personal growth

M 66 Questions for Each Decade of Life

Introspective questions we ask ourselves during each decade of life. Evaluate yourself now so you don’t have regrets in the future. Learn 16 ways to hold chopsticks from the PDF found at Every important A Doctor’s Perspective and Justin link can be found at It has the specific doctor series’ over the years,…

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E 167 Feeling Stuck and Finding Your More Michelle Hammons

High Performance Coach is broken down for us. How to use the DISC, should we compare ourselves to others, best way to take a vacation and Michelle Hammons even covers virtual assistants. We briefly touch on DISC Profiles and what you can do with the results as well as Financial Peace University money ideas. We…

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Episode 50: Up Level and Invest in Yourself, Create a Profitable Online Business Dr Ed Osburn

Can you have an online biz and full time clinic, B2B B2C how to create products customers want, how to invest in yourself and up level, best copyright practices, plus Dr Ed Osburn’s mentors, daily stack and his thoughts on a 100% open rate. Canadian Chiropractor with a successful family practice- comes down with a…

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