But right, we build stuff that breaks Click Funnels software, like the engineers don’t like us. So but we go out and we look and we see what we like we like, you know, we’ll look at doormats like people’s landing pages we look at what they’re saying we think you know, we don’t know what they’re how they’re converting, but we’ll we’ll get inside will buy their stuff. Let you I’ll bet you 100 bucks, not more than that. I’ll be 100 bucks, like Russell’s probably bought my stuff. So like they’ll go in and we’ll just like look, you know, how does this flow? How What are people doing? And and literally look at their copy? And what’s working and what works, what resonates with you and what doesn’t resonate with you? Now I mean, you can hire copywriters. I’ve done that too. Right? I like to go in and write my own copy as well. I’m actually creating creating a sales copy, tutorial and training that we’re putting in our new affiliate launch. Like the virtual practice in a box. I’m adding that in because so many people are asking about this.

Unknown 26:41
But honestly, it it all you have to do is look and see what you like and what is relevant to what you are promoting and see what other people are doing. And then build it from there. So bold statement, subtext call to action. bullet points of what they get. Like it’s it’s, it’s not science, you can do it repeated a.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
One time I went on down a rabbit hole. Oh my goodness, there’s so many videos out there. There’s a 16 step, there’s a 22 step. I’m like, Oh my gosh, it’s like, I can’t you paralyzed because there’s so much that you can do. So it’s nice to know that you can boil it down. So just

Unknown 27:24
just do this. And then yeah, hacking is just another way of saying stealing By the way, but you know it, I thought book,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
you know, I wrote a book. And I’m always trying to like promote it or give it away for free for an email so that whenever I have another product, so I actually have a list to sell to. And I saw somebody who’s booking site. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I explained that it was like, Whoa, let me copy all of this.

Unknown 27:48
This later, this is a bigger name. And it’s like working for him.

Unknown 27:53
It is but it is true. I mean, just follow, follow the one like the people who are the leaders and until you can lead on your own right. It’s like till you become the leader. And always, by the way, never never, you know, always give credit where credit is due. So I mean, people steal stuff, steal hack stuff of mine all the time, which is part of the game. It’s okay. But But I mean, I always try to give credit where credit is due. So like even inside of my trainings, like I’ll do a short training on a specific topic or something for our crew. But I’ll be like, okay, you know, this is I learned this from, you know, Russell. And, you know, I promote his book, like if you haven’t got his book, it’s incredible expert secrets. And yeah, I mean, all of that stuff is just gold. I mean, even for docs inside their brick and mortar,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
like just makes you change the way you think about things. Even if you don’t implement it. It’s worth the $9 charges the ship it. Yes.

Unknown 28:52
If you go into his bottle and you come out only paying $9, then I’d be very impressed. But yeah, see ya.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
When I was going through, that’s like $97 $297

is like, I don’t even have a product yet. You know, if he really likes these things, I’m sure I can email somebody say, Hey, man, I’m willing to pay for this product. Now. I’m pretty sure he’ll say, Well, I might charge you more. But I mean,

Unknown 29:15
it wasn’t just this one time only, but

Unknown 29:18
maybe I’m wrong. Yeah,

Unknown 29:20
yeah. I mean, files are funnels. I mean, yeah. And chiropractors are already have been funneling for the last 20 years. Like I said, you know, they they meet people where they’re, they come in the door, they get them in for a new patient visit, they that’s their first, you know, little experience of pulling out their wallet. And then you know, there’s the report of findings, which takes them to the next level. And then there’s the maybe this retention type of care, help them get an outcome that they specifically want. And then you’re going to take them from there to maybe some sort of pretend like you’re just taking them through your funnel, it’s the same thing. We’re just doing it online.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
It reminds me the Dan Kennedy, you know, all the postcards and all this kind of stuff. And, you know, it’s just the same thing. They just, somebody figured it out more online. So yeah, that’s like, that’s like two questions or so and then definitely, I’ll let you plug, whatever, whatever you haven’t been. You have anything particular like the men of iron. I don’t even know what that means. But I’d like to hear about it. But let me just kind of as these last two questions, it’s a little more personal, sir fun, you got a morning routine, or like a lunch routine that gets you grounded for the rest of the day.

Unknown 30:25
You know what I mean? I do like, so every morning, what I do is I do have a full stack, it’s called. So that’s part of the warrior software. But inside of the manner of iron, we also do a stack, we call it a daily Forge, where it’s really just you take a challenge, something that’s triggered you inside of your day, and you or the day before the last 24 hours. And we have this process that we take you through where you come out at the very on through a series of questions, and you come out with actually a revelation declaration and a lesson. So yeah, it’s beautiful. It’s a beautiful thing when you do that. And sometimes you have to do a stack, we call it on people on software, on business, whatever it is, but it’s a really great way of actually moving through barriers really quickly. So I do that every day. Without discount. Every before 12 o’clock, I always do a stack, I’ll do what we call like a core four. So I always have fitness, my nutrition, I hit both of those. I’m terrible with meditation, but I’m supposed to do it, journal memoirs, and then connection. So I connect with my wife and also with, with my kids,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
every day, every day. It’s interesting, because whenever you started putting stuff on Facebook, about this men, sharpening men and all this kind of stuff. And I was like, Where’s this guy going now? And I was like, you know, a few years back there was, I want to say was, was promise keepers, but it was like a religious thing to bring back manhood and to bring back like a men’s role and connecting with men and like all this stuff that we’ve kind of lost, I think in the last 15 years. And so this reminds me of some of that, but without the, you know, the spiritual, you know, official religious part of it. So yeah, happen. You like, like,

Unknown 32:15
specifically with men of iron? You mean, right? Yeah. So I mean, the way the reason I started it was, are created that was, it’s in the, we’re still it’s kind of like a beta phase taking, we took eight men, and we’re putting them through an eight week training right now. And then we’re actually going to do a two day live event. So they’re going to fly out here, they’ll spend two days with me and one other doctor. And so there’ll be a physical component on the first day. And the second day is more of a, of a transformative day. So like, we focus on giving them the tools so that they can do those things that I just mentioned, you know, that I do on a daily basis. So my stack, core for we talk about keys, so goal setting, and targets and then a challenge that comes like after that, so ton of value. But the whole idea, the whole purpose of it really was that

Unknown 33:04
I can like I sell a lot of stuff online, like, and where I see the block can be is that often doctors feel that they’re like, it’s a mindset challenge. So they’re like, Oh, yeah, I get it. I hope man, that would be so cool if I created like, an extra 10 k of income a month online, and I could brand myself as the expert and influencer in my, in my business and globally. So they get that they love that. But then when it gets hard, they quit. So we call it the iron, you know, men of iron, because it’s really about iron mindset. So by just giving them the simple tools and strategies that I use on a daily basis that move me through those times where my, my voice tells me that I’m not worthy, or I can’t do this.

Unknown 33:51
That’s really what it’s about. It’s just giving them the tool so they can get what they want.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
That’s very good. Yes, that’s kinda what else thinking it was, and you just confirmed it. So that’s really, that’s gonna be exciting, that’s going to really change people’s mind shift. I mean, that’s,

Unknown 34:09
I think so. And I mean, it’s, it’s like I’m also I’ve also bought into, like being a licensed by warrior. So this isn’t new technology, by the way, like, this is stuff they’ve been doing for years. And the stuff that I did inside warrior, what the thing is, the investment in warrior for a lot of doctors is it’s, it’s beyond what they can do like they, it’s just financially not in the books for them. So I have it, I have the ability now that I can actually and this is more of a heart passion project for me, I don’t make any money on this thing. It’s just really just helping doctors because I know if I can change men’s lives, that changes their family changes their community changes their practice that changes chiropractic, the profession,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Risa even shows that Yeah, yeah. All right, so last question. What can you leave us favorite books, blogs, podcasts, even an iPhone app that you just love Even then

Unknown 35:01
like this and when that everybody just has to read or look at God, I love so many things right now. So the the book would it Well, I’ve already mentioned which is experts secrets. That’s that’s from Russell. Dana Derek’s. So you know, Dana, Dante,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I got his book

Unknown 35:18
in the mail man. Dude, what’s this? What’s the name of his book again? Now? It’s like the 25 K. There’s like high ticket high books, or something like that. Yeah. So that guy, and that book, created a multiple six figure online business for me, just from that book for you, from you from how to sell books at high cost. Well, I took the idea, but it’s not a book. Okay. I just I kind of I kind of bastardized what he says. But because I hate because I’m not because like, I’m honestly like, when I saw and I saw the possibility when he presented it. I see like, he’s part of inner circle, right. And I saw the books and I’m like, Wow, this is so cool. But I hate writing. Yeah. So I’m like, there’s no way It’s so painful for me to write anything. So I’m like, how can I switch this up? So I just came up with a new concept that’s that, that spoke to my zone of genius, like what I enjoy doing and love doing? And I created an online business program product service around that, but it’s all really based on the same strategies he used. I love that guy’s book, man, that guy’s solid gold.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
You know, he, I heard I read the first half of his book, and it was trying to shift your mind and I was just like, oh, man, this is gonna be one of those books. That’s just Hey, I could have just read Russell’s, you know, you actually going to present a blueprint of what to actually do. Ours is all going to be theory, I’m still going to be stuck arenas. Russell’s second book. All right, the for email sequence, and what’s my backstory?

Why did I buy this book? I just after reading it, I was like, I don’t think that’s going to be the case. I think it’s gonna be bigger than that. And by the way, I don’t know how long it’s gonna last but it’s free right now. But really, it’s not it’s it’s whatever is thing is backslash free? Oh, yeah,

Unknown 37:05
I saw that. That

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
is put it on YouTube. So it’s out there. I don’t know how long that’s going to last for. But before he is he was charging 2000. And I don’t know if not when people were buying it. Or if he’s just, you know, talking to people. He’s like, Look, just switch it. And you’re going to influence a whole lot more people and change a lot more lies. If you just switch it up for now and just figure it out on the back end. here’s

Unknown 37:25
here’s Hollis my dog’s gonna bark here. here’s, here’s the big concept I got from this. Okay, here’s the big concept I got from it. I’ll drop it on everyone here. And this is good for docs to his direct mail. So direct mail. Everyone said it was gone. Right. So did you get the book in the mail?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
It’s not there yet? Of course, it’s in the mail.

Unknown 37:45
Yeah. But okay. Did you? So when you get the book, are you going to open the bought the package?

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Yeah, I’m gonna wait. I’m going to go back to America in a couple of weeks. And I’m going to open it.

Unknown 37:54
Okay. So like, you’ll have 100% open rate on that. Versus like email. It’s like, what? 10%?

Unknown 38:02
Yeah, so like, when you mail people stuff, your open rate is actually really high. And so direct mail is coming back. So chiropractors, listen to this. Now don’t be 10 years behind on marketing again. So direct mail is kept going, What? What’s old is new again. Right? So that’s part of the reason why, you know, one of these programs are like services we’re doing right now is is so hard is because it’s direct mail. People love getting something physical in the mail and they open it. So you can do that practice, Doc, you got a winner.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
I was totally thinking I’ve been read any listening lately and heard the bicycle wow box can have a problem with a box. And it’s like, oh my gosh, I was like, I’m not in practice where I could do that. And it’s like, but one day is be some cool stuff going on in there.

Unknown 38:45
Yeah, practice or just put it on like a USB drive like something you can ship them or put it you know, yeah. And it’s something just that you can send it in them in the mail. You know,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
anybody that’s listening right now is last piece. So rock solid right now. Like, if you can’t do you know, if you’re not interested in anything else, what he just said you need to do some Google searching. Because I’m hearing buzzes. I’m not saying I know the pulse on everything. But you’re not the first person that I’ve been hearing lately. And it’s kind of like a newish a newest pulse that i’ve you know, whatever I’m trying to say.

Unknown 39:19
Yeah, yeah.

Unknown 39:20
Yeah. Anyway,

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
thank you so much for your time. I think it really brought it like you always do. And I really appreciate you you coming on and being a 50 of guests.

Unknown 39:34
50. Man, that’s, that’s a big number. So I want to, I would like to acknowledge you, because I know what it takes to do to produce 50 episodes and to get up at four in the morning or three in the morning over there. And to do that. Yeah, it’s not everyone just gets the products, but they don’t see what happens in the back end. So thank you so much for what you’re doing.

Dr. Justin
Trosclair, DC
Naka and you brought it boom. Think that’s one of your catchphrases. Anyway, you gave us plenty of people. Garrett Jay white, Jesse elder, Russell Brunson. And Dana Derek, invest in yourself. Listen to your patients to find what they’re asking and potentially be able to make a product from that snail mail is not dead. Listen, learn and implement. I know I’m gonna have to re listen to this one, a doctor’s perspective, net slash five zero Travel Tips coming up next.

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